Reunion of Angel

Reunion of Angel

Mai is having an awful day. She just got fired, and suddenly two guys show up claiming to be Angels of Death, saying that she’s going to die in seven days.

Not only that, but her soul will be destroyed completely, so she can’t even be reincarnated.

The Angels can’t prevent her death, but they want to at least help save her soul. They lend her their supernatural powers so she can help people — just like a superhero.

But can Mai do enough good deeds in the next seven days to change her fate?

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7 comments on “Reunion of Angel

    If, when you try to play the game, a blue window appears, it means your settings are wrong. You simply have to set your system on Japanese Locale. If you take a look on the Internet, you’ll find how to change it. Hope you’ll have a good time playing Reunion of Angel !

  2. I cannot get this to work, could you please repuload a working file? A blue error window comes out and I even tried the Japanese locale, too 🙁

  3. Why does it not work? Whenever I start the game there’s this unreadable pop-up window that seems like an error. Please help. Thanks.

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