Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchiduke Wo – A Kiss for the Petals

Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchiduke Wo - A Kiss for the Petals

The first installment of the series, this particular game follows Oda Nanami who is a new freshman in high school. However on the first day, she ends up in an accident in which a senior student from the school comes to her rescue. Ever since that meeting with Matsubara Yuna, Nanami just cannot get her mind off of her and later decides to join the student council. But one day…Nanami catches Yuna doing something very strange, while also calling out Nanami’s name.

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  1. for some reason, this doesn’t let me extract the .rar file. Anyone else getting this problem? I really really reeaaaallllyy wanna play this *^* because yuri forever

    1. I’ve downloaded receintly – I was able to extract and play on tablet with Win10 – no issues at all. Check the size- maybe download failed and file is now corrupted.

  2. Thank you so much, I was having trouble finding an English patch but its already translated, thanks x 🙂

  3. @Kazuma: yeah its normal for Hanabira to be this small. The whole Hanabira series are also this small. Most are almost 200 MB while some are a little more than 200 MB like 230 MB.
    @Anyone: Is it just me or are the fonts a little messed up to understand. I’ve finished the game once and I’m playing it again. The fonts were messed up a little like before.

  4. I only see 1 link and its SonoHanabira1.rar – 192.8 MB is it normal? if not please fix it i really want to play a yuri vn

  5. this is in what language again? jap or eng or chi or any other foreign language that i don’t know? if it is any other than eng, chi or kanji jap, is there a eng patch to it?

  6. Okay, so, after finding out there were yuri eroge(why didn’t I consider this?) I decided to download this.

    For some reason, nothing happens when I try to run it. It flashes an hourglass for like, 1 second and then nothing. I even check the task manager to see if something was happening but nope.jpg.

    Zuh? Also my computer is old and crappy.

  7. are any of u guys runin it on win7?
    and if so are you using japanese local?
    cuz im having the same problem as d-lite.

    and to you people who are having trouble extracting the game… u did not finish the download thats y its asking for another part.

  8. So why won’t it save. For some reason everytime I press save and come back to it a few hours later my save file isn’t there….

  9. Ugh…..great eroge but it keeps force closing.
    I downloaded this a few months ago but it keeps force closing but I put up with it but now I’m replaying, thinking the problem is fixed but it’s not………anyone having the same problem?

    1. Oh, and when I put it in windows, the window turns white for a split-second also cutting off the sound. It also does this every few seconds….

      1. I have been running into that issue now as well can’t even get very far when the program stops responding and I have to force it to shutdown very annoying.
        It appears that some window opens then closes in less than 1 second a few times before the program stops responding.

        1. I was having the same issues as well. I’m using windows 7 and found that if i use compatibility mode using XP, it works fine

  10. Hey, i was just curious; is there a decensor patch for this or the other games in the series? I can’t find any and it’s censored. :/

  11. why whenever i try to download, even with the correct captcha, a error comes out and says “wrong ip” ? this happens for everything i want to download…

  12. When I play it I keep getting an error message in Japanese very often, which throws me back to desktop. Any ideas?

  13. alright ive got 1, 5, and 7 and 5 looks like its continueing another one and i was wondering if there was a previous one with the girls from the 5th one.

  14. aw i really wanna play this but cant find any downloadable links anywhere D: can someone reupload it or give me a downloadable link please? reeeaaally appreciate it 🙂

  15. I think that if yaoi eroges are tagged like that in “downloads” section, you could also tag “yuri” to sono hanabira

  16. I think this originally had a box cover picture as well at one point. See Conquering the Queen for a more detailed post as to what a I mean.

  17. I downloaded the game and i can open it normaly, but the words doesn’t apear, just the namo of the character apears as “???” how do I fix this?

    btw using windows 7 here

  18. I have the same problem when clicking mouse the game crashes to desktop or just freezing my windows full english!!! it seems that its your translation crashes it so pls fix it and make a patch

    1. is because ur using windows 7 all hanabira games 1-9 have this problem :S only the new hanabira game *______* lili platinum have this problem fixed when u play the hanbira games 1-9 on windows xp run perfectly u_u

  19. I love yuri (yeah, I’m straight girl). It would be really amazing if I could play more games of this series. Because they are great.

  20. Is this a yuri game? Sorry if I was mistaken but that was what came to my mind when I first looked at the picture.

  21. hi just downloaded this game works great 🙂 so far so good no problems only thing i noted was the .rar file being named .exe and confusing me xD and is 2-4 gonna be uploaded too since i seen 1 and 5 up?

  22. It would be very generous to say this game lasts even two hours. Typically the choices you have to make are pretty obvious at each branch, and the game is pretty damn easy, because in almost all the choices (Except 2 I believe), if you choose the wrong one, the game will just flat out end.

    The voice acting is really nice though, and it really adds to the sex scenes, making them a thousand times more, *ahem*, hot than they otherwise would be.

    Overall, if you’re looking for a game with no story beyond two girls getting together, and you’re a huge fan of yuri, you’ll probably like this game.

  23. To Admin san
    Can you make it uncensored?? i mean its already H Game anyway, no different between censored or Uncensored, we still know what happened right??

      1. Aw crap, i forgot about that law… but why is sometimes i find that some games are censored while the other Uncensored??

        1. Games released “officially” in USA have often censorship removed, since there’s no such laws there. ( that’s the case in most of uncensored games)
          Fans can sometimes create “uncensor patches”, by extracting images from game files, removing mosaics with photoshop, then putting them back in (quite rare the case, since it involes quite a lot of work)

  24. Wow, this game is great, the story is so-so, but the CG Art is wonderful… Let me know if the second one is coming Out, thanx for your hard work and sharing hehe

  25. Sono Hanabira 2,3 have been released for a while now and 4 have been released a few days ago.
    Do you think you will upload them here anytime soon ?

  26. i like your site, but you have to do something about the downloads..try using mediafire ..or megaupload..they are waaaay better than this

    1. Mine is funnier, when i play the game, i accidently press the other window, when i return to the game, my screen freeze, unresponding so i had to close it… Why is that??
      but thank goodness the game itself is normal….

      1. Uups it seems there were some error when i play this game… For every ten dialogue line, the windows is always shaking n freeze for a moment before i can click again… why is that???

  27. hey admin i love this game please email me when u think u can get your hands on the other ones or where u think i can get my hands on them….love your site bro keep up the good Ero

  28. When I downloaded this the screen uploaded all fine. I clicked New Game and when the story started no words would appear in any of the text boxes. Please Help D:

  29. sooo, my text is aaaallll boxes… and this has happened to me with Xchange and YinYang… any help guys?

  30. Come on, when will you fix this link? ._.
    I’m waiting for almost one month, and the size of this game is so small.

  31. I absolutely love this game!!! xD it’s soo moe!! I know that it’s deleted but i have this game on my other comp and i love to play it XDDDDDD i just wanted to say this lol.

    1. I started with alphabetical order, but then switched to popularity – i’m reuploading the most sought-after games first ( counting the number of pageviews each site gets).

      1. Hi admin, I was wondering if you can get an eroge title “Se.Kirara”??
        It looks pretty nice with beautiful CGs^^

  32. Thanks for the download but after the bath scene it just takes me back to the main menu, I know this isn’t the ending but it won’t let me finish the game D: The last line I see before it takes me to the start menu is ‘Seeing the unknown depths of Onee-sama’s depravity, I shuddered uncontrollably with dread.’
    Anyone else have this problem or know what I’ve done wrong? ;-;

    1. If you don’t go along with everything that Yuuna wants when the game offers you choices, you hit the premature end you’ve experienced.

      I know she’s kind of an emotionally-manipulative bitch, frankly, but you’re going to have to redo it. Skip function to the rescue. It’ll only take 5 minutes.

  33. Downloaded the game, and it does work…but for some reason when i play in full screen mode it keeps going back to the desktop. Even when i play in window mode it tries to exit the game, but manages to stay open somehow. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if there’s a way to fix it. Awesome site by the way with some great downloads.

    1. I had the same problem because I use Japanese localization for the system. The problem will be solved if you run the game with English localization. It works perfectly if you run it with AppLocale.

      1. Gomen! It’s not better this way, it’s the same :S It’s always try to exit and in the end the program stops working.

  34. Thank you so much! The english patch for the second installment came out recently, and so I hope you put that game up too. Thanks again.

  35. This isn’t an anime-it’s a light novel and thus cannot be watched like an anime, although it is very much similar to one. You will have to download this through the link given. There is, however, a Hanabira anime out. You can go to this link to watch it (it’s a download)

    This episode is of the characters in the third game of Hanabira.

  36. there are a couple of choices but not a very robust game in routes. Still nice artwork and a cute story make it a fun but sadly short game.

  37. Well I Just Wanna Know Is This A One-Way Game Or Has Different Routes Considering Different Choices???I Mean,Does It Has A Walkthrough???!!!

  38. oh, rigtht. I uploaded 5th game instead of first one. I’ll upload proper one right away. Thanks for info.

  39. Hello, i too am new here, are all of these the same game? the game dl looks like Hanabira5 while the patches are of the first one, is this right?

  40. I’m sorry I’m new to this site. Is there an english patch for this game? Also, when I tried to play the game (in japanese), it looked like this was one of the sequels to this game (featured a black-haired girl and a blond-haired girl).

    1. Every download on this site is English.
      This game is first of “Sono Hanabira” yuri series – there are 8 in total, but only this one is fully translated as of now ( second game is coming out soon – it’s already translated and now it’s in “editing” phase. Work began on translating third game )

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