Melty Blood Act Cadenza ver. B

Melty Blood Act Cadenza ver B

Melty Blood Act Cadenza ver.B is a Windows PC port of the Arcade with new features such as a tag-team mode. Melty Blood makes use of widely used concepts in fighting games such as cancels (cancelling an attack before its animation ends, then beginning another, allowing for more complex and damaging combos) chain combos (normal moves that can be link without the use of cancels) and the use of power bars (called Magic circuits in-game)….

6 Responses to “Melty Blood Act Cadenza ver. B”

  1. Sob sob says:

    Hey admin do you know how to change the keypad control?

  2. Billy Bo Filly says:

    1-click download link needs to be updated.

  3. heee says:

    the english patch needs japanese disc… how can i install it… can someone help?

  4. Dr Ed Richtofen says:

    Tsukihime in a fighting game!! thanks admin

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