Violated Hero 2

Violated Hero 2

The descendent of a proud lineage of heroes: you.
Face terror in the form of SO MANY monster girls!
Strokings of the cock (handjobs)! Twirlism of the tendrils (tentacles)! Girlance of the top (girl on top sex)…?
Enjoy reverse rape by all of hell’s diverse cuties.

You are a hero. Unsheath thy gentleman’s weapon!
(It’s probably futile, though.)

To save the world, defeat the demon queen!

103 comments on “Violated Hero 2

  1. I cannot figure out how to paste all the data folders since they are all named the same, what am I supposed to do? I’m pretty new to downloading eroge so any help is appreciated!

  2. Awful, awful game. I can testify personally, as playing this game gave me a chronic meat jacking condition. I am now addicted to beating one off to this game. Beware.

    1. …I don’t get how that makes this game awful. Isn’t that the whole point of H-games? Then, if it gave you that condition, I’d say it must be pretty good. (…Think about it, if any of us are even on this site…chances are we ain’t getting laid any time soon…unfortunate as that may be.)

      1. They were clearly trying to copy Monster Girl Quest with the story of telling the Monster Lord to stop doing bad things. Even the the Iron Maiden monster was a copy. Yet they failed miserably in my opinion. Obviously this story is much shorter. The characters aren’t anywhere close to being as appealing in this game than the MGQ series.

  3. I don’t suppose there’s any way to “save” the poor Mermaid, is there? ^^; I feel really sorry for her in that condition after all… 🙁

    1. Move the cursor to the top of the screen/window and the menu to save will “drop down”. Took me a while to figure that out too!

  4. How do you get Amu’s offer? >.>
    Is it by the choices you get while talking to her?
    I’ve lost once against Xueli already. And hell, was losing to her worth it.
    I’ve killed 3 generals.
    Can’t get Amu’s door to unlock.
    Help please!

    1. Nevermind, figured it out.
      You have to answer the questions correctly.
      I totally fucked up the second one.
      Time to backtrack… ughhhh……

  5. how do you face Amu? I’ve beat all 3 of the other demon generals (both killed and spared) but can’t get her door to unlock.

  6. how do you face Amu? I’ve beat all 3 of the other demon generals (both killed and spared) but can’t get her door to unlock

  7. Whenever I defeat two generals, the game won’t let me go after other generals and will force me to fight the demon lord underleveled. How can I fix this?

  8. I was a bit confuse about it 1st but you literally kill the 3 generals indeed by \finishing them off\ and go to Amu of her
    offer for power then you can Challenge the Queen.

    I also realize when you fight her with an hp of 400+ just don’t waste your heal or skill just take the damage and the
    power that you gather from the 4 generals will activate.

    so your hp from 400+ will become 1000+ and that is how you
    use all skill. but remember not let your hp below 400hp.

    1. err…sorry about that, it works fine.
      I just didn’t realize that I couldn’t download more than 2 at the time.

  9. I watched the final fight on youtube, when the main character powers up after getting hurt he is twice as strong as my character. I have accepted the generals offer and cleared every dungeon. Can not beat last boss please let me know if you know why.

  10. hi guys, i just passed the game all endings, however the replay mode marks 97% complete while cg is 100%, what could i have missed, is in the third page in the botom righ section (besides medusa)

  11. I have tried everything i think i can do but i still can’t play this game and others japanese games. I have Windows7 and my settings are on Japanese locale too. Can somebody tell me what to do? Or at least tell me a video that explains what to do?

    1. It appears syntax error and when i try to solve the problem it shows that the game is incompatible or something

        1. that solved the syntax error but when i try playing it, it shows error in openning and when i try solving the problem it shows that the game is incompatible. Thx for your help but would you know how i can fix it?

  12. I cant seem to figure how the installation works, its the first time i’ve downloaded something like this, i’ve downloaded all the 7 parts and the english patch, can anyone help?

  13. hey managed to launch the game, i hear sound but my screen is totally white, and looks like the bottom area of the screen is clickable (changes to a hand pointer). anyone have any idea whats going on?

  14. anybody knows why when i start the game the screen just remains white yet i get sound? dont have this issue with other VNs/games

    1. This solution works on okasare hero, a game from the same studio. So I bet it works on this game:

      Open the game EXE, and before the window shows up (there’s 1-2 seconds of time window) right click on the game EXE icon.

      This works but the Chinese guy who found it out couldn’t tell why. I guess luck is blessed on the gamer that keeps trying.

  15. I like this one better then the first one. much more memorable characters. also it’s not just a huge grindfest like the first felt like at times.

  16. It’s not really related to this game, but I’ve been having a problem with most of my games. When there’s an animation or opening movie or something like that, the game screen just becomes green, not displaying anything. However, the audio is still fine. When I play the movie clip by itself, it’s fine too. The green screen appears only on the game movie clips, during the game. What should I do?

    1. Are you playing on a toaster? Green screen is usually a graphic/flash problem

      If you think you have a graphic card who should be able to run the game, then try these steps:

      1. Update your flashplayer

      2. Update your graphics driver

      3. Try again

      4. If it does not work, reinstall the game and try again

      5. Not fixed now? Then either give up, or dont play on a toaster.

      1. I don’t know what this “toaster” you are talking about is. I’m just playing the games on my notebook computer. I only download, extract, and install the games, and don’t put them through anything extra. Also, my flashplayer and graphics driver is as updated as it can be on my notebook computer.

  17. I noticed there’s actually a 3rd harem cg set. Anyone know how to activate it?

    It also doesn’t show up under the cg or replay mode. You can only find it under the data/bgimage folder.

  18. Thanks It helped me. Also, for anybody still having some problems running the game, try looking for the translation team web page so you can run the game properly 😉

  19. Hey guys.

    I downloaded the game yesterday and it worked fine but since a moment ago when I try to save, an information window pops up and I can’t save the game. It’s in japanese so I’m afraid I won’t be able to provide any more information but if anyone would help it’d be great, thank you.

  20. Hello admin.

    Can you upload daiteikoku? I am a fan of Alicesoft games. I appreciate it and am willing to donate. Thank you


  21. Can anyone tell me why it says wrong ip whenever i try to download the english patch after entering the captcha? Thanks a bunch!

  22. It’s weird, I got this game a while ago and it worked just fine, but when the full english patch came out, it doesn’t work anymore. I downloaded it here and I’m getting the \startup.tjs\ error now.

  23. Keep getting the \startup.tjs\ error, I have already rename the data file and I have re install almost 3 times.

    Some help please?

  24. so there is no raping in heaven like in game 1? xd is the best ending i have seeing so far (other than the ending of monster girld quest 2 when u kill the maou XD)

  25. when will the Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Ryouran * Sangokushi Engi – Wu-Hen game be translated and uploaded? just asking because the 1st one rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Nice game!

    Please admin can you fix Tears to Tiara parts? link to part 11 is only 9.65 Kbs

    If anyone has this part, please give me a link if you please.

    Thanks for this wonderful site!

    1. Apparently she’s the “randomly appearing Demon of Darkness”. Seems to be the lord of the traditional demon type and things related to darkness.

      1. What happens to you when she beats you really got me curious XD was just wondering if she was some kind of demon I’ve never heard of.

  27. I’m in Castle and already defeated 3 generals & all other special monsters.
    But I cann’t go to the fourth. The Magic circle block the way.

    What should I do?

    1. the last one is amu, you have to start back to the beginning of the castle and choose “it felt good but regret” option when she shows up to access her battle
      Yes u have to beat the whole 2nd floor again, but if u want to get to her u have to do it.

  28. Question~
    how can I defeat the mermaid?
    I practically defeated anything in this darn forest and I still can’t proceed …..
    Help Guys!

      1. sure I agree but after defeating every boss in this map, just the mermaid… I defeat her and the protagonist dies…
        its hard to make sense of that actually….

        1. You need to surrender during fight against her to win. Its the same with Zombie and Wolfie girl, in order to see Hscene you need to win against them, in order to move forward in game you need to lose/surrender.

          1. ohh thanks, how can I beat the Maou? any tips?
            the character’s HP is around 493 only? or did I miss something along the way?

          2. You cannot beat her the first time through, you must lost to have a clear flag set, this is in the English Patch Readme.

  29. I know you have to pay for the site somehow, but admin, you’ve got to ditch the pop-unders. They are a nightmare to deal with in IE and Chrome.

    The pop-unders stole the focus form this window twice when tying to submit my reply, for example.

  30. I have the same problem that is present with Lightining Warrio Raidy 2: the game screen is too big and I can’t access the full screen selection in the game option. Is there a way to run the game full screen (adding ‘/f’ to the shortcut doesn’t work). I’m using a netbook with Win7.

    1. Me too. I think its the writing. I might just be jaded, but the first game didn’t seem as grimdark whereas the second one (if you lose the demon generals) bluntly claims that humanity is effectively driven into extinction following your defeat. I mean, goddamn! The situation was THAT bad and the hero is acting like a pansy the whole time?

  31. krdevui.dll is missing? How can I fix it? What can I do to run this game? When I click on \ViolatedHero2.exe\ it show some error related to \ordevui.dll\ How can I fix it in order to play this game???

    Please, someone helpme… T_T

    1. Did you try this things:

      Help, it didn’t work!
      1. Run the game with your computer in Japanese locale. Also make sure you extracted the game in Japanese locale too. There are lots of tutorials for this on the Internet.
      2. Make sure you have a /data folder but no data.xp3 file. Rename or delete data.xp3 if you do, otherwise the game will still be in Japanese.
      3. If you’re using applocale or a similar program rather than setting your computer to Japanese locale, make sure the Violated Hero game directory name doesn’t contain any Japanese characters before you attempt the patch install.
      4. Make sure the directory path to the game isn’t excessively long. I don’t know if it’s a problem with Windows or the game engine, but this can cause the game to not execute properly.

      1. I have some trouble running this game too, the game start in japanese but not in english. Can you tell me specific step to change language game from japanese to english? i still not understand that step 2

  32. I agree it might not be the best monster girl game out there but its something worth if you just want to waste some time in a weekend(like i do) so thx for posting it

  33. There are 3 endings(also a little walkthrough to them):
    In order to get to endings you will need to lose to Maou once you get to him, after that you need to start game again (you can start from castle).
    Also you need to pick second options(Because i want to bring happines to world , It felt good with reluctance in voice) then you can get those 3 endings:
    1. Good ending- Defeat Maou, in order to do that you need to KILL 3 generals and agree to proposition of fourth one.
    2. Maou Toy ending- Lose against Maou when shes in Serious Mode after killing at least one general/not fighting at least one general
    3. Harem ending- Lose against Maou doesnt matter if shes in Serious Mode or in the first one, but before you do that you need to defeat all 4 generals and leave them alive.
    VN is better than first game but not enough to make it a good game, if VH1 is 4/10 then VH2 is 6/10. Endings in my opinion are pretty good,or at least better then rest of the game. There is an Extra Ending/Scene after you get 100% in status(or 3 endings not sure which one seeing as i noticed it after i had both), you can find it on bottom of screen in title menu.

    1. Note just save in the scene before you choose what to do with the first general you defeat then finish the game after that just load it no need to do the entire dungeon all over from the start

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