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  1. Two of the R18 scene aren’t working does anyone have a fix ? Another guy already mentioned it.

    1. Is it the part where you go in the door after using the runes to get through? Saying something like “negations are in order, Robert”
      I got an error that says can’t load some image.png

      1. Fixed that error by following the solutions below, but in the middle of battle, my screen turn black, but I’m still able to hear the sounds and click on the buttons.

  2. Does this game work on Windows 7 because I tried it and it work some time and then cancelling by itself so a there’s away to fix theses problem I wish for an answer

  3. Okay so i wanted to leave this comment here since i have already cleared the game lol. So, the “Error: Failed to load: img/blablabla” bug is apparant in more areas of the game. Especially in the “extras” section at the end after unlocking extra r18 scenes. Now, the reason for this as a lot of you probably already realized is that the “img” in question is missing, now i ttried to simply copying another “img” and replacing its name for the once in the extra section that was missing. However, as it would appear the entire scene is not in the game so they become un-playable. This is for the last two of the scenes at the bottom of the “video” segment which im gonna call the scene selection just to clarify.

    This then brings me to the question if these files are available/already in and something went wrong with the download or if they where simply not added to this version. Or if they are available to get from somewhere else “aka” a “patch” or something.

    Thanks for the good work as always Admin and keep them games coming!

  4. I reached the point in the game when the investigation of the Rider’s group is finished but the game always crashes and says,
    Error: Failed to load: img/Parallaxes/GatewayIsleBuilding_Afternoon.png
    I tried to look for this file but sure enough, it’s missing. Does anyone know how to fix it or where I can find this missing file?

    1. Temp. solution that I did to continue:
      Duplicate the GatewayIsle_Afternoon.rpgmvp file (could duplicate any image file) and rename it to GatewayIsleBuilding_Afternoon.rpgmvp (file the game is looking for)

  5. From what I’ve played of that game so far, anybody that isn’t playing the game because of they heard the translation was terrible might be missing out and should try the game out for themselves. From the first few hours I’ve played the translation has remained clearly and easily comprehensible. They even went and did the magecraft text above certain words. Not that you can’t tell the translation has some errors such as “light” being used instead of “lit”. They keep internet words like moshimoshi in roomaji too. If you don’t have a problem with reading your highschool friend’s in-class english essay then you won’t have a problem with this translation. The beginning dream sequence was the worst of it so far. If anyone should be criticizing the game it should be regarding how just kinda spontaneous it is and how the plotline falls into place all to acceptably.

    1. It’s not a “translation” as you think of it, it’s a heavily edited machine translation. Massive difference. Even if it’s comprehensible and clear, it will inevitably have a LOT of mistranslated lines. While the English dialog will mildly equate to the Japanese sourse, a lot will be missing, wrong, or omitted as that’s the nature of a machine translation. If you have ever used a machine translator to read a VN you’d know what I mean: Can you (usually) understand the gist of what they say? Yes. Is it an accurate representation of the actual dialog and context? Good lord no, often it’s so hilariously off that you can tell even without knowing any Japanese whatsoever.

      This game is closer to a rewrite than a translation, which most (including me) do not prefer. We’re not criticizing a translation, we’re criticizing the lack of a translation.

  6. I read on Reddit that the translator wants us to save often due to frequent crashes to the game. They said that the crashes occurred when they were translating the game.

    1. Apparently this is a heavily edited machine translation that was crudely integrated into the game. It’s a stretch to even call them “translators.” A crying shame, it looks like a good game too. Hopefully fans can correct the errors and inevitable countless mistranslations, but that probably will not happen.

        1. There should be a distinction between Machine Translations that are edited to actually make sense and flat out machine translations, especially when it’s done through an app that’s being applied to the game as you play it such as with what they did with Dungeon’s Legion. Really made that game unplayable.

  7. Me after looking this game up: OMG this one has Astolfo in it! Yeeeah boi!
    *it has no yaoi scenes with him at all*
    Me afterwards: WTF? Why did they even make this then? Talk about a total waste of space that’s not worth downloading.

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