Malus Code

Malus Code

Do you like extreme situations?
In order to study thermophiles that prefer high temperatures, Will decides to study at a university in Japan due to the many hot springs there. Amidst the cherry blossom trees, he encounters three partners in his lab. How will they spend their time together, and what conclusion will they reach? You have to see for yourself.

16 comments on “Malus Code

  1. I was not prepared for this……
    I though this was going to be some guilty free visual novel…..
    If your reading this, HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS

  2. Im having audio problems… i try to play the game but the speakers on my headphones are crackling… i dont know if thats the right word for it but its very annoying to say the least

  3. Question, why study thermophiles in hotsprings? If he wanted to study thermophiles or extremophiles, there are better places and it requires equipment and permission. In fact, why go to Japan when their post secondary is very slack when it comes to academics?

    1. If you didn’t know Japan has one of the most well-equipped lab for Bacteriology in the world. Second, there are many Clinical Laboratory Scientists who are well known (discoverers of bacteria and such) in the Microbiology field that are still alive in Japan. Third, their research labs are well-funded. The only disadvantage is that their bacteria are named different and the cost of living can’t be afforded by a person from a third-world country (Seriously, I only ate cup noodles for 3 years and got diagnosed with fatty liver after studying there)

  4. Is there any problem with the audio files or just my own mistakes during extraction because when I play the VN there is no any sound and music. Pls help!

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