Thug Hero Party

Thug Hero Party

“Ryuujin” are the chosen few by a deity called “Ryuu”. For the world and its people, Ryuujin have long battled a wicked lord.

On a smaller scale, there is an unremarkable village in which Imos the Powerless lives peacefully. He, having a slight inferiority complex, passes the time with his little sister Tori, a playmate named Lotia (who is now a Ryuujin), his gentle scholar Crimina, and a tomboyish princess named Aina.

The decision is made to vanquish the wicked lord once and for all. It’s the top priority of all Ryuujin henceforth, including Lotia. Lotia reluctantly consents to sex with the hero of her party, Variges, because people from her village are hostages. Imos can only stand and watch this injustice take place…

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  1. just to remind myself of my roots. it’s been, what, 4+ years? plandemic and all? ending 5 all the way here.

  2. The ending 5 is really kind of weird because im guessing where the people who torment aru and imos going to hell and Behelnicht watch them suffer at top the clift.But that was nice to
    see them suffer i mean all of them 🙂

    1. I agreed if you ignored the ntr content straight go to the story plot it was very good.Because at the end when you kill goddess fenis you will also kill

      lust(no one gets rape anymore because the man not getting hard and woman not getting wet and horny)

      gluttony(where you see a man having just a tea instead of beer)

      greed(money where you see some protitute dont want any of that anymore)

      sloth(you also see there’s 2 people dude wants to go adventuring)

      envy(still the same though by the way of imos because his envy pretty strong)

      wrath (where you see the thug calm down)

      pride(where you see asim his pride as a man crumble when he hurt aina because aina say to him he just like anyone else abandoned his pure heart)

      So anyone here got to know this story deep like me you are GENIUS

      Sorry i may not look like it but my ENGLISH is pretty bad tee hee 😉

  3. Well, as much as I hate to admit, I am quite fond of NTR (only in fantasies). But even I’m afraid to touch this game watching videos on it and hearing what other had to say about it. It still bewilders me that the hetare protagonist in these types of games never does the deed with the heroine first. Like they’re basically waiting their entire life for someone to come in and swoop in to cuck them. Just because the MC is weak, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be able to hook up with his love interests. Kinda his own fault tbh.

  4. What made me go through this was the hope to fight back and win back the girl like in Amor Magic Academy, when I realized I can’t I was angry as hell, why put a leveling system then, thats when I reached the Revenge route, I realized its not the villains fault but the dragons, like the chaos gods in warhammer, they rely on human emotions and also about humans need to be beautiful and strong so they orchestrate events to make ugly and weak people to die or left alone, like Loita and the MC, the dragons did not want to pair them so they planned all this to push them apart, for Aina’s dragon he wanted her to be submissive since she was uncontrollable. still 10/10 plot, never gonna touch this again

  5. even with my broken english, I still HAVE TO leave a comment here, so that other people wouldn’t fall victim to this vicious game.

    Well, the story is a bit better than most NTR and it even have multiple endings that’s not completely shitty, BUT THAT JUST MAKE THIS GAME A TORTURE! Because you can’t just told yourself “This is just another NTR nonsense” and delete the game.

    That better bit of story and the promise of satisfying endings keep me in this hell. I desperately search for any easy exit called story synopsis/ walkthrough/ spoiler, BUT THERE ARE NONE AVALIBLE.

    Fortunately, I still found the complete save file and finally get to know the conclusion of the story without having to slowly playthrough all of it.

    So here is the complete spoiler of all endings

    1.)MC missed the chance to claim the wicked power, unable to come to term with his loss, he lived a pathetic life in the peaceful world, his sister and his crush apparently got along well with their NTRer(?). But Sadly for the princess, her NTRer was a totally unsalvageable douchebag and she had a miserable life afterward.

    2.)same as ending No.1 but MC somehow accepted his fate, and not totally in grief, relatively happy ending I guess?

    3.)MC gained the power of wicked dragon and went down the path of vengeance, he killed NTRer who stole his crush, but was killed by his crush for that she has already got along well and have a child with the NTRer. The world is saved, and the princess is saved too! because that douchebag had died!

    4.)same as ending No.3, but MC decided not to killed the NTRer after learned that they already have a child together, He then lived in solitude with his wifu dragon somewhere hiding from their persuer, it’s hinted that the happiness won’t last forever, but at least they got a break they deserved.

    5.)continuation of ending No.3, but when fighting with his crush, MC was the victor of that fight. MC and his dragon then face the true mastermind, The dragonfolk who guided their human followers. They stand no chance against our MC, but the dragonfolk’s end is also humanity’s end. MC magically turned to dust after the battle, And the main cast to be left alive were his sister (and her amputated NTRer) and the princess who enjoyed her remaining time in the dying world (yes, because that douchebag NTRer died!) (This is the only ending where the world ends)

    6.)same as ending No.5, but the wicked dragon somehow change her mind not to leave the world rot and revived the dragonfolk so that the humanity would also be revived, they will come after her life once again in the far future thought

  6. t start I just wanted to be strong and tried save girls but typical NTR I couldnt and reaaaaally got mad on villains and waited for be wicked king I did it and kill villains on revene route but when that bitch lotia killed me got mad again and I reborn and tried to destroy the world and I did it too last part was very satisfying kill kill and kil .D yhere is just one happy end for our MC but that was good too … even nıw when I am stressed I am killing lotia and dragons just for fun :DD

  7. I just finished this game and I can’t get it out of my mind.

    I respect it. Good characterization, decent plot, alright H scenes. The main protag is incredibly likable and relatable, he’s powerless but he has heart. He tries his best to help people.

    Even so, my heart is torn in two by this game. I thought I could handle it, and I could for the most part. Tori broke me, though. Because I can’t tell if Tori is a traitor or broken herself. Her fate really is sad. I can’t stand it. I can’t get it out of my mind. I wish I could. Guess I’ll just have to sit around and wait to stop caring. Until then, I’ll think of her being left behind in the village and refusing to leave with the protag after suffering all of that abuse.

    Goddamn, this game hits hard. I respect it fully, and if you like NTR you should like this. If you don’t: Stay away.

  8. I like how retro and fun the game is but “CAUTION” ONLY FOR EXTREMIST i didnt last long enough to play it but i could tell its not gonna make me love it but overall the game is good but dont like how it happened……

    1. You don’t need any 1000 damage item. Because you can’t save Aina. The door guard is basically immortal. I’ve open this game via RPG Maker VX/Ace and see that the Ryuujin door guard has incapacitate state resist that basically, he can’t die. He has 18000 HP though. But even when you can beat that guard (by change it with RPG Maker), you still can’t save Aina, because there is no continuation after you fight that guard.

      You can edit the game, if you understand RPG Maker VX/Ace. But then there are a lot of things that you have to edit. As it will change many things in the game.

  9. hmm… i played it. and all i see is MC is useless as shit even trying to help Aina didn’t do jack shit when you get to the entrance at the upper right corner cause some dick is there also the one you get to partner up is also useless and then at the very last he turns into an enemy kills the fucker but the girl hates her THE FUCK WITH THAT??!! well i still like it.

  10. Actually, I think the story of this game is very good. Ignore the NTR. Just don’t put your heart into the MC. consider him as the MC from a story that you watch, and you’ll not that hurt when playing this game. So don’t take personal, and it will be enjoyable.

    For me, this game should be called as “The Raise of a Villain” or “The Raise of the Wicked King”. I have only finish with ending number 4. I felt satisfied when I killed Variges. But, it’s not my best ending (in my mind). For me, the best ending is when he decided to not kill Varegas; after his nemesis said that Lotia is pregnant for their second kid. For me, it’s not a lost for Imos. It just…, it’s his love to Lotia, that he can’t accept to see the woman he love lost the father of her children.

    So, I don’t agree when somebody say that there is no good ending in this game. Well, for the girls, yes, there is not. They are victims, and the hero can’t save them from their fate. But actually, Imos got a happy ending for himself. He lost Lotia, yes. But he got another lover. And he lived happily ever after with his waifu.

    1. Actually you can save Aina in ending 5 and 6. In those endings you actually get to end the world and save Aina the process, she thanks you for it and is free to enjoy the last few years the world has left.

      1. No. Even in End.4, you saved Aina. You kill that bald fatty with
        magic. So basically, in every “good” ending in this game, that bald naked fatty is dead.

        I’ve tried some Hentai RPG that created by RPG Maker, and I think
        in term of story and game play, this game is the best (as far as I know). Maybe the others have better feature, like using ABS (action battle System), First person system, etc. But none of them have the story that so good as this game.

        It is not the best because it rapes your mind. But because of the
        seriousness of the story that the creator made.

        Who’s the developer who create this game?

  11. Can Lotia be defeated after killing Variges? In the battle I take her down to a sliver of health and its my Lotia R clone versus her, but have not been able to finish her off.

    1. I got the same problem. I can’t kill Lotia despite her life is almost done.

      Damn, there are a lot of god mode enemies in this game, which we can’t kill whatever we want, even when we actually can kill them in combat (if there is no god mode in here).

    2. Oh I got this one. I think it is not a spoiler, as you can find the hint inside the game itself.

      Basically, you have to finish the end4 route. After that take new game+, and you will be able to kill Lotia, and go to either route 5 or 6.

  12. This game is certainly hardcore in the NTR aspect,but honestly, looking back ,the story feels strangely philosophical.
    For better or worst,it fills me so full of emotion and experience.
    The bitter-sweetness of 6th ending(true end i suppose) is definitely well worth the pain of first 70% of the game.

    The story is mostly compelling,except the slut imouto’s story The gameplay also does a good job of emphasis what the story is telling. It wholesomely tells a well crafted world.

    In the end, i wont say i would recommend this game to anyone ,but if you are willing to try, i am sure it will be a meaningful journey.

    Now… a salute to the Protagonist for what he has endured and done.

  13. the game is acting weird when i launch it in full screen mode, at 1290×1080 resulation, it start having weird black lines at the top of the screen, like the game is not working right

    1. Once you get a ending and go to the new game + room where you can see the scenes you can also find the info on how to get all the endings. So just check everything in that room.

  14. Anybody have a complete save? Heard there are multiple endings so I want to see the scenes and not just the CG. Don’t really want to go through the game multiple times for different endings.

  15. Jesus, the comments here are definitely telling me what NTR means. I’m not touching this with a ten foot pole.

  16. I think NTR fans will enjoy this game. Really makes you feel the despair that the MC goes through. The characters also have a little more depth to them compared to most NTR games, where the girls just fall in love with the guy who has the bigger dick.

    I also recommend NTRPG2 if you liked this one.

  17. Dont bother to win the battle at least until you get wicked king power. and why i feel this game looks like rance but in darker and reverse way.

  18. Anybody know any good yandere titles on this site? I’m just asking because after reading this I feel like I can tale on anything.

  19. All these guys telling you it’s worth it for the ending are bullshitting. Entire game is just filled with annoying characters not a single worthwhile one(mc/heroines included). The H scenes are just plopping sounds over and over and over. You’ll lose your shit. The ending all the heroines end up falling in love with their rapists and if you decide to take revenge, they end up killing you for killing their rapists while justifying it saying you turned into a demon and they were together with their rapists to protect the world for you lol. Yes that’s right, having sex in front of you for a good weekend while you just watch and starve. It’s all for you lolol.

    It’s so bad.

  20. Can+help+me+giving+a+control+button+about+the+gameplay…do+not+have+any+option+control…if+it+like+a+gameboy…

  21. It is super dark until the end, though the (true) ending is good it is extremely hard to get through all the NTR scene, to reach the true end you must pass the normal end where you kill the guy NTRed yours and will be killed by …
    Even in true end (not good end, there is no good end), it’s still quite dark but you got your revenge and won’t die.
    And yes, it is recommend mostly for M type only.
    This would be largely recommend if you can skip your “forced losing streak” and go right into revenge.

  22. Can anyone that already finish the game tell me that can I take revenge in the story, I mean in the story the hero finally have a backbone to kill those who raped the girls? seriously? The hero let a little girl cover him from three big guys? Even though she knew how to use a bomb but still.

    If the hero can take revenge, I seriously kill those piece of shit again and again, max out the hero level, restart the game and kill them again. THIS IS PURGATORY AND THE SINNERS WILL NEVER GO TO HEAVEN.

    1. The first half of the game you wish you could kill the bad guys … the second half you regret that you didnt kill the good guys. There’s many endings … not a single “good” ending though. You end up feeling empty inside irl by the end xD

        1. SPOILER



          Early game:
          Your “girlfriend”, your sister, your childhood friend, all ends up raped for the “better good” .. not even trying to go against it.

          Mid game:
          You can’t do anything but watch everything that meant something to you become more and more corrupt.

          End game:
          Your “girlfriend” has a child and are pregnant with the bad guy,on the other hand, you have become the badest guy yourself to take revenge. You kill the bad guy, your “girlfriend” which now loves him attacks you, saying she did it all for your sake to get peace, of course, because of her actions all you want is to destroy the world. (Damn, I lived the role of the protagonist, after playing this I became depressed and wanted people dead xD). Basically this is where you get two different “true” endings.

          One where she kills you because you cant kill her, the rotten son-of-a-bitch kills you and you need to do newgame+ to be able to do what you really want to more than anything: Ok, the thug/bad guy was the person i hated most early game, but by the end, I wanted nothing more than to kill the “girlfriend” though, not “kill her” as in the easy way the game does.

          The other one: you can create monsters, a clone of her, said clone is the one ending up killing her, which tips you over, personally what id really want would be to force her to live, making her basically relive the torture you had gone through .. yeah i brought out my dark side.

          Honorable mentions:

          – You dont get to kill your sisters rapist, he loses his hand and she lovingy tends to him, she is an aphrodisiac addict and stopped caring about you long ago … i want ALL ryuujin dead btw …

          – The “good guy” that let all of this happen without trying to stop it, even though he would have been able to is living a good life, with, you guessed it, one of the rapist victims from your village, basically using the postion of good guy and running away.

          – Your childhood friend (other “girlfriend”) is the only sane girl, though she is forced to be with the thug main’s brother, which is a destiny worse than death.

          – You never get to tell to your “girlfriend”‘s face how its her own fault how everything ended up, you never get to kill her children in front of her and you never really feel like your revenge is fulfilled, by the end off the story the world is pretty much destroyed, humans will go extinct but you are still empty inside.

          If you could go back in time and kill all the bad times you would have. … new game + … you are forced to lose a lot of battles, even if you win its a loss in another way …

          I am NEVER ever reading netorare again, yandere is child’s play!

          1. Did you play though ending 5 and 6? My brain can’t take anymore of this so if you could please just tell me in detail what happends? I can’t tell the answer to that from your post.

            So basicly she really did fall in love with the hero(bad guy) and then trys to kill you anyways but this time you have her killed?

            Is there any happy ending for the princess? doomed to be a toilet slave and suffer crazy for the rest of her life intill she loses it?

            I pretty much saw ending 3 coming 1 and 2 too…. Ending 4 was the one when you didn’t take revange right and instead saved the girl that gave you power… Well anyways not important… that was the best ending I saw but still feelt empty inside. The the last 2 even a little better or are they even worse… am I better off deleting the game right now?

          2. Go for ending 5 and 6 since they are the best.

            In them you do get to save the princess and she thanks you, you also kill the fat guy in a brutal way and he cries for his momy while dying. But best thing of all you get to kill all the dragons and cause the end of the world.

          3. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Jeez, and I even caught a cold from reading Atelier Tanaka, and that one’s child’s play compared to what you described about this.

          4. dude thank you so much! you saved me from playing this torture just for curiosity, and i’m sorry that you had to take the bullet for the team, but hey, you won’t be forgotten, you are the real MVP.

    2. [Warning, Spoiler]

      Damn… after playing it again, I’m thinking. Why do we expect
      too much to the MC? He just an ordinary person, not a Ryuujin.
      It’s logical if he couldn’t do anything to protect the girls.

      But Lotia (the girlfriend)has, from the beginning. Then, why she didn’t protect Lori and Crimena (the nurse and the sister) from those thugs at the beginning? It’s her fault really. When the thugs brought those two girls with them, Lotia had the responsibility to protect the two with her power.

      Variges and his thugs won’t be able to do anything if she did. But instead she just slept in the Variges mansion and ignore the other girls.

      So when I play this game, I never care about Lotia (the girlfriend). that’s why I didn’t feel lost about her. She has a
      consensual sex with Variges after all.

      It is Lori, Crimena, and Aina that I care a lot. Because they are the victims of an injustice act, and the people who have power (Lotia included) didn’t care about their fate at all. But the dev really know about this feeling. Crimena has a good ending with the Ryuujin Prince. He saved her life. Aina managed to escape from her captor / raper, while Lori is…. She’s the only lost one in this game. As she gets a Stockholm syndrome at the end and have a sympathy to her captor.

      1. “But Lotia (the girlfriend)has, from the beginning. Then, why she didn’t protect Lori and Crimena (the nurse and the sister) from those thugs at the beginning?”

        the narration explained it. she has 3 burdens to protect on top of the bad guy being a trickster. he doesn’t really need to use brute force against her to do his bidding. threats, hostage taking etc. is enough to make her submit to him.

  23. Played this a month ago or so … till this day, its the game which has affected my mind the most. After playing it I basically wanted death on every human being for a couple weeks afterwards … play on your own responsibility.

    Its a good game though … but I would never ever touch it again … had I only skipped the story and only watched the hcg … but no xD

  24. I’m not a fan of NTR, but if they were raped by monster I’m okay with that, but humans? No. I might flip a my switch (just a tiny more brutal NTR) and never change back, so I rather not.

    Some NTR I play, I was satisfied the heroin was ganged up and I slip a giggle. I seriously need to stop reading/playing NTR games.

    Also have a cookie.

    1. Seconded. Or any game with grown women in it who don’t have to be raped, drugged, blackmailed, hypnotized, mind broken or WTFever to get into the sex.

  25. You people who are bashing it obviously never played a single moment of it. I am personally not a fan of NTR, but this game is really really good. To be exact, you feel like absolute shit for 60-70% of early game, then you get the biggest satisfaction ever. It also has a very philosophical theme to it. And yes, most battles are scripted to lose, but once that stops, you go on a rampage. I honestly started laughing maniacally at some point. But really, the game satisfied me a lot. This isn’t a mere NTR game because the people who deserve punishment get punished.

    1. Ah, I see. I’d still rather not feel like shit, so….yup, staying far, far away.

      Currently reading Shura’s Wrath by the way – awesome series.

    2. True, the point of the game is experiencing loss. It’s like all these “Fantasy world with super-powered chars” games that asks the question: what about the regular people who live in a world where super-powered assholes run rampant? The answer isn’t very nice.

      Personally, I’m not a fan of NTR at all, but this game tells a good story from a different perspective than usual, and that’s what kept me going.

      1. None of the endings really feel that “happy” except for maybe ending 4, but I felt like the MC was still depressed in that ending.

      2. There is no happy ending. I can tell you that pretty much only one ending involves you surviving, and that is not the true ending. It is sad to say that the true ending is technically the happiest ending, or to be exact, the most bittersweet one. You really feel for the characters in that ending, and you get the satisfaction of knowing the truth behind events of the story while punishing the trash. You still punish the trash in most other endings, but only 10% of them. If you expect some miracle ending where time is turned back before any of the events happened, there is nothing like that. No going back to innocence, no moving on, your main character remains in despair.

    1. Nah, there are good adult RPGmaker games out there, and yet again this site winds up posting the garbage instead. Even my friends that are into NTR couldn’t get into this garbage lol.

      1. It’s a very good game. One of my favorite RPG Maker games. But you have to be into the whole cuckold genre, otherwise don’t play it.

      2. You know .. Instead of disparaging that all these apparently decent rpgmaker games aren’t getting posted .. why not request them instead?

        This game isn’t my thing either but hey if you like cuck stuff it’s probably awesome.

        Seeing people go through emotional trauma isn’t my thing. I don’t mind cheating but only if the CURRENT boyfriend/girlfriend is a certified asshole. It would be nice to see some sweeter NTR. When an asshole husband/wife boy/girlfriend gets their superhot partner stolen from them by a good guy.

        That would be a nice change.

          1. That would be the significantly rarer genre, ‘netori’. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be overly popular in Japan.

        1. Play Rance then. He’s not the one who’s the lover being stolen. But he steals them from other people

          1. Nobody takes Rance seriously

            everything is done in a really light and almost comical style 🙂

  26. Have had this one for a while. Simple enough RPGMaker game. Lots of submissiveness in the MC if you like that sort of thing. Some battles are scripted to lose no matter what. Was a little too much for my tastes.

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