A Sky Full of Stars: Fine Days

A Sky Full of Stars: Fine Days

This is the fandisc for “A Sky Full of Stars” with after stories for each of the four heroines. There are also new routes for sub-heroines Honoka Miharu, and Hinami.

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  1. I don’t suppose this FanTL included the append for the FD?

    Just.. wondering 😉

    If not – anyone know where one might find that append patch?


    1. Question answered -figured out…

      It says sub-routes for Honoka, Miharu and _Hinami_.

      Hinami is the append patch.. so IT SEEMS THAT IT DOES include it.


      Admin – You are a Hero man.


  2. I have a general question and am looking for peoples opinions on it,

    Is the reason a lot of eroge stories focus on young waifu girls in either high school or grade school just a matter of coincidence because its easier to piece together with that kind of a setting or is the reason for the younger characters more geared towards what men generally want to read or see in an eroge?

    1. Ones opinion don’t matter to your question. If a game is not to your liking ignore it, plain and simple till something interests you.

      It’s a waste of your time (and mine for even bothering to reply) attempting to think about this since these are visual novel games intended audience are for the Japanese. Anybody outside are irrelevant with the exception if said game has been doing well, examples Evenicle, Clannad, Onii-chan, Asa made Zutto Gyutte Shite, Imouto Paradise, etc.

      You’re dealing with a niche games. There are games that are star younger (and older) adults and so forth on this site so search them and likewise over at vndb.

  3. About the new downloadani.me site:

    It _is_ a royal pain in the ass, definitely.

    They no longer take paypal (I know I used to use paypal, though perhaps not in recent months I guess…) BUT worse than that –
    They require ONE-PARTICULAR visa verification scheme (3rd party) which if your bank doesn’t use it, you cannot pay them.

    They have to fix this – cuz they have to be losing money. I discovered that my bank does make use of the verification mechanism, but only after several tickets open with downloadani.me – I must say that their support is excellent – just that they need to fix up the new site (it kept pre-filling country code with brazil’s for the phone number, lol)… and broaden their support of security/verification protocols. Again – they are swift to respond and try to help, I have to say it.

    1. I’ve read that many people are having trouble with downloads now. As someone who has always used the free version, here’s my advice: use MyPony or another download manager to use the free links without having to keep track of the downloads yourself and do something else in the meantime

  4. Ima post this here too:

    “Does anyone knows if A SKY FULL OF STARS posted in this site has +18 stuff inside or is the all ages edition, because I don’t see the “No sexual content” tag there so I think it is the +18 version? but also I see people saying that the company cut the +18 content from the game when they translated and released it…

    So, did the fans made a -IfMyHeartHadWings- with this one too, or it’s still the same game the company first released aka:censored?”

      1. How can it be all ages when the tags say:
        “Anal Penetration” “Blowjob” “Boobjob” “Defloration” “Handjob” “masturbation”

        1. The main game on this site is all ages. Only this fandisk is uncensored… which kinda makes me think… what’s the point?

          1. The only reason that original game on here is all-ages is because it was translated by terrible publisher who insists on targeting teenage market and butchered the script to remove any meaty stuff. Fandisk was translated not by them, but as fan-translation, so it has all “interesting” stuff retained.

  5. This one is fan translated so the 18+ content is in there if you’re wondering (Just mentioning cause it doesn’t have Adult in file name)

    1. Nowadays, I’m only posting 18+ games here on main site (If you are interested in all-ages games, check out https://erogegames.com/category/all-ages-9/ at site’s sister forum).

      “Adult” in file names is designation I’m only using if there are multiple versions of game floating around (Say, if I post Steam all-ages version first, but then 18+ one comes out via different channels).

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