Pro Lesring: Ring Out!!

Ring Out

Somewhere in Tokyo is an underground club where important political and social figures gather to watch an unusual sport. Two women are put in a caged ring, in revealing clothes, and grope each other while wrestling. Whoever comes first, loses. No holds barred, and the loser has to endure any humiliation the winner asks. Into this ring comes a young girl named Aya, forced into slavery by people to whom she is nothing.

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22 Responses to “Pro Lesring: Ring Out!!”

  1. akaba23 says:

    Is it possible to get a re-upload for this file? I tried downloading it multiple times and it would always fail.

  2. Lindo says:

    Is there anyway or anywhere in WORLD WIDE internet to get the voice files for this old games?

  3. FRBLDRGN says:

    Does anyone know how to enable the voices? I know there’s voice acting in this game, but I don’t know how to activate it.

  4. JuiceBox says:

    I’ve tried all the suggestions and can’t get the program to work. Can I get a little help?

  5. Jane says:

    How do I get this working?
    Restarting didn’t work, compability mode didn’t work

  6. James says:

    So, I am trying to run this game in ANY version of windows (compatibility mode) and nothing is working. I tried both before and after using the registry file. Does having the 64 bit version of windows 7 have anything to do with it? I know some things work differently on the 32 bit versions…

  7. fuckensickcunn1 says:

    haahahahah one of the strangest games i ever played lol

  8. Ric says:

    Hey Admin, maybe its just me but i didnt get a exe out of the down load any suggestion on what I should be doing?

  9. potato says:

    how do you reinstall something you didnt install?

  10. Georege says:

    i tried that and it still won’t open. i got it once and i got an error telling me the registries weren’t right and to reinstall it even though i used the english registry and i have no idea how to reinstall when all i had to do is extract file. what do i do now?

  11. Georege says:

    do you know how to get it to run on a windows 7?

  12. par2 says:

    Everywhere I looked (torrent, irc, usenet, etc), copy of this game is reported as virus. I suppose its a false alarm, but anyone have a different version?

    • ucgga3 says:

      this and EVERY other vn here has a chance of coming up as a fake Trojan just ignore or allow it to stay on your PC trust me its just a glitch from the Japanese local

      • ucgga3 says:

        a further look into this the reason why this one is showing up as a Trojan is because of the exact folder type its formatted for old windows so if your using 7 or 8 it will come up as a generic Trojan hope this helps

  13. ucgga3 says:

    keep up the great work admin you have put SOOOO much up recently well done 😀

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