Guess how hard you study if the good GPA can take you to the sex paradise.

Kazushi and his buddies are fed up with their bad grades and boring high school life.

Just when their sex crave was ready to burst out, they found out about the exchange student program to a girls high school in isolated island: A ticket to ride for sex!!

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  1. Love this VN so much. It’s really funny and the story is really well thought out and captivating. Not sure it’s really as sad as some people are saying, but it does have some emotional moments and a couple of the girls end up paying a bigger price then the others but happy ending nonetheless(They have no real regrets). But yeah, it’s a great game over all. Everyone should give it a try, it’s worth it.

  2. I have a question, I had to re-download this game since my old version would not play, and I have started playing it (and I have only finished Mei’s and Haruka’s routes), but I have been noticing that Natsume’s random encounters in the beginning are out of order. Has anyone else had this problem? An example would be after the very first choice you can make you go see her and mention that she is mad about what happened earlier (which you find out later in the game), then “something else happens” about halfway through the game, and you act like you have never met this person even though you have already made an important promise to her. Am I the only one having this problem?

    1. Ok, I just double checked that the beginning encounters are actually not out of order (just that one scene happened before my save point that I thought came later), but I am still confused about the fact you don’t know her later on in the game… can someone verify if this gets answered (no spoilers please) so that I don’t go through the route and find out something is messed up and spoil the route. Thanks.

      1. Scratch that, jumped on her route and figured it out. I actually had an idea as I was going through her route but it gets explained.

  3. so+does+this+have+the+loli+or+is+this+the+mangagamer+version+that+arguably+removed+it?++Thanks!++vnd+has+a+loli+tag+on+it+but+no+loli+tag+here.

  4. Wow! That was good, that was very good! I have to say that I have yet to find a VN I liked more than the original route to this story. If you are on the edge debating if you want to try this just do it, you will not regret it. I am going to buy a copy now just because of how good the first route is. Thank you for showing this to me.

  5. Truly superb game. One of my first Visual Novels and still remains one of my absolute favorites. I recommend it to anyone who likes harem and comedy, because it’s very funny and has lots of cute girls.

  6. keep up the great work on the site. I love it. Could maybe use some more updates more often, but i am sure that you have got other things things to do like we all have to do unfortunately. =) 48886

  7. Pretty good! But I wish the original ending was more… tearful.

    Was at the point of almost shedding a tear/crying, but it seemed like a rushed ending =/

  8. nice game, nice character, nice story, nice event,nice friends, not much for a sex scene.. 4 stars i say 🙂 . thank you admin for uploading these

  9. Really liked it. Original route was successful. Of course, it was sad a bit, but really nice one.

    If they will create anime, I wish Haruka should be main heroine. Because I loved it.

  10. Downloaded this after finished the Monster Girl game and was pretty surprised by this one.
    It felt like the pace was incredibly slow and I was wondering if I was playing it wrong for a bit.
    Ended up chasing Mitsuki (is that spelled right?) and was shocked by the plot twist. The scene where she was yelling at me from a hospital bed was almost gut-wrenching.
    Wasn’t expecting that at all! 🙂
    A solid, good game in my opinion.

  11. I did not like this game and would not recommend it to anyone. I had no problem with the girls, but your “friends” were just so obnoxious that they make this game simply unplayable.

  12. Awww… Haruka’s ending was so beautiful it made me cry so much. Awesome game, I give it a 10/10. I never knew I could cry this much. 🙂

  13. Number 1 best girl and ending is haruka’s trust me by the end you be filling buckets it so emotional even better then the bad end of kira in kira kira

  14. This site is so epic, words can’t express it. erogedownload should be a new wrod to express epicness. I mean it.

    Thanks for making this huge database of englihs VNs. I love you. Im gonna download this when i get home and play my heart out.

    Thanks again.

  15. This was my first REAL visual novel (after all those crappy free 10-minute ones you find everywhere). And wow, it’s been Amazing so far!!

    I probably shouldn’t have done Haruka’s story first, because it was probably the best. I liked her the most out of the girls though so I wanted to do her story. Damn, that was one of the most gut-wrenching, tear-you-heart-out stories I’ve ever experienced from any movie, book, or anything. I criiiiiiiiiied ;_____________;

    I played Mizuki’s story after, and it was still great but a bit of a letdown after Haruka’s.

    This game makes me wanna learn Japanese!!!!

  16. The best game i ever played the story line alone is worth playing it!

    Ps. my favorite routs definitely is Mei and Mizukis!

  17. can someone tell me when im able to choose an answer/action o.o i started the game and im now a bit after the OP and didn’t had something to choose yet! D: btw. <.< is edelweiss that kind of game where you can choose your own actions/answers? :O

    1. Yes you are given some choises and you can pick from them. The choises you make are desiding who your Charecter is going to date at the end. The first choise will apper a little bit after the op so keep playing you want miss it.
      Ýust keep playing the game is worth the time^^ end the adon is even better i cant get enougth from Sakura^^

  18. Man, I was soooo damn scared that Haruka’s ending would make me cry, fortunately that didn’t happen (I almost did it tough) I was expecting something as terrible as Kirari’s first ending (Kira Kira), but no….I mean, yeah, Haruka’s history is sad, but she had the help of Alchemy, and what about Kirari??? no!!!! T_T……Oh, great game by the way xD, is there any “True Ending” like in Kira Kira?? because I want more Edelweiss *3*

    1. i dont think so but there is still the adon where you can chouse between sakura and rin(and there is an true ending after you played through both routes, an really weird but good one:)). But i feel really bead now because im on kiraris route now :(.
      Is it really that sad, because Harukas route almost made me quit the game.

      1. You were right kiraris ending was 10 times more depressing then Harukas and it was horrible to watch it to the end and made me more and more depressed as it continued and after it ended something died in me.

        1. Geezz…currently playing Kira Kira & I’m on my way to on Kasshi’s route, got the first bad ending with Tomo-san though, quit & load the game back to hit Kasshi..yup, heard that Kirari’s is depressing..

          Anyway,Edelweiss is the first visual novel I played and it’s awesome (love Haruka’s & Mizuki’s :3) but I didn’t know that Kira Kira got several endings & true ending – it makes me nervous! Double thumbs up to OverDrive & should buy the original ones after this!! (p/s: yup, I cried too in Haruka’s).

  19. wow,look like a sad game,im sorry but i already cry so much over anime and manga,so i think i will pass this one,since im here to find fun thing and echhi things

  20. Awesome game i only finished harukas route but i can say that this is the best ero game i have played so far the story is really fun. But Harukas ending was just to sad it broke my heart seing her like this, i want to kill her grandmother anytime i see her now´-´
    But the game is still awesome and im loking forward for the other storys. Its still a shame that Haruka only god one sex scene:)

  21. Story:A

    Edelweiss has a great story for each character, except for ran whose story focuses on ero scenes. The art is very good as well with unique looking characters with fitting attitudes to compliment. The voice acting is very good as well, the voices match the characters. The ero scenes arent particularly erotic, except for ran’s.

    1. edit: btw i gave story an A because Ran’s storyline is still good so dont think its just an ero path, a major theme in this game is the equivalent exchange, sacrificing on thing for another as is common in most games that involve alchemy. (and anime like Full Metal Alchemist) And this game presents it powerfully.

      1. Individual scenario ratings

        maybe i am biased because i liked all the sad stories

  22. does the signboard have a rout? -.-*
    i wanted to go for sakura, but in the walkthrough there was nothing about her *depressed*

    1. if you want to go for sakura, u have to go for ‘Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia’ and there is the true ending as well

  23. you know Overdrive always have some really serious sad storylines… in this one alot of bittersweet endings.

  24. are there any other RPG? like dragon knight or words worth…its hard to find it and i dont know any more sites like this..tnx mr.admin,love this site and all the game 😀

  25. I very rarely ever cry and I cried harder on the Haruka ending than I did at my Grandma’s funeral. This is the best Visual CovelI have ever played and the Haruka route is my facorite of all time.

  26. I played in a huge amount of bishoujo(eroge) titles but this is the best one.There is not many scenes and its a little unfair since Haruka and Natsume have one scene,Mizuki and Mei two,and Ran have four scenes.I think the Haruka story was the best (two years have passed since i cried so hard :D),Mizuki was too sad (since she werent cured in the end),Ran was too
    predictable(if the only thing she thought was money i could easily tell that in the end she’s gonna have to choose between money and Kazushi),Natsume story was good but there was nothing special,i still havent played Mei route so i can’t tell anything about it.Anyway its a great game and you should play it even if the translation sucks ;|

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