Captive Market

Captive Market

European style fantasy featuring Steampunk! Fullmetal tanks race around the vast earth, and an elven martial officer of great pride controls them!
BlackLilith welcomes up-and-coming illustrator L Shindo who is famous for the sensual fetism and ecstasy face for this game!
Lilith presents a sexual humiliation/training story of the elf warriors!

All heroines are with long ears!
Violations take place in a peculiar world that mixes fantasy and modern civilization.
Disgrace the strong dark elf office and high elf knight by different species sex, machine sex, brainwashing using drugs, etc.!

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  1. If you want the game to run properly when you extract press “Rename” instead of replace and it should work fine now

  2. So how the hell do I solve the blue screen syntax error thing I know above it says check the FAQ but I don’t see it in there, I’ve downloaded both NTELA & Applocale to try & run it too. But nope I keep on getting the error still. Any suggestions?

  3. I get an error every time when I select the Prologue- or Main-Button on the title screen.
    It says in the headline: Information, and then there are a lot of question marks and random signs.
    Does someone know how to fix this? The problem occurs with NTLEA, Applocale and Locale Emulator.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Had the same problem. changing “Component Select” under “Advanced Options” from “(System Default)” to “ntleah.dll” with NTEA fixed it for me.

  4. There seems to be a problem with the free downoad, I can’t download the second part. I click the link, go trough the waiting like I have done with several other games, but when the time comes to start the download I get an error page saying something like \file not found, browser cannot the file in …..\ or something like that, any thoughts?
    PS: it’s not the brwser, this happens with both mozilla and chrome

    1. Never mind, I found out the problem, turns out my internet can’t download more than 2 files at the same (no idea why) but I managed to start dowloading the second part as soon as one my previous downloads finished, sorry to have bothered you admin.

  5. Maybe someone will know the solution…

    I’m running this game through NTLEA, as I’m supposed to, and yet, when I try to start the game, I’m getting EAccessViolation error…

    Any fixes?

    1. Not sure on the fix, but you can use Applocale instead. I also got an error with NTLEA, but this worked for me.

      It also lets you create a shortcut that you can use instead of opening Applocale each time you want to run the game.

  6. Kind of dissapointed. It was a great game, even if some of the choices were a bit unclear on how they would affect progression. The biggest let down for me was how the true ending handled the Mercury Witch. Gagoze went to all that trouble to learn her secrets and use them on her, and he only uses her as a figurehead? I get not breaking her for the sake of that figurehead role,but I was expecting a bit more from the character whose wardrobe was held up entirely by her nipples the whole game.

  7. I know this is a bit too late but if you want to play this game but having a problem to start and a syntax error is showing in your screen just download NTLEAC and use it when running the game.

  8. This is pretty interesting if i say so my self, the multiple scenes makes you want to see all of them. thanks Admin for your hard work!

  9. how can I fuse the “free game download file, part 1, part 2” together, So there will be one .exe file application to open.

  10. I got to the opening screen, where you can choose prologue and main story etc. but whenever I click either of those 2 a strange pop up appears with unreadable writings etc. does anybody know the fix? waited a long time for the download to this so any help is much appreciated.

  11. i can’t find an exe file anywhere and part 2 seems to be a mirror of part 1. help, anyone? i really wanna play this game!

  12. …does this game need a CD image? if so… where do I get said image? because there are no image files in the DL folders

  13. hey admin!! please help…!! we always have the same problems… it always says SYNTAX ERROR..?? whats the problem with that? i download many eroge games, some of them are the same… i wonder why? im using windows 7, i can use daemoon tools, i can handle that small screen who has black sides but i cant handle that blue screen syntax error… please help

    1. check faq bro, it’s free so don’t complain so much, admin can’t always answer same and old question,

      Admin thanks for your all hard work..

  14. Nevermind I went back and read the earlier comments and found the solution. It works great now. Thanks for all your hard work. 🙂

      1. lol this always seems to be the automatic response but ya kno, regardless of whether you change the locale to jap, the syntax error remains for some.

  15. anybody please help, recently my game can’t be open properly and the error sign appear (syntax error)
    anybody who knows the solutions please help!! thank you

    1. are you using Internet Explorer? if you are you HAVE to choose “save” when downloading the first rar
      otherwise the 2nd won’t open because the first can’t be found
      probably will get the same result from deleting the thing instead of saving it till you extravt the 2nd…
      at least that seems to be the problem I had… I am currently redownloading the 1st RAR will reply again if this method fails…

      1. I reall really hate internet explorer
        I’ll try again when my Google Chrome decides to work…
        or maybe I should download Mozilla…

    1. A small program that lets you emulate locale.

      Some VNs and eroge require you to have Japanese locale set in your system. You have to change it, and everything’s in Japanese, it’s a lot of trouble and hassle, especially for not computer-savvy people.

      NTLEA lets you bypass it. You run a game via NTLEA and voila! It runs as if your system locale was set to Japanese!

  16. admin,i cant play it,the problem is something came out when i try to click prologue or main story..and then the game got stuck..

  17. Just a little help for you guys, if u got all endings all scenes will be unlockend so have fun!:

    Gagoze Death:
    1. The females will be merchandise
    2. You can’t change anything, but try
    3. It’s just an interest of mine
    4. Anastasia
    5. Yeah, let’s make her go one more time
    6. Turning them into slaves would be better
    7. Daness
    8. I thought the subject was interesting
    9. Anastasia
    10. Continue
    11. Have Jean do it
    12. What are you talking about?
    13. Daness

    Anastasia End:
    1. The females will be merchandise
    2. You can’t change anything, but try
    3. It’s just an interest of mine
    4. Anastasia
    5. Yeah, let’s make her go one more time
    6. Turning them into slaves would be better
    7. Daness
    8. I thought the subject was interesting
    9. Anastasia
    10. Continue
    11. Have Jean do it
    12. What are you talking about?
    13. Anastasia

    Daness End:
    1. The females will be merchandise
    2. You can’t change anything, but try
    3. It’s just an interest of mine
    4. Daness
    5. Teach Daness her place
    6. I enjoy watching them try to fight back
    7. Anastasia
    8. Of course I didn’t understand it
    9. Daness
    10. Do whatever you want
    11. Have Jean do it
    12. What are you talking about?
    13. Daness

    True End:
    1. The females will be merchandise
    2. You can’t change anything, but try
    3. It’s just an interest of mine
    4. Daness
    5. Teach Daness her place
    6. I enjoy watching them try to fight back
    7. Anastasia
    8. Of course I didn’t understand it
    9. Daness
    10. Do whatever you want
    11. Take care of it myself
    12. Yeah, that’s true
    13. Anastasia

  18. Can someone help me install AppLocate? I keep getting this message:

    “There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. “

  19. The application file: LBK-30051.exe, seems to be decaying becuse when my 7-zip unzips the file disappers or when i click on it the file suddenly does not exist.

  20. forget the errors I can’t even download the files. Been waiting on the website for 14 mins now, are there any other DL links?

  21. plz help me.
    I keep geting an error that has ????????? on it can some one be so kind and tell me how t fix this problem

  22. The gogaze or whoever guy you play as is such a bitchy and douchy guy, he sucks. It did’nt intrest me to play as that,I got bored and quit.

    There are good games here and I’m thankful for that (thank you Admin), but not this one. This game just was NOT for me.

  23. To play this game on Windows 7, just go to control panel. Go to Region and Language, the last tab is Admin. Then down to System Locale. Pick Japanese and reboot. you will still be able to read everything in English, but if not. Remember the looks of the Region and Language icon in the control panel. Follow the steps but pick English. Now you can play any game thats in Japanese.

    1. SERIOUSLY?! You… you think they look like men?

      Forgetting that for a second, perhaps you could look down at their chests to see THEIR G-CUP BOOBS.


  24. f anyone is still wondering about the syntax error,

    First: go to the FAQ section above and follow it,
    you cant really mis it.

    Second: open this link and download it(its the east asia files that your pc will ask when you follow the steps above)

    Third: open this link and download it (its microsoft applocate)

    After that you are set to go just run applocate and select the “captive market file” (LBK-30051)and thats it.

    congrats on completing the starter tutorial for playing this game and alot of other japanese eroges.

    Now go! my children of the night go and fap! WHuhahahaha!
    “Listen to them, children of the night. What music they make.”

  25. I dont want to spoil things but if you cant complete the gallary then hear my advice.

    Start with “snake eyes” and nexst comes the “ace” then all you have to do is to “even out”

    Its not a hard riddle. (or a good one)

  26. Still getting blue screen.

    I want to try some of the solutions posted here before, but I have absolutely no idea what you all are talking about.

    Help? Please?

  27. I get the famous syntax error, i have applocale to japanese, and all my other games work.I don’t know what’s wrong. can anyone help me?

  28. hi there i have problem any one can help every time i try to open the game i get a syntex error
    any one help me please

  29. To all the people getting syntax errors, are you running Japanese applocale? Are you running Japanese applocale as admin? If you are and it doesn’t work then does it work for other games that need Japanese applocale? If it has stopped working for all your games requiring Japanese applocale then re-install it into your registry because it most likely got corrupted. Syntax error = error within the source code. If your applocale was fine then let me think about it a little bit more. Currently middle of the night, will post more tommorow if I think of something else.

  30. since there is no walkthrough posted here, i will post one. do all of these you will get 100% cg. the numbers indicate which choice you need to select.

    1211121121111 (end1)

    1211121121211 (end2)

    1212112211222 (end3)

    12111211211212 (end4)

    1212112221222 (end4) (for complete cg)

    1. I tried using your guide and it didn’t work i was still missing a few CGs and one scene.
      And a couple of your routes would end early before the last option even popped up

  31. Why is there a syntax error of it? it was downloaded fast and good no problems occured during download process.. but there is a syntax error unknown symbols like reverse question mark “?”
    other stuffs too.? I used the torrent download.. anyone who could be any help of me? please 🙂

  32. How am I supposed to get this to work?? I have my 32x Win7 in Japanese locale but opening the application just shows the 0xc0000005 error message. Also there’s a .cf file? Sup with that? :\
    It would be kind of nice if there was an installation walkthrough page for this, but if anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated.

  33. For all of those getting a Syntax error, that odd blue screen…

    This game may have an English translation, but it is STILL a Japanese game, and as such, it checks to make sure Windows is Japanese before it gets going. In order to get around this, you need Applocale. That program fools the game into thinking you have Japanese windows so it will work.

    In order for Applocale to work properly in Windows XP however, you need to have support for Japanese, and East Asian Languages installed, otherwise Applocale will give up before it even starts.

    In order to get those things installed you need either your Windows XP install disk, or a folder on your harddrive called “i386” which will have the needed files on it.

    If you have neither, you are screwed. I’m not joking. You can find torrents aplenty for copies of windows XP, but you will never find a torrent or download for the needed files, or i386 folder, anywhere. Trust me, I’ve been looking for the past 4 hours and have come up dry.

    It boggles the mind that something so important to getting H-games to run would be impossible to find, but that is the situation. I honestly thought something so very important to getting these games to run would be available SOMEWHERE, but it’s not to be found anywhere. Not here, not hongfire, not any of the usual suspects or popular h-game websites have it. Your only option is to get a copy of the windows XP CD, as the files needed to add Japanese to Windows XP can not be found online period.

    1. Naturally, immediately after posting this, I find the East Asian Language Files neatly rar’ed up on this very website, in a post by someone named Salt, in 2010. It’s on the FAQ page, for installing japanese in XP, buried in the comments. There is a link to a torrent that may or may not be dead, but working DDL links.

  34. Jesus Christ why is this game guarded like its the fucking Holy Grail. I cannot find a CG set for the fucking life of me, I have found pretty much every CG set I’ve ever wanted, even other ones by Hootch and ones by Lilith.

    But this game? Nope.

  35. well i like tro try the microsoft apploce version because on my system (win 7 64) it wont run , but there is no dammed website in the whole world who has this software all point to the microsoft side but that says only oops we dont have something like that o_O.

    to bad , i realy want to play that game but without a japanese system setting i get only the bluescreen syntax error :-((

  36. Everytime I try to extract it with WinRAR it says that the files are corrupt , I’ve downloaded it 4 times and it still won’t work D:

  37. To you guys with the blue screens and syntax errors, download Microsoft AppLocale, use it. It fakes your system location for most .exes. For me, this one wouldn’t start without it and setting it to Japanese. You can make a shortcut with it to always start the game with those settings.

    1. Thanks. This has helped. It’s also helped with games that don’t display numbers or text properly, like the Rance 2 Remake in English.

  38. So does anyone know who translated this? I’ve been trying to find eroge of a darker persuasion since I first played Taimanin Asagi, but due to Darktranslations/ Sanity Ends! being down for the count I’ve yet to find anything.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    1. I’d say do a system restore to a time before you downloaded the game, or whatever else you downloaded recently.

  39. the females will be merchandise, you cant change anything but try, its just an interest of mine, anastasia, lets stop here, i enjoy watching them fight back, daness, of course i didnt understand, anastasia, continue, take care of it myself, yeah thats true, either -gratz best end unlock

    that depends on you, submit and i’ll take good care of you, I’ll never know if i dont try, anastasia, lets stop here, turning them into slaves…,daness,i thought the subject was interesting, anastasia, continue, have jean do it, yeah thats true, anastasia – gratz anastasia end unlock

    that depends on you, submit and i’ll take good care of you,I’ll never know if i dont try, daness, back off and stop here,turning them into slaves…,anastasia,i thought the subject was interesting, daness, do whatever you want, have jean do it, yeah thats true, daness – gratz daness end unlock

    the females will be merchandise, you cant change anything but try,I’ll never know if i dont try, daness, back off and stop here,turning them into slaves…,anastasia,i thought the subject was interesting, anastasia, continue, take care of it myself, what are you talking about, daness, – anastasia & daness end unlock

    that depends on you, submit and i’ll take good care of you,I’ll never know if i dont try, daness, teach daness her place, turning them into slaves…, daness, i thought the subject was interesting, daness, do whatever you want, take care of it myself, yeah thats true, either – worst end

    all endings and should be 100 percent cg’s if not you can get the rest by playing the game through and selecting options that didn’t come up. but there you have it i accept payment in thanks and doujin.

  40. Can anyone who has played through this game tell me if there’s any scat, gore, vomit, etc., anything really disgusting?

    1. Not really. If you’re a moralist or like that whole “boy meets girl and they fall in love and live happily ever after” plot, than this will be disgusting because of the humiliation/”inhuman”scenes, but nothing made me actually disgusted about this until now (I haven’t finished 100% yet, so I can’t say for sure, but it doesn’t look like it has any until now). And, sorry about my english, its not my native.

      1. Just wondering. Someone earlier said that the “orc scene was disgusting” or something like that, so I was a little wary. Thanks. Ur english is fine btw.

  41. I get an error message when trying to run the game. I am running japanese local but it doesnt seem to work for me, I used to be able to play but no longer can… if anyone has an answer to why please tell me.

          1. I also get this sytex error with a blue screen i tried mounting it with daemon tools light, after mounting nothing happened so I tried extracting it then mounting the file with the picture icon of the 2 elves and still nothing.

          2. yo tambien tengo el mismo problema aparece error syntax con una pantalla azul… mi windows es 8

    1. Use vcdaemon to mount cd image. It should go from there on its own. Click on the FAQ link at the upper left side of the page for better instructions.

    1. At the top of the page, under “Eroge Downloads,” it says “English Visual Novel Downloads.” The guy in charge won’t put stuff up unless its subbed (prolly not dubbed. In fact, I’m pretty sure none of em are dubbed)) in english.

  42. I went through the walk through but how do get this: Second page, Fourth row, image three and four?
    Can somebody help?

      I sat down an tried ever concatenation I could think of. After an hour I finally got all the scenes unlocked, however it is fairly convoluted. I’m not sure exactly how I did it but I know that it’s the scene were you can put the beast girl on the machine or the pig guy which is the MAJOR trigger point.

      to unlock some of the scenes your missing on the forth page. have the beast girl use that machine. and in addition I think you need to deny everything to your boss so you can hypnotize her. Also I know I was with the knight and I told my guys to keep going during that scene with the dog bowl.

      Hope this help’s guys, it is possible so don’t despair.

  43. cara n to conseguindo jogar esse game to mto ansioso para jogar so q quando eu clico no game ele tipow abre so 1 janela azul cheia de nome estranhos , oq eu faço ? por favor me ajudem xD

  44. This game cauht my interest, is there a list of lilith games on this site?
    it’d be a good idea if the games here said who made them in the description (and turn up in the search screen)

  45. Hi… I just end this game, but i couldnt finish all the gallery, its still 2 more close both cg and the picture…
    Has anyone had finish that? and have complate the gallery.
    Could you share the 100% save data to me, please???

  46. Why is the DA Link always linking me to a new page with a word wrong ip after waiting and clicking the download button? This happens to the other links as well. Please help! i really want to play it.

  47. ah… just here to see what other user comment then i amazed by how many hypocrite moral fags are here.

    i mean… COME ON GUY’S!! when you people open this page of course you will see the picture of elves getting sold and before that the title “Captive market” is that not enough to ring your senses?

    and about your sense of guilty when you saw those obscure rape scene, if other people that are not accustomed to anime and galge see you playing eroge (not even this one) they already see you down so what’s the point? meh.

    if you get death sentences for murder with planning for killing one person, doesn’t it’s better for kill all his/her family members as well because the sentences are the same?

    don’t use moral reason to announced that you’re don’t like playing this theme of eroge just to make yoursélf fell better and say that you’re a good people deep down and for the sake to keep your sanity because you’r aren’t hehehehe

  48. having the question marks and Syntax Error thing and dont know how to fix it i cant seem to get applocle to instal on my windows 7 os help please

  49. Hold up, I’m stuck here >.< How are you supposed to download this? Every time I go on the 1-click it tells me I need an account. My computer claims the DA-free download is a malicious virus & the torrent takes me to an ad… Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong? Is the DA-free download clean or is it really a bug? & the torrent file?

  50. I can run the game up to the title screen but when I click “Prologue” or “Start Game” I get an error message and all of the buttons on the main menu stop working.

  51. someone know where i can found a good walkthrought, i see the 4 ending but cant complete the gallery ????

  52. Can’t play this game, when i download it, i just unzip it, and the folders have no iso or something to mount on daemon. Only a exe that makes a error… I’m in japanese settings, and i tried applocale too :/

    1. When i’m not in Japanese settings, i got syntax error, when i’m with it, i got another error ( unreadable since it’s japanese)… I’ve run out of options there :/

  53. This is probably the most hardcore game I’ve played. I’ve played Discipline, Bible Black, Heartwork, Gibo and Hitomi. Can anybody recommend other games like this? I love these hardcore, dark stories. Especially when the game has art this good. Damn those characters are hot.

  54. hey i downloaded the game but when i click the icons it asks me to open it with something does anyone know what?

  55. This game was was average. If you’re interested in the standard girl turns into slut type of plot, you’ll enjoy this assuming you have the patience to sit down for an hour or two and get to the “action” of it. I’d give it a 5 – nothing notable here.

    And if you’re reading this debating whether to download it or not, I’d probably say move onto another game. That being said, this was fairly simple to install. Alright, that’s about all I have to say.

  56. Man I’m glad when a new game is translated,but pure sex games kind of ticks me off.You need a mix of story then sex for a good VN.I wish people would translate stuff worth playing,their are tons of other game I would rather play.Even though I’m not even bothering with this game………… Thanks For Translating!

  57. like cloak+dagger said how do u install, and i tried troubleshoot, run admin, and daemon nothing works. so either all of you who “played” it are yanking are chains or you have some kind of software we don’t have and love to know about

    ps. didn’t mean to come off as a dick~ my bad

  58. To the people experiencing problems and bugs: INSTALL the game with the japanese locale options enabled, don’t install it without them and then switch.

    1. How are you ment to install the game? When I downloaded the game it was just the folder with the .exe file. No setup or anything seems to be included.

  59. Is this game bugged? I’ve played through it like 20 times and there are still 4 empty boxes in the ‘scene’ gallery. One of them isn’t showing the dogtag scene that I know I got several times and I’m not sure about the other 3. The CG gallery is missing 9(!) boxes. I’ve tried every combination of choices and saw all 4 ‘endings’ [] but the gallery is incomplete.

    1. Just noticed there’s a 100% Gallery save on that site I linked. Now I’m dumbfounded because there really are more scenes to the game than what I’ve been getting. I still want to know how to reach them.

  60. I am experiencing the same issue with the game. Every time I click the .exe the program crashes with a blue screen accompanied by a “Syntax error” message.

    So far I have tried switching my locale to Japanese, running the game in administrator mode, tried using XP compatibility mode. But all of this to no avail.

    Is there perhaps anyone out there with a solution to my problem, and that of many others? Thank you in advance!

  61. I went on the lilith site, and there was lilith games and then black lilith games. What’s the difference?

    1. “Lillith Soft” is the main company name. Then you have several branches, each specializing in different kind of games – for example “Black Lillith” makes “dark” eroge with rape etc, for like this one. It’s quite common business practice for “grouping” games with similar themes together under one brand. I’m not familiar with lilith branches, but let’s use “Cyc Soft” company as an example to show how that grouping works… “Cyc Soft” has following branches:
      Black Cyc – “dark” themes, rape, torture and so on. Similar to “Black Lillith”
      Cyc Rose – “yaoi” games
      MIO – “otome” games
      and so on…

    1. I believe they already did but it’s partially translated. Total size on the game is 6.6gigs. So it should have the gifs / vid clips if that’s what your talking about. It is translated through chapter 4.

      1. He meant different,fully translated version that only was sent out to people that pre-purchased it on this thursday. That one is whooping 13GB.
        Also – if i see one more comment asking about it, blood will flow…

          1. are you born leechers you good for nothing asshole!!!
            did you even hear anyone received their pre-order copies like the very next second of their shipments??!!!
   are a disgrace for all leechers out there!!
            if you are here to complain…buy yourself a copy of the VN!!
            if not..sit back and fuck your own ass with your dick while waiting like everyone here does…
            other leechers out there..try to be like Annon…
            at least he helps to keeps the site running..
            dont be like this SOB here doing nothing but complain!!!!
            FYI…Ivan are not working under JAST!!
            so he wont be able to upload that VN on ther very seconds of released!!

          2. And know I patiently await the Admin unleashing a Hell like Fury in Which has never been seen before. But seriously instead of complaining about something that no one has any control over…well actually you aren’t even worth the time it takes to insult you(or even type this for that matter)

          3. Thumbs up to Nightmare637 and Ultimecea. Really now, some people just have to make themselves the jackass, do they?

    1. NO!!!, because admin say “Every download on this page is in English or comes with English patch”

  62. okay I downloaded it but aint got a clue how to run it. also pardon me for being a scrub but what is this applocale and will it allow me to run it.

    soonest response will be great

    1. Assuming your running windows seven…
      Control Panel
      Administrative tab
      Language for non-Unicode programs Change system locale button
      Japanese (Japan)

      Should work for you after that. I also use daimon tools for mounting. Magiciso was giving problems.

      And to your second question all games in the download section and home page (should be at least) are English. Only games that aren’t fully are under the partially translated section. Have downloaded a fairly good amount of the games my self and no problems so far.

  63. why does all the DA links have problem for me? whenever i finish waiting and click download it just link me to a page with one word “Wrong IP” there? Please help.

    Thanks in advance

  64. I really hate that new DA Limit. -.- It used to be 60 second a wait to download and 60second wait before you can download again. Now it’s like 2 minutes before you can start the download that’s alright, but now i gotta wait another blasted 5 minutes or so to download the next part. =\ Oh well.

    1. This game cauht my interest, is there a list of lilith games on this site?
      it’d be a good idea if the games here said who made them in the descryption (and turn up in the search screen)

  65. Hello

    id like to ask on some eroges

    so i like make copies of my eroges to my external hard drive and some of my eroges like “Cresendo” wont open and it gives some japanese error i am wondering on how i can fix this thank you!

    1. now my copied game bible black says this

      ” System drive will be used to save the data”
      “could not comple installation start SETUP program”

      HELP T^T

  66. So… I finally had time to play some VN after a long while (Sorta gave up on My girlfriend is the President since I don’t know know why my computer is being a jerk)
    And so I dled this and the same thing happened like when I tried running My girlfriend is the President, I can’t play it.

    1) I tried using applocale first and didn’t work (my default is korean)
    2) I changed the system locale to Japanese and it still didn’t work
    3) I tried running applocale WITH the japanese locale
    4) I tried running it as an admin, still no luck.

    Is there something that i’m missing?
    I did notice in the log that it says that “LBK-30051.cfu” failed (ignoring) : file not found.” and there is no LBK-30051.cfu
    Is that what I’m missing? and how do you update codecs???

  67. Fuckin great eroge although highly twisted & perverted.

    I was only repulsed by the “ork” scenes, that was fuckin disgusting.

  68. This game is pretty disturbing.I almost vomited with the Noa Rape by an Orc.
    It made me wonder what kind of people would enjoy something like that,being excited by other’s suffering.

    Also it made me realiza how low i fell about my fapping tastes,because i already knew that a scene like that was coming on.
    It’s very depressing, but at the same time it recomforts me because i know that i still can recover.

    I just looked on the mirror right now and i realized that i was not the ugly mothafucka that i thought i was.I just need a shower and an acne treatment and i would be fine.Right now i am remembering those pretty girls that were looking on my direction sometimes when i was returning home from the university and i realize that the only problem there was my fucking shyness that didn’t let me talk to anybody of them.


    PD:Wow,i did catharsis with this post.

    PD 2:Yeah,i’m a fucking moralfag.You know what?I don’t care.I think that i even like it.

    PD 3:I’m a fucking argie,sorry for my english.Anyways it doesn’t matter too much if nobody understands me.

    1. Guess i understand you,for me was enough to see first scene with raped untill insanity elven female and i got so disgusted that i uninstaled this “game” instantly.Though that make make realize that i am not that corrupted as i thinked before.

      1. Lol what the hell did you expect? Did you even bother to read the description? Or even look at the coverart that shows 2 elves as “sold” sex slave merchandise?

        You’re just a hypocrite, this has nothing to do with being “corrupted”.

        1. Yeah,both of you were right.But at the moment i wanted to play the game,now i realize that it was a bad idea (At least for me,everybody has differents tastes).Sorry if i offended somebody.

          1. Yeah, I got fooled again as well. Always found mind control interesting but not cruelty and sadism like a lot of the japanese game makers seem to enjoy for a reason. I can’t understand why. A lot of games I tried that weren’t as rough in story often lack a decent ending too. A lot of bad and cruel ones seems to be the answers from the game maker world. Guess I need to read the game and genre descriptions more properly in the future.

          2. That’s basically cuz men in general find joy in it. Have you ever wondered why sex feels good? Its main reason is that in our brain, it’s deeply involved with violence, which we are programmed to enjoy (to a certain extent, ofc, not just any kind of violence).

            Then again, getting moral about an eroge does not make you moral, but rather a weirdo. Basically, if you found yourself enjoying it and then realized what you were enjoying and stopped, it means that you are the kind of person that enjoys this play, and that will never change.

            So, basically, you can either be honest and play this kind of games (or not play them, ofc), or lie to yourself and think that not playing them any longer will make you different than what you really are.

          3. I kind of saw coming what I was getting my self into. I am no fan of rape, they actually disgust me, but I am a fan of good stories so I try to give it a shoot hopping that there would be a happy ending or something. But no…now I feel sorry that I played but oh well we can’t go back on time so is better just to move on. -_-

      2. ya same the two first scene for the dark elf and high elf was enouph.. others were a bit too hardcore..theirs a limit ya know..:P

    2. Son,just avoid Black Lilith ‘games’ in the future, ok?
      They’re sad, depressing, disturbing, and the authors are truly trying to duel with the good old Donatien Alphonse François in sick stuff. But sometimes…we can lose for a moment to the worst angels of our nature… just fantasies, and fantasies don’t kill.
      Believe it or not, I know people that like strange movies with REAL people paid to do sex with strangers, only for money: twisted, corrupted and sad.\end sarcasm.
      Eroges are just a kind of erotica, and some of them have a nice plot or are just good ‘games’ (Sengoku Rance is a most triumphant example).
      Aaaand…try talking with those girls, and you’ll discover that some of them have weird fantasies, like everyone else.DO IT!


    3. Exactly, why did you post something about your life that 95% of the population won’t care about?

    4. E no es justo amigo me as dado ganas de jugarlo. Solo para saber que tan malo es :p
      Y nose donde vives pero aquí en Sgo del Estero (en argentina) aunque obvia mente cuenta la cara, para levantar minas lo principal es la actitud. Créeme e visto chicos gordos y demás teniendo minas detrás solo por eso

    5. This is the Second longest Rant about someones first time playing a black lilith game I ever heard haha…(first was from my friend, he went on for hours complete with hand gesturs, it was fucking Hilarious so glad i spent the time convincing him to play it.)

    6. Well, I kind of agree with you but I also don’t but still remember that the creators of the game, Lilith or BlackLilith is in the NTR/Netorare genre so it’s not really good/bad depends on every person’s tastes.

    7. Clover, don’t worry. It’s good you feel that way. The moment I saw this cover art I laughed and thought : yup, typical crap, garbage, sadist game. You can just see on the cover art it’s going to be for dark people. I don’t know how people can enjoy such games either. Honestly. It’s a game, a fantasy but still. I’d feel disgusted if I played a game like this. Why do some people feel this way? Because those type of people have a ‘protector’ personality. Generally, they don’t think about raping, and enslaving women/men. They want to protect them. And this goes into fantasy mediums such as this game. Almost as if the players who like it, want to do what is happening in the game.

      By the way to Lanselot, who says sex is violence. Totally bull crap. Not all men think of it that way, not all men want to take control of woman or man in that kind of way. What about the women who like sex? Huh? Cause of a ‘violence’ in the back of their brain? Yeah, yeah, whatever.

      1. same for me and I know there are a lot more people out there that fantasize about it too. there is a whole genre for not just games and movies but stories and other things that cater to this kind of fantasy.
        My husband and girlfriend cater to mine but it is still stimulating to have other ways to outlet these fantasies

    1. wait for a weeks or a month because uploaders also are thinking the sales of school days.. in exact they’re waiting for a number of sales for example 10,000 before they upload the download link for free so JAST or any US based english novel company will not go bankrupt and keep releasing english translated VN’s in the future

      1. Don’t know about other uploaders, but i’m releasing it as soon as i get my hands on it. Unlike mangagamer i’d really wish jast failed spectacullary.

        1. Erm admin can you help me out here? For some reason whenever i use DA download it just keeps linking me to a page with the word “wrong ip”. any idea why? and how to solve it?

        1. Try restarting your computer after you set it Japanese Locale, if that doesn’t work you can always try the application AppLocale, use google to search for it

          Hope that helps solve the problem of the multiple question marks kind of error.

          1. R u sure that you change your local setting to jap?

            Since last time i change the language not the local setting, hence everything does not work.

            Remember change the administrative tab into Jap

            Not the format nor the location

    1. If you look at the older comments there was a post from -inFidelity- that covers the vast majority of the story and all cg. I put the other bad end up under the post if you want that part of the story.

  69. Does anyone have a save for Eien no Aselia with all routes completed, if you have have, could you upload please.

  70. Guys, can anybody kindly tell me how to reach the route where the Gagoze manage to control Jane? I have already followed all of the options from what “inFidelity” had posted(By the way thank you). Yet, still didn’t get the harem ending, is it in the Gagoze Death END, Anastacia END, Daness END, or True END? Plz help me, I’m really curious and thank’s in advance

      1. Yeah I know that much, since I had downloaded the 100% save data. Thank’s for the effort though…, But, which route led to Jane got controled by Gagoze (not the H- scene) and the two elf officers got pregnant(maybe I should mentioned this one). Please help me anybody, it’s entirely for plot sake and thank’s in advance

  71. are there any plans on uploading School Days HQ? Good work admin, even if i hate lilith from the bottom of my black heart

    1. is that supposed to be a pun? ‘i hate lilith from the bottom of my black heart’? since this game was part of lilith black series?

      nice one…

  72. is it just me, or the art style somehow totally resembles the one made by doujin/manga circle ShindoL – or by other name, Da Hootch?

  73. hello admin is there a possibility that you are going to upload “Daiteikoku” when its fully translated?

  74. Hey, new here and have no idea ow to install these things. Already know about torrents and stuff, but once inside the files I’m completely lost.

  75. k well i completed it , what can i say xD
    The story wasn’t actually that bad, it was just very short but that was to be expected with a download size like this one.
    Overal decent game and a good way to get the sadist up in my mind before school days HQ launch since i’ll need it there ^^

    Anyway thanks as always admin for the fast upload 😀

  76. I got syntax error, i already put japanese locale but it dont work … i dont know how to update codecs or something like that help plz o/

  77. That was a great disappointment.
    The main character hardly had any straight sex scenes with the two chicks. The only time he fucked them is when he took there virginity and after that…nothing. Only his lackeys were doing them :/

  78. NAO scene in the “tank” imokwiththat.jpg

    no NAO route…. -_-

    the rest, the clasic “gang rape club” style (with far less story in this case)

  79. Ah, a Black Lilith game with art by ShindoL. And it is translated! Awesome sauce!

    Who translated it, by the way? I have up all hope after Dark Translation’s creator disappeared.

    1. He didn’t disappear, he just went underground. I’d be also interested to know if this was translated by Nephrinn.

      1. Well, for a while he was using an IRC channel to do his stuff but then one day, poof, gone.

        Also, this game was a bit weak. The MC felt like a poor man’s version of Donny from Prison Battleship.

    1. You shouldn t even look at the cover, it s mostly rape,rape and rape. Some story, but not worth to mention.

      1. Thanks, will definitely give this a pass so! really dint feel like downloading it at the very lest when i looked at it, the cover looks dodgy xD

  80. rape isn´t exactly my thing but i´ll give it a try… i wished all the downloads had the torrent option, with torrents it´s so much easy

    1. Sytax errors mostly occur cause of ur locale setting. CHange them to Japanese, read in the FAQ for further instructions.

    1. Dude every japanese game is censor, you can play this game in english because some fans made this translation.
      It will be uncensored if this game officially english

      1. but many games i downloaded here had an uncensored patch with them and they make game uncensored from censored. so will this game have uncensored patch as well?

        1. IF the FAN group wants to do it. Could always find out who did te translation and go to there forums and request it, they may or may not do it.

  81. lilith always makes us be sadist… isn’t it? but nitroplus are always darker than any other eroge while key could make people cried their heart out… oh well, this just means that each company have their own originality, may as well try this one… later *~*

  82. help me when I start the game I get the message syntax error.
    How do I fix it?

    1. You didn t set ur Locale to Japanese, or you did it wrong. Try setting your locale to Japanese with the FAQ here.

    1. Well, try this:

      Capture Chart

      The females will be merchandise
      You can’t change anything, but try
      It’s just an interest of mine
      [Save 1]
      Yeah, let’s make her go one more time
      Turning them into slaves would be better
      I thought the subject was interesting
      Take care of it myself/ Have Jean do it
      What are you talking about?
      [Save 2]

      [Load 2]

      [Load 1]
      Teach Daness her place
      I enjoy watching them try to fight back
      Of course I didn’t understand it
      [Save 3]
      Do whatever you want
      Take care of it myself/ Have Jean do it
      What are you talking about?

      [Load 3]
      That’s enough. Stop it right there
      Take care of it myself/ Have Jean do it
      Yeah, that’s true…

      Such a shame there is no scene with Jean…
      There is a bad end not included here since it doesn’t have any bonus CG.

        1. I went through your walkthrough but there are still 4 scenes missing.

          Page 1 last row the 4th
          Page 2 1st row the 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

          Could you tell me how to get those?

          1. If you follow -inFidelity-‘s guide for this part as follows you should have it unlocked. I have all Cg / Memory from following the guide plus I messed up on part of what I’m about to paste and got other bad end. I believe I picked “What are you talking about?” instead of “Yeah, that’s true…”
            [Load 1]
            Teach Daness her place
            I enjoy watching them try to fight back
            Of course I didn’t understand it
            Do whatever you want
            Take care of it myself/ Have Jean do it
            What are you talking about?
            You can load save one and pick option 1 all the way to the end if you want get the other bad end.

          2. Thank you for your fast reply, but I followed your guide to the letter and am still missing those scenes.

            Could you maybe upload your 100% save game?

  83. odd i can make it work if the LBK-30051.exe stays in the Zip file and launch it with the zip file odd.. but if i extract the package it wont work and give me a syntax error… hmmm

    1. your lucky if you get a replied i tried to get help on a similar problem and after a thousand year as pass still got no reply..

    2. OMG!! same thing WTF!! why wont it work whats with the syntax error??? HELP!! a l’aide!! tasketai!! i want to make it work soo bad someone?! please!

      1. Got it working now. I guess I was switching to Jap locale incorrectly because I did it just like in the FAQ and now everything is working fine.

  84. this game seems more h-scene than story when i just look at that description. I’ll still give it a try but not sure what to expect. oh lol its 386mb xD

      1. am on japanese local and am getting a syntax Error.. is it because of ”.Cf”? do i need a special program? my codec are up to date and i got no issues with god catcher and monstergirl quest same goes for magical teacher.(all 3 works perfectly) (using Vista Ultimate)any tips? plz mrs. admin i really want to play it!

        1. i am having the same problem. my system is windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. it is said a syntax error with a blue screen in window mode pop up at the same time.

          1. EDIT: i fixed it. it seems that some codec is crash. after update and restart the PC everything is fine. just do not forget to swap to japanese locale.

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