In the end of WWII world, the demons in Japan are forced to make a decision in regards to the changes Japan is undergoing:
1) To remain as demons and watch over the land
2) To return to the netherworld or
3) To give up their power and status as demons and live amongst humans.
While there were some that chose otherwise, the majority of the demons decided it was best for everyone to go with option 3. It was tough, but as time passed these demons were able to blend in with the human world and live peacefully amongst them.

However, blood is thicker than water. The offsprings of these demons displayed powerful abilities superior than man and was labeled by society as Jinyous. Of these Jinyous, most were sent to Kamizawa City: an isolated city to keep all the Jinyous together. Moreover, the ones that were deemed dangerous were sent to an uncharted island.

Takabe Ryouichi was one that was sent to said island at the age of 5. This is a story about him along with Suzu, his only friend on the island, escaping to Kamizawa city to live a normal life. What they didn’t expect, was that Suzu carried a secret that attracted much unwanted attention…

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    1. DO NOT use Locale Emulator. Put your whole system locale into Japanese.

      This is the only game where locale Emulator wasnt enough for me.

  1. I’m sorry sir to disturb you
    I have an problem when installed patch english itu says “NSIS ERROR”
    Of you know please help me sir

  2. The kitsune heroine tag is actually completely misleading on this title… the kitsune heroine is, and I quote from the VNDB entry…

    The exclusive heroine of Ayakashibito -Genyou Ibunroku- (the PS2 and PSP editions), she never “physically” appears in the PC editions, but is present in a different way there and has a significant role in Touko’s route. Her route in Genyou Ibonroku editions can be accessed via that route too.
    One of the evil nine-tailed Kitsune’s, Genkou’s tails. Albeit she was sealed in the Ichinotani Shrine for a very long time,

    The fact she never appears kinda kills her actually being a heroine.

  3. Fixed the .bat file issue, but now im getting a new error message.
    File not found d/TPSE997.OGV
    Any help would be appreciated.

  4. The setup.exe file refuses to run for me whenever I mount the disc. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it..

  5. Sooo I just started playing the game and I notice that my text have some runoffs and I’m worried that I might miss some of the story later on…. how can I fix this??

    BTW I’m using a windows tablet

  6. so i guess it is impossible for me to play this game ( since i’m using Windows 8 so can’t change the locale )?

    1. That’s not true. I’m using Win 8 too and I’m leaving my computer in Japanese locale. You can change it at Control Panel.

  7. already finish all route so good and greatly recommended for someone that like fantasy romance genre like me. The battle, character, BGM, romance, all is magnificent.

    —-Spoiler alert—-
    The last battle between kyuubi is a must watch so godlikely good 🙂

    1. are there any vn that fantasy romance like this again?
      I already read :
      edelweiss & fantasia
      cho dengeki stryder
      are there any of you all recomended other than this?

  8. I also have a problem when a bell picture appears, I get an error message which says Task No.1 somethingh
    Command: @gload
    File not found

    can someone help me?

  9. Need some help here..
    The game is running normally until the opening video. My whole screen is black and only music is playing. After the music die off, the game become not responding.

    Please save me!! T-T

  10. I played to when a bell picture appears then i get an error which says Task No.1 ans some shit

    Command: @gload
    File not found

    can anyone help me ??

  11. I need help, i’ve been trying to install it for a while but, everytime it starts installing i get an error screen close to the end and its all in japanese so i have no idea what the problem is. I am mounting it and then i start the installation, im already in jap locale and i have tried installing all 3 versions (1,2 or 3gb) with the same result.
    I appreciate any help.

    1. (Update)I realized that the error is always on the last file, the AYA_V5.WAR file(dont know if that helps).

      1. Maybe when you download then file, somehow you get it corrupted, maybe you should try to redownload it again and install it again.
        I’am myself not found the error when installing and its working so far.
        Of yeah, me, I install it in full size (3gb).

  12. STFU you idiot. i am sure you havent played every nukige ever released so go play those only like the idiot you are and let the people who actually have a mind and an IQ that is more than a single digit alone.

  13. thx for this game, erogedownload.
    im in my first route with kaoru,i guess that is a route.
    i rly enjoy it, but one thing throws me off a bit:
    the main character´s voice actor.
    he almost always speaks in the same tone, shortly after he
    just got beat up so bad he thought of dying or after hugging
    someone and feeling all good.
    that sometimes makes it hard for me to get the mood that
    they tried to build up.

    also well the fanservice , when they come to save him…
    i mean, sure they take all the time they want having fun
    while the teacher is running around beating ppl up and searching him. that poor guy.
    but again i enjoy this gamerly much.

  14. The english patch doesn’t seem to work for me, it’s not even in japanese anymore, anyone having the same problem?

    Do I need to run my pc in Japanese Local or something?

    Thanks in advance.







  16. I know this is weird but I can’t actually sign up for premium on the download service I want to download a decent amount at speed without constantly switching files and there is simply NO OPTION to upgrade to premium. Sure I get a page telling me how great premium is but no actual payment options? Is anyone else getting this?

  17. nooooo. i get an error on the suzu route. at the last fight he tells me that file aya_h.war could not be found!! does someone has this file or knows a solution??? pls tell me.

  18. for some reason,downloadani.me DLs speed today maxes at 125kb instead of 250kb. i really hope that this is just temporary/just me and not a permanent change :/

  19. Curse you. Why last two Vn i actually finished were stryker and ayakashibito? Are you mocking me?
    How about Bulet butlers or Vermilion or any Liar soft games? Or You going to translate them right after i finish them?

  20. One of my all time favorite VNs!!!

    Don’t suppose the extra route where Ryouichi ends up siding with the demon fox tail has been translated?

      1. If you’re thinking about the one I’m thinking about, then you get saved in the end, no? Whether you cum inside in the sex scene earlier just decides whether or not Touko has a kid in the end (which I assume is a reincarnated Shuugen).

      2. Yes, it’s a actual bonus route which splits from Touko route. The fox tail materialises her own body and goes on a revenge spree against the other tails, and Ryouichi goes along to help her.

        In the Chinese version that came out years ago, there was a voucher in the box that you could fill in and send out, which would net you the bonus CD which had the extra route on. I assume it would have been the same with the Japanese version.

        1. Wait seriously? Holy shit that sounds amazing. Oh yeah, did anyone choose “Engrave Touko into my mind” rather than the student council? I did the latter, and I’m too lazy to go back and do the other option. Does it change anything?

  21. So I finished the three routes you have to finish before you can do Suzus and started a new game. None of the text is marked as already read now, is there a way to fix this? Makes it hard to skip without risking going past new dialogue…

  22. I have a big problem!
    Installing the patch does nothing to the game, still Japanese. Moving eng files to install folder net me translated menus, options etc but all the in-game text completely disappears, no English or Japanese. I can still progress through it, but can read nothing.
    And yes I did run every thing with Jap locale, and as administrator.
    So, anyone care to tell me how to correctly install the patch?

    1. When you installed the eng patch, it made a new folder, yes? Just copy the contents of the eng patch folder, move them to where you downloaded the original game and overwrite the files, then click the game file and boom its in english.

  23. Damn, the characters in this VN are mostly pretty cliched archetypes, but they’re executed *so* well.

    Also, Shuugen is the broest of bros.

    1. **Spoiler**

      Kinda figured out the two souls thing during the welcome party. Felt kinda awesome figuring it out that early, and it was made me go for the Touko route before Tonya (which is the kinda heroine I usually go for first). Needless to say, I’m annoyed there’s no Touko ending where Shuugen actually stays alive. Best char :C

      And yes, I assume the kid is basically a reincarnated Shuugen, but that doesn’t count. So halfassed.

    2. Shuugen was great. When I first saw him I was convinced I was going to hate him… Actually when I first saw a lot of the characters that was the vibe I got. Totally worth hanging in there, though, this is probably now my favourite visual novel.

      1. I agree, most of the characters have their turn to shine and are executed beautifully. The story/stories isn’t/aren’t very good (I haven’t finished the last route yet, though), but the characters are great. Really, my only disappointment is that there aren’t Harem routes :-p

        ** Spoilers ahead **

        I also really like how the VN has a kinda realistic outlook on thing. It tries to stay idealistic, but when push comes to shove it doesn’t go the nakama-power route. For example when several of the main characters actually kill people during Tonyas route. Whenever the VN inserts a deus ex machina, there’s always an explanation behind it and an appropriate sacrifice to be made for pulling it off (e.g. Shuugen dying). I’m still mad you can’t save Shuugen in at least one of the Touko routes, though. It’d be great to be able to fix their lineage problem of them having to destroy one another or die together. I also really like the body swap genre, but that’s beside the point :-p

        I also just finished Kaorus route, so I’m also kinda confused now why Kotarou doesn’t have a greater role in the other routes (Toukos specifically, he’s explained away in Tonyas). He’s ridiculously strong after all. He could probably take on possessed Takebe on his own and have a fair shot at it. Powered down Kuki was able to hold him off for a while, and Kotarou was able to defeat powered up Kuki.

        1. I think that’s the actual problem though. If they had him as a bigger part of the route he’d just steamroll shit, if he didn’t, then they’d have inconsistent power levels. Still I did wish they went “Oh he’s out of town” like they did in another route rather than just blankly ignore him.

          1. The problem is that he’s explained away in Tonyas route for the same reason you’re in deep shit in Toukos, so he kinda should be there.

    1. During the installation pick the last option 3gb, in other words do a full installation instead of a recommended one.

    1. Would be interested as well. At the moment it doesn’t scale/stretch, so it’s just surrounded by black borders when you full screen.

        1. That doesn’t really do anything for me :I Meanwhile just living on the substitute of windows key +/-

          1. Yeah, I hate the fact that they dont stretch… I can understand if this is a really really old game that has compatibility issues with later Windows version.

            But my brain cant function with all these ‘wasted space’ on my screen…

          2. OOHHh!!… I found a way…

            Right click on the .exe file, then go to ‘compatibility’… Set it to ‘Compatible with windows 95’…

            Guess this really is an old game then…

  24. I can’t get the eng patch to download (Something about save location or temp data)
    Do I have to install the game before I download it because if I do that would be stupid

  25. also when I try to run the english patch my computer tells me it’s not a valid win-32 program. Ye I’m in J locale.

    1. Tried reinstalling it running the setup file as admin from the cd. Still doesn’t work. Also tried running the patch as admin, obviously.

      1. The file I dl is only 12 kb, though, which seems wrong. Tried dl’ing it several times. It says it’s like 150 mb before I start the dl, but it finishes right away and is only 12 kb.


        1. Try different a browser or downloader.
          Recommend Google Chrome or Jdownloader.
          Do not recommend Firefox for downloading… If nothing works, consider throwing your router out of a window or smash it with a hammer.

          1. It was Avast trolling me. That’s never happened before (it usually TELLS me if it blocks something).

  26. never mind. the problem is that im not using japanes ssystem locale. the gum run fines, but has silly things like this. When i feel like restarting my pc, i’ll change locale before i do.

  27. i have a problem. whenever a character speaks there are other symbols or letters on the outsides of the sentence. for example: “-gHere they come!-h” the -g and the -h shouldnt be there. any advice?

  28. I have a major problem.
    My anti-virus is perceiving the translation patch as a virus, so i cant get it installed, even if i turn it off and install the patch, the anti-virus will attack the game files afterwards.

    1. Dunno what is your antivirus is, but maybe if that have setting to exclude the file from scanning or ignore etc, maybe that will works.

    2. Fan trans patches almost always end up tripping false positives with antivirus software because the only thing the scanners can tell is that it is altering existing files with outside code which is also the most common action a genuine virus would take to propagate itself

  29. I found a walkthrough in jap. Here’s translated link:
    Let me know if it was useful 😀

  30. Its easy to go through, just focus on the girl you want, and avoid picking other heroines.

    Can’t do the Suzu route till the other three are complete.

    1. that only worked when i reinstalled it and used”run japanise locale as administrator”. thanks for the hint! 🙂

  31. a screen appears that says”task no.0…(grumbled mess)”then”registry read error”. anyone knows how to fix that?

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