Amairo Chocolate

Amairo Chocolate

Yuzuki came to the town of Yuunagi as the leaves were starting to change colour. The first person he met was a cute cat-eared waitress, who was handing out pamphlets on the street.

“T-This is Cafe Setaria. Please come in!”

When he was led into the cafe by the waitress Chieri, the other girls there also had animal ears. Seeing his wondering look, they worriedly asked him:

“Could it be… that you could see these ears?”

They explained that they were actually hybrid beasts whose ears and tails cannot be seen by normal humans. After learning about their secret, he started working at the cafe with them, while being both shocked and impressed at the differences between them and humans.

5 comments on “Amairo Chocolate

  1. Anyone figured out how to get the other two ???? tabs in the extra tab. finished the game twice and saw the harem scene but cant figure out why those two ???? are greyed out and it slightly bothers me.

  2. What exactly is the Single Boobjob tag for? Does that mean that there’s only one in the game or that they only use one breast for the boobjob? This is the first time I’ve ever noticed that tag.

    1. It’s the normal version of the double(twin) and triple variants, if you’re curious though you can look up tag definitions on VNDB (I think that’s where they come from, anyway)

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