Princess Nightmare

Princess Nightmare

Little is a vampire girl. Radou treats her like his little sister and Vlad Dracula is like her father, though they are not blood-related. One day, their hiding place is found by vampire hunters and they are forced to get out of a town. Where they arrive is Japan. They sleep at an old house during the daytime and act as vampires at night. Little meets a boy and longs for human life. Radou denies it, but Dracula allows her to join a school. She makes friends and enjoys her school life. But one day, a messenger comes to their place and tells them to go back to the devil world….

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  1. Merui says:

    If anyone has a problem with the save not working:

    1-Move the game to desktop.
    2-Right-click on the game while its running(not the bar at the top but the game itself) and click setting then choose local storage (folder pic) the change it to unlimited.

    Thiskinda worked for me so hope it work for someone else!

  2. hanoka says:

    Thank you so much! It’s hard to find this – un-patched – anywhere, and your site is so much more trustworthy than the ones I could find…

    Can’t wait to start playing!

  3. Gerasama says:

    Yeah, this one was actually very good. If you don’t mind it being otome, this one deserves a try even for those who doesn’t generally like the genre (like me).
    Also its fully voiced, even side characters have voices. Music its laso good.

  4. Zbra says:

    Oooooh all the best sounding ones have no sexual content >.<

  5. Kimby says:

    Mine also shows only black screen. I have my localization set to Japanese and tried to run as admin. Black screen and no sound. I have successfully downloaded from this site before. Any ideas?

    Also do you think you can add Black Wolves Bloody Nightmare?

  6. 1Yuma1 says:

    Am i the only one who has problem with this game? I downloaded all 4 parts and extracted but when i open the game all i see is only black screen! Pls what to do? I wanted to play this game for years

  7. Anonymous says:

    Please help!! i cannot save the game….
    i have tried everything i moved it to program files ran it as administrator
    moved it to other locations like downloads, desktop and my documents ran it simply as well as administrator but nothing…
    i have been trying since yesterday all useless 🙁
    please pretty please help me!!

  8. Minami Yui says:

    Wohoo, thank you very much. I have played this game. It’s really interesting and have good stories.
    PS : There are sad ending. LOL. Made me sad 🙁

  9. yuzu mei says:

    is this shoujo-ai?

  10. reshka says:

    For some reason I can’t download only part 3! It stops in the middle of downloading. I have no trouble downloading other parts.

  11. Ann says:

    can somebody please tell me where the saved files are (in the computer)? Or what files should i delete if i want the game detect it as first-time play (can’t skip, all pic still locked, etc)? thx

  12. Kim says:

    I am not exactly sure why, but I did what you said (Moved it to a completely different location and opened it as administrator from a right click) and it let me save… Anyway, thank you. I will just have to remember to right click the icon each time I want to play.

    • admin says:

      It’s one of “security features” of Windows 7 and later systems. Non-signed applications aren’t allowed write access into privileged directories ( “Program Files” etc.). If you move the game to desktop, my documents or other “personal” folder, you won’t have to run the game as administrator. Alternatively, you can set one check-box in file properties to have it always run as administrator…

      Anyway, glad to see it works for you.

  13. Kim says:

    The strange thing is that it used to save. Up until I get to the part where her older brother appears as a Janitor everything is saved. It’s just that after that it refuses to… The location is the same as it was before, it’s in my download files and I am running it as an administrator. That’s the only account I use on my computer…

  14. Kim says:

    Same problem as Anonymouse,
    I keep having to re-play everything over and over because the save option only works while the game is open. Once I close it all my saves disappear and I have to re-start from the beginning. The skip option does not work because the game still thinks I have not played it. In addition, the graphics that I got are gone once I open the game up again. Please tell me how to solve the problem, it’s very frustrating.

    • admin says:

      Move the games away from “Program Files” folder or run it as administrator.

      • Kim says:

        The strange thing is that it used to save. Up until I get to the part where her older brother appears as a Janitor everything is saved. It’s just that after that it refuses to… The location is the same as it was before, it’s in my download files and I am running it as an administrator. That’s the only account I use on my computer…

        (sorry, I forgot to reply under your comment. I don’t know if it makes a difference, but that’s why I’m posting twice).

  15. shusen says:

    Hello,can you add another otome games title “Phantom of the Opera” ??

  16. Riem-san says:

    Hi admin just wanna say that…
    Thanks for uploading this game~
    And keep up the good work!! 🙂

  17. anonymouse says:

    i cant seem to save the game, i try in the menu and the sfx comes out but nothin is recorded. i also tried form the txt box (where it says 1save) didnt work either, plz help and thx

  18. Kurisu says:

    Please help…

    How do I delete the saved data in Princess Nightmare?

    I’m using Windows 7, 32-bit.

    Thanks in advance

  19. Anon says:

    Is this good? Saw some trolls up there but they made me rethink, so, figured I’d wait for opinions.

  20. AkaHoshi says:

    Sorry for the incoming (possible spoiler) question below

    Did Little died at the end of Vlad Draculea route, or was she just in a long deep sleep state? @[email protected]

  21. gbands says:

    is this already cracked and pre-patched?

  22. rightinthekokoro says:

    hey ppl.. what does DA-1 means??? badly need in help thanks in adv.

  23. UsagixMisaki says:

    Another otome game? Nice 😀
    we need more of those ^^ keep em coming 😀

  24. Naameless says:

    Loved this story, tyvm!! *-*

  25. tubehunter says:

    My beef with otome games isn’t the lack of sexual content,
    but how they are lacking in choices and route split, most of the time.
    It’s so boring when you can’t make any decision which affects the story.

  26. tubehunter says:

    Duh. But of course. It’s target audiences are females.
    You can’t expect to see sloppy wet sex scenes.

    • anonn says:

      i’m a female, and i can tell you that girls crave sex scenes just as much as guys do >.>”

      jus sayin.

    • Touko-chan says:

      There’s actually a lot of +18 Otome Games, but none of them has been translated yet.

      • frankkitama says:

        can you introduce to me some otome 18+? of course just for investigating, no sexual reasons <3

        • piichan says:

          Super late reply. Chou no Doku, Hana no Kusari. Excellent r18 otome. It’s set in the Taishou era and the story and art is nice.

          • Nerurin says:

            Ummm… Can I ask about where you downloaded it?
            I literally scanned the whole internet but I could not find it. >.< You're my last hope! ♥

  27. anon says:

    *skims tags* “No sexual content”. Welp.

  28. Kazami says:

    D2B vs. Deardrops where???

    • Cixe says:

      You’ll get it in time.
      If you’re in such a hurry to play it, you can buy it off of for almost nothing

  29. Calsolum says:

    the description sounds rather … lackluster but hey you never know time to get downloading
    thx for the upload admin

  30. untitled says:

    Or obscene medical records of a married nurse

  31. Lalzparty says:

    Well, I think the Fate Hollow Ataraxia is coming out soon.

  32. fggt says:

    Franken > the father >> the rest of those losers

  33. trademark says:

    A game like this is still a lot better than a nukige with sexual content but no story. IDK why they can’t have both.

  34. trademark says:

    OMG I got so excited about this because it contains all the genres I really like. (Loli, Shota protagonist, vampires). but then I read the “no sexual content” tag. What a waste. I’ll probably still read it though…

  35. usamiharu says:

    Man…..should i play this nothing to do im bored… i wish i could play the lovely x cation ;_;

    • tamix says:

      I just finished lovely x cation, it’s pretty average.
      Worst case of tacked on awful drama on every character.
      Characters are just “good”, nothing amazing.
      Protagonist isn’t even a character, which is probably the worst part of the whole game.
      The gameplay might as well not be there.
      Second game looks better but I don’t feel like trying it too much.

  36. untitled says:

    Pls upload D2B vs. Deardrops too

  37. Exaccuss says:

    Yay, another boring VN.

    • FerociousCat says:


      It’s *otome* game. It’s not supposed to be that “interesting” to people outside its target audience.

      • ijen says:

        yeah you are right.but we are outside the targeted audience.tell me what should we comment?
        Boring and lame

        • Valli says:

          Nothing …
          Some of us like that kind of game like me, if you don’t,there is no reason to complain.
          It is just like any other thing, some people like, some not so the admin try to give all kinds of galges, eroge or not and with male protagonist or not.
          If don’t like one, you just wait until one you lke is out there is no reason to complain if he is trying to give games that you don’t like but many people do.

        • Maki says:

          Please drop your “I feel uncomfortable when we are not about me” attitude. You’re making yourself look like a 12 year old.

          • Lolzxd03 says:

            Holy shit. All of this ’cause of a negative comment? As well as some come and say “that’s great”, the guy can come and say “that’s lame”. What’s the problem? The “12 years old boy” there made the most reasonable comment here. I think you are ALL a bunch of children. And so am I, to get upset about this and even bother comment.

          • nao says:

            Gosh~ didn’t your parents teach you that if you don’t have anything good to say then just shut up. :/

    • trademark says:

      obvious troll

    • Trad says:

      sorry but plot-vise it sounds rly good
      thou wont play it most likely since yeah its otome = not for me…… might change my mind for plot sake thou

    • Mach says:

      Even if you don’t like this game, or otome games in general, there is no need to be rude about it. Most games are designed for a certain market, and you are probably outside this market. But there are a lot of us who appreciate the artwork, plot, characters, and voice-acting of games like these, and if you don’t like it, then that’s merely a shame. A lot of people spend time making the games, producing them, advertising for them, translating them, and uploading them, so consider that.

      However, it is okay to dislike the game. Personally, I don’t mind what you say about it, but there are other people who do, so you may want to watch what you say, especially on the internet, where every word you say can’t be forgotten or undone.

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