Dengeki Stryker

Dengeki Stryker

Yamato has a great sense of justice and aspires to be a hero. He always tried to protect his childhood friend Haruna when she’s being bullied, but he always got beat down instead. One day, Haruna was going to move away and wanted to say goodbye to him. However, he despaired that he was never able to protect her once in the end.

He met an old man called the ‘Memory Collector’, who could grant any wish in exchange for one’s memories. Yamato wished to become a Stryker, the hero from a manga he loved. Several years later, some people with superpowers called the Balbora Empire appeared in the city Haruna was living in. The police and army were powerless in stopping them, but one warrior showed up and beat them with one kick. He was the hero of the manga Dengeki Stryker.

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  1. a like every saga of the game, especialy sky… it made me cry manly tears!!! i salute thee, cononel mirror and yuuki yamato (real one).

      1. I’d like to ask if Chou Dengeki Stryker will add 2 or 3 more routes? like the new character that will be introduced?

  2. I’m surprised and happy to see that Chou Dengeki Stryker released today. May other TBA partially translated VNs released this year too 🙂

  3. there will be an update for this game, “cho dengeki striker”. i want to know if you would post the new game entirely or just the update patch.

  4. Question does anyone know if purchasing the Premium membership on the download link tickets. Is safe and is it actually faster? If its not faster I’d rather stick with the free way but this game would take forever for me to download.

  5. are you guys gonna upload the extension pack of this? the chou dengeki stryker with the additional 3 routes where you can pursue rin, hilko and a new character?

  6. when I click on the exe nothing happens. Is there something I have done wrong or is this a common error?

  7. wow this was an amazing story and honestly im a grown man and this story made me nearly cry at the end like i really liked all the characters except Curtis he was an asshole….also not gonna lie i wish there were a few more choices or an extra ending beacuse well yeah i i loved the two normal ending but…I kinda felt there should have been and ending with rin or an ending with jack (sayaka was my favorite of the heroines honestly but meh)

    1. Stop playing at heaven saga, sky saga has an ending worse than school days. Everybody dies and the evil demon walks away happy.

      1. You fucking bitch, why the hell are you spoiling in the comments? Even though it may be shit, there are people like me who want to enjoy the game. What a kid.

        1. Well, don’t be sad for this, if you play cho dengeki strykers you will have true ending far much better in sky saga. cho dengeki is expansion story and have the original story too. what this site has was the original without the expansion story. idk because i only play cho dengeki and it really has good ending at sky saga.

          1. i recomended to play cho dengeki stryker than this original because the best route all packed in there. the other route that unavailable in here were the most interesting from all the route there is.

  8. I really enjoyed this even though there were very few choices. May not have been many H-scenes but the plot was enthralling (although rather cliche at times). Either way Overdrive has done it again and I hope will keep producing such high quality work.

  9. Two Questions.

    1. Does someone has the Lyrics of the Initial-Song ”Breaking!”? Can’t find it nowhere…

    2. Does someone knows when Chou Dengeki Stryker is going to be patched?

    Thanks in advance

  10. When I get to Chapter 6 Heaven Saga where Mirror tries to talk to Yamato after the Cherry blossom viewing and is ignored, when the scene changes from it it crashes, giving the following error message:
    Thread No. [ 1 ] , Program [ scrmain._bp ]

    IP [ Thread : $00034FFB / Program : $0000029B ] , Instruction No. [ $8 ] , SP [ $0000102C ]

    無効なポインタ [ $A5CB18D8 ] にアクセスしよぁE��しました

  11. this is one hell of a VN, it’s the first time i’ve played a RPG-like VN. can someone recommend me some like this?

    Anyways, i can’t wait for the Chou Dengeki Stryker !

  12. so I downloaded everything. However, it asks me to open another volume? What am I suppose to do there? Also, i downloaded the crack, but when I try to run it. I get a gipperish window. Help plz?

  13. hey i download this game and i extracted it …. and when i check the file is all izarc arc and one website …. wat do i do next

  14. Hey guys, I’m having issues with probably one of the animation scenes not popping up and staying black screen for hours. The scene is when (spoiler alert) Stryker Zero is trying to stop the bus that’s about to fall off the highway and after the gas leak shortly after the text box stops and everything goes black. If anybody knows a solution to this, please let me know. Thanks.

    1. My guess is that your antivirus blocked it. I have something like this happen before. Try turn off your antivirus or uninstall it and open the exe once again

  15. Hi I can´t play the game because my Kaspersky antivirus reconizes as a virus and let me only two choices to take:

    1. Desinfect with reboot
    2. Don´t do anything( But even with this option I can´t play the game T_T)

    What you guys recommend me to do?

    Please I will be waiting for your answer,

    P.D. I know you guys said it isn´t a virus, so I want to execute it and play it. But I can´t… T_T

  16. when i turn on full screen mode there is 2 black vertical lines running down each side of the screen.
    can anyone who’s already played this confirm its just the resolution or a problem on my end?

  17. was a really fun game to play , the ending of the final route didn’t interest me that much but it’s not terrible or something.
    The action scenes were really nicely done 😀
    Oh and guys , after completing the game when you go to extra and then to where you can replay already played scenes there will be 1 additional H-scene for both the heroines that you don’t see during the routes.

    all in all , it was a good game which is usual for overdrive games but I still like kira kira and deardrops more. ( just personal taste though )

  18. Hey the exe, still has a trojan when i download it so its removed immediately , think u could re-upload?

  19. i have a problem every time i play. a strage error pops up it says (the specified file,[cyam00000050] does not exist)
    this is the first time i download eroge please help

  20. man the sky saga ending sucked, and i cant read japanese for Chou Dengeki Stryker i hope someone translates it soon.

  21. I can’t load save files, a strange error pops up in japanese every time I try, and then closes the game. Help? I don’t think I can play this through in one go.

  22. To those that can read Japanese and want to find the Chou version, I recommend (Nyaa) to those that know what I’m talking about and look up

    (18禁ゲーム)[120727][OVERDRIVE]超電激ストライカー パッケージ版

    …If I am breaking any rules admin, feel free to delete this post

  23. Hey admin thanks for uploading this, and just as a request for you, if its possible can you try to upload “Chou Dengeki Stryker” please, it seems that it will have more action as well as heroines.

    Please admin try to do so qhen it comes out.

    Thanks for the efforts you´ve made for all of us users.

  24. Did the file expired?I can’t download the part 4,going to try on others part right now >< So sad can't play the game =(

  25. Game worked fine. Bless you admin.
    As for content, only 2 h-scenes? Son Im disappoint.
    Then again I doupt my cock could have handeled another fap marathon like Koihime Musou.

  26. Admin i downloaded the the game and downloaded the crack but i get a error message when i run the crack what do i do?

  27. I’m also getting detections using Avira.
    Anyone can verify if this is infected or just a false positive?

    1. It’s hard to say. If this is the same download everyone used and they’re not reporting problems, it could just be a false flag. Best wait and see what admin says

  28. Hi, I’m new to the whole eroge world. Although I’ve seen it in anime and manga, this is the first time I’m actually gonna play one. But how do I do it? Im downloading the files by parts and I have part 1 ready on my PC, but do I need to download a certain program to use it?

    Sorry if I’m an amateur, but help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Check out the faq link at the upper left side of the page. Just download all the parts, extract em, and you’ll need VCDaemon to mount the CD image. So, if you don’t have VCDaemon already, download it (I think there’s a link on this site somewhere) and after you’ve extracted the game files, open up VCDaemon and select “mount’n’drive manager” then click on add file, go to the area where the extracted game files are, and there should be just one thing you can select. Then click on “mount.” It should begin installing on it’s own at this point. Maybe double click on the cd image that has replaced the “No Media” icon in VCDaemon. Follow the installation process (even if it’s in Japanese, it’s fairly easy to guess what to click on), and voila! If there’s an english patch, you may have to run it, or just copy it into the game folder.

  29. Please upload a new part10.rar since I don’t want to open anything that carries trojans. It’s literally just that part that needs reuploading.

  30. I ran a scan once the torrent had finished and apparently there are two trojans in there. I’m a little wary about this one now…

          1. Apparently the “Trojan” ins in the game.exe. Ya can work your way around that actually… Just extract get all 10 parts, then extract all the files EXCLUDING the game.exe. Then download the cracked version of the exe and put that in the folder with all the other files.. Works fine for me.

          2. I can confirm Avast deleted the .exe ASAP when it was extracted, you should use a program to join the archives then delete the .exe before extracting the files.
            The crack is safe and the game works fine.

          3. ..or just extract every other file than the exe, it’s the same (then use the crack to run the game).

  31. Day 27 of this month, “Chou Dengeki Stryker!” will be released, a new version of the game, with more “heroines”, more CGs and diferent endings…. Looks like there’ll be even an ending to the cyborg Hilko.

  32. How do I copy a crack file into the game folder? and which part do I copy it into? I used the torrent and I have 10 parts.

    1. Heya,

      I used the torrent too and was a bit confused at first with what I ended up extracting. It’s actually pretty simple, if you are in the same boat I was.

      Simply download the crack, which you have to download seperately from the torrent, and place the crack.exe in the same folder as the extracted files from the torrent. The Crack link appears above just under the “Buy the Game”.

      Double click on the .exe and the game should boot up without a problem.

  33. I really like the game it actually pretty made and the art
    is good the only flaw is the lack of heroine route but
    these game is still a must play.

  34. It is an exelent game the plot seemed superficial just a story about heroes and such but after the first saga it has a really good plot and a good yet sad ending…

    it is like koihime musou a good game but a sad ending i want a sequel to that game where *spoiller alert!!* he gets to be with all of the girls he loves after finishing the home base, it really makes the end even sadder

    1. ummm any one knows???…. how to operate this game?
      i already download it and extracted the files into my computer…. but can’t open the game… its like i clicked it a hundred times but its not opening can some one explain me how can i fix it???? thank….

  35. Also would like a faster skip for the new arcs (I mean I had seen before and I just wanted to see the diference. The three choices don’t make much of a difference. At least others that have you repeat give you something slightely different instead of waiting for the skip to finish.

  36. I still liked the other two endings over the sky ending. While all of them do have a sort of (bad ending) at least their is some joy at the end. Still would have liked to have seen a ending with Rin (really did seem like their would be one considered what they did) or one with Jack.

    Other than that this is a decent one and I hope that if their is an expansion that it will give a better endings or longer story with out a bad ending.

  37. For myself, whenever i try to run it, shortly after the start, it says missing op.mpg and it asks to force start anyway and then i just get a black screen 😡 and can’t do anything from there.
    Any ideas?

  38. I keep getting a blank screen in the first part right after Haruna leaves, It says “the story begins” part, then remains a black screen for minutes. Help please? I really wanna play this game.

  39. Can Ny1 help me.
    I can’t get past .arc files.
    I tried several extractors, but they can’t open any of them.

  40. part 10 contain virus T.T .
    my anti virus won’t allow me to open it nor the virus can’t be cleaned . .

  41. This VN was awesome, well at least is what i think, but the end was just too sad, i hope that in Chou Dengeki Striker the end can be a happy one.

  42. So I am having an issue where I get through the first portion of the game up to the first video and about 10 seconds in, the video stops and I get a run-time error, I can’t seem to skip the video and therefor can’t get past this point… any help is appreciated

  43. I liked it good enough.

    Not a masterpiece but still.. i liked sayaka’s “route”.

    Oh well, i’m a sucker for tsunderes, what can i say.

    True ending was “kinda” dissapointing, i hoped that they showed
    sayaka x “stryker/yuuki” romance scene at the end together and with haruna x “mirror/young yuuki”. To bad mirror/young yuki had to ……

    I only wanted a big happy ending for the 2 protags + LI’s…., but ye haruna is happy again so…. decent enough.

    As always, thanks ivan for the upload, see you on the forum.

  44. I need help. after the childhood friend left the boy,after the word “time passed… and so our stoty begin. It’s blank only black screen. Someone tell me how to fix it

  45. Uhm, Admin when I have the crack in the dengeki folder but when i click it i get a “Error!!” with a series of words i cannot read.

    1. I got page 14 of jacks diary, after having completed the 3 saga’s.
      I then started a new game, completly from scratch and went with this:

      1. I just dont remember you
      2. Kazami’s Lunch
      3. Hey its Ichimonji

      I think if you went completly for the Haruna choices you would get, page 13 of jacks diary.
      Will post when i have tested this theory

  46. haaaahh………..
    the story of zero saga is not interesting at all!!!!
    the good parts is the heaven and sky saga!!!!!

  47. So, there are only 2 routes in this game?


    I thought Rin was one of those routes but I’ve heard it’s that other girl, the tsundere one?
    If that’s true then why is there an option for Rin. (like picking her lunch)

    1. 3 routes (zero saga, heaven saga, sky saga)
      NO Rin route 🙁 NO Jack route 🙁 NO Hilko route :(((
      This VN really has you begging for more! :3

  48. This VN is absolute win. I’d kill to see an anime adaptation of it.. oh man.. I already finished it, now what? I want MOAR dengeki stryker!

  49. Just finished it, quite a good read. I didn’t like the Sky Saga that much, but yea, Yamato fulfilled his desires to protect Haruna, I have no problem otherwise. Also… the music is just plain awesome. Overdrive’s music is always so good, imo.

    1. There are three routes (Zero Saga = Haruna Route, Heaven Saga = Sayaka Route, Sky Saga = True Ending)

      1. thnx mate , i finished the zero saga bt when it went to main menu there was nothing so should i start a new game for heaven saga??

        1. When you finished the Zero Saga and you’re back in the main menu, there should be a point “Heaven Saga” (instead of “New Game”).

    1. Download the crack (you can find it under the description above, under “Buy the game”) and copy it into the game folder … and start the game with the crack 🙂

  50. This was a pretty good VN. It’s probably my least favorite Overdrive VN, but it was still enjoyable. My only real complaint is that only a couple Balbora (I wonder if that’s spelled right?) got any real attention. Roches and Phoenix got almost all of the fight scenes; with Mirror being the only one to have any actual character development.

    I also never saw the events of Sky Saga coming. It’s nice how it kinda reflected Yamato’s wish and everything; but it basically makes the first route (Haruna’s) completely irrelevant sans the whole… for lack of spoilers, “origin” thing. That’s basically explained in Sky Saga too, however.

    Overall, was worth the time.

    P.S. Some real clarity on the “Memory Collector” would of been nice.

    1. Well.. Zero saga was your typical VN’s “standard path” the “good route”, “normal route”, etc.
      Since there’s always a “true route” or “canon route” and a true end, there’s no doubt that Haruna’s route was there for service. It was however a decent introduction to the plot and warmup for what was to come later.


      Also, I like Sayaka better so I absolutely loved the fact that she was Yamato’s canon girlfriend.
      Argh! i want more! i wonder if there’ll be a sequel or at least an expansion?

  51. Hey i’m getting a weird error, the first time I opened it, it was fine and I managed read a little but now whenever I try to open it it gives me “Direct3d*gibberish*” error.

  52. No Rin or Jack route??? This is disappointing. I hope Mangagamer would license d2b vs DEARDROPS next, then they make a Fandisc for Dengeki Stryker.

    1. there will be one “Chou Dengeki Stryker” is not a fandisc but something like a expansion of the game, in that one there will be 3 new routes, one with rin, one with hilko and one with a new character. I hope that someone translate it fast so all what’s left is to wait.

  53. that was a pretty good VN. Very funny and emotional as well at times. Leave it to Japanese people to make you feel sad and empty inside for sympathizing with their heartwrenchingly awesome characters.

  54. finally working … Guys is this game tragic?? i dont like those type bt the artwork and the game is too much to hold a little heads up will be nice 😀

    1. Not really tragic, but there’s also no “real” happy end. The endings are in some way tragic, but on the other side not, because in the end everything seems like “totally nothing happened”.

      I don’t want to tell you what happens exactly, so play the game 😉 But if you want tragic or more sad games, play for example Cross†Channel 🙂

      1. yea… didn’t really say what happened to the MC at the end… kinda made the Female protage the MC *shurgs* i guess for me it was too anime…

        and I think sadly I’ve grown up too much to get into “overly cliche superhero” type char

        Cross Channel was good. Not the ending I wanted but I understood the reason for the ending… its kind of one of those good ending bad ending sort of things….. damn its hard to descrive without spoilers…

  55. SPOILER!

    Everyone who finished every “Saga” of the game, what’s your opinion? 🙂

    For me, the Sky Saga was the worst one 😀 … wanted to live a peaceful live with Sayaka, Haruna, Jack and everyone of the Balbora Empire (and everyone with all their memories) … but what happened in the Sky Saga, was really shitty. Ok, I can live without the Balbora Empire, but WHY had SAYAKA to disappear as well? (“because she also is a fictional character” is no reason for me) -_- And why had the real Yuuki to die as well? -_- Poor Haruna 🙁

    Or do I misunderstand something in the Sky Saga? 😀

    PS: Roches and Phoenix are the BEST 😀

    1. well it depends how you see it. it shows the main character fulfiling his promise to save haruna. so i say it is ok .

    2. The Sky Saga was definitely the best one to me. Its the only one that even evoked any kind of reaction from me. The other were just meh. Not bad, but too hammy to really be enjoyable. The Sky Saga was sad but you end up feeling Yamato got what he wanted in the end.

    3. I also didn’t like the Sky Saga that much. I can’t really tell the reason as it would serve as a spoiler…

      I think I rather liked the Heaven Saga the most, it just felt better overall than Zero Saga did.

      I gotta say that I loved the game – as I love all the Overdrive titles – but it didn’t leave as big an impression on me as other games did.
      But in my opinion the heroines lacked depth and liveliness, if you can call it that. If the game was made into an anime, however, I think the problem would fix itself.

  56. I have same problem ,i download torrent and extract but when i start exe , nothing come . How can i play ?

    1. There are two folders in the rar, in one is the game, and in the other is a crack … copy the crack in the game-folder 🙂

      1. Sry, my fault, the crack isn’t in the rar, the crack is under the description, under “Buy the game” 🙂 interchanged it with another game of mine -_-

  57. guys i downloaded the game by torrent and also the crack ( 1mb) but its not working its saying “”this version of file is not compatible with your windows “” any help plzz i really wanna play the game 🙁

    1. Copied the crack in the game-folder? If yes, try compatibility and choose Windows XP and the latest service pack … if this doesn’t help, I don’t know 🙂

      1. thnx, i tried it bt it didnt work and this is the 1st time that the eroge from this site isnt working on my pc 🙁 .. i tried turning off the antivirus still a not good .. btw i dl it from torrent is there any problem from there or should i download from DA ?? any ideas will really help

        1. There should be no problem with the torrent, downloaded it from the torrent too. Don’t know what the problem is, but the last solution would be the download of VirtualBox and the creation of a virtual machine (with VirtualBox) 🙂

          VirtualBox helped me a lot with problems regarding the version of windows (used it only for programs, not games), but it takes quite a long time and quite a lot of your hard drive 🙂

          I wouldn’t install it only for one game 😉 Maybe you should wait a little longer for other answers, perhaps someone knows an easier solution 🙂

  58. admin i want to ask i already finished haruna route zero saga but when i finished it i don’t have a heaven saga option what should i do?

  59. hey guys im new to the site, I have been tryin gto download some of the games from I signed up for their $7 subscription, but I have been having extremely slow (around 25 Kb/s) and occasionally I will get a webpage that says “expired” when I generate a download link

    is this normal for the downloads? is anyone else getting this problem?


    1. Try the “DA-free”-links, there should be no problem with them 🙂 Downloaded them too, and is really fast for free users … there’s no need for signing up 😉

    2. lolz..dude..before anything..where did you live??
      i bet its neither US or Eu since your speed with DA are so slow..
      you probably live near Asia like me..
      its common for the speed to be that slow..though 25kbps are twice my speed..
      you better use the torrent..should have better speed for you..

  60. Hi, I extracted the iles from the rar into one place but the exe is unresponsive. Nothing happens when i click on it. I’m not sure if this was covered before but any solutions?

    1. Copy the crack (under the description above, under “Buy the game”) into the game folder 🙂

  61. So there are two routes? Childhood friend and Tsun? Yeah, I regret my download a bit. The story was pretty nice overall, but it would have made a better anime than VN. I’m not a fan of linear VNs either.

    Oh well. Thanks for the upload admin. Hopefully the next release will be a bit more interesting.

      1. Seriously? You are going to get on my case for voicing my opinion? No I didn’t buy it, I might have bought it, but I now have no plans to after playing through it and not enjoying it. It’s not like was I being overly dramatic or bashing the site.

        1. It’s one thing to voice your opinion, it’s another to say crap like “Hopefully the next release will be a bit more interesting.”

          1. Never said it was totally uninteresting, just that it would be better as an anime. I wasn’t trying to say it was shit. It just doesn’t stand up as a great VN. Honestly what Overdrive VN has? They all are released with uninteresting female leads and then they release an expansion/sequel with leads who are actually interesting.

            The plot itself was fun, but there was no illusion of choice. Nor was there any real choice for that matter, It failed for me as a VN the story was still interesting, but it would have been just as good without the pretense of choice.

          2. Don’t bash me for this, as I’m just voicing my opinion but I disagree. I liked most of the female leads in overdrive games, perhaps because I choose to look at things for what they are or just because I have different tastes. Either way (And here’s the big issue with using the opinion line) it’s my opinion that your opinion is wrong, stupid and you should just shut up. These comments are made for technical advice, go to the forum if you want to complain about how uninteresting it was.

          3. “These comments are made for technical advice, go to the forum if you want to complain about how uninteresting it was.”

            See I was unaware of this. I see them get used as chat space quite frequently and I will refrain from doing so from now on.

            And yes, we obviously have very different tastes. It doesn’t make either of us wrong. No need to be a dick about it though. It’s not like I tried to attack you for liking the game.

          4. Not really… comments are user space, and they’re invited to post basically anything they want.
            Personally i like aftertoughts after completing the game more than another “halp! i get “syntax error” problem”…

          5. >Don’t bash me for this

            >Your opinion is wrong, stupid and you should shut up

            Nice double standard retard. Good job.

            The game DID lack choice and the quality suffered for it. The story and setting is pretty cool but if you expect more variety in the choices you make you will be disappointed.

          6. I purposefully put that double standard to show how simple it is to screw with such an unoriginal and undeveloped arguement. “Don’t get mad at me for having a different opinion” Give me a break, that’s how wars start. People get fired for having different opinions than their bosses in some cases. People will argue vehemently about differences in opinions, don’t expect that line to get you out of anything. I had to SHOW the double standard because otherwise people just don’t get it through their damn heads.

          7. Next time you were displeased. Go voice out your ideas to
            “developers” because NONE of us here would be able to make something that would fit your taste. AND we’re totally NOT interested of your displeasing opinions for you would only
            earn the ire of many.

    1. For what it’s worth, Dengenki Stryker was created with the intention of getting it made into an anime. Overflow planned the whole game with animation in mind, so if it seemed overly linear or as if “it would’ve made a better anime,” it means they did what they planned to do!

    1. There are no informations about a translation.

      If you want the game, play it with ITH and Translation Aggregator, otherwise you can wait years until a possible translation is released 🙂

  62. This visual novel seems to be working on the Mac OSX Lion, running it under WINESKIN (a free version of WINE, but for the MAC)…using WINESKIN wrapper version 2.5.5 & WS9Wine1.5.7 engine…sounds seem to be ok, fonts displayed correctly…haven’t played much, installed the K-Lite_Codec_Pack_892_Mega.exe off the net, and saw title screen (mechanical wall? closing, and the title), menus, start of the game… 🙂

  63. Before I download, would just like to know, is this VN a simple download and extract? Or is Daemon Tools etc involved?

  64. what a shame.. not working no matter what.. (my pc is always on japan local, fully updated codec as well) guess this game does like Vista… and yes i took the new crack soooo any of you guys knows a magic trick so i can make it work? (it wont lauch it gives me a cute error box with the message that it cant find the .Exe file..kinda annoying since all the other games/visual noval works perfectly (monstergirl quest, magical teacher, god catcher..)

  65. Antivirus detected a Trojan ARTEMIS!************* (* for letters and numbers). is this something to be worried for? I got McAfee (yeah i know it ain’t great, got it for free)

  66. Will you consider creating a new mediafire account? The DA-free download isn’t as efficient as mediafire when you want to parallel download a huge amount of files, and with School days coming up…well, if I have to use DA, I’ll probably be stuck downloading for a week. With mediafire, it’d only be a few days.

  67. English walkthrough for the first two routes, proof read and works 100%. Will be doing those extra scenario’s soon and will update this if necessary.


    – It’s possible we’ve met before.
    – Haruna’s Lunch
    – Head Upstairs

    HEAVEN SAGA (must complete Haruna route first)

    – I do not remember at all.
    – Eat Kazami’s Lunch
    – Head Downstairs

    1. lol I posted the walkthrough already… yours is kind of pointless. none of the choices matter except the bathroom one. (choose both to get both pieces of jacks diary.) the only thing you have to do is complete each saga lol.

  68. Hi thank you for this great game, i have a litte question, after playing and new start i have 3 sage:
    Heaven saga
    zero saga
    Sky saga
    can someone please say where the difference is?
    (sorry, my english is bad)

  69. been using cccp for a while now and tried dengeki stryker,,then i tried k-lite and its still not working. Can someone please help? im using windows xp btw thanks a lot for the upload :3

  70. k well i just now finished the last story of the game and i’m having mixed feelings about it. Don’t get me wrong I really loved the game! But the ending is kinda hmmm. Everyone his/her own taste I guess because i’m sure a lot of people will like the ending it’s just not my thing.

    All in all i really enjoyed playing it just as the other overdrive games.

    Another thanks to you admin for helping us play it and everyone have a nice day. 😀

  71. all i see was good for nothing leechers just complain bout something that they want to get for free and do nothing for it…
    if you guys have so much time to rant and all better take those time and do some part time job..that’ll earn you lazy pigs some cash to buy any VN that you all can buy,,,mostly you Americans and EU people!!!
    Drats…this by far the worst i’ve seen since that Kamidori and Deardrops patch~

  72. hey i just wanted to let everyone know that there is a english trial of Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! S, aka Majikoi S. English translations being done by Wairu translations

  73. *spoiler alert*
    the Yuuki family thought of adopting Haruna

    if they do adopt her then Haruna’s name will change from
    Hongo Haruna to
    Yuuki Haruna

    ^does that name ring a bell?

  74. Hey, first thanks for the crack n.n/, nao I have the stupid problem that when the intro movie start all the screen turns black and thats all, and the mega k-lite doesn’t work for me…
    HP netbook mini, win 7… if anyone can resolve it, please please said it T-T

  75. So disillusioned… I expected a Jack, or at least a Rin route… so sad. The game wasn’t poorly done, and this time I didn’t notice any spelling errors (a few times some improper use of verbage though). I did enjoy the Sayaka route as she’s pretty entertaining but with a smaller number of routes it’s either hit or miss with me. Of course this game focused on each individual character more than throwing a bunch of girls at you and letting you choose your favorite. Honestly this should probably be listed as a kinetic novel, as your choices don’t affect a damn thing. Route 1> Route 2> Route 3> Ex routes. By the way, you could consider that a walkthrough. The only real missable content occurs when choosing a bathroom so save and view both.

  76. i’m so happy i get to play a game like this , it really calms me down because of the entertaining story / characters. I’ll also play school days HQ after it’s released but I know for a fact that certain parts of that game are gonna tick me off so much ( cough cough taisuke being the biggest jackass in the history of visual novels and that says something because makoto itou is also no nice guy )

  77. 100% of CG/recollection

    Please select it according to the chart.

    A cell gray in the chart is for playing again.
    It doesn’t relate in case of the chart street.

    The collection, With the collection of CG/recollection part, It becomes a collection of Jack’s diary.

    Chapter ※ of 0″START”It faces the floor of putting somewhere from ~ the beginning is likely to meet…

    Chapter ※ of heaven”START”~ ※ title from the beginning ~”Chapter of heaven”It faces the floor under the vane that twines and is started and not remembered at all.

    Empty chapter ※ title ~”Empty chapter”..twining.. start

    Collection”START”~”Ex Scenario1″[Wo] selection”START”~”Ex Scenario2″[Wo] selection”START”~”Chapter of heaven”[Wo] selection(※ The play only of Chapter 6 and OK. )

  78. Thanks admin. Good looking game and glad that you still keep this site updated with the best new translated games.

  79. My antivirus alerts me to a TR/Kazy.66199 trojan after I unzip the files. Am I the only the only one who’s getting this…?

  80. hanks for posting the crack, admin. ^^ You and the guys and/or girls over at 4chan saved me another boring few months!

  81. is it just my imagination? or the some of the chara remind me of KIRARA from KIRA☆KIRA? btw i haven’t played it yet cause still having a TEST FESTIVAL in my school T_T)>

  82. the crack works ok, but once the game progress to opening afterabout 20 soconds it stops playing graphic (and after something about 30 next second the sound stops too halfway)
    I don´t really know how to get it working (it stops everytime in the same place)

    1. Maybe there is a route for Jack in the expansion … don’t know, but the expansions features new routes (definitely one for Hilko and Rin) 🙂

      1. Jack is a girl its sorta out there in the open in the game and if the various scenes and hints don’t give it away there is always the random journal pages you find of Jack’s.
        She talks about very girly things in a few of them in her own odd way of speaking.

      2. Animecharacterdatabase means nothing. That is user edited.

        It is never specifically stated if Jack is a guy or girl in the game. Hinted at being a girl, but if they wanted to have Jack be a guy they very well could.

        For anyone who played Utawarerumono, remember the twins? One assumes they are girls until halfway through the game and then they suddenly reveal they are boys.

        1. Did you check Jack’s diary note #1?
          “Bleeding from the crotch”
          as far as i’m concerned, boys don’t bleed from the crotch area, now would they? but Girls do, there’s your evidence.

          1. Of course jack is a girl. You’d have to be pretty damn retarded to think otherwise lol

          2. In another one she hints at the fact that she has a dick, but in another she says that she’s a girl living with him in secret.

  83. ok , i just completed the zero saga and damn it was awesome. Really loving the anime made battles this game has at some points.
    Off to the heaven saga baby!

  84. Please, sombody help me!
    Why can’t I watch the whole opening? It always crashes after the power-glove is shown. No exceptions.

  85. anyone knows why it gives me a black screen when it comes to one of those movies (opening movie, and such)?

  86. For some reason, the game ALWAYS crashes after the power-glove is shown in the opening movie. Any help?

  87. wow the crack is already there I was expecting it to at least take another week O_O. was surprised when I found out it was only out for 1 day.
    thank you very much for finding/making it admin

  88. Walkthrough here … but only translated from Google, ATLAS and Honyaku, but it should be easy to find the right choices 😀

  89. Yes!!!!! I saw the crack when i visited this site after finishing my assignment!!!! I guess God really reward those who work hard ^^

  90. I am on both a love hate thing with this game.
    I bought it the other day when it came out and i have already basically maxed it out all i am missing it two of Jack’s journals.

    The story is good the characters are great my only complaint about this game is out of all the females characters only two of them have routes and h-scenes namely Haruna and Sayaka.

    But there is still three other girls though would get a route in the game but didn’t get a thing this annoys the crap out of me.
    It reminded me of Edelweiss when they left out Sakura and Rin from the first game but then later on gave them there own game i wonder if something like that will happen with this game.

    Also just wondering if anyone knows how to get the last two bottom right journal entries to Jack’s journal?

    1. It’s really sad that there are only two routes in Dengeki Stryker, but there’s an expansion in development (Chou Dengeki Stryker), which includes also a route for Hilko and Rin … don’t know if Mangagamer will translate this one, but I think it depends on the sellings of Dengeki Stryker 🙂

  91. admin erased all the stupid, patch not coming hurr durr coments, now we cant show them how stupid they were. I’m looking at you Orange-kun.

    1. Those are not eroge/VNs (One being some kind of Simulator & the other a Bullet Hell Games Bundle) so I don’t see why they should be posted on here, plus MangaGamer is only publishing them, they had nothing to do with translating it or anything. You can find them easily on isohunt if you want.

  92. hm… got a black screen at the beginning
    after he lost his memory, and the girl was waiting for him

    1. nvm my laptop window7 64bit wasn’t able to run the OP movie
      but the desktop wondow7 32bit successfully did

  93. Thanks admin. mad props for the crack. Also, i must say, i heartily approve of the fact that the last 100 posts were deleted or so. Lol, never feed the trolls.

    Keep up the good work!

  94. OH! What do I see here! Its the crack! And it works! Tsk, tsk, tsk, Never assume things that are most likely to happen. it’s very embarrassing when your wrong.

  95. gotta say I love erogedownload, especially for games it’s hard to get ahold of, but Mangagamer has been doing a great job with their translations recently, so if there’s no crack out I do recommend those who can afford to do so support them. i’m only to Chapter 3 but Dengeki is super entertaining so far.

    1. Actually a few people bought it from that “support game’s author” link, and I’m really happy with that.

    2. I don’t own any latest-gen consoles, but if I had a stable job and was done with college it would be a different story. If I did I’d be okay with paying $40~50 or so for a game that’d give a solid 30+ hours of playtime. I can also guarantee I’d come back and play it again sometime as I’m a big nostalgia gamer. However the only eroge I’ve played more than once are Tsukihime, Utawarerumono, Rance, Daibanchou, and Fate/Stay Night. I will not shell out $45 for a game that vndb says will be completed in under 30 hours. It is just plain ridiculous. Overdrive also tends to lack subtleties in their storytelling methods, as often happens in mainstream Japanese media (I’ve recently gotten into light novels at bakatsuki) and it annoys me to no end. Moreover, all the spelling errors and poor grammar from Mangagamer games just annoy the hell out of me as it distracts me from what’s happening in the game. When I’m playing a game I let myself get immersed in the game and each and every error by the translator/proofreader (do they even bother with one?) disrupts my immersion in the game. Blah, rant over.

  96. Ah SKIDROW. They are truly champions of the pirate community. But yeah, just give it a bit guys. You seriously don’t have any other games to play?

  97. Man its so painfull to have a game and can’t play it. Its like Star Wars: The Old Republic for me again 😀 or even diablo 😀 to painfull 😀 but at the same time its so funny to think about how mutch i give some thoughts about this game :D. Demo was pretty intresting, it was funny so that guy who later call himself Dengeki Stryker who the hell was he ? kid from manga ?

  98. Not really worried the karma comment was more related to the irony of the fact that this is one of the few times he got something up on release day only to mess up cracking it 🙂

    Tho to be fair I’m starting to think that what he referred to as a “tiny little mistake” wasn’t so tiny since it seems to be taking so long lol. Oh well back to the waiting hehe

  99. What is with you whiners? Can’t you just effing wait till it arrive. If you want to play it now, just buy it. Be a bit more appreciative of people even wanting to share it with you, instead of being a turd.

    1. Seriously, giovanime is right. You are whining about weeks or months, but it hasn’t even been one day since Admin uploaded it. Stop whining and wait. Our Admin is reliable so i think the crack will be here in a few hours or a few days at most.

  100. Mhh .. Hello Admin!

    It is probably a stupid question from me, but maybe you know how I picture a scene (a scene to save the image file) can produce? With what key combination do you do that? Could you help with this well, please.

    Thank you and bye!

    1. You could always hit the Print Screen (PrtSc on my keyboard) button and open a MS Paint file, paste (ctrl v) the screenshot, then crop it down to what you want. Be sure to hide the text box first though.

    2. you can also use sniping tool…

      fn + shift + f11 then paste in paint
      or fn + shift + control / alt (forgot) + f11 then paste in paint

        1. Thanks guys!
          Hello and tutturu hurgh!

          What do you mean, fn? Because on my keyboard (Because I have a Hungarian keyboard) do not find it, do you mean by f + n, or what?

          And hurgh: When I see my Prt Scr, which is the same? – I’ve tried it first, but it has not responded.

          In any case, thanks for the tips!

          1. fn would be on your keyboard (unless it’s japanese keyboard)
            only on laptops, doesn’t apply to PC (as far as i know)

            i’m using a mac (bootcamp win7, remember, BOOTCAMP ONLY)
            and the fn button is on the bottom left corner on my keyboard

            if not, then you can use virtual keyboard and use the print screen button

            the print screen button ONLY captures your screen and copied it to your clipboard, so you need to paste it somewhere, namely paint or something else

  101. All of you made a right choice to download it.

    I have finished it, only have 2 main routes and 2 extra routes as an epilogue for the 2 main routes…

    Manage to finish it in 6/7 hours, compare to the shortest overdrive game, kirakira curtain call, which i finish in 2 days…

    Not enough content, you know why after seeing it yourself, i think it only worth 20 euro, content and story wise…

  102. Ya kirakira was also a great game, at first doing a certain route which I won’t spoil for readers that didn’t play it I was depressed as F*** but the true route and the other routes were a lot of fun 😀 The thing with deardrops that had me so interested besides the story was the violin. God I loved how the violin was used in the game especially in the riho route.
    I find it hard to think that gengeki stryker might be as good as those two games but I sure hope so.

    1. get depressed on that annoying chara route??
      for me..the Onee-san route are more interesting though better scripts could be add in for better feel~

  103. Sonoseriesfan how can you call deardrops soso :O Hehe I guess it’s a matter of taste but damn I liked that game. 😛 Overdrive games are my all time fav’s ( ok ok and g-senjou no maou ) Dengeki Stryker sounds so much fun WAAAAA

    1. Have you played Kira Kira? I felt like they were to similar I loved Kira Kira but deardrops didn’t pull me in like it did.

      1. are you for real?? dear drops fans are way more than kira kira due to Riho’s route and the cliffhanger ending..thats why most of us are waiting for the fandisk…DB2 vs Deardrops while hoping it continues after Riho’s cliffhanger~

    2. Agreed on Deardrops. I definitely liked Kirakira better but it really depends on how the person was able to relate to the story, and it just so happened Deardrops managed to push the right buttons (for me).

  104. I can’t wait for the crack to come out I’m so excited seems like an interesting story. I’ve liked all the overdrive games so far with the exception of Deardrops it was so-so.

    1. You should try buying these games if u really cant wait. It would be a great support for the industry in the western regions, and believe me, the support is urgently needed!

        1. I admit. Im not proud at the fact that Im going to play this game for free… However, I must state that paying approx 35Euros for a soft-copy of the game is very pricey for me.

          Considering converting to my local currency would give me enough to live on for about 3 weeks, with food/transport.
          So unless the game would become cheaper… Though I doubt it… I cant see myself proudly buying this while having other priorities which requires my $$$.

          1. you can ordered the hard still comes with same price+shippping fees..
            but that soft copy version will allow you to dl it again with your given password~

      1. i usually play the game here then buy it but only if im in love with it i only own 12 eroge and then i own about 3 all ages vn for my cousin who prefers all ages vns for some reason i like both but yea back on topic thanks for the game first this then dawn guard this is gona be a fun week

  105. Thank you Admin, I was thinking you forget about us T-T no joking, hahaha well, thanks for the game and as always R.O.D Read or Die…

  106. i forgot to ask two things 🙂 is it a Rpg type of game like Kamidori Alchemy Meister and does it require Japan Local?

    1. overdrive does not do rpg at least to my knowledge and games that are translated by compnies in america like mangagamer and such do not need a jap locale.

  107. Awesome! I absolutely loved Overdrive’s Edelweiss, so I have very high expectations for this. By the way, admin, will you upload School Days HQ this year? Sekai Project has nearly finished the complete English patch, and the game is already available for pre-order.

    Keep rocking, man. This website is amazing.

  108. It’s bloody amazing that it was even uploaded this fast. Download tonight, get crack later. Errybody wins.

  109. Ah, so that’s why it’s not loading up when i double click on it. That’s a shame.
    Well, patience is key

        1. Wait, open ports, google it. Seriously, this isnt a tech support forum. Also, the wait part is serious, sometimes it takes a while till you get connected to other peers.

    1. I cheated with that game. (got 100% completion and then hacked it lol. level 9999 characters with max of all items etc.)

  110. So I’m assumeing if that it’s true if there really are only two routes and this is an overdrive game then it’s safe to assume that this game is a decent length? Maybe? >.<

  111. Apparently they are the only two routes according to the japanese walkthrough. Extremely dissapointing. Oh well.

  112. Nothing man we all are human and like some smart man said all humans make mistakes.You work pretty fast so its alright.All the metter is felling to help us.Well tnx for the game.

  113. Yes, sorry – i fucked things up while cracking, since i wanted to post it as soon as possible. I’ll try to fix it and upload a patch.
    Added info to main post as well.

    1. thanks for the Info ^.^
      I am downloading now and will seed when done. ^.^ are you gonna upload the crack by itself?

  114. wow everyone seems to download and turning off upload or something. my upload speed is constantly 10 times as high as my download speed with stryker lol. Come on guys dont only leach.

    1. There were a couple of people who leeched, but there are plenty of seeds and peers. Admin has already uploaded close to 100GB.

  115. admin you are fast as always ! I didn’t expect this game to be on here for atleast 1-2 days. I love yo so much, overdrive games are my fav’s all time !!!!!!

    K i guess byebye social life for atleast a week again.
    Everyone have fun playing!

  116. FINALLY A NEW VN!!!
    Plus, it’s Dengeki Stryker! From what I’ve read, it’s a good one. But we’ll see…
    Luckily, I have enough diskspace.

  117. wow…. damn i already like kamen rider series and the story synopsis is like that kussso gaman dekinai kono geemu wo yaritai

  118. I waited this game for month. Good game, i mean funny. Now i need to wait until i can download from here game. Admin i will be gratefull to you if you will make this game to download for us tnx in advance your grafe fan Gugas8 😀

    1. of course i’ll post it here, that’s why i made this post lol. I already cracked the game, and i’m in the process of uploading it now – just wait a couple more minutes.

  119. Animation director: Shinichi Watanabe (aka Nabeshin).

    You know something crazy is going to happen when Nabeshin is involved.
    Can’t wait.

    1. Nabeshin… aww shit…. i really hate him… i just hope he dont make a mess at the end.
      BTW Thx for the uploads Admin.

  120. Still hoping MangaGamer will release the Chou Dengeki Stryker content in a physical release. Until I can buy that, this will be handy. Thanks Admin for such a quick post.

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