Inn my wife

Inn my wife

A husband and wife runs an inn.
While they struggle with business debts,
two visitors come calling.

“We’ll pay to sleep with your wife,” they say.

First the couple is shocked, then resolved.
If it will help their finances, just this once…

11 comments on “Inn my wife

  1. if you want to progress to the third night !dont talk to kirk and just start the day. theres a bug to where if you dont LISTEN to kirk on the first night he will stay there(past kirk) then moving on to the next day as the story fallows future kirk is in the dining hall.but your still able to talk to past kirk if you go to his room, what happens is when you talk to future kirk is that when you talk to him in the dining area he says “lets talk in my room” but it just takes you in front of his room blocking it off and it triggers the bug to where everytime you go to the desk it just shows the save screen instead of start the day

  2. Warning: Even if after two nights it seems (sometimes) impossible to progress, it’s not that game is unfinished, it’s just a bug (you have to avoid some actions to have the game work smoothly here). Though actually, there is only one more night left, but at least you have the final scene and the credits.

  3. The game ends super abruptly. 2 nights and it’s over. And the game doesn’t even tell you that it’s over… it just… stops giving you the option to progress and just makes the previously seen scenes available to rewatch. Guess it was left unfinished.

  4. Help.
    After the second night I got to a point in which I can only either replay the previous scenes (by talking) or save, impossible to go further.

  5. Man Ive only played 30 minutes of this game, yet I’m so aroused, and I was literally shaking from excitement. I wish there were more kinds of erotica like this, the artwork/cg is simple in nature, however the artstyle is erotic in a weird way, I especially like how the main heroine looks imo. The character design stroked my fetish of thicc looking girls and blondes at the same time.

    The meat of this Eroge is in it’s erotic themes though (NTR). There is something stimulating in witnessing an immoral/indecent act, watching someone of the opposite sex falling deeper and deeper into an abyss of shamelessness, watching her slowly turn into a lewd housewife who desires someone else’s cock was hot.

    THIS is what NTR is about. none of that bullshit with romance and lovey dovey crap. I don’t need girls to tell them they love me or that I love them, I want to make them mine by slowly making her succumb to pleasure. I don’t want to see their innocent lovey dovey crap, I want to see their face when they slowly start surrendering to their sexual urges.

    any NTR lovers who read this, this is some good shit that will get you hard.

    1. Your comment is big nasty and sexist shit. Nobody here asks for your sick and undesirable fetishist opinion lol Hope, you’ll never have a real girl because you don’t know how to treat them) (someone, delete this shit please)

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