My Boss’ Wife is My Ex

My Boss' Wife is My Ex

Tomoki faces new troubles in the office. After the old boss steps down along with their financial manager, the new leader of the company hires his wife Shiho to manage the finances and employees. Shiho – his old ex-girlfriend – takes to her job with authority, cracking down on lenient policies and causing stress for everyone in the office when Tomoki uncovers his old sex-tapes capturing her in the act with him. With that evidence in hand, he begins solving the office tensions by reminding her how good sex can feel with her sensitive body.

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22 comments on “My Boss’ Wife is My Ex

  1. it have a high potential to get a good story line.. but the show was too short. they also have give some clue on why did she dump him in the 1st place.. but just leave it half hanging.. i really wish they finish the god damn story. not just shootgun the ending

  2. I’m just curious, what’s the difference of the part 1 and part 2 in the downloads? I see no difference except the size of the file. Identical files in each extracted folder.

    1. Yup. Both contain the same files. Free users can download 200MB files max, so I’m splitting the uploads into parts for them, while those that have premium account can download up to 10GB files, so there’s no need to split.

        1. No. Full game is 350MB – you can download it as either single file ( 350MB, labeled “DA-1click”) or split in parts (200+150, labeled “DA-free”). If you got 350MB version, then you don’t need any files from “DA-free” section, but if you got it in parts, you need both 200 and 150 file to extract properly (otherwise, you’d get “unexpected end of archive” error if part 2 is missing). The reason both parts appear to have the same files is because your archiving software (WinRAR, 7zip etc.) automatically opens content from all volumes of multipart archive – try moving one part to different directory and extract from there to see what I mean.

  3. It’s Netori only. The girl breaking up with the guy in a bad way making his personality twisted towards her. Is the basic premise of this one.

  4. Doesn’t this have some NTR in it or am I mixing this with something else?I know it has Nitori and revenge but the other side I am not so good with

    1. NTR is when you raped someone’s girlfriend. while in this one the girl is main’s ex-girlfriend and she doesn’t belong to anybody at the moment so it can’t be counted as NTR

      1. Wow…no. That is not what NTR is. I know what NTR is. I had heard there was an element of it into this like last year before it was in english. Thats why I was asking since it was lacking the NTR tag, and also you *really* should look up a proper definition of it, not what people that are butt hurt over a girlfriend/wife say. Thats a very common element, but thats not what NTR is about. What you are describing is cuckolding. NTR is that but encompasses anything to make the reader feel strong feelings of jealous/rage/anger/saddness. For example, you are following a guy who has a childhood friend who he loved, but his best friend has been screwing her behind his back and even does so in a cruel manner, but the MC and her were never together, so its not cheating or anything like what you suggest, but it DOES make the reader/MC bitter/angry/jealous/sad, ergo that becomes an NTR.

        1. Japanese acronym for Netorare, used to define a genre of Eroge (Hentai Game), meaning “Cuckold”. In short, the main protagonist’s loved one(s) are taken or seduced away from him and the heroine might be willing or unwilling. This is to cause an emotion of deep jealousy on the reader.

          1. This is Netori, sort of like netorare, only instead of the MC having his girl stolen, the MC steals someone else’s girl. Simple eh?

          2. Finally, thank you. I know what freaking NTR is, when it was first announced, it was labeled with NTR, thats all I wanted to know. Nobody answered the damn question until now. I didn’t need a definition, just confirmation that the original source was in error or not <_<

  5. Howling Sit.. a Blackmail eroge, this must be realy good!!
    Can i have more eroge like this in the next update please?

    1. She dumped him sudenly because he couldn’t give her the life of luxury she wanted when he was doing his best for her, even using his save from several months after part-time work just for her sake and he was willing to marry her and now in the oficine the manage the money with a strictness never knowed to the point of not even a cent can’t be wasted in business mettings with is necesary sometimes for the business sake.

      1. Dude…I know I hinted mildly, but you’re just flat out spoiling stuff…You really shouldn’t be doing that, granted the plot isn’t really much for this, but still, that shouldn’t be your choice to make…

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