Kano had been always in love with his best friend and senpai, Aki. However, his lack of courage and timidity hinders him to show his true feelings. This one rainy night, he’s given the chance to be alone with Aki. You have in your hands the fate of this young love.

But choose carefully, things can’t always be as you expect. Help Kano through his decisions to get the perfect ending.

Will this sleepover be a memory to regret… or a night to remember?

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  1. It says there isnt a file to open the free versions i own a mac and i really wanna play this version!
    and i cant get premium
    what do i do >-<

  2. I can’t seem to get it work. Please help me. I downloaded the winrar and extracted all the files but after that I extracted it nothing came up.

  3. I can’t get it to open. What do I need to be able to play the game? Have it downloaded but not sure what program I need to open it.

  4. Help when i try to extract the file it just copies the file and i get an error message that says the game file is broken.

  5. Thanks so much for uploanding this! :3

    P.S. If you wanna play game you have to download all 3 parts and than exract (in case you don’t know)

  6. admin-sama! plis help me. when i click the download option (da-1 click: uncensored game download/game download) it’s only open this site over and over. can you help me?

    1. I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

      Before loading the script.
      Exception: Couldn’t find file ‘archive_1.rpi’.

      — Full Traceback ————————————————————

      Full traceback:
      File “C:\Users\prest\Desktop\Sleepover\SleepoverUncensored\renpy\”, line 285, in bootstrap
      File “C:\Users\prest\Desktop\Sleepover\SleepoverUncensored\renpy\”, line 220, in main
      File “C:\Users\prest\Desktop\Sleepover\SleepoverUncensored\renpy\”, line 138, in index_archives
      fn = transfn(prefix + “.rpi”)
      File “C:\Users\prest\Desktop\Sleepover\SleepoverUncensored\renpy\”, line 497, in transfn
      raise Exception(“Couldn’t find file ‘%s’.” % name)
      Exception: Couldn’t find file ‘archive_1.rpi’.


      1. Yo so I had the same problem and here is what my issue was. I was using 7zip for the rar files which does not automatically combine the files and doing so manually is seemingly impossible. What I had to do was use Winzip or Winrar, which when you extract part 1 will automatically ask for pats 2 & 3 then you can go into the new file it creates and click the exe file and it should work. I hope this helps. Took me at least an hour to figure out.

    1. You don’t have to combine them. Just download winrar and download all the parts. Then right click on the first part and extract it; it combines by itself.

    1. Well here’s a step-by-step introduction
      1.Click on DA-free
      2.Download the files (keep in mind you can only download two at once)
      3.Go to wherever you downloaded them
      4.Select all the .Zip files, right-click them, and click on “Extract here”
      5.Wait as they are extracted
      6.There should be a .exe file in the extracted folder, click on it
      7.Enjoy your (probably uncensored) yaoi

      Also, I’m not sure if it is necessary, but you should change your system locale to Japanese. This website should have instructions of how to do so in the FAQ page.

  7. I am crying with happiness ack ! You are absolutely the best <3 I can't describe how much you made me squal ;w;

  8. Hi, I’m having some problems with the 3rd part to the uncensored links. ”This site can’t be reached”, error comes up when I download part 3. Thanks!

    1. Every file posted on this website can be downloaded for free – Just use “DA-Free: Uncensored game download” set of links in your case.

      1. But it says can’t download only 200Mb can you use another link like Mediafire or Mega?? For the full version uncensored

        Please reply ASAP

  9. Hi, just want to express my gratitude for your sharing of the uncensored version; really thank you so very much!!!!!! (≧▽≦)/

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