Princess of Ruin

Princess of Ruin

In the past, criminals were put in the Cleansing Circle to be cleansed of ill will. This magic was lost for fifty years until one young man resurrects this lost art, releasing prisoners who were left behind.

The prisoners learn that they are cleansed of more than just ill will. They’ve also lost their memories and feel programmed to perform specific tasks.

Join Raissa as she tries to find out why she was a prisoner, reverse the effects of the circle, and maybe fall in love…

13 Responses to “Princess of Ruin”

  1. Rem says:

    For those curious on the walkthrough, it’s here, they switched locations from where it had been:

  2. Catsandcookie says:

    Can someone give me some kind of a guide or walkthrough for this game?I cant seem to open the official walkthrough for some weird reason 🙁 it’d be great if someone could help me.Ty in advance 🙂 have a nice day and have fun playing!

  3. Nukix3 says:

    I love you Admin XD

  4. Unknown says:

    I’m sorry
    but how am i supposed to download?
    i just can’t get to the download link
    i keep clicking on the links above but they keep redirecting me to the same page

  5. Anna says:

    Ah I loved it. If u could update it to version 1.4 that would be great (cause this is 1.3)

  6. Krystal says:


    Is there no download for mac? I really want to play this game. Also, after I download for windows, the game doesn’t allow me to play – it says something is missing. How to fix?

  7. Kaiiry says:

    I love it! Thanks soooo much!!!

  8. Jelly says:

    Hey, I noticed there were two parts for the game and I’m clueless as to what I’m supposed to do to play the game. Could anyone tell me?

    • Raine says:

      Unzip it with winzip and extract the files to wherever you want the directory to be. After that, you can play the game.

      • grace says:

        I try to unzip two files and i get two files and i combine together but when i open the game it said lodt of what image and cannot open so can u please tell me what to do after i extract two files

  9. nobody says:

    Could you update the game to version 1.4 please? Since this one is still version 1.3.

  10. Daren says:

    Oh boy
    I love this website so much
    thank you

  11. Vidservent says:

    This otome visual novel is great 😀
    It has a lot of content and character development for each guy though some have more than others.
    There should really be more tags for this game like the multiple ending tag since there are 4 different endings for each guy.

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