Guilty ~The SiN~

Guilty ~The SiN~

Following the death of their parents, Akira made it a solemn duty to ensure his sister could live a normal existence, doing everything within his power to bring happiness into their inconstant lives. As Akira’s bond to Aya inevitably grew closer, others began to jealously whisper how the siblings were forging a relationship that went beyond the accepted conventions of brother and sister; allegations neither showed particular concern towards. Yet this idyllic innocence was not meant to last, and the devotion between Aya and Akira would be sorely tested by an incomprehensible world they never knew existed – a reality that threatens to smother both in malicious darkness.

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  1. I’m pretty late to this, but if anyone else is having trouble with font, change your app locale to japan or use locale emulator. The font isn’t perfect still, but better than before

  2. I see the tag Netorare but the synopsis says the two will be tested so my question is: do the brother and sister stay together or are the broken in the end and seperated? How bad is the sister raped? I want to read this but I am a bit apprehensive because most incest stories I read are rather lighthearted ;-;

    1. Is there any reason you can’t convert it? Ogg isn’t exactly an obscure format; there’s plenty of Ogg->Mp3 converters out there if that’s what you want.

  3. s_reed brought up a point. Just downloaded this game again recently and the letters are oddly spaced. I thought it was just my computer until I saw his comment.

    Besides that, it seems to run as effectively as before, to my knowledge.

  4. Can anyone help me? the game downloads perfectly but when i try to descompress it a message appears saying that there are files missing and it can not be read. Please someone help me i really want to play it.

  5. i got to the first disturbing seen and i decided to look up the reviews for this game thank you for the review i am proceeding to put this on my black list and tell any one else to avoid the game entirety..

    1. your own choice, you dumb fool -_-
      the H-scenes arent so disturbing, I’ve known worse. each H-scene lasts for just couple of messages and the story is pretty much decent.
      Plus funny characters. You dunno what you’re missing out on.

  6. Anyone who wants/need a walkthrough that actually comprehensible for this there is one on gamefaqs now FINALLY

  7. Is it only me or does the main heroine (Aya) have a very rough sound as if she was screaming instead, which is every ear piercing?

  8. So, I know this is not a normal request, but does anyone have the sound file for this? There are like 5 songs I really like and want to download but can’t find any sign of it.

  9. Just one to ask one question…
    Does this game have any happy ending ???
    I have play this game a few times…it still giving me bad endings…

    1. There are 2 happy ends (i dont consider aya good end to be happy)but no harem ends. Be exclusive and u shld get the gd ends

      1. Very odd. It was asking me for a serial code, one redownload later and it works normally. Thanks anyways admin :3


    It has easily the most awesome protagonist I’ve seen in a VN,he’s badass even in the first sentence of the game.He’s also the first protag to have the same thoughts I’m thinking while playing the game.

    The H-Scenes are pretty brief with except for the ending 0ones (With the girl who’s route your on) and a certain…..horror scene in a building which I don’t want to spoil.
    During Aya’s route there is a very mild tentacle scene but it lasts for like….5 messages or so,and then there’s a rather epic fight.

  11. T.T pls help me~~. I downloaded part 1 5 times than sucess, but part 2 download more than 10 times le, it say (Interuppted).I am using google chrome,can hu pls tell me how to fix this??

  12. To those wanting to know the content of the game here are some of the tags I’d put on it.

    Rape, Tentacle, S&M, Orgy, Demons

  13. =( playing this for a while, practically given up trying to work out to to get 12/15 +++, aya’s bad ending, and 2 of nagi’s bad endings… can’t read jap.

  14. Heres the quick and easy Tutorial.

    Download the two Files and the Crack, De-RAR the files and go into the folder, there will be another folder maked Guiltythesin, click it and go to the folder with the same name, then the one named Winroot,then tactics, then guilty.

    there you will find a file named the same as the crack (icsebody) it will have the same icon aswell.

    Delete that file, and replace it with the Cracked file, and then go to the main folder and run setup.


    1. kk does anyone else have problems where your playing the game and somethimes it’ll say something like “the game failed to load graphic-files in LoadDataSet”?

  15. i have a question, is there a way i can make a request or something for Pure Pure: mimi to shippo no monogatari

    1. It’s only been 20% translated so far.
      When translation is completed you’ll find it here with no requests needed.

          1. Read older comments to this post – someone posted japanese walkthrough translated with babelfish.

    1. “crack” is slang term for executables with copyright protection removed. Yes, you need it to start the game, since without it game would be asking you for serial# and won’t start.

  16. Haven’t finished the game yet but you can just use the walkthrough and “ctrl” skip all of the routes.

  17. I don’t have the serial code!

    well, I downloaded with mirror #1…and all was going fine but, when I the downloads finally finished and I clicked at the link in desktop this appeared:


    Thank you for thaking time to register the software. The registration must be completed to prevent the illegal distribuition of the software and to protect authenticated user’s legal rights.

    Please enter yout serial code below… ”

    I’m brazilian, and that’s my firts visual novel .-.
    I need a little help >.<

    Sorry by the bad english @_@

      1. Okay, I downloaded crack but I don’t find the original game.exe to replace.
        Can you help me?
        Sorry, i’m giving you a lot of work =/

  18. According to vndb, there’s both rape AND tentacle rape in this, on top of “horror”… how bad is it? Both in terms of how graphic the depiction is, and how “heavy” it is into the plot…I’m not good with that stuff.

  19. Thanks your hard work.
    I cant downlord at mirror#2.
    so, fileserve links are very helpful.
    thank you very much.

  20. theres a japanese walkthrough but it doesnt translate very well if you use a translator. I also have a feeling the english version of the game has scenes removed or something as there are options in the walk through that simply does not appear in the english game

    1. Nvm, the scenes aren’t removed…its just hard to figure out what the walk through is telling you to do so one ends up skipping scenes…sigh

  21. what’s the next visual novel to be released on this site? 😀 Anyway, thanks for this VN’s admin 🙂

    1. Most likely Muv-Luv Alternative – full translation patch got leaked yesterday ( there are ongoing talks about using fan translation for official english release of muv-luv series ) – i’ll check it out and if everything is fine, then game will be posted today.

      1. That’s a great news then! 🙂 I’ve been waiting for Muv-Luv Alt. for ages. 🙂 And I just want to ask you a title of VN’s that consist of normal lifes.. No torture, no NTRs, no Demons, no brutals.. I mean like Da Capo that doesn’t have bad endings or tragic endings.. 🙂

  22. Incredible… A femdom… It’s really a little softer than femdom. The story has demons. Any route you choose, will end up as the same, but more “friendly” with some characters than some others. It’ll have incest, sugestivity, and what you are looking for in this page with more than one character, depending on your route, but in the end you’ll end up in the same place than everyone else. It’s almost a linear plot.

    1. @me:
      Femdom?What the hell are you talking about,there’s NONE of that in this game.Besides Akira is anything but submissive,he’d probably kill any girl who’d try to “dom” him.
      (If your talking about scene in the abandoned building,Aya was possessed and Akira couldn’t move since the demons were holding him down.)

  23. can anyone help me… I can’t run the crack. it keeps comin up sayin it’s virused and then it’s removed from the file… the game itself keeps asking for a authentification code…

  24. Since hotfile has gone crazy I guess.

    It’s completely useless to upload anything there because they delete it instantly.

  25. I download the crack and put it in the same file but when i clicked it, it writes : NECEMEM.SNI is not found
    What do i do? D:

    1. Funny Thing Is That, That Also Happened To Me Its Either Your Com Cant Run It(90% Sure) Or Something. But I Can Actually Play Eroges Using A Usb Flash Drive

  26. What is the serial and input code? Can some one please send it to my email? I download this already but it seems I need the serial and input code. Someone please help me!

  27. sadly sasori the choices for the 2nd and every other choice is something like “leave or chase shiro” not “understood the colours and manage to undertake a little”……

  28. walkthrough that i translate

    The above [shinuirodo]

    Do you return five minutes after the above [shinuirodo]?
    Understood [na] that colors and manages to undertake [no] a little
    They are made to return in [irodotachi].
    Are you appraised?
    The answer that moves previously is done.
    It colors and [to] takes it the search at once [hanarenai] Wild Heart – Gone To Earth ?c?c ..going… the adhering nature of the lie
    It is [unazuku].
    It answers.
    There is not an answer word either.

    ?¨ calm route 2 is seen off.
    The interest that not is goes out to the town where no other party who not is when it worries.
    Another idea is proposed.
    Not saying anything ..geniality.. helps or waits.
    The voice is multiplied.
    Can the aim of the taking the shape thing amuse ..coloring.. [dakaranakoitsu]?
    It doesn’t chase it.
    Should I answer?
    It is amazed.
    It is good or nods in this ..feeling for the belly.. a little more.
    ..coloring.. [notameni]
    Was there anything?
    It has understood.

    Do it .. ?¨.. color and is it a girl of two route [shiro-] relish, and do not it start ..good in this..?
    Do you associate [no] ..coloring.. appearance ..engraving..?
    It is amazed.
    Moreover, tomorrow.
    Such feelings [janee;na] is looked on.
    It leaves or the nature faces and it makes it to [tarana] [cha].
    There is help or it is the one that overworking remains in [suruna] [katachi].
    I am [ta] to which the number of bellies decreased.
    There is business that goes back into one’s room.
    Both are interested in, too and ..might goodness.. [ina] [kiken] passes leaving alone or it on the sleep placenta this day.
    Then, it is ..caring.. [waneezo] from [motsurareru] ..whether it is necessary to run away.. ..coloring.. in individual though annoying [yoyareyare] and ..putting out.. [irodo] are priority.
    ..coloring.. [wo] so.
    ..coloring.. [haittaidokoni].
    The noisiness of [kasakka] also colors and can concentrate [ni] with saving [danakore].
    Ginger [neena] ?¨ ..coloring.. End1
    Save point 2 is loaded.
    Do not you be the lovely one that does girl [damou] [shou] and doesn’t make quietly or start lovelily?
    It leaves.
    The remembrance of ..taking care.. [mi] ..certain.. gives it up.
    Have a good night’s sleep.
    The sleep placenta is looked on in such feelings.
    It leaves or ..becoming it.. [hana] is put sooner or later.
    [Ta] ..power shortage I.. still
    Other party [shiteyaruka] nods for a while.
    There is business.
    Both are interested in, too and only ..might goodness.. [ina] [ima] degree becomes obstructive leaving alone or it on the sleep placenta this day.
    Then, does [kasakka] bubble over whether it should individually run away and is turning shooting [temookeneeka] seen by any means?
    ?¨ ..coloring.. End2 it not is even if it is said it is unpleasant ?c?c
    The interest that not is for the nature that follows loading save point 1 goes out to the town where no other party who not is.
    Another idea is proposed.
    Not saying anything ..geniality.. helps or waits.
    Nothing is said.
    Can the aim of the taking the shape thing amuse ..coloring.. [dakaranakoitsu]?
    It chases it.
    Amazed obediently answered
    It is good or nods in confidence or this.
    ..coloring.. [notameni]
    Was there anything?
    It has understood.
    Is it a girl of the [shiro-] relish, and do not it start ..good in this..?
    Do you associate [no] ..coloring.. appearance ..engraving..?
    It is amazed.
    Moreover, tomorrow.
    Such feelings [janee;na] is looked on.
    It leaves or the nature faces and it makes it to [tarana] [cha].
    Is there help?
    When coming next, it cut off making…
    Understanding that goes back into one’s room
    Is Okitsu’s story does do ..anxious.. [runa] [shou] and regrettable?
    Is it does consult [kuka] ..leaving alone.. Okitsu or unexpectedly [danoi] today?
    It is too dangerous.
    Then, should I hurry up the confluence?
    From ..coloring.. [motsurareru] though one is priority of annoying [yoyareyare] and ..putting out.. [irodo]
    A little more association [rukasoryana]
    [Waneezo] ?¨ calm End2 caring

    1. I managed with Still needed two attaempts for Aya2, but I got the other three missing endings on the first try. A small dictionary:
      (some letter)(re)(ru) Amazed/Surprised
      True Yuki = Mayuki
      Open Sea Tsu = Okitsu
      It shoots = Leave her/them alone

      I guess you’ll figure the rest yourselves.

  29. Can someone please post a English walkthough? I know it is still new and all. Please post if you find one. Thanks!

  30. Just use
    this is the link to use for the walkthrough
    the girls names are at the top, just click on them , and it will take you to the path of each girl respectively.
    After that, just copy and paste each choice descending to translate…this isn’t that hard.
    Yellow= savepoint for alternate ending
    Green= follow for alternate ending from previous loaded savepoint

  31. I finished it mostly, but lacking four endings. Got all others on my own 🙂
    I could swear I tried every option available, but perhaps I missed something. So even a Google translated walkthrough would help.

      1. if u translate it per sentence, it will be much clearer. The yellow indicates a save point for another ending, load it and start by the blue for ending 3 and 4. for end 2 press the link.

      2. You are right. The translator output is mostly useless.

        I found the existing endings simply by trying to follow only one girl at a time and turning down all others. Basic strategy I think 🙂
        From the gameplay up to now I don’t have a clue how to spawn of the girl’s route to a get a different one. There’s simply no choice indicating it.

        My best guess is, that there are good and bad ends. Meaning the “love points” have to be in a certain range.
        This would mean lots of trial and error on how many love points are added or subtracted in each choice you do right or wrong.

  32. Just downloaded it, but I can get it to work, and I can’t find the game directery like the other games in order to put the game crack. What to do?

  33. i desperately need a walkthrough, a japanese walkthrough will do

    damn there’s too much choices in this game

  34. thanks for reuploading it. dont take any crap from the file hosting sites. you might want to look into an automated uploader, or use flameupload

    1. obviously because hotfile deleted his acc, didnt you notice every link on the site went down and hes in the process of replacing them?

  35. As many have posted,/ stated before the file download link is not working but holy shit if it got taken down that quickly

    1. I found a walkthrough for the japanese version of the game but, not the english. Can anyone post a walkthough because I keep getting the same ending no matter what I pick…

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