Yozora Rhapsody

Yozora Rhapsody

The player will take the role of Sorata Hoshikawa, who just got a promotion at his work place with a nice bonus and a two weeks holiday. Perfect opportunity to celebrate his 10 year wedding anniversary with his wife Kotoko. Together with their daugther Hotaru, they are traveling to a tropical island in the south and have a very nice time in a beautiful paradise. But on one night a meteor shower appeared and everything changed…

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  1. Is this broken? Regardless of the choices I make, absolutely nothing changes and I can only get the shower scene and cave scene, but there’s at least like 12 scenes according to the gallery?

  2. So.. Can anyone here just share the whole story of the game? :3 Whats the twist or what happen to them after the meteor shower appeared? Don’t feel like playing this one :p I just want to know the whole story lol

  3. The grammar and spelling is cringe-worthy. There was definitely no proofreading and English may not be the writer’s first language. It’s not as bad as Edelweiss v1.0, but it’s close.

    Even if you’re not a grammar Nazi, the writing is easily poor enough to completely destroy all immersion. Don’t waste your time with this one.

  4. It looks like a nice, warm-hearted VN. Though stories like this are never peaceful for long. I half expect someone to die lol

  5. First and foremost, this has no incest or loli sex (Damn it!)

    The art is as expected of a low budget project and the sex scenes are meh.

    However, the story was not what I expected for such a crappy VN. While my expectations were at its lowest, this one actually surprised me by making a half decent storyline.

    It is by no means amazing, but I give it a barely passing grade for the unexpectedly above average drama.

    Whoever the writer of this VN is, if he had the budget, he’d be able to make a fairly decent VN.

      1. If I’d ever download this one…I’m actually feeling relieved that he doesn’t fuck his kid, thank god.

      1. The daughter is one of the heroines but not in a way you’d expect in a VN. She’s more like a side character but a part of the story revolves around her.

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