A world of light. A world where no person has a shadow. In this world was a boy. Because he lived in this world, he too had no shadow. Then, one day, the boy met a girl, a girl who did have a shadow. The girl invited him to come with her to a world of shadows.

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  1. what is this crap……seems to me the persons involved in making this are insane…..5 minutes in and i’d just about given up…carried a bit in hope it might improve..but no, this has to be the worst excuse for a Visual novel I’ve ever had the bad luck to try. On a scale of 1 to 10 it deserves a zero

  2. Anyone know where to get the ost? I’ve had trouble before getting osts for other games(and EVENTUALLY found them), but this one is suuuuuper difficult to find.

  3. The VR is like the twisted crystal village from Terranigma. Starts good but soon you are trapped in a nightmare loop with 3 other characters and maybe 4 people you will barely know. With a dissapointing revelation and some developers which seem to dislike asian faces. And lots and lots of these “Oh I guess I’m dead…haha…funny” moments. Not the worst VR I have ever played but I cannot bring myself to play it through either. And I already met “Odin” and played the side story, was in the town again, so the end cannot be far away. And “Macabre” comes to mind. No funny, not erotic, not sad….just macabre. All the time people die horrible death and it becomes the daily routine. Art isn’t good either. 3/10

  4. The whole point of this game is that this game and its world are really not what they seem to be. It initially presents itself as one of those forgettable highschool romance + cheap magical gimmick VNs, but that’s just a façade. This is one of those games like Higurashi and Umineko, where you have to figure out for yourself what’s really going on.

    I agree that this description doesn’t really do the game any justice – but saying much more than that about it would be a huge spoiler.

    That being said; the game has multiple storylines, often with different protagonists. And some of those storylines are set in completely different places (without spoiling too much; there’s two storylines that are set in the same city, only 14 years apart), and it’s not always obvious how the different storylines relate to one another.

    This game really is worth a try. But it’s definitely not a short or casual VN, so be prepared for that.

  5. Is it safe to assume this is the +18 MangaGamer release, or is it the All Ages Steam release?
    Only assuming it’s +18 because “Buy the Game” shows MangaGamer, but I want to make sure.

  6. Wow, I play so many mediocre or bad visual novels that I sometimes forget VNs like this exist. This type of VN is the reason I play these games. Truly magnificent! Thank you so much admin

    1. Some characters are voiced in certain storylines. But you’ll have to go through a few playthroughs before you get to those.

  7. As the other person asked, is there a walkthrough? I played it, finishing the 2nd story, supposedly, when it has him getting stabbed and saying that while his story ended ‘Meito Takanabe’ or whatever’s story hasn’t ended and that was it. That had to have been a bad end but why did it happen?

    The choices were few and didn’t make any sense whatsoever so I’m not sure what I did wrong. Anyone here who finished the game have an answer?

  8. anyone found a walkthrough or guide to the choices (if there are any?) for this yet? i dl’d it but can’t play yet so i wanna find one 🙂

    1. means the narrator is either lying or doenst know the full facts while presenting the story, so you take what is said with a grain of salt

  9. What kind of a description is that? Am I supposed to be excited because people who don’t have shadows are walking around or something?
    Talk about shitty advertising.

    1. I was about to ask this as well. I couldn’t take it seriously at first but the tags are unfortunately convincing.

      1. try to think of it not a literal since considering this is a work of writing. Although it is probably literally about a shodowless society it’s probably a metaphor for things in the dark not being exposed

  10. Somehow the photons know to go through humans even though they are not transparent so they don’t have shadows.. Yet somehow the humans aren’t invisible so light must be reflecting off them.. right. great idea.

        1. Yes, it’s science fiction, not speculative fiction or hard sci-fi. It is comparable to Star Trek Voyager, not to The Martian or Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? This game’s premise is just being silly, not trying to be firmly rooted in the way our world works.
          This is emphasized by the fact that it isn’t our world, but a different world with different rules.

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