Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Anata o Suki na Shiawase

Anata o Suki na Shiawase

Reo fails her classes and Mai helps her to pass. To reward Reo for passing her quiz, Mai agrees to go on a date with Reo. One day during class, Reo is called to the school office. She returns acting strangely. After a lot of worrying and probing, Mai still does not know what has happened. This results in a huge fight between Reo and Mai, because Mai feels that Reo does not trust in her enough to share her problems… They eventually make up and ends in love.

152 comments on “Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Anata o Suki na Shiawase

  1. On Mai’s left titty i will hunt down and cum in eye of whoever uploaded this rendering them blind if they dont update this and upload the full fucking game… You have been warned

  2. Simasen, it’s me Lenora! I’m having a certain issue with this link…I thought I just finished it but the screen said ‘Halfway End’…what does that mean? Does that mean I only downloaded half of it or that only half of it survived the download???? HELP MEEEEEE!

  3. In need of assistance!
    I downloaded no problem. Opened in winRar and extracted it. The Game opened and played normally. I saved my game and exited, but when i went back later i was unable to recover the save file.
    Could anyone please help with this issue?
    It happens to me on other eroge I downloaded as well.

  4. I just finished this and absolutely loved it, wonderful story. Also got Sono Hanabira 1 Katahane and a couple others. Huge thanks Admin, it’s very nice of you to take the time to do this.
    Also, any chance you could add Sono Hanabira 2, 3 & 4?
    I have the translation patches but I don’t have the actual games 🙁

    1. Sorry, I didn’t see the comment at the bottom of the last page you made about putting the other 3 up later on so just ignore the second bit.

  5. Woot another yuri have been released (Katahane) i hope admin will upload the game soon.
    and thanks in advance the game is over 3gb so it will probably take a while to upload the games.

    1. Katahane should be posted today.
      Game size has absolutely no effect on time it takes me to upload it – i have separate server for uploading and storing files ( in case they get deleted and need a reupload) – it has 1Gbit upload connection, so it’s only a matter of seconds ( at least for filesonic. fileserve seems to cap upload speed at 1,5MB/s )

  6. Yuri, yummy! I really love this series, the story is just beautifully beautiful.

    Thanks a lot admin, just like always.

  7. Yo! admin hey how are you men… I woulg like to ask you something…were do you get those eroges? because I thought it would be great if you put a section of recommendation for the coming eroges like a wish list Are U really translating it by yourself like I tough? I really want to knot cause you are my hero for publishing these eroges 😀 thanks for all an please continue!!!

    1. No, I’m not translating them myself – I’m posting various fan translation, as well as commercial releases.
      Recommendation/wish list section is pointless, since when it’s done it’ll be posted.

    1. It’ll be long time before To Heart 2 gets finished – it’s currently at 56%, but it goes very slowly – only single person is translating it.

    1. It’s almost translated ( about 90% as far as i rembember ). When it’s done then of course, i’ll put it here.

        1. At the rate they are doing the translation i would expect Little buster patch to be released around the begining of 2012

  8. I thank god that I found this website :3

    But I’m missing a forum 😡

    Admin D: ? If you read this … a forum would be really nice.

  9. Thank you soooo much! Sorry, but peeps. For your information, true love consists of not caring about one’s gender, age, race, or sexual orientation. Things like that do not matter with love. No matter who you love, you love them with all your heart, and a girl liking a girl and a guy liking a guy is the same as a girl liking a guy. This game tells me that gender doesn’t matter.

    1. That’s somewhat cheesy.. anyways u can say that in eroge but when i comes to real life. dude i bet u r not gonna be able to say these cheesy words again man. Anyways Yuri ruins the beauty of heroines in Eroge, that’s why i don’t like them – Personal Opinion.

      1. I do respect everyone’s opinions including myself, but since you’re actually done with stating your opinion, I think it would be best if you shut your filthy mouth. If you don’t like Yuri, then why are you STILL replying here? :/ Sorry, I’m a girl and not a “dude.”

        1. Should have understand that from the nick…
          BTW no complaining, just expresing opinions
          im shure almost everyone here are thankfull for admins work so no need to be angry
          if you dont like something, just let it pass…

      2. I agree a bit with Ria all i see you doing here is complaining if you don’t like Yuri that’s your choice but stop complaining everytime someone talk here.

        it’s amazing how people can’t appreciate other work at all in the internet peoples lose time doing something other can enjoy for free and you always have some peoples like you complaining.

        When you pay for something and you don’t like it you do have some right to complain but when you get something for free and you don’t like it just stfu and go look somewhere else for something you like.

        If i was complaining to every eroge i don’t like i would be complaining to about 80% of all the eroges here, everyone have different taste and you should respect opinion of other…

        Seriously peoples on the internet all act like 5 years old kid who think they should all get what they want if they don’t they start crying.

        PS.I’m french so my english is far from perfect but i think it’s still good enough to be understandable.

  10. Those complaining about yuri eroge won’t be really happy next time too.
    Next eroge will most likely be another Yuri (Katahane) the guys at TLWiki said the patch should be released sometime in August.

    1. Seriously?>..cmon man….that’s like the worst..can someone translate an awesome storybased or slice of life eroge??

      1. FYI Katahane *is* story based – it’s a damn good story, too. If you give it a pass just because it’s yuri, you’ll be missing out.

  11. this game have hentai too maybe someday this company do another hentai maybe and this have many Sequel and Prequel

      1. Yosuga no Sora is not gonna be translated because of the company that made the game right?.. what a shame…

        1. Actually it’s still being translated – currently at roughly 33% done. I’ll post it here once translation finishes.

  12. very nice eroge series indeed. It can sustain without gore, without humiliation, or aliens or terrorists or monsters, just a single yuri love story. A refeshing contrast to many other eroges, though it is a very short encounter.

  13. Thanks admin XD
    Alright, everyone has their own opinions but it didn’t give them rights to say bad things about yuri

  14. i cant figure out how to get the last 4 CGs and the last memory, anyone have any idea of what choice i’m doing wrong?

  15. please spare me with the yuri i happen to be not interested in 2 girls having sex i’d rather be a male protagonist dating a chick!…………anyway i guess some players are interested in it… tnx again for the update admin i’ll just w8 for ur next visual novel that will be post.

      1. Actually i also think it was boring Anata to Koibito Tsunagi was good and had a nice story but this sequel was simply a nukige with almost no story.

    1. i personaly read all of the Sono Hanabira series and i like them all but every1 has there own opinons srry if mispelled anything

  16. @admin i know you upload as soon as you can, but could you look for Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Itoshisa no Photograph the english patch was released before this one, and i havn’t been able to find it myself.

    1. Search AXYPB World with google and you can find the patch easily and you have the find the game by yourself but that shouldn’t be to hard.

  17. Is it possible for you to upload mirrors n other websites such as mediafire or megaupload? I have problems downloading from the current mirrors. I keep getting errors stating that I am already downloading a file when I am not. Sorry for the trouble but I really want to play this eroge. Thanks!

  18. Adminnnn we need a forum and u should have the premium/donate buttons. i really appreciate your hard work and i’m sure there’s a lot of people here who’d like to donates !!

    i’d prefer supporting this site to support Fileserve or filesonic.

    1. Forum is on it’s way – preview at I’m adding games there concurently with reuploading interchangeable mirrors here, so it goes quite smooth. Once i’m done adding all games i’m going to put some kind of poll, whether just keep two separate versions of this site on those two domains ( like it’s now) or just move over that forum here and replace current blog.

      Accepting donations would be just a hassle, since there’s no clear jurisprudence in such case, while right now this site is 100% legal.
      If you really want to spend money then buy some of mangagamers’ games, using “mirror #3 – support game creator” link – they are trying their hardest to bring as many games possible to english market. I also get 10% cut from sales if you’re using that link. Added benefit is proving them that piracy is actually good thing for their buisness – with big enough sales I may be able to negotiate lower prices for erogedownload users, and they might get rid of this annoying DRM for paying customers as well.
      You can also help big time by just spreading the word – if you know any friends that might be interested in hentai games, tell them about this site.

      1. umm admin just a quick question umm once they agree to lower the price u will be stopping posting free download?(…just worried)

      2. If the forum is up and running i’d close this one, it’s much easier to have on single place to look for your eroge.

        I would however keep this site going then for a week or more posting a big announcement about the new forum that everyone knows about it.

  19. Stop trolling arround people, erogedownload is a sacred place 🙂
    This yuri is very nice.
    Thanks admin works like a charm.

  20. you should let people help you upload. i have a ton you dont have on here…and by ton i mean like 8 lol

      1. is it 3rd title in this series? i know where you can get it. it is translated and also features reo and mai. it is the beginning of the reo/mai story. this games contines from where the third game left off.

        what title are you looking for?

          1. Yes, i’m gonna post rest as well. Many eroge games are still missing, and i’m going to upload every game ever translated eventually, but for now i’m focusing on making working filesonic+fileserve interchangeable mirrors for every game that’s already posted.

          2. word. that makes sense. even better i think the other games are already mirrored on fileserve you just have to copy pasta them.

          3. ok… once again you save the day admin…but you shall become a member of a certain anti captcha guerrilla group…my jdownloader cries every time those “ïnsert captcha” messages pop up…=(

  21. It’s not a question for this VN, but I’ve searched everywhere online and I haven’t been able to find Boku no Mesu Hisho wa Doukyuusei.

    Where in the heck can I get it?

      1. o.O… uuuuuuuuuuuuuu and just the two of them here are translated…?
        cause i’d like to collect them

        1. i have 1 – 5 on mu laptop…

          this one is a sequel to number 3 which starts the reo/mai story

          number 2 is meh, its between sara and kaede who you see in this one

          number 4 is between the teacher and a student

          (havent layed it yet.)

          so far 3 and 5 are my favorites

          1. yeah thanks to you saying you have 1-5 you made me spend a about a day getting them all

            i swear these things are going to give me diabetes their that sweet

          2. #4 is between Kaede is Sara a sequel to #2.
            #6 is a sequel to #1
            It’s #7 who have a teacher-student relationship.
            #8 it’s a new couple student-student again
            #9 is a sequel to #7
            #10 is another sequel to #7-9
            #11 haven’t been announced yet but i wouldn’t be surprised if it was a sequel too #8 since it’s the only couple without a sequel right now.

  22. Rubick shut up you hoe he problay prefers scat genre i usually refrain from being mean but he deserves this after all the work admin put in from his own personal time and gth rubick

    1. wtf?? i’m not insulting admin or anything , in fact i do appreciate his hard work but i just have bad taste for Yuri and that does’nt mean i’m being mean to admin

  23. I can’t help but noticed that Reo is based from Taiga (ToraDora), heck even her name taken from big cats just like Taiga’s

    That aside, thanks for the game are the man~!!

    1. Yeah, she looks so much like Taiga and Louise from zero no tsukaima. Rie kugimiya always does characters well. ^.^

  24. TBH I would have jumped as high as high could when I found this site(if common sense had not saved me). My gratitude right now cannot be expressed in words alone.

    So Admin with all your greatness all I can say is thank you

    BTW I just finished Yukkuri Panic! and besides the “Green” ending the others truly made me cry(yes, I said it! Call me what you want XD)

  25. I second Eroshimaru.

    Admin takes his own personal time to upload this content. Factor in the fact he is paying for the server space (I don’t see any adds that would support this site) and purchase of the games, you, me, and any one else who has ever downloaded a single bit of data have absolutely no right to complain one iota. I have no knowledge of you shelling out any of money to help.

    Also, basic logic check: Admin has stated that he posts every English Eroge he can get his hands on. Likely, that means this was the next one to have an English version released. He can’t post what doesn’t exist.

    Thank you Admin for all your hard work.

    1. A perfect example of “If ya don’t have anythin good to say, then don’t say at anythin at all” <.< Although I personally think this can't ever be applied, complainers keep proving me wrong -_- We should be thanking the guy for uploading these treasures XD God knows I'd buy these babies if I could but me being in my country and them being banned…I'd rather take my chances with the authorities then spend an honest life, devoid of any manga/anime(good ones anyway) and eroge/games

      BTW I'm new nice to meet you all, and you know what they say! "What's better than a woman in the midst of passion? Two women in the midst of passion" X3

      1. Aye! Finally someone hardcore as shit. I respect you the utmost now. Otaku vs. the goverment. Wow. The most I have to fight in the US is Loli being illegal.

        Thank you Admin for this, I waited for weeks for this game to be uploaded, I watched the anime, so amazing. 😀

        1. Thats the problem with u guys in Amerika …
          u have to enjoy your precious weapons,
          not the love making stuff ;P xD

      1. well there are no p**is… but it is true that we could find less hardcore here which i personally don’t enjoy

        1. ohoho… do not get it wrong mister…as a male i am only intrested in females but i find more interesting when sex is being done with both male and female…i just find yuri a bit boring

          1. Well, all you have to say is “to each his own.” Hardcore doesnt have depth to it much in eroge, as far as Im concerned. But I respect you opinion nonetheless. 😀

          2. i agree that its booring but f the plot can make up for it then wat the hell.. i mean guys just dont go dwnloadn a file thats 1 gb just to watch a frikin sex scne tht dosnt even move

        2. wtf.. u r saying like im someone with penis fetishes .. i just dont like Yuri that’s opinion about the same as RANDOM_HERO

          1. Thanks…and yeah all i have to say is that heterosexual sex is better than yuri…
            PS: i actually am from Ecuador and there… our mother languaje is spanish, so is a bit hard to express yourself here…

          2. Then don’t complain! Nobody needs your opinion whether you like it or not. You were just attracting the ire of many, if you don’t like it, then shut up! You should be thankful to the admin at least.

    1. It’s all the things we like about nude women, only with more nude women!

      Also, yuri tends to be less hardcore sex and more adorable moe. Bonus points in my book.

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