My Lady Sayo

My Lady Sayo

Unable to find a regular job due to the current job market, the protagonist works part-time to make ends meet.
It was just like any other day when he was looking at the classifieds and found a job opening for a “master’s servant”.
What did that even mean? A butler or something? Anyway, there had never been such a job ad before.
“The words “”no education or work experience required” sounded too good to be true…
When he went for the interview, he was greeted by a young lady…

“Are you the one who wants to become my ‘pet’?”

Isn’t that a little different from the job description…?

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3 comments on “My Lady Sayo

  1. When I start the game I get a pop-up asking if I want to download the update needed to start the game. Of course it doesn’t download no matter how many times I click “OK.” This happens whether I’m using LEConfig to start the game or not.

    Anyone know how to resolve this?

    1. I was searching the net, and came across a site that states this is an android app and requires an android emulator to be able to run it on PC.

      Can anyone confirm or deny this info?

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