World End Economica Episode 1

World End Economica Episode 1

Roughly 16 years after the people who emigrated to the Moon had settled themselves.
An age where a great number of people are chasing their wild dreams within the great skyscraper at humanity’s frontier.
A young boy named Haru, born and raised on the Moon, is one of those people chasing his wildest dream.
His dream, is to stand where no man has before.
In order to do so, he needed capital. A ludicrous amount of capital.
The boy named Haru was facing a place that gathered up people’s desires. Sometimes it granted them, and sometimes it crushed them mercilessly.
There are only two key rules that govern that land.

The first rule, is to never take a loss.
The second rule, is to never forget the first.

Only those who followed these rules were able to obtain enormous wealth.
The stock market.
A place that has gathered crowds of persistant men and women for centuries.

15 Responses to “World End Economica Episode 1”

  1. Akira says:

    no change of region/language necessary, just use the english translation patch

    unzip and run it from the installation ‘WEE01’ folder
    (C:\Program Files (x86)\SpicyTails\WEE01)

  2. readerjack says:

    Hi guys, I solved the problem of the pop-up by installing and playing the game while setting the system local on Japanese. Hope will be helpful!

  3. Sergio says:

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with this game, When I open the game suddenly appears a window with somes weird characters when I click “yes” It closes itself. I don’t know what to do, I have tried all kind of solution and It does’t work. If you know the problem and know how to fix it please let me know, Thanks.

  4. eledale says:

    Guys help me whenever I open this, there is this pop-up that showed some weird stuffs on it. If I click yes, the pop-up will close and the game will be forced close. If I click no, the pop-up will be there no matter how many times I clicked on it. I really want to play this part because I can play episode 2 of this vn and I do not want to spoil myself D: Pleaseeee help this looks like it will be an awesome game.

  5. I-Am-X says:

    Along with the user ‘X’ I’m having the same problem.
    Would appreciate some help in getting past it.

  6. X says:

    can’t play the game, when i try to start the game, this game always force closed by self

  7. Xishalet says:

    Was gonna ask about someone uploading episode 2 but saw that other people have asked already, so I shall be patient and hope that someone uploads episode two. *sits patiently*

  8. gabx says:

    @The Protagonist: Not only you, some parts of the game are in Japanese, including the config menu ant the quick save/load options.

  9. The Protagonist says:

    btw is it just me or is the menu for this in kanji?The configuration menu to be precise.

  10. The Protagonist says:

    Same here,really want to play ep 2,I didn’t even realize ep 2 came out yesterday anyway pls upload it whenever you get it.

  11. gabx says:

    Any plans on uploading episode.02? I can’t wait to play it

  12. est says:

    after finishing the game, the cg sets and music that does not seem to work any solution or advice for this?

  13. ray says:

    some jap games need to have jap locale installed.
    though i don’t know if that would stop the setup from working.

  14. ray says:

    have u tried the usual things like running the installer as ADMIN.
    exclude it from antivirus (helps with some installers)

  15. FY says:

    I’m having a problem with this. The setup always fails to install any other files except for the game’s uninstaller and shortcut.

    How do I solve this?

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