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  1. What emulator are you using to run this? Only one I have doesn’t seem to work. I get 3 windows that open with data i don’t understand (one window being blue in color)

    1. Not an emulator. You need to either change your computer’s locale setting to Japanese or use applocale to emulate your locale setting. To use applocale after installing it, right-click the game’s exe and select applocale -> Japanese from the dropdown list.

      1. can’t get applocale to install, I’m on Windows 10 and it says I’m missing files. I had been useing a program called locale emulator, but this doesn’t seem to be working for me now either

        1. try us this “Right click the apploc.msi and choose “Properties”, go to “Compatibility” and check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for: “, choose “Previous version of Windows”. Then click “Apply” and close the windows. Run the apploc without cmd.” And then just search in youtube how to use it .For me worked

  2. Hybrid Translations just released an update patch with the uncensored artwork and a new uncensored scene for everyone (not just patrons) on patreon

    1. For some reason, I can’t access Patreon or Mega.
      Can somebody please post a MediaFire link with the uncensored patch here?

    1. im also getting blue screen with a bunch of ?????? on the reason for crash. using applocale but no dice. any ideas?

      1. For some games using applocale is not enough, you have to change it Windows. I’m not sure if thats the case here, but I had same blue screen with multiple games.

    1. I used that wiki to play through it too, but parts of it are incomplete. If you have finished at least 1 route, then there is a hint button on the status screen that details the requirements for all the endings.

      1. Here is some general advice if anyone is interested.

        The amount of experience and sutra(money) that you get from any one scene is influenced by the amount of hp the girl has at the moment. I don’t just mean how they become weak after a certain health level. Have a character at 51/100 hp do an event and you’ll get maybe half the exp points you would at 100/100 hp. And the amount appears to increase exponentially, so you should try to raise the characters max hp as much as possible. By the end of the month in the game, all my characters had at least 300-400 hp and were getting thousands of exp and sutra at a time.

    1. Checked it myself, and no, it doesn’t. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, there’s a version of the patch out there that decensors all HCGs, but apparently it’s only for Patreon backers. It would be really cool if Admin got hold of that.

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