Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight

After falling in love at first sight with the shy Sachi Usui, an injury-ridden, single-eyed high school girl, the protagonist tries to win over her lonely and isolated heart. A pure, heart-warming romance game where the apple of your eye only has one eye!

31 Responses to “Love at First Sight”

  1. Pynshai says:

    Although there may not be choices but this is truly one of the satisfying game if you’re into simple love story.The art may look old but the story is gold

  2. Sarge says:

    Hey admin this is a full version right

  3. mexican boi says:

    how i can translate to my lenguage?
    sorry for my bad english

  4. ReaperofSouls42 says:

    Short and sweet. I loved it. The creator wanted it to be longer but it’s still worth looking through.

  5. Xean45 says:

    An okay PG game, for what it is. Plot moves along nicely and is a school slice of life type game. After a while, you barely remember that she has only one BIG eye.

  6. Angius says:

    The game won’t start for me, Win7 x64.

    It appears in the task manager briefly, but then disappears, without as much as displaying a window.

  7. Trainee says:

    Thanks a lot, Admin!

    That was a very nice story. I wish the author had more time to work on it like he/she wanted, but it was still pretty good!

  8. Tatsuya says:

    This was really cute story <3<3<3<3
    do you know any VN like this? I love short cute stories…
    Thanks for upload !! thanks a bunch!!!

  9. castor212 says:

    plz tell me ame no marginal is next

  10. Maid-san says:

    Yay! It’s here! 😀

  11. Revvo says:

    The setting vaguely reminds me of Katawa Shoujo, which i tried out last year and found it to be one of the best VNs if ever read (to my suprise). So I#ll give this a try aswell.
    Thanks alot for uploading!

  12. Manu says:

    Majikoi S today?

  13. anon says:

    A very generic, vanilla VN.
    Good for VN newbies that are unfamiliar with the genre.
    The art style is interesting though.

  14. okmol says:

    Rance cover the eye of the Cyclops with blindfold and have sex.

  15. Intruder says:

    Seems bizarre. Good for me. “Download”

  16. TenguSan says:

    Hmm, not my kind of thing, but thanks for the upload anyway.

  17. Shiro Shunsuke says:

    Seems kinda romance based instead of targeting good h-scenes… might just give it a shot 😀

  18. The Protagonist says:

    Thanks Admin! Was looking all over for this game just yesterday.

  19. LyrasLyre says:

    Much love! Thank you for putting it up!

  20. NotoriousD says:

    IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! Thanks, admin! I’ve been waiting for this.

  21. anon says:

    Buy game directs to steam, so I assume this is the same version, which makes me assume it’s all-ages?

  22. Sumire Ayazaki says:

    seriously? is the heroine the only one like this and everyone human or?
    well, no wonder there’s that tag bullying :/

  23. Sanic says:

    That eye looks really disturbing for me, since i don’t have any games to play i will enjoy my free nightmares with this. Thanks admin

  24. XionSteel says:

    I haven’t really been that interested in Cyclops girls, something about one giant eye feels weird to me…. but i can’t pass up on something that sound like it has some major feels…. ._.

  25. BOI says:

    It’s somehow not translated for me ;-;

    • admin says:

      There’s switch between English and Japanese in options menu. Game picks one depending on your system locale, but you can change it anytime in options.

  26. CJ says:

    This looks interesting :3

    Thanks Admin

  27. Rudeus says:

    >Apple of your eye

    >Cyclops waifu


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