MayJasmine Episode 1 – What is God?

MayJasmine Episode01 What is God?

He Yu-Cheng received his friend Wan Zi-Jin’s invitation, and set on to leave the familiar Taiwan to start a new life with Wan’s daughter Wan Yu-Qing in Indonesia, where he starts working as an accountant. He meets many interesting people and through their interactions, their lives are shaped.

Wan Yu-Qing questions where her home truly is and her self identity.
Miao Pin-Hong, a soon-to-be mother and a Chinese teacher, tries to share her love with future generation.
Cocoa, a little girl from the local Indonesian family, has a world peace as her fondest wish.

However, the world is not a peaceful place.

Fire. The smell of burning metal and rubber.
“Peace”, people speak and engage in mindless violence.

“Aku mencintaimu”, they say, but things like race, wealth and culture inspire their hatred.

“Quid est nomen eius?”, they ask in the name of faith.
There may, or may not be a reply.

MayJasmine is taking place during Indonesia’s 1998 riot, where the riots were triggered by economic problems, leading to violence towards ethnic Chinese, resulting in a lot of deaths, both Indonesian and Chinese. These riots led to the resignation of the second president Suharto and the independence of East Timor.

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  1. Is anyone else having trouble running this title? I get a generic file cannot be opened when I double click the .exe file. Tried re-extracting, but get the same results. The error message is below.

    ファイル K:\downloads\MayJasmine Episode 1 ? What is God\MayJasmineEpisode1\jasmine.exe は開けません.

  2. I’m a half-chinese and an Indonesian..
    For me, who’s born at 1995 and doesn’t have any memories of what happen at that Tragedy of 98′.. This game is very interesting to see. I would like to see what tragedies had actually happened at my 3 years old age, and ask my parents if it were true or not. :/

  3. All about bad memories that happened that time is returning, ’cause my family also involved in that bloody ‘war’. Many Chinese get raped and killed by Indonesian native people. Ah that memories…

  4. aaah one of indonesia dark time…. really now guys if you read carfully the tragedy it self is just disturbing, and from what I learn from history as I’m indonesian as well, there was a lot of rape going on, to make it worse its a public rape, people being drag from the safety of their home and the shit start…. well let just stop at that.

  5. is this a loli eroge? or not an eroge? umm tags plz. either put loli, no sexual content, or… whatever. if its loli im interested if its no sexual content im not interested at all.

  6. Is this really non-H? It’s just VNDB has a NSFW’d pic that shows a nipple so not sure why they’d have anything like that if it’s not H

  7. This is an intriguing game, but as someone who went through that time of fear, I don’t have the heart to play this.
    The memories, they are bitter.
    others should play this though.

  8. I’m kind of curious about this… well, not much of foreign people who interested at Indonesian History, it’s so complicated

  9. I remember it, and I actually found it weird that someone would take the topic into a VN, no less. I wonder if the creator was once a refugee from Indonesia…

  10. Thanks. I’m actually half-Indonesian so it’s time for me to learn more history in a form of VN. Beside, the art is quite appealing and I’m prepared for anything, bloodfest or gorefest because after read the actual record on wiki, it’s kinda…disturbing.

  11. Arg dammit I was mislead by the pic, thinking it was a loli eroge… Well it seems interesting anyway might give it a try.

  12. 1998 indonesia…..
    At that riot i run by the boat to thousands island in middle of the night.
    Then another riot come out run by plane to Australia.

    For ppl who still remember that time and live in indonesia you can see smoke rising from everwhere.
    Seriusly not a great time to remember

    1. It was chaotic back then, I ran with 7 of my friends on May 12th at 11.30 P.M. to a certain mountain outside Jakarta and hide in my relative’ sawmills. After 3 days we went to a neighboring province and live in the military outpost for a while….

  13. JUst finished reading the character profiles and the story itself. I really the story is very rare to see to put it simply a unique one. Got to play this game since the story is set in a historical setting.

    1. Made by Chinese studio, who seem to like making VNs in historical backgrounds (apart from this one, they are translating one about Taiwan’s independence now). I find art-style very pretty, can’t comment on story.

          1. For everyone who’s asking about the rating, it’s officialy 15+ on vndb. Sure, this doesn’t show h-scenes or anykind, but there were implied graphics of murder, suicide, etc. There’s also a part of the dialogue that shows rape and grosteque scene (even if it’s not implied). The dark theme and psychedelic drawing may not suit for younger audience.

      1. I don’t really intend to play the game, but I’m curious about whether its propagandaish or an attempt at a true historical setting.

        1. i don’t know this objective or not,after all this is one from many dark history’s Indonesia had. this one gave perspective from “victims” side at that time (1998). i can’t say any further since i am not in there or part of it that time, but one for sure while there many victims from one side because angry mobs/mindless mobs there a victims from other side,a citizen that killed by the one who actually must “protect” them. they killed because baseless accusation
          i am sorry if my grammar is bad or some people take it in bad way, one for sure i never think to provoke or any bad way

          1. from what i remember in indonesia it realy teriffying that time. there are apartement full of chinese they rape all chinese woman. even when chinese ppl run at airport there are gang who wait them in airport and rape u if u were woman. apart from ethnic there are religion conflict too if u dont know how to spell muslem syahadat in street u will get kill that time

        2. while im not sure by what u mean by propagandaish, but its the truth, i myself am a chinese ethnic living in indonesia, and its truly frightening, we called it tragedi mei 98,(1998 may tragedy), many women got raped(adult children), man and woman got killed, father killed in front of their daughter and wife while the daughter and wife got raped, its just one example of many tragedy in history that should’nt got repeated.

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