Bitchy Boss Bimbofication

Bitchy Boss Bimbofication

She’s such a f*ckin bitch! …Well, at least, she was.
Now with one word, I can turn that frosty elitist bitchy boss of mine into a vulgar and perverted gapefacey raving slut!

How did I do it? Oh wouldn’t you just love to know… And I will tell you, specially, just this one time.

You see, I got myself a hypnosis app and IT WORKED!?

17 comments on “Bitchy Boss Bimbofication

  1. Watching clowns bitch and whine about porn never gets old lmao. retards up here writing essays about this shit as if it makes any difference at the end, now THAT is some shit! XD

  2. People who are tired of seeing shitty, often ugly bastards having their their way all the time care. This isn’t a breath of fresh air, it’s a breath of stinky ball sack air. Yeah, people get tired of vanilla, but they also get tired of rapey shit which happens far more often than vanilla.

  3. Hey admin, why aren’t you using the usual site you use for file sharing? Just curious is all.

      1. weird thing is that it’s so low quality porn. There exists so much porn in the world. Why does truly god awful bad porn still exist? Who buys stuff like this?

        1. There tons of quality free porn you can watch on many websites. Yet people still pay for porn. Or even not porn – some nudes. Or even less than nudes. People even pay some dumb bitches for showing some cleavage on a stream.
          All of this shit even worst than paying for low quality eroges. Yet I don’t see you talking about that, huh.

          1. might be because we are on on ergoe-website directly discussing a low quality eroge don’t you think?

        2. people buy “low-quality” porn for the niche. production values aren’t everyone’s priority. plus, even if you’re 100% selfish, throwing money at creators can benefit you in the long run, since it funds/encourages them to make more.

          aside from that, there’s no need to constantly complain about new english eroge releases here. I’m sure reddit has room for that sort of thing. you’re not the only one I’m saying this to, by the way

        3. Eh, you’re all a bunch of haters. Miel has some of the best art of any hentai company. They’ve got a raft of talented artists. By the standard of hentai games they can’t be called low quality. Their stuff isn’t really misogynistic either, it’s just male dom, so calling it “incel simulator” isn’t really true.

          If you don’t like the fetishes or something go read something else, sheesh. It’s a big internet. Why are people so whiny for no reason?

          1. true words like your were never say there are ist fabulouse i just wish there game were more interactiv like with option o branching plots and endings

          2. Any hentai about some bitter asshole who has to get revenge on a woman who was ‘mean’ to him by raping her is an incel simulator, period. Since even a fantasy, they acquiesce rejection from women. It’s inherently misogynistic because they’d rather she get raped than be willing. That’s small dick energy in its purest form.

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