Wish: Israfil Saga

Wish: Israfil Saga

The continent of Israfil, in a world of sword and sorcery, is where our protagonist, Soma Dakeyon, has grown up, enjoying his peaceful affairs.
Then on the day he became an adult, he received an order from the nefarious tyrant and mad emperor Diadora Level to join her harem.

However, Soma, who is driven by the current of destiny, sets out on a journey to save the continent which trembles in fear of the empress…
Elf Pontifex, princess knight, the original vampire, amongst others will join him on his quest. At the battlefield where so many beauties are awaiting,
imagine what kind of adventures will unfold……..?!

‘Wish’ is a match three game where you attack your enemy by eliminating jewels and making combos paired with a visual novel element.

Each woman has a story in which you will need to fight against them and make them your companions in order to ultimately fight against the unfathomable wickedness. Develop your skill, item and capability so that you can abundantly enjoy the adventure in the continent of Israfil.

3 Responses to “Wish: Israfil Saga”

  1. Saber is love, Saber is life says:

    Very similar to Mirror. Not as great but a good clone.

  2. LittleGunner says:

    It looks similar to mirror game from steam, I kinda wish this fun tho. I’ll try it out later

  3. Carbon-based lifeform says:

    Already played it. Actually very good game, but a bit buggy.

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