Otoboku – Maidens Are Falling for Me!


The primary setting for the story is on the campus of a private all-girl school with Christian undertones, such as a large cross visible on the front of the school’s main building. Seio was founded in 1886 by Mizuho’s ancestor; the school’s motto is “mercy and forgiveness”.

There is an old tradition at Seio Girls School every June where one of the students is elected by her peers to be the “Elder”, who is seen as the number-one “Elder Sister” in the entire school. Until her graduation, she is referred to by her peers as Onee-sama.

To become an Elder, a candidate in the election must gain at least 75% of the votes. If none of the candidates get at least 75% in the first round of voting, one of the candidates hand over her votes to the other candidate, and the candidate who finally obtained the votes of 75% or more becomes the Elder. If there is no one else in the election, the current year’s student council president becomes the Elder.

258 comments on “Otoboku – Maidens Are Falling for Me!

  1. Wow, just Wow. I’m actually speechless as I didn’t expect such a wonderful experience with this game.

    Characters are lovely and the setting is right up my alley, tho getting all endings are a damn hassle – my 2nd run I went for Mariya but since I’d skipped ep1 it defaulted to Takako, wtf? This wouldve been better suited as a single common route with later branching (w/o slightly changing scenes).

    My favorite character was Kei-san (lol) who btw is the voice for Hisako-sensei too, voice which incidentally is none other than Tanaka Ryouko’s (Rin from Edelweiss)

    Other noteworthy VAs include Inokuchi Yuka (Nagamori from One) playing Kana, and Nakata Yunko (Sana from Succubus Soon) as Ichiko.

    My girl from the game roaster has to be Kana-chan (cutest thing ever °~°). Best arc was Takako (default) and Yukari (surprisingly good) – least interesting was Ichiko route… wait what Ichiko route?

  2. i downloaded all the files and extracted the files and everything into the folder and was ready to play until windows told me there was a trojan in the file of the game… so i decided to delete all the files. i guess i’ll just buy the game from mangagamer.

  3. hey, got some problem here. I’m a long time user of this sites, and have installed this game a few years back. The game work fine back then. But now, it just keep crashing just before the op song. Got any idea to fix it?

  4. i cant start the game idk why … i downloaded all parts, unzip them but when i press the otoboku.exe “Game isnt installed yet” … what im missing??

  5. ‘DA-1click: Game Download’ is basically downloading all the files in one go. However, it requires a premium membership(must pay) to exceed the 200MB limit. Whereas the ‘DA-free: Game Download’ has a limit of 200MB and also requires you to wait for a good 2 mins before you’re able to download it which is completely free.

  6. Hi! I’m new here wats the different between “DA-1click: Game Download” and “DA-free: Game Download” I click the Da-1click but it say about storage memory and something,is this really free?

  7. HEEEELLLPPP it was working for me but all of a sudden I keep getting a message saying “cannot stream lz”

  8. Um…. There hasn’t been any english translation for it’s sequel yet right…?

    Are you guys gonna be posting it here when or if one is made…?

  9. I have the same problem. When I want to use the crack it says: “Game hasn’t been istalled” but I think it is! What should I do?

    1. You have to download and install all otoboku parts 1 to 9, then install it in its main menu then use the crack owo

      At least that’s how mine worked~

    2. I’m not sure if you’ve already solved this but I’ll say it anyways for any few others in the future. After you’ve downloaded all the files from 1 to 9, you’ll have to extract it to a new folder preferably. I use WinRAR. After that, you’ll have to select all the extracted files and add it to otoboku.rar. After that,click on the otoboku.rar file andopen it with WinRar. Find the setup.exe and open it. You should be able to reach the menu to Install the game. Click Install and there you go. I’ve tried several times but it seems as though it can only be installed in your C drive. Don’t change anything and just install it.

      1. I can do that and install it… but every time I want to play the game I have to reinstall it because I still get the message for “has not been installed” when I click on the icon

  10. So…I just finished this game…and I loved it so much….I would really love if the story could continue on from this….I remember that there is a media form out of there that follows school life after Takako’s ending…and there is another sequel to this game…Anyone know a place where I could atleast buy them….I really so much want more of this series.

  11. Haven’t seen this game in years. Playing it definitely brings back good memories.

    Quick question. I’ve tried extracting it with different programs and even making my own .cue files for the .bin files but nothing works.

    I really liked the music so is it actually possible to extract them or am I wasting my time trying? If so, can someone direct me to somewhere where I can get the music files? Thanks.

  12. UUUUhhhhggg
    I installed it… but everytime i’m playing it after awhile it crashes….anyone have this issue?

  13. Whoa,I remember watching this anime and I really loved it.
    Can’t believe there’s an eroge of this I bet it’s awesome.

  14. just playing for 20 mins, I asked about nerine. The first thing that I thought of was \ask not for whom the bell tolls\
    Anyway, great game so far, thanks Admin!

  15. When I extracted the Crack and tried to play it said the game hadn’t been installed and when I try opening it the other way it asks for the product ID, which I do not know. Please help I’ve been dieing to play the game but I don’t know how to get it to work.

  16. I managed to fix the problem that sayed stream is not ize
    If you have that problem go to where the game has his saves
    in my case
    E/Users/Vlad(your name)/AppData/Local/Caramel-Box/OTOBOKU
    Cut the folder (if you want your saves) (delete it if you dont) to another destination then enter the game the game will create another OTOBOKU folder to the destination that i mention before
    after the game maked that folder go copy you SAVES from you old OTOBOKU (only your saves without system)to the new one and the game should work now

  17. I have have a problem every time i start the game im getting a error and says “stream is not Ize” the game worked just fine until a couple days but now only that error when i try to start the game

  18. It was working for a while now, but all of a sudden i’m getting “stream is not Ize” as an error as soon as I start the game up. Is there a way to fix this? I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled the game, unfortunately it did not fix the problem.

  19. why isn’t this vn (and many other vns) listed in downloads list?
    I didn’t realize otoboku can be downloaded from here.
    when I realized this, I already downloaded it from another site.

    1. Download index ( http://erogedownload.com/downloads/ ) is manually edited page. From time to time i forgot to add titles to that index, or when i have spare time and go on “upload spree” ( ie. adding 10+ older games that were still missing in span of 2 days ) i just add all titles to list at once.

      You can use the “search” function box at top-right corner to find a game you’re looking for if it’s not listed on list.

  20. Does someone know where the patch is ? because before, i already download the game but in japanese version

  21. When i try to extract the files, i get an CRC-error in the 4th part, concerning system.bin.
    Re-downloaded it already several times, didn’t help.
    Since i also see no crack, i guess you re-uploaded it, Ivan?
    Maybe a little error in the file itself?
    Or anybody any idea what i could do..?

  22. When I launch the crack nothing happen.
    I’ve launched the setup and install the game, when I use Otoboku.exe, it ask the ID, and when I unpack and launch 070B01C6.exe, absolutely nothing happen, no window and no task.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Both the game exe and the crack says the game is not installed, even when it is. running setup off the cd and clicking play game makes it run just fine though..

  23. Wish there was a Kei or Kimie path, love those two. A Hisako path would be nice too.
    But Kimie is the path I want the most, soooo cute.

  24. Hello, can anyone help me? I’ve downloaded the whole parts from the Free Download section, but I can’t seem to extract the game. I used WinRar to extract it, but nothing happens when I clicked ‘extract’…and nothing happens too when I extract it the manual way…

    I’ve tried with other files and the WinRar works just fine, but not with this game…

    By the way, I used Windows 7.

    1. Or advise adding the folder to the Exclude list in AV’s.
      It’s a tad annoying that they pick up on false positives like that.

  25. Hello! I’ve been playing this game for a couple of routes, and now I’m close to unlocking every single CG and replay scene, but yesterday my computer crashed and ever since I can’t open the game, it only displays an error message that says “stream is not lze”, how can I fix it without losing my game?

    1. Tried that, didn’t work for me :(. Any other suggestions? I even tried changing the compatibility modes to see if i can get it working but no effect.

  26. can i play the game without installing? cuz i dont want my friends and family say “what is that new app let me try this” and then when they open it “what the fuck is this” and i dont want them freak out esp. my family 🙁

    1. You need to install it, but you can change default location to something like “C:\Documents and Settings\Ricky\My Documents\faxes\sent faxes” and disable creation of start menu and desktop icons.

  27. Alright, i downloaded the torrent but it doesn’t seem to work. Yes i’ve blocked my antivirus and yes my locale is Japanese. Still doesn’t work.

    1. I also tried downloading the crack but no dice. To tell you the exact problem, i run the setup and it installs properly but when i double click the .exe icon nothing happens. Same response from the crack(not sure if this is relevant here though).

  28. is this an H game? or just a novel with no H scene? I mean.. there is no boy mentioned in the description or any other H thingy haha

  29. When I try to start the game after it’s been installed, an error message says “Game hasn’t been installed.” Help?!

  30. What does the ‘crack’ exe link in the old downloads do? i intend to buy the game but I want to strip the DRM off it afterwards so my antivirus program won’t complain every time it launches, will that do that?

    1. Not sure if you still looking for it, but the saves are located at

  31. why does the it say on the top of the game when it’s in the non-full screen version, ‘maidens are failing for me’?

  32. What an idiot…
    of course, it’s considered a trojan by an ANTI-VIRUS…
    disable your anti-virus while installing it you NOOB!!!

  33. Takako route was great.
    The rest were so and so with the exception of Shion’s which was quite moving and Ichico’s which was simply boring.

    Generally I wasn’t very impressed, I was expecting better storyline elements, it felt a bit too loose.

  34. What exactly is the file UnSETUP.exe? I’m currently torrenting this and Norton pegged it as a Trojan. I’ve downloaded enough from this site to know that whoever is in charge of this site keeps it virus free and I have run across game cracks setting off the spyware filter before since they change the base program, but I just want to make sure everything’s above board here before I add it to the quarantine exemption list.

    1. There’s your problem. Norton. Norton is RIDICULOUS. I’m in IT and we had to remove it THREE TIMES. Then the computer blue-screened. So we had to use Malwarebytes to search for all of the files to crush them.

      Norton also has a way of creating viruses on your computer for them to “catch”. They also leave viruses whenever you remove the application.

      It’s disgusting.

  35. whats this about the last part of some routes crashing? if it’s true, how to fix this. I don’t want to let my download be in vain

  36. 28 Nov 2012 An updated version of Otoboku: Maidens Are Falling For Me is released that fixes a few CGs that were supposed to be uncensored.

    For those of you who have already downloaded the game can just acquire the updataed file from your My Account page.

    These patch was available for download here???????

  37. is there something wrong with the torrent when I reach the Last part in the Shion route the part in the Hospital crashes it is the same with Takako route it crashes when they are at the dorm?

  38. Shion route was so awesome, I really loved the Takako route but Shion route really made me feel love for this game. 😀

    There is a virus in the 9 parts and i can’t download them.. even in Torrent there is one.
    Please help !!!

  40. Admin please fix the 9 part rar..
    I think there is a virus or something cuz i can’t download the game.. it gives me ERROR ç_ç

    Please do something !

  41. Why i cannot download torrent?
    when i click to download torrent and go to Adfly and show this

    Please enable Cookies in your browser.

    i enable cookies but no result.

  42. Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?
    Look you don’t have to be non-religious to have sexual needs,every fucking human has them,

    I’m religious by the way & a strong believer too (lmao) I find these games better than having out-of-marriage sex & the sexual stimulation nowdays is too damn high…I visit youtube I find titties..google same thing,facebook same story twitter no need to repeat it…every fucking thing makes my imagination go wild,I turn off my computer and go outside I see live shows right in front of me..big shapes bouncing..I mean like seriously? I’m a healthy young man what do you want me to do? explode? that’s not gonna happen 🙂 also hentai is better than normal porn;it has fictional characters so it depends a lot on using your own imagination..

    Have a nice fap fap everyone.

  43. Thanks for your work as always, admin!

    Also I must say that the game itself is a bit disappointing. Dialogues are so dull I can’t stand to read for more than half an hour before stopping to do something else. It’s astonishing to see how many sentences these girls can use without ever saying anything.

  44. Well, this eroge looks interesting! 😀 Now, I wonder what I’ll be seeing…
    >Trap Protagonist
    Heh, first time ever playing as a-
    >Anal Sex
    ..I hope to God I’m wrong in what I’m assuming.

  45. I have finished takako route an started kana, for those having problems with shion route chose to not say anything to Hisako during the part of the music room ghost, its a requisit of her route

    sorry my bad english I´m brazilian

  46. There’s a problem with the walkthrough:

    Mariya’s route is wrong:

    – chapter 3, 2nd choice: you have to apologize
    – chapter 4, 3rd choice: say yes

  47. The Takako route is so awesome, god I love her so much now ! In the anime she was great but in the VN shes the best ever! WAAA

  48. Does anyone have an idea where the saves are kept? I usually delete a VN as to make space for others when I finish it; but keep the saves. I can’t seem to find these. I don’t see any .sav or other similar extensions in any part of the actual game’s directory, in any of the folders. Likewise, I don’t see anything in the program files. I’m stumped. Maybe I’m just overlooking something obvious. If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

    1. man character is a guy that is forced to dress and act like a girl (in the anime its due to his grandfathers will, not sure how he ends up there in the game, havent played it yet) but its kinda a mix of both, hes a trap, and there are some yuri times as well

  49. okay, my locale is already Japanese and I’ve downloaded lots of games from here before. After I install the game, when I try to open it I get an error message saying: “stream is not Ize”. How can I fix this?

          1. Report the file to your AV maker as a false positive, after 6 months they will exclude it.
            Or exclude it yourself.
            The “trojan” is a false positive due to the DRM that mangagamer uses.

      1. The thing you must know Admin NEVER upload viruses. Blame mangagamer for his DRM
        if possible please stop talk about viruses~

    1. There’s a walkthrough up there, but the upshot of Shion’s route is to follow Kana’s route EXACTLY, while making sure to also get Shion hearts where ever possible, up until the music room ghost. Then say nothing to Hisako-sensei. After that there’s two places where getting Kana and Shion hearts are mutually exclusive; obviously you want to get Shion’s.

  50. Thank you for bringing these VNs to us! I’m just wondering if all of these VNs have adult content? Or just most of them?

    Thank you ADMIN!

    More power! 🙂

  51. What’s the crack for? I downloaded the torrent and I’m playing the game so what’s it’s purpose?

  52. i think theres a bug or something in the separate files
    i downloaded both the torrent and the game parts but the game parts didnt work sait there was missing files it might just be me but just wanted to give ya a heads up

  53. Since this is the most recent and more likely to be seen, I would like to say this: Admin, Thank you for taking the time to give us all these wonderful games.

  54. Well, its me again. Well i have a problem. At the end of the first chapter afte Mizuho is apointed the elder and the chapter ends the game crashes on me. Does anybody else has this problem and if so has someone found a way to fix it?

  55. “unSETUP.exe”…I chuckled. And OMG that install screen.

    Also anyone have a walkthrough? I haven’t really looked yet but I like having one and figured I’d ask here first

  56. some reason everytime i use a torrent it only downloads at 30kbps but if i do it in parts then its my normal download speed anybody know the reason and how i can fix this?

  57. Ooh. The crack’s here.
    Now I have something to take up some disk space.

    (-Finally gets rid of G-Senjou no Maou after playing through it several times-)

  58. Wow! Thank you, Admin!
    Ever since i watched the anime i wanted to play the game itself. And now i can finally do that! Horray!!!

  59. Im having troble with the download, it says wrong captcha but i didnt see a place to introduce a code.

    I wish this was on mediafire. Well im glad you uploaded this

  60. Oh cool. I liked the anime of this, Traps are always one of my favorite types of males, There funny. 😛 And now that i have time to finish Boob Wars I’ll play this afterwords. When the crack is here ofc. 😮

  61. hey..boobs wars was a little short..but i thought it was fun..sometimes it’s nice to play a vn thats not 25 hours long…and admin works very hard for us..i’m working on a crack myself but someone will prob beat me to it

  62. Boob Wars was total crap… there is lots of better stuff out there. Even with otoboku iam not sure. I kinda like the anime for its lovleyness, but still… eroge? Dont know.

  63. Just install the game by downloading all 9 .rars and running the setup. After that copy the crack to your installation folder and execute it.

    1. How can you run the setup? If I try, it asks for the CD even with me having the crack, and likewise, I can’t run the crack because the game isn’t installed.

        1. Thank you, thank you. That was exactly the problem. I had named the first folder I put everything in the full name of the game. Once I changed it to just “Otoboku” it finally let me run the setup.exe.

    2. Which ones the crack? I see no folder named that. I was able to download it and everything just fine, but after that, I can’t play it! Plz help, Thx

  64. I took a look at the file. at offset 0x000E0AE1 it says False. wouldn’t setting it to true and repacking it make it cracked?

    What I did: requestedExecutionLevel level=”asInvoker” uiAccess=”True”>.> I usually mod 360 games but I think this should work. I don’t have the tools to repack it to test though..

      1. Thanks ^.^ looked like what I said helped since it has been cracked so quickly after I posted that. I just checked today to see if it was cracked and it was. If I had the tools I would be cracking these games like I make save editors for xbox 360 games.

  65. See as how boob wars came out before this and some ppl encountered a anti-pirate do-dab being the 1/115 chance of getting one hit. I know I did. How do we know they haven’t stuck some sort of no-progression bug into this game that activates on pirated copies? What was with that boob wars thing anyways. How would the game name it isn’t an offical copy if you’re useing a crack?

    1. It was in the name of the .exe. It was some kind of backwater DRM protection that hits legit customers as well. Changing your .exe to 12345678.exe per example would bypass the DRM protection.

      Supposedly the reason for Boob Wars to contain this kind of intrusive DRM was, I quote ‘Boob wars was an interesting case since it had simple gameplay, I did try to prevent it from being too annoying, but if I did do it again it probably wouldn’t be anything worse than a ‘please buy it’ notice. I don’t have any control over the base drm, but based on how quick Cudder wrecked it it’s not very good.’.

      So, assuming the very same hacker worked on Otoboku, we will not be encountering that kind of DRM again.

  66. Just wanted to say that it may not be the intention of Admin but it’s kind of a cool thing, rather than the site being silent for weeks or months to put up the game without a crack as “coming soon” kind of deal.

    1. You can also start downloading it earlier, then when the crack is out, you only need to download <1MB file. Really makes a difference for people with slower connections.
      That's the main reason I'm putting them like that.

  67. Finally!!! Otoboku, my all long waited wishlist is finally here~! Next after Otoboku, is Otoboku: Futari no Elder. Cant wait for it~! XD

    Appreciate your effort admin! ^^

  68. Is there a loli heroine in this game? The tags don’t say so, but there’s a pretty young-looking girl in the preview pics on mangagamer’s website, so I was wondering.

  69. My god… I went to sleep full of turkey, thinking that life was great. Woke up to find the admin busted out a light speed release.

    Life is even better.

          1. Maybe in other countries they can’t but I assure you that in Spain the priests use internet without problems, and I don’t know one that isn’t catholic. xD

          2. Catholic Priest can’t use the internet? That’s funny when you consider The Pope himself has a twitter account 🙂

  70. Finaly, i will have the game too(since i already have the anime that i recomend too,so i think that it’s gonna be fun to see it the game version^^

  71. \o/

    I watched the anime of this a long time ago.
    So happy I might be able to play it’s VN now too. Banzai!

  72. Can Someone Please tell me how I can play this game
    or could someone please tell me how I can get past that annoying product ID thing

    come on give me something

  73. okay, nice, now I get this one to make my otoboku collection complete ^_^ LOL

    thank’s Ivan, now waiting for the torrents

  74. Christ that was fast. I’ve been dying for this one after watching the show. Wanted to pre-buy it instead of waiting for the crack. However… no money = no fun.

    1. I also wanted to buy this one (and couple of others) aand
      I have money… Unfortunately MangaGamer won’t accept my
      methods of payment.

    1. Yup, having users wait almost a month for Boob Wars (still being the first website that supplied it!) left a bitter aftertaste, so i made sure that this one will be posted less than a hour of game going live.

      1. Thanks for it, being that fast really means business.

        But how you do it, upload the game so fast? Do you buy the game yourself?

          1. He meant that the game was released on the 23th, but where our admin lived in, it was still the 22th.

          2. … I liked the time travel reasoning better… Seems moar legit…

            1.21 gigawatts!
            1.21 gigawatts…

  75. Uwah… I can’t wait! I’ve been replaying the translated routes of Koitate to get myself into the trap protagonist zone! My body is ready! 😀

  76. Thanks advance for the hard work, admin. ^^

    I liked the anime, but this’ll be much more fun when you get a workable crack.

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