Homeless School Girl

Homeless School Girl

A lone girl, wearing a tattered school uniform, lives on a dry river bed. She can’t go to school, has no house, not even a tent… just a helpless, lonely girl. She searches garbage cans for food to survive every day. And whenever she is found by vagrants or delinquents, she becomes their plaything. Gang-raped, disgraced, forced to drink semen, dirtied, abused, scorned…
This is a visual poem about her everyday life.

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  1. Arne says:

    The game is 417.8 MB but downloadani.me only lets you download files up to 200 Mb.

    Please reupload to a different filehost.

  2. T says:

    Fucked up. There are so many things you could do with the theme of homelessness and the developer decided to do this. Kusoge.

  3. Vct says:

    The game is booring.i was sleeping through it

  4. Question says:

    Do you know how to install the english patch? I can’t run the game

  5. Vel says:

    i was looking for dark vn for entertaining purposes, but after watching this one i only got fucking upset, however made this really have a twisted mind and that´s a lot coming from me

  6. oje says:

    how to install the patch?

  7. AXZ says:

    Hey anyone having the synxtax error too?

  8. SinIsSin says:

    honest opinion? what a boring… to many bukkake and weird psychology bull but less sex activity. read some comment here and i though it a good dark VN.. well guess what, i was wrong. its not even close to sensei 2 in term dark plot, sorry. but thanks to admin who upload this stuff.

  9. Sammm says:

    So do i extract all of them into one folder then install?

  10. ratboi says:

    ssssssooooooo…….. Like euphoria, I think this is a masterpiece about how evil the human race can be. Just some people are to closed minded and just call it porn for sadistic fucks.

  11. tavvy says:



  12. richard says:


  13. seemslegit says:

    This game is great and very fluffy! Honest just play though the first ten minutes of it and you’ll be amazed at the family love and the companionship shown thoughout it.

    • Hentai_Kamen says:

      This game only take 20 minutes to finish if you are fast-reader , you don’t need 10 minutes to understand about it

  14. botc76 says:

    I love this site and I’m soooooo grateful for the admins work, but this is a VN I won’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

    • botc76 says:

      It’s like, if I read about a poor girl like that, I want her to get happier in the story, not worse.
      The world is fucked up enough, at least in vn’s I want my happy endings.

      At least not endings where the heroine gets totally destroyed, killed or worse.

  15. hero says:

    what…I dont want dogs to suffer…..I almost decicde to give it a try decide the hardcore tags but…nooo dogs abuse!!

  16. The Krypt Angel says:

    This is prolly what would have eventually happened to Matsuri from Family Project if she had been left to her own devices living in that vacant lot…

  17. Merelily says:

    This VN is not suppose to be a nukige, but it sure focuses heavily on “shock value” rape, which I thought, could distract readers from its really poor storytelling. How did she become homeless? Why doesn’t her mom give a shit about her? Why can’t she, you know, fucking go somewhere else without those smellyass bums humiliating and raping her within their every whim?

    I normally don’t comment on things, but I felt this VN is just tasteless unless you’re looking for non-con stuff. The art quality is really nice, but the story is nothing spectacular. Just my two cents.

    • Merelily says:

      Granted, this is a short story about her everyday life as described in the description, so such questions I was addressing aren’t incredibly necessary I suppose. I guess it’s because I’ve seen worse things out there that a VN like this doesn’t really faze me.

    • Dude says:

      Pretty sure it’s supposed to just be tasteless fap material. I didn’t find anything noteworthy about the story either.

    • Akrasia says:

      Well… she says she do not have the strenght or inteligence to do anything. She says she is the lowest on the chain food. She says she is the weakest… She is very, very, very mentaly ill. A girl like that can’t save herself. She can be saved though.

  18. Jibril says:

    Looks like a great VN time to download:)

  19. AwwYiss says:

    Hey “admin”, are you required to post on downloadani.me? Cause they are constantly redirecting to spyware/malware with their “download links”.

    • Touka says:

      Block “www4*”

      • Touka says:

        Oh, just note that blocking “www4*” will block all www4 websites. If you want to be more specific remove the “*” and add “dot downloadani dot me” then the “*” to the end. That will stop all redirects for downloadani.

      • chimix says:

        You are a gentleanon and a scholar, thank you for suggesting this – totally worked for me. Those pop-ups always made me a bit nervous.

  20. damedame says:

    my boss wife is my ex…please oniichan..dame?

  21. Shock says:

    This game is severely lacking in options. Can’t play fullscreen, can’t adjust volume levels, can’t just ‘scroll up’ for the backlog. It’s so primitive it’s annoying.

  22. Muradin says:

    Well, juste the song in the menu give a good taste a the game…
    Thx admin as always for all the upload !

  23. Guy says:

    Lets say her father “helped” her by mistake.

  24. Guy says:

    Yea it was depresing but for me it was mild, I already played games much darker than this, you know, when you can’t stop thinking about it and need something to distract and forget all this crap.

  25. ebee says:

    Does this have any happy ending too it or is it just depressing the whole way through?

  26. JessMartin says:


    What the heck did I just read? And why the hell did I read to the end?

    I mean, for something this… dark, the story is surprisingly well done. If you can get past all the depressing, suicide-inducing scenes.

    I swear, if I had read this years ago I probably would have gotten a sex change or something to avoid the risk of all that happening to me.

  27. iLolis says:

    If anyone ever wonder about comedy tag, please read the responses section. fml

  28. cvmasterzero says:

    > Read the first two sentences.

    wow, are we gonna get something like ~teaching feelings~?

    > Read the next sentence.

    holy carbonite.

  29. kuronosu says:

    and here i thought euphoria is fucked-up enough….

    • Hentai_Kamen says:

      Euphoria has some good moments with true love , but that one is just sick . It took me about 25 minutes to finish , short but full of depression and despair

  30. Frankkintama says:

    the translator of this VN must be a really hardcore sadistic ._.

    • Juzo Okita says:

      Or a masochist. Because seriously, translating this would have to be an… EXTREMELY painful task for anyone with even a minuscule amount of compassion in their heart.

      • Tukangbaksoabalabal says:

        I’m somewhat moved when you said post that. But I wonder who would want to read that kind of stuff though. With many another VN’s they could trasnlate…

  31. Sys says:

    I guess this is internet for today….depressing story is not good for health

  32. Nue says:

    > Modern Day Japan

    Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

  33. Cyan says:

    nope nope nope…
    if i were this girl i’ll end my life the very second this story started so that people will get the bad end right away…

    i pass this vn… not something people should be doing nor playing with.

    however if you are a person of fetishes or an S, enjoy

  34. Passerby A says:

    well i guess this is one of those VN i will never touch but thanks for the update on your site admin xD
    i will never be able to like this type of vn x.x

  35. Christin Eleven says:

    Weeeell . . . . as long as she doesn´t dies at the end . . . = / . . . she doesn´t dies at the end . . . . . right? = I

  36. LightWafer says:

    Its just bad to be a girl at situation like this, not gonna play this, i would get depression…

  37. BlueSky says:

    This was fucked lol , Thanks for the read though the voice acting was good

  38. Choco Chan says:

    does the download missing file? I can’t access to game, and when I extract the compressed it say part 3_3 is absent i need it to extract. can anyone help?

    • admin says:

      Wait until parts 1&2 finish downloading before starting 3rd download.

      • Choco Chan says:

        Yes i did, but it still the same. to be sure i already got exe file to open the application but when it open and it ask for the folder so when i click on it the RPN Machine expression appear and i answer it with 6. then nothing happen after that. like everything close.

  39. Rean Schwarzer says:

    I play games to excape from shit like this. Seriously…

    • LightWafer says:

      The dark side of the life is just too painfull to watch things like this going on in this world, this is something i would NOT wish to happened, its like being born as a girl its disaster.

  40. Salutxd says:

    Just played a bit and I can say 2 things :

    1) Its pretty hardcore but you already guessed that one
    2) Its actualy very well done, I mean the story side, its pretty immerverse and the seiyuu is doing an amazing job honestly I think so far the “story” telling is better than any VN I have ever played yet.

  41. Thalia says:

    This may be a bit spoilerish but I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re a dog lover. Just saying.

    • Heissar says:

      Thanks for the warning. Lots’ of tags that I despise – and since I AM a dog lover your warning is the last straw. I’m gonna pass on this one.

  42. Kayto says:

    Oh… dear Sunrider, I’ll be waiting your arrival…

  43. Vorg says:

    What’s wrong with the comedy tag? Even if the world is too hard to live, you can live a life with a smile on your face. 😉

  44. Onii-Sama says:

    I highly recommend this game. Fun for the whole family.

  45. Kuroneko says:

    Can someone post the comedy part ?
    I’m really interested with the comedy tag in those bunch of hardcore looking tag 😡

  46. Salutxd says:

    This seems to be some pretty fucked up shit like the yandere eroge, deserve a try out :O

  47. asklmsa lksamclk says:

    Jesus, those tags. >Comedy

    • ani says:

      yea… that’s some real fucked up shit right there

      • baba says:

        yeah ,you called it

        • Void says:

          I was even expecting the rest of the summary to conclude in: “…And then, a fateful encounter initiated the big change of her life!” or: “At the edge of despair, she decided to get her shit together.”

          …Nope, apparently. A victim through-and-through, if you go by the tags.
          *stays away from the VN, too real for me*

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