Littlewitch Romanesque

Littlewitch Romanesque

An alternate world ruled by swords, magic, and monsters where four moons can be seen in the sky. The dark and chaotic twilight of the “Age of Tower” ended for this world called Stellamund and it entered the prosperous “Age of Crown”. But the wizards who triggered the great war during the Age of Tower no longer hold the power they used to have, and quietly researched the great magics that were lost, in a magical academy called Grimoire.

This is a story expanding three years of an extraordinary great wizard who was born in such age, the girls who become his pupils, a ruin from the old age, “Black Tower” that they live in, and the people that gather around them.

The main character Domino became the 9th great wizard of the Grimoire Academy. It was a very special case for a young wizard to be so successful, but Domino soon grew tired of the Grimoire. The other great wizards were only seeing magic as means for personal success than an important research. The research of magic has been put off and all they were doing was fighting over authority.

Domino left the capital and decided to live by himself in the sealed Black Tower on the frontier, rumored that a great wizard in the Age of Tower lived. But the other great wizards didn’t think well of that and gave him a test.

That test was to “Raise a full fledged wizard within three years”. Normally it would take decades to raise a proper wizard. On top of that, the two students that he was suppose to look after, Aria Vancliff and Kaya Xavier, were two of the most troublesome girls in the academy. Will Domino be able to complete this difficult task…?

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  1. I can’t get Fianna’s ending, I’ve done all the heart quests for her but I’m not getting the ending option. Anyone know what I’m missing?

    1. Im having the same issue with Fianna’s ending. gone through it several times doing all the quests, and using Tillet as a teacher, but her ending wont show up

      1. I managed finally to get her star quest, but I’m not sure what did I do right to make it occur.
        How did I play:

        -Had Merrett as my teacher all the time
        – Did all Fiana quests as soon as they appeared
        – Did not have anybody else affected to me too much. I noticed that I almost ended up on Olivia path an had her star quest as well, but as soon as it got overdue, another quest from Fiana popped up
        – Learned Coalescere spell. I have high suspicions that it needs to be learned in order to trigger final Fiana event. Correct me if I’m wrong
        – The final star event appeared for me on the week 141. After people in the tower started noticing some weird people sneaking around it.

  2. I’d love it if someone could check the files on downloadani… I’ve dled them twice and when I try to extract I get “file broken” errors. Halp~ please and thankyou…

    1. 1. Go to the directory with the downloaded zip file parts. Select ALL parts of the file (part 1-12 or whatever).
      2. Right click and HOLD. Then DRAG to wherever you want the installer extracted to. Select “Extract to *\” as the contents of the zip are already in a folder. (If doing for a different zip you can always double check by opening a part)
      3. Done.

      The error you see is stuff being dumb and not knowing there are other parts in the zip. Selecting them all at once and forcing the thing to do what you know it should is key. Another example of technology not having a brain beyond what is programmed into it.

  3. I cant seem to install

    every time I start installing it uninstalls on its own

    and says this:

    “Error occured while extracting archives. Please contact the author of this program.”

    1. I also have the same problem. As the files get extracted, it suddenly uninstalls. What causes this type of problem?

    1. Unfortunately, no, not in the main game. She does have a sex scene in Holy Knight Rhapsody. I’m pretty certain she’s part of the harem end in Everyone’s Domino also, though I haven’t played through that yet.

    1. This is just a guess, but you probably need the 3 after-class events with her as they appear into the key event category. And most of her quests, of course.

  4. You’re missing all the diploma endings. Finish the game with 3 identical shield icons, or none at all, for 9 different epilogues. You can’t choose which epilogue you want if you complete multiple sets, so you need to only complete the set you want the ending for.

  5. This is 18+ and Aria and Kaya both have sex scenes it never gives any character an age in any of the conversations.

    But Aria and Kaya both seem to be very young the way they act and there physical appearance i would say early Jr.High age at the oldest 13

  6. So what am i missing here i have 95% of the gallery unlocked 339/354.
    I have done Aria,Kaya,Fianna,Olga,Olivia,Merrett,Mariella endings from the story mode.
    I did all the extra stories but its like i am missing a route somewhere.

    On page 7 of the image gallery after Merrett’s ending pic i am missing all the images over to page 8 at the basic ending pic from completing all three years.

    So does anyone know what i am missing?

    1. My Friend, can you tell me how to get fianna, mariella? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE ad hope someone got the angel ending, and i did the failing 2nd test ad just got the failing ending.

  7. wow doing each quest is hard as shit you have to know 100% all of the quets req even then you can lose 1 or 2 but its posible lot of saving tough but when you get the Trans Rank yeahhhhhhhhhh good tnx admin it was fun game

  8. i got Aria, Kaya, Olivia, Architect Girl, Olga, ending, got the 80% gallery, AND DARN!!!!!!! can’t get the elf, witch, princess, knight, angel, endings. or do they have one? got 4 extras. . . ad can’t figure the last 20% gallery. do anyone here know a walkthrough?

  9. Does anyone know if there are additional requirements to unlock the Princess’s star quest? I keep getting locked out of it.

    1. The Princess Fianna ending depends partly on you having done some quests relating to the Roshtari Ruins. One of the quests in Fianna’s chain to unlock the star is “Roshtari Ruins” which takes place on the little island in the middle of your map. If you’ve done all the obvious Fianna quests and been advancing the girls through their magic, this quest will pop up – but I believe it is dependent on doing the “Ruins Exploration” quest, a quest for Kaya which gives part of the Roshtari Progeny diploma. The quests pop up early in third year, Roshtari Ruins requires Salire on Aria, and Describere on Kaya. Just do as many quests as you can but make sure to do ruins/history related ones, since that is part of Fianna’s thing and she features in some of the quests related to that.

      Good luck. I don’t know if using tillet as a teacher matters, but I used her as one, in all six classrooms (if you’re having trouble getting good spells, try Immutare on Aria, to get moon symbols on dice that do not normally have them, so you can cast bigger spells. Make sure not to eliminate the only one of a given side though, or you might lock out other spells for that casting session.

  10. i liked period alot and was hoping for another good story game but the dice gameplay really “cuts” it for me, i rather just cheat the dices if i could and just normally read the story.

    1. after one complete walkthrough, you pretty much can just cheat the dice. you don’t even need to actually cheat. It was stated before, get the chapel, and use Revivificare Aria use Imitor ars with 2-3 tempo ignas, and you hit like 1500-2000+ spirit. it almost always maxes out all the slots unless you are really unlucky

  11. I honestly need help how do you get the 3rd spell book for the girls? There are some quests that have ? on them and it’s not on the 2 spellbooks, I only have 13 weeks left on kaya’s second quest when will i be able to learn newer spells?

    1. its kinda misleading to say 3 books. Especially in aria’s case. its more like the third power up. kaya gets one from the merchant, aria gets one unlocked from elema, kaya and aria can find books, then they get a third book, kaya’s is rashishi (something, her village) with a book, and aria will be elema’s trial. those two open up the final spells in the game, although I haven’t been able to learn the final spell on either of them yet. I just can’t seem to get enough expansions…good luck. (sorry for some vague wording/typos, taking a break atm and its closed and not looking up the proper spelling, but the info is mainly correct)

  12. Two quick questions …

    1.Is it possible to do every quest in one playthrough i tried but at about 90 or so in got overwhelmed and started missing several?

    2.Is there any kind of new game+ to this game or do you have to start all over from scratch with learning the spells ?

    1. I’m sure as heck trying. I want to say no, it isn’t possible, however every new game generates a random spell grid for the girls apparently. there is probably an ideal course for how to do the quests, so you should gun for those spells before hand if you know whats coming up, but even then, I’m not sure you can. the problem is, as you said, when you hit about day 90 or so, they start wanting high level spells that are on completely other ends of the grid, and even if you max out your spirits you still are most likely only going to learn one of the spells before wasting time to learn the other.

    2. 1) I want to say it’s possible, but I’ve missed a few. I’m trying to atleast do the quests with heroine icons.

      2) Spells can carry over to the next game but only when generating spirits. You still have to relearn them from the spell grid to perform quests though.

      It seems pretty hard to get all the quests. Getting a heroine or two is no problem – it’s getting 100%.

  13. Is there a walkthough for this game, specifically in getting certain endings? I’m trying to get Kaya’s and Olivia’s end but no luck yet.

  14. Just want to be sure, Is this the 18+ rated version or the all ages version? Also since Littlewitch’s games’ artwork -while unique and better than the general artwork in most VN’s- has their females looking either petit or prepubescent how old are Aria and Kaya supposed to be?

  15. tip for easy spirit.
    1 Kaya use 5 dice generate spell( Revivificare) Aria use mimic (Imitor ars )
    2 Kaya use 5 dice generate spell( Revivificare) Aria use mimic (Imitor ars )
    3 both use Tempero ignis
    4 both use Tempero ignis
    5 both use Tempero ignis
    6 Kaya use comet (bolidis)Aria use mimic.
    done. 2000+ spirit.

    Revivificare and Imitor ars need last spell book (from quests)and church so do that asap. i recommend first playthrough to collect spells and do quest only to increase max spirit

    before get those spells just use any spell that create more dices like plant spells and clone spells in day 1 and 2 then use Tempero ignis 3 times last day Aria use firework Kaya use any magic your choice.

    1. Yes, this is an actual game. You have to roll the dice to earn spirits to learn every spell, and you have to have the right combinations of spells to do the Quests, because each Quest will eventually call on Aria and Kaya to use the spells they’ve learned at unexpected points.

      There are also LOTS of endings, dependent on which diplomas you gather or not, whose affection you raise, etc. And there’s a bad ending for each year if you fail that year’s examination test.

      So there’s lots of interactivity.

  16. A little tip. Learn “Tempero Ignis” for both asap and then learn Arias “Caelestis Flos”. Then use this combo for hundred of Points.

    First Dice roll cast for both both “Tempero Ignis” than use all the remaining rounds arias “Caelestis Flos”.

    It’s most effective when you already cleared the game once so that you can use the combo at the beginning of the game.

      1. It’s a bit luck based where the rockets hit but most of the time i got for both 100-300 Points on each Spirit Field. It’s important to cast in the first round on both “Tempero Ignis”, so that with each rocket dice hit you get +5 and not unbuffed +1. When the Results are not good enough simply reload a save before the training and try again.

        With this trick i could master even the most difficult Masterspells in 1-2 Training Rounds. With each run it gets also easier as you can play the game from the beginning with the unlocked spells for the training minigame.

        1. It’s true that Kaya has a good chance to score higher cause she can use 5 Dice Rounds to use other Spells, while Aria is stuck to use “Caelestis Flos”. But some Spells of her can give both many + Spirits.

          1. for me, I like to use “Tempero Ignis” for 2 turns then make Kaya use Lectum and Aria use “Caelestis Flos”, tho lectum only gives a X3 buff for the turn it is cast only its pretty good IMO also kinda sad its impossible to max all…spent alot of time training them so i can finish all the quests in one go only to be overwhelmed by them with each new quest making me want to tear my hair out XD

          2. I have to correct my previous comment, Lucent only triples a certain atrribute so its not good if your not aiming for that

  17. I was very skeptical about this game, but lo and behold, I enjoy this game very much. Though some jokes are recycled over and over again, it doesnt make the game unenjoyable.

  18. Does anybody know how to use cheat engine for this? I already finished one route, but I really don’t feel like doing all those quests once again. I’d be grateful if somebody could explain in deatil, as I don’t know how to use cheat engine in the first place.

    1. The best way is to manipulate the days passed. Start up cheat engine and have it set to the Romanesque program. For the first scan, put in the current date. Every new day put in the new date as the next scan. It should eventually narrow down to just two. Just freeze both of them and the date will not change.

    1. The harem ending is “Everybody’s Domino”, and you have to beat the game once with a good ending, then pick Extra in the main menu, then pick Everybody’s Domino, and you’ll get a harem route.

  19. Additionally, Constance the Fairy Queen doesn’t have a route, though, but she has a sex scene in the extra Rosetta route.

  20. Ordered this already on JList. It’s a great game!

    For the people asking for a walkthrough, there wouldn’t be much to write in one. I can give some tips on the dice rolling mini game, though.

    Always cast Tempero Ignis first. When you get Invisibilis on Kaya, use that the first turn instead of Tempero Ignis. After that, you can cast Tempero Ignis with her. Likewise, when you get Crescere on Aria, I’d suggest using that first turn and then using Tempero Ignis.

    You have to have two dice with diamond sides to use Crescere, though. I just use Domino as the teacher and the Library as the classroom.
    You won’t be able to use some of these spells until late in your first playthrough or your second playthrough, though.

    If you’re stumped on how to get the character endings, you just finish the quests that have the character’s portrait with a heart over it listed in the rewards. Pretty simple.

    1. What do you mean “You won’t be able to use some of these spells until late in your first playthrough or your second playthrough, though.”? Is there a new game plus type option?! I swear to God I went as far as cheating to try and get all these quests done in one go (it’s impossible) but if there’s a new game plus option…

      1. I sped through just to see. It carries over old spells but only for use during lessons – you still have to actually learn them for use in quests…

        I mean, I get that you don’t need to do *every* quest, just the ones for the girl you’re pursuing but… but… I just can’t. I die inside every time it tells me I failed a quest. ;_;

        1. I have the exact same issue!
          Trying to complete all the quests is just impossible.
          I reset twice already trying to get them all but they just overwhelm you so fast.

      2. What type of ‘cheating’ did you use? Just use cheat engine to edit the number of days passed. Simple. Set it to a lower number, and the number of days remaining for the quests are also adjusted to compensate – it’s quite a smooth system.

          1. I actually used cheat engine too. Run it while the game is running, open the executable inside cheat engine, select “add address manually”, type 008e5544 as the address and hit “ok”. It’ll show up in the bottom table. Double click the number under value to change the day or click the check mark under the active column to make cheat engine keep that value no matter what you do (so you can repeat the same day over and over).

            Here are some more addresses. They all start with 008e5. Aria’s spirits a90, aa8, aa0, ab0, a98. Kaya’s spirits ae8, b00, af8, b08, af0.

            For 100% while cheating like this, make sure you don’t repeat the party that occurs near the end of the 1st year or you’ll mess up the princess’ ending. Also be sure to use the elven girl as the girls’ teacher several times to unlock her scene.

          2. could you specify what you mean by repeating her party near the end of the first year? I still can’t get the princess’ route

          3. Hi I would also like to know what you mean by “don’t repeat the party that occurs near the end of the 1st year”. Could you clarify on this further?

          4. There’s a party near the end of the first year the princess throws. It has multiple variations that can occur if you complete certain quests. One is locating a dress and the other is find food (I think?). If you use a cheat engine to replay the day on which that party occurs it’ll play as if you completed all the quests first, then it’ll act like you never found the dress, and the third time you repeat the day it’ll act like you didn’t complete either quest. If you let it do that three times I don’t think you can get the princess route unlocked anymore.

      1. To answer your question, there’s an Aria Vancleef ending, a Kaya Xavier ending, a Princess Fianna ending, an Olga ending, an Olivia ending, a Mariella Grandback ending, and a Merrett ending (though you have to fail the second-year test to get hers), plus various endings you can get if you get three of the same type of diploma, plus a normal ending if you pass all three years but haven’t gotten a character’s ending or three similar diplomas.

        Plus, Sepha, Rosetta, and Elmore have their own “additional routes” in the extra edition (though Elmore’s route is shared with Merrett), and Tillet has a sex scene you’ll always get eventually.

          1. Oh, Elmore’s route is just picking “One Night at Vancleef’s” from the Extras menu after you beat the game once.

        1. What diplomas form groups? I noticed the right side has combinations of the diplomas on the left side, so I tried combinations of 1 right side, 2 left sides. It didn’t work – I kept getting ‘together forever’.

          1. Constantly pick Merrett as Aria and Kaya’s teacher; you’ll get some daily life events with Merrett, then constantly do Merrett’s Quests and eventually her starred quest will show up; complete that quest, then fail the second end-of-year examination.

    2. This “do all character quest” approach appear to work with everybody except Merrett. I’ve done all her quests (as quick as they come in NG+), and still the “star quest” never appears before she leaves at end of second year, and I cant get her ending. Probably there is some condition for some extra quest I am keep missing (some quests depend on other quest chains or items).

      1. Constantly pick Merrett as Aria and Kaya’s teacher; you’ll get some daily life events with Merrett, then constantly do Merrett’s Quests and eventually her starred quest will show up; complete that quest, then fail the second end-of-year examination.

          1. Well, scratch that. Do as you said (Merrett quests + use her as teacher), whole 2nd year, and I still didn’t get her starred quest. There must be some other precondition, or its a bug.

          2. Ok, this is retarded. There is one Merret scene that appears only if you use her as teacher AND USE “STUDY ROOM”. Any other room does not work, and if you miss this single scene, you don’t get her star event.

            Man, I’ve liked Merrett as character, but magic was gone because of this massive pain in the ass ending 😉

  21. Finally andother vn by Littlewitch.
    God, I love their works.
    Thanks admin, as always ,your site is the first place to upload this.

  22. You know this game have “low sexual content” but i’m ok whit that, sure i’m a pervert but i fell the relationship whit a heroine fell much deep whit the Mc when they have sexual intercourse its make you fell you know more complete

    Just my thoughts, and thanks like always admin

  23. Still have \Quartett\ on my backlog, but I loved \Period\.
    Especially Kohanes route. Remembering that little angel warms my heart even after all this time.

    Thanks for this upload. After reading so many positiv reviews I’m sure this was worth the waiting.

    The artstyle in Littlewitch games is a bit unusual, but very enjoyable once you’ve adopted.

  24. Artstyle looks familiar, but wonderful. Thanks. I’ll grab it and check it out soon. Finally got around to the old backlog.

    1. All Littlewitch games have this distinct artstyle. You probably remember it from “Quartett!” or “Period” – two earlier games from that studio that got fantranslated and are posted here.

      1. Huh. I’m not sure if I downloaded those. I’ll double check and make sure I get them too, Period looks good. Thanks for your uploads.

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