ChuSinGura 46+1

ChuSinGura 46+1

The protagonist Fukami Suguha visits the historic graves of the forty-seven Akou rounin on New Year’s Day, but suddenly blacks out while observing the solar eclipse. He wakes up in the body of an Edo period samurai with the same name and face. Suguha is forced to adjust to life in the year 1701 as history unfolds, while getting to know the forty-seven rounin, whose personal details closely match history–except that many of them are women.

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  1. Links for this game are all dead, can Admin or anyone make a reupload. This never happened before, I used to trust this website because links never died but it looks like things have changed and not for the best.

  2. I got all 15 parts, extracted it, but it says ‘failed to initialize steam. Please log in.” Any idea how to fix this?

  3. So i already played this game and i wanted to read again, so i download it but now even when i extract all 15 parts the game doesn’t start even with the steamapi.dll on the folder, somebody know’s why it doesn’t work?

  4. Holy FUCK does the quality of the translation take a nosedive from Chapter 3 onwards. It’s like they stopped caring about editing completely.

  5. So… Is it possible to have a 32-bits compatible version of this gosh-darned game?! Because every single website I visited has only a 64-bits compatible version and I know for a fact there is a 32-bits one! Hell, even devs confirmed that this game works on 32-bits!

  6. i have problems for run, i laucnch app and later saidme need log steam. how can play this? i need log steam or anyone have patch for repair error??

  7. Sorry but I read all the comments, but I want to confirm if this eroge has no h-scene at all, like there is no kissing scene or sex scenes. Right?

  8. Exuse me, how you get this work? 1st time ever trying to get game like this so, wondering how this works…part 1 does not open and computers is suggesting that i get right program to open this files. would you mind to tell me how this will work, or at least to tell me good program that can open this right… i just want this to work, other wise i can just buy other chapters in steam..tough I would love to enjoy uncens. version

  9. This is a great read, I was really amazed by the true identity of the mastermind. Who would have thought… Any more about it would be a spoiler, so I’ll stop there. Personally, I liked 1st and 2nd chapter the most. In chapter 3, Suguha was too depressed, and in 4&5, the debate about the true history was just irritating. I really hope the 18+ version comes out in English some day.

  10. FYI
    core data of both eng and jap version seem to work together

    I have both original japan version and english version
    I never touch japan one yet but clear eng one once already

    but somehow, ‘extra’ content in japan has been unlock together with eng one (all CG and Scene)

    however, save data are not match

    1. sorry, my bad
      it took a while to clear 2nd chapter and recheck it

      both version are not work together, it’s my own misunderstanding.

      just a feature in Jap.version that you can skip 1st chapter with all CG unlock

  11. okey so, i played through it and its good, only reason that im not to hyped and crying my eyes of right now is that i know that they cut out allot of characters aswell as content in this game. other than that its good and i recomend it. atm im looking for the japanese version wich is to say 18 version and il post if i find it even if its a buy version for those that would want to have it,and id apreciate if, if someone else finds it they do the same.

  12. This is actually a really good read if you don’t care about 18+ stuff being censored out. I tried the free trial on steam and holy shit the end of the first chapter hooked me so hard.

    If your looking for a genderbent take on history with an actual plot and not PLOT, look no further. If your looking for sex scenes your gonna have to look else ware.

    ps. Yasubee best girl.

  13. if anyone still having problem getting the game to work, make sure all your firewall and antivirus is off before opening the game. Also make sure you add it to exception as well.
    If this all doesn’t work and still not letting you extract steamapp64.dll then just extract that file individually and move it to the folder 🙂

    1. I don’t really think so, the only way would be to read the Japanese one (if you can read it). Else, just buy the original to support the creator and then pirate the shit out of the English version.

  14. To be honest…..i not really bothered about it have H-scenes or not. If it originally don’t have H-scenes…then its ok.BUT….its originally have h-scenes…and i think its related to the story…thats why i will wait for the “real” full VN translated.

    1. Koihime Musou started off good then it became a complete boring as fuck VN. YEa lets put a martial artist protag in then he becomes a leader that cant even fight a piece of paper.
      I played it 2/3 before getting seriously irritated and just deleted it from my pc.

      1. True, but there was some fantasy in there as well, some of those girls could defeat 100’s or even 1000’s of “normal” soldiers by themselves. Pretty normal for some student learning some martial art as a hobby not to be able to take down battle-hardened super humans.
        But besides that i mostly looked over the last third because it really lost something by the end…

  15. I need some help, when I tried to start the game is says ” It is not possible to execute this application in the equipment”. sorry english it’s not my native language.

  16. To be fair, I’m tired of all the sex scenes in VNs and am glad they cut those out, BUT censoring out innuendos, specific words and kissing scenes too? That’s just fucking pathetic. I’m sick and tired of American PC culture imposing itself on the world.

    1. I don’t get it. If you’re tired of sex scenes, just skip them? Or don’t play games that are 18+? I think something, especially in these comment sections fail to realise, is there is nothing wrong with non-H eroge. There is nothing wrong with it, until you TAKE something with H scenes, with 18+ content, and butcher it.

      Because, at the end of the day, you’ve done it for money. You didn’t do it for artistic integrity and you didn’t do it to “spread the developers product” or anything like that. You did it so you could shove it somewhere where you could make more money, like steam. And thus, you are essentially a scumbag.

      1. I do skip them, nothing to it. Reading a romance VN without the actual romance in it however? Fuck that.
        Also, where I’m from 14 is the legal age for sex. 18+ is for violence and gore.

  17. hello I have a problem, I can’t open the game because the game is telling me that I need to log into steam. I don’t know what to do, please help.

  18. I still can’t get it to work…I added the steam files to the exception but when I start the game I see a white screen for some seconds and after that the games just crashes to the desktop without giving any error messages

  19. Finished the Chamberlain route. Very good Visual Novel but I let myself be led by that retarded “low sexual content” tag and kept thinking there were h-scenes, hahaha. Well, a very good VN but that censorship crap always leaves a very bitter taste in your mouth.

  20. no h scenes huh well I try this one but only in one route my dick can’t handle the torture while reading without h scenes >.<

  21. How censored is it? All the h-scenes are out i understand but what of the romance stuff? I’m guessing the 4 girls in the picture are the different heroines or “routes”. How is the interactions with the different romantic interests, kissing scenes, romantic moments, maybe accidentally caught a peak of her in the bathroom etc. Does it just decline into a awkward tease or is for example kissing/jokes included and just the pure sex scenes removed?

  22. In terms of cut-out content it’s completely butchered and is also ported to Unity (while the 18 version was kirikiri). Unless there is some automatic porting routine (which I doubt exists) – restoring the old content would require tremendous work and reverse-engineering and not simple copy pasting of extracted resources so don’t count on one any time soon if at all. That is unless the original maker releases an updated 18 version on unity themselves.

      1. think in the future there will be some nc guy gracious enough to do the patch? also how much content got cut off?

  23. I’m seriously getting cancer from reading those comments here…sure it might be the butchered version but if you think this is some moefag novel, you couldn’t be more wrong. As a person who bought the novel on steam, I can guarantee a pretty neat story about the edo jidai. It’s actually historically correct and has its really awesome moments.

    Without spoiling too much though it’s better to read it for yourself, I mean you even get the opportunity to download it for FREE here, I wouldn’t hesitate.

  24. This Game is FUN!!!
    It’s historically correct except for everyone being female.
    It’s entertaning reading about the Japan Edo Era through the eyes of so many people.
    It’s not boring or dragging even if you play many time to get every route.
    The point of view changes because of the female heroine and there is always something new.

    I recommend this game to those who are unsure.
    It’s fun and a change of pace from other eroges.
    Give this game a chance!

  25. Chusingura is kind of strange for an eroge. It really is. Everything is hyper sexualized for the females… so you’d expect a nukige jerk-off-fest. If that’s what this game was, and its censored version got posted, I might agree with people here. But it’s not even remotely like that.

    But despite the art-style, Its a very good read with some excellent moments. An interesting story that takes a story (the original story of the 47 ronin) and runs with it.

    If you passed on this cause it looks like west-censored nukige, then don’t… Take the art style with a grain of salt and you’ll find a good story beneath it.

    1. Well i would definitely read this if not for 100% literal censoring even the dirty jokes were censored (according to the guy above)? i mean seriously? a joke is bad but fan service is fine (saw alot of fan service scenes that were censored but barely like covering the nipples and show only us the boobs and clevage)…West censoring logic….

      A dirty joke is bad a fan service with barely covered clevage,boobs,legs etc…are fine…facepalm

  26. Damn, after i bought 2 dlc, this got crack, lol. Well atleast i support the developer.
    I read this and just done read bushi no kodou(the sequel).I realized many funny sexual scene and dirty joke was cut, the character nake scene and sprite wrap bath tower around their bodies(so unatural lol), through you could guess where few h-scene was cut, you still lose a little part of the game (those funny truth). Well, i still recomend you guys read it, it very funny action, drama, history, time slip eroge.

  27. Thanks for this one. Even though there are people who think that this is not worth the time, I appreciate it greatly. Thanks again.

  28. Thanks! Even though its “censored”, that probably just means no H-scenes while all the other things intact right? Its nice knowing that the characters do it at some point but I usually just skip the H-scenes already so it doesnt really matter much to me but watering down the regular dialogue doesnt sit well with me

  29. But is it worth the bandwidth?

    A light novel with 40+ characters, a generic male protagonist and no sexual content (they removed the kissing scenes? That can’t be true, people are just trolling… right?) sounds like a waste of time to me. The fact that its a time travel story with real life characters makes it all the more alien.

    1. From the vndb site, yes there are 46 characters but are there 46 routes? ….no

      There are
      SPOILER (?)

      4 routes from the looks of it

      1. *Spoiler*
        There are actually 5 true routes (*other 1 is a bonus*)
        (*If this is the full vers.*)
        And there are alot of h-scenes for supporting characters.

      2. 4 routes, 5 routes; whats the difference if there 40+ characters in the first place?

        As much as fan serving sex scenes annoy me, I know they’re “supposed to be” about building relationships in a very, very short amount of time. Removing them from a visual novel, let alone one with nearly 10 characters per route, is a recipe for a bad story.

  30. Hmm… Is the uncensored version going to be uploaded later on?

    I’m really hesitating, ’cause if I download and play this, then I won’t be able to appreciate it much when the uncensored version come, well, I am just asking for my convenience.. ^^

  31. Man, is all this site going to upload is generic moefag horseshit? This one doesn’t even have the H-scenes. Hard pass. Rock hard.

    1. LOL, at least be grateful that your not paying for anything what you are downloading in this site.

      And 2nd there is still no new fully translated good VN right now so either wait your ass off for how many years or months or learn japanese so you can play alot of VN’s….

      1. Learning Japanese is a good idea, but I don’t see why I should be grateful for the opporunity to play a shitty game that is marketing towards sad, pathetic social outcasts.

          1. you really do understand that you are in an eroge website, and you are playing eroge, so you are basically the same as what you calling us, a social outcast. Point?

    2. LOL. Be grateful to admin you little shit, that you even have the opportunity to come here and not pay for the things admin gives to us. Admin uploads everything from what I understand, I could be wrong.

      1. I completly support what my pre-posters said. I bet he has never even bought an eroge/a vn with his money. Just pirating, nice work! Start supporting the industry, maybe you will get your uncensored version then. If not, just shut up and don’t annoy people…

        1. What kind of nonsense is that?

          You’re going to accuse me of doing nothing but pirating whilst pirating yourself AND having no evidence to the theory that I don’t buy any VN’s?

          You’re a retard, dude. Plain and simple.

        1. Actually, I take that back. All he’s doing is uploading something to a website. He’s hardly solving a Lexicon. Gtfo.

  32. low sexual content?? few h-scenes *literally* or mild perverted scenes only, ya know erotic kissing scene or something like that?

  33. This is a good title, played the trial a while back. Worth playing. If all you want is porn there is plenty of it on that thing called the internet. If you want a decent read and a fun game, this is it

    1. Here’s the thing, if I want to watch a movie I would never watch the censored version of Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge. Similarly why would I want to read a visual novel with hyper sexualized girls which was originally an eroge, without the sexual scenes?

      The fact that Japanese developers feel the need to censor their products to sell them internationally is both pathetic and hilarious at the same time to be honest. Meanwhile even ps2 games made in the west had sex scenes.

      1. It’s less of “Japanese developers feel the need to censor their products to sell them internationally”, and more of it’s prohibited by Japanese law to sell uncensored porn in Japan.

        1. okey so, since you dont seem to understand the point the guy you awnsered is talking about il brief yah of it, oh and just a heads up this isn’t a jab against you or anyone its just to clarify what the ppl complaining about the censourship acually is complaining about.

          so take grisaya for example, this game is unplayable the way that steam censoured it. basicly they removed every sexual scene, every inuendo every single joke and basicly cut out 30% of the game. this is the censourship that is bothering people.

          if it was only the mosaic part people wouldn’t complain because well they still wouldv had the complete game to play, the way that steam is censouring games is basicly removing anything with sex in it. in the case with this game they removed inuendos etc but couldnt remove and remake the overall design of the characters. thats the only reason they are still “sexy” the thing that botheres most people about the censouring is the fact that if you do censour why not remove the blood, the gore etc.

          anyways enoguh of my rambling, but to put it in simpler terms, imagine game of thrones right. okey so now imagine they cut every sex scene, every kiss every dirty joke swearing etc and there you got a censoured game by steam, (also dont forget any semi-nude shot of any actor in the series,) anywas that sums it up neatly.

          and again this isnt a jab against anyone here, and i am ever truly gratefull that the admins are getting us these games, and belive it or not but they feel frustration as much as we do.

          thansk for the job you do admins, il give this a shot and if it jsut feals like imhhw felt il jsut get the japanese game and translate my way along.

          1. This is very accurate. I really do mind reading a censored eroge that actually cut off some of the story or charms that it originally provides, in order to address to whole audience which is downright frustrating.

      2. you should check out the process on how an eroge is being exported to the west…

        it takes tremendous efforts and funds for a single eroge to be accepted in the west.. most are rejected by the west.
        some are luckily accepted and get uncensored. some remains censored and translated english. some gets plot changed and h scenes removed

      3. you should research about what you were going to complain about first

        they wouldn`t have done an extra troublesome work like “censoring” it if it were allowed in the first place
        hell even JAV are censored because of the law and whenever you see uncensored japanese porn its usually done illegaly (usually by the yakuzas) also Japanese porn industry and Western porn industry is different in that part

        oh and before anyone says “but Majikoi was uncensored” yeah it was uncensored by Majikoi TL group

        1. There is a difference between using censor bars due to laws and censoring stuff by cutting large chunks of a game.

    1. do you mean plot censoring or genital mosaic censoring? or both.

      i dont like plot censoring to make it 17+

      but genital censoring is ok for me. because 90% or 95% of the 18+ english translated vn’s are censored. you gotta get down on your standards… or you gonna miss on everything.

      1. For having read the first chapter, I can tell they went all out on the censoring.
        Like in the first chapter, after the MC is supposed to have a h-scene with one of the girl (which is removed), they have a whole dialogue making inuendos about it, only to tell they just kissed the entire time.
        Or the way they translated what should’ve been “didn’t your boobs got bigger ?” by “didn’t you put on some weight ?”

        And other shit like that, basically, everything sexualised word is removed, while almost every female characters are oversexualised af.

        1. So basically how Moenovel destroyed IMHHW then?

          If it was just cutting out the H-scenes I could live with it but if they go that far then this is not worth my time, seriously

        1. Really? This is like… the officially translated one? The translations is so bad. It’s like they didn’t do any QC. The story is great but there are so many inconsistencies and spelling/grammar errors. Like, they use the term “River Styx” constantly, until 3 chapters in where they change it to the Sanzu.

      1. Hello, I have a problem with the game. When I try to launch it, I get the following error message: “Failed to initialize Steam, Please login.” While I’m logged on to Steam. What do I have to do ? Thank you in advance .

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