Wives Once Wild

Wives Once Wild

Yuto-kun, will you share your c*ck with us?
A raunchy summer vacation MILF adventure game about once-delinquent housewives as sex friends.

You live on your own as a result of various circumstances, which for some reason makes the local married ladies want to take care of you. Further circumstances lead you to relationships with them. A classic slice of life AVG.

The wives:
Sassy-mouthed and trashy on the surface, but actually sweet, widowed – Megumi Morisaki.
A beautiful interior decorator with a serious passion for learning – Anna Okudera.
Compassionate, slightly ditzy goddess-like milf – Mako Suzumoto.

At the start of summer, three doting neighbor wives knew you were going to be spend your birthday alone and came to celebrate.
“What would you like for a present? Hmm?”
Their bosoms were sake-filled pink dumplings, and their come-hither voices made you lose your mind.
“M… please take my… virginity.”
You stared with abated breath at these beautiful mothers. They thought of you as a child. You were a man, though, and wanted them to know it. If just one of them agreed…
These women had known wild times. They had been schoolgirls of St. Slut Academy, a boarding house for sex-loving troubled girls who put the nastiest Catholic girl to shame.

1 thought on “Wives Once Wild

  1. I’ve SOOOO wanted to delve into this H-VN ever since I watched the beautifu hentai adaptation of it, so happy that it’s FINALLY translated now… :>

    Hopefully this means that the “Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e” H-VN is going to be translated soon as well since i’ve been looking MUCH more forward to that one’s translation especially for literally years now, dead serious here. <3 <3

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