Togainu no Chi

Togainu no Chi

After being devastated in the third World War (known as The Third Division), Japan was divided in two. Several years after the end of the war, a crime organization called Vischio has taken control of the destroyed city of Toshima (formerly Tokyo, Japan’s capital city), where they are holding a battle game known as “Igura”. The game’s main character, a young man named Akira, is falsely accused of a crime. Once arrested, a mysterious woman appears before him, offering him freedom if he agrees to participate in Igura and defeat Igura’s strongest man: the king, or “Il re”. The story follows Akira’s life in the harsh, lawless Toshima as he fights both to survive and to unravel the mysteries developing around him.

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  1. I got this game running perfectly in Linux; saving, loading, videos, everything works. If anyone’s confused about the options, I’ve added what works in-game for me below:
    [Space] Hide dialog box
    [A] Auto mode*
    [Shift] Skip mode*
    [Ctrl+B] Reverts back to last choice you made, if you’ve made a choice beforehand
    [B] Backlog
    [S] Save (will prompt you for save description, optional in Settings)
    [L] Load (will prompt you Y or N, not optional)
    [F] Fullscreen
    [C] Config. Opens Settings in new window
    [T] Return to title screen (will prompt you Y or N, not optional)
    [Esc] Exit game (will prompt you Y or N, not optional)

    1. *Auto: Runs through text at a readable pace, synced with voice. Mouse click or Spacebar to end auto mode.
      *Skip: Fastest run-through in the game, skips ALL voices & text (sound FX will still play). Use this for quickly getting to choices.
      Ctrl+N held down & released will start automatically skipping text (only stopping at choices or mouse/spacebar input)
      Shift key held down will skip for as long as the key is held down.

      To get to the typical CG/movie/scene viewer, you HAVE to clear a “complete” ending before the viewer option will appear on the title screen (as EXTRA). For instance I got to Keisuke’s good ending after a while but was only able to access this option after completing that ending fully, it didn’t trigger with any of Keisuke’s bad endings. Also word-wrap is pretty terrible in English, sadly the patch can’t fix that.

    1. It’s censored with mosaics. I’m new to the whole yaoi thing so it didn’t bother me, I’m more interested in the plot (which is far better in text form than the anime!)

  2. To unfreeze the game open the task manager, choose ‘stop task’, in the prompt that opens up click ‘cancel’, within the game there should now be the next promt, again click ‘no’, the game should now be running again.

  3. After messing around with the keyboard a bit, I learned a few new functions
    T brings up an option in japanese. Choosing yes will restart the game but no matter what option you choose it will freeze.
    A starts automatic dialogue progression. this does not freeze the game.
    C brings up the options menu but since it’s in Japanese I didn’t want to mess around with it. This does not freeze the game.
    B brings up dialogue history. This does not freeze the game.
    Holding shift skips dialogue. This does not freeze the game.
    Space hides the UI. This does not freeze the game.

    In con clusion the problems seem to be Saving, Loading and Restarting. Once again, I would really appreciate any help with this.

  4. With the help of the comments I have managed to get the game to run in english and I found out that pressing F makes it full screen.
    But there are still a few really bad problems with the game.
    So far I haven’t progressed in the game at all, I just checked to see if the basic mechanics work.
    I found that although it seems you can save by pressing S the game freezes as soon as you make the save and the only way I could manage to close it then is by force-closing it with the task manager. This part isn’t too big of a problem but if I try to load the game it just loads it and then instantly freezes just like when I saved.
    But it doesn’t freeze like games normally do in these cases. The music is still playing and the icon for progressing the dialogue is still blinking. It’s like the game is still running but refuses to accept any input. I can’t even move the game window around.
    I don’t mind games that have slight bugs but a visual novel where you can’t load your saves just makes it almost unplayable.
    I would really appreciate any help with these problems.

  5. I NEED HELP! I really want to play this game and I did everything correctly. Only I have Window 10. I tried updating directx but it says its not compatible!! I change to Japan local, mount the small game icon, installed it but it won’t run? And also how to I paste the “sTEP3” of the english patch in the mount file location? It says insufficient space. And when I copy paste all the item from the mount file to another, then the intall icon doesnt work even if i RUN as administrator. Someone help me! I’m so sad these awsome bl games are not available on steam >.<

  6. hello i hate to disturb but everytime i click in the disc image file it gives me error and it says the file is corrupted, how can i fix this error? thanks by the way i have windows 10 thanks again

  7. Hey there Admin, it says that the file is corrupted when i tried to mount it. I downloaded it again, just in case, but it’s still corrupted.

    1. I have the same issue as Yami. I do hope this gets fixed cos I was rally looking forward to playing it ; ;

  8. Installed it just fine, but the EXE won’t run, even though I have Windows 7 and it’s running on Japanese locale. Did anybody find a solution for it?

    1. I have the same problem. I had installed this game two years ago and it worked fine, but now I reinstalled it and exe is not responding. I remember that I had to change exe file with another exe to run the game but it’s nowhere to be found in the files I downloaded from here. Where can I find togainunochi.exe?

  9. so, installed the game and the patch just fine, I think. Though when I click the EXE it does nothing, nothing is running in the task manager and it won’t let me run it in JPN locale when I right click on the exe. I have win10 and my region is set to have non-unicode programs set to Japanese. Even if I click on the mounted image where I installed it and click game start, nothing happens, no indication that it was launched at all.

  10. I have just installed the game and followed all the instructions, but it comes up with a japanese message about adminstrator. I have tried running the program as administrator but it does not work. Please help!

  11. For those of you who don’t like that it’s yaoi or has sexual content, there has been an anime based off of it if you want the plot.

  12. I have a problem ;(I can’t copy the script in the togainu no chi installation directory because I don’t have enough memory in that directory T_T

  13. How do you install this game? I’m confused, XD sorry I really need help, I’m new around this stuff 0.0 done downloading btw

  14. Playing this game sometimes makes me forget it’s BL XD. That is, until it gets to the sexy scenes. I always end up feel so engrossed to the storyline that my brain just forgets. Man, I love this game.

  15. So I got the game to run and everything but now when I try to play it, something in Japanese pops up about Administrator and then shuts down.
    I’ve tried giving it Admin privileges but that doesn’t work either.
    Please help! I was almost finished with the game! T.T

  16. Have already someone a way to fix the problem with the freezing screen? I tried with reinstall the game on my XP (PC without japanes-location), but it didn’t helped.

    Happens this only in one route, or is this in other routes too? Because otherwise I could play a other route (hopefully without freezing screen).

  17. i mounted the image on daemontools ran it and clicked game start but it wont launch so i tried the install directx option but it keeps saying “this version of directx is not compatible with the version of windows currently installed” what do i do?

    1. I have the same problem tooo >.< I don't know what to do TT^TT I just want to play I've tried updating dX but well windows 10 is shit im sorry i updated *sobs* i just want to play the game wahhh~~~~

      1. You too? I thought it was my laptop at first, but it looks like quite a few people are having this problem. I tried installing the game at least 6 times!
        Whenever I click on the desktop icon, nothing happens. When I tried to update DirectX, I got the whole “this version of DirectX is not compatible with the version of windows currently installed” too.

        And I was so happy about win10 replacing win8! Now I absolutely hate it.
        Did anyone come across any solution for it yet?

    2. Im having the same problem like you . I follow all the step but when i try to open the game , nothing happen . Can someone help on this problem ? I really want to play this game

  18. I followed every step. But when I open the game, it says something about the disk CD in Japanese and then automatically closes. Please help?

  19. Alright, so I feel like I’m missing something here, but I can’t download the last part of the 3-part link. It just sends me to a random page that says the page I’m looking for either doesn’t exist or has moved to a new server. Is that just happening to me or is the link actually broken?

  20. it keeps saying gamedisk error the rest in japanese its all installed but wont open nd ive followed the instructions to

  21. Anyone having trouble with the opening? I can run it fine, but when i get to the OP, the video itself stops and the game keeps frozen like that.

    1. Can’t help but I have the same problem – I’m assuming it’s because I downloaded the update and English patch before downloading the game (I went back and uninstalled/reinstalled the English patch, though…have no idea how to remove the update so I can reinstall it). I’m playing on Windows 7. Any help would be appreciated!

  22. So I was able to instal the game and it works, but it’s in Japanese, so I downloaded the English Patch. I was able to instal the update but when I try to instal the TNC Image Patch, it says “error opening file for writing”. Can someone help me pleaseeee

  23. help me! T.T I’ve installed this game many times already and it kept saying i’m missing installation of product/script.ini .. wtf does tht mean??

  24. honestly, who the the f*ck cares if it’s yaoi? The art and plot are amazing, you don’t see me evading games because of the pairings. Hell, I’ve played all types and this is definitely worth a try.

  25. I’ve been LONG overdue to play this game… I like Nitro+Chiral and I have seen figures/images of this story for years now… but nvr got around to playing (nor anime/manga).

    thanks for the upload. 😀

  26. Yeah…. Um. I can’t seem to make the English patch to work and the first step folder isn’t working. When I click the togainu_update_101 exe. and clicked the ok button a window popped up, so I clicked ok and yeah. Nothing happened. But, it was in japanese and didn’t realize that was an error just because I opened the game and it’s still in Japanese. The game is working fine though.

  27. I just installed the game, but it always opens in a small screen, and when i press the \CONFIG\ button, to put it in full screen, everything in the CONFIG bar, is in japanese. And also, i have no idea how ti exit the game, or save it while i am in it, because the bar that appears, is all in japanese characters. Is it supposed to be like that?

  28. Um, for all those having problems with the Togainu no Chi installation:
    First, you have to set the system locale to Japanese for non-unicode programs.
    Then, you have to utilize DAEMON Tools [download and install if you don’t have it; chances are most games need it to run. That’s what I found out anyway…]. If you check the Togainu no Chi folder, you’ll see a small icon of the protagonist there. Mount that, and then run the setup.
    I recommend you run the DirectX setup first to upgrade whatever version of DirectX you have in the system and then, install the game.
    If you follow these steps, you shouldn’t have that problem where you keep getting stuck at random instances in the game. Although, I got all routes except Nano’s….I get the feeling I’m missing a CG from Keisuke’s route. Hm. Apart, from that, I didn’t have any other problem. Hope this helps 🙂

  29. I followed all of the steps, but when I click on the game it says: the file name, directory name, or volume label syntax is correct. Does anyone know what to do to fix it?

  30. how can i run the game? there is no application icon for the game that i can open. sorry for the noob question.

    1. No, you just download the patch and run it! ^__^


    1. It does download, but it ends up in a weird file folder. Do a search for it and put it with the other two parts. 🙂

  31. I have a weird problem with the game. After playing a while, and reaching x part, it just freezes and I can’t do anything, but the music still plays like nothing happened. I saved just a little before that happens, and when I try to skip, it freezes anyway.

    Has anyone had this problem?

    1. I just currently started playing this game and the same thing occured to me. Since it has been long overdue, can anyone enlighten me? I have my directx checked and updated as well, and I installed the game in Win7.

      I would be so happy if anyone could help.

    2. me too, it frezees when Akira have a dream and all is blank, with the letters and all, I only can make full screen and thats all,I can’t save or load it

  32. Thanks!I managed to fix my problem by reinstalling.

    But now there is another problem.
    Everytime i save and choose an option from the window that pops up confirming the save, i cant click on the game screen anymore after that.Which means i cant load a saved game either because immediately after the pop up window the controls in the game dont work for me.Anyone knows what im doing wrong or how to fix this??

    Either way from what i managed to play, its an awesome game!!! Thanks so muchh!!

  33. u hav to mount a virtual disc of the game with softwares like Daemon Tool Lite. Then only download the eng patch. Look up on instructions on how to install the game+patch on youtube.

    P.S. This is a really nice game!! Simply amazing!! Thanks!

  34. Hi ive installed the game and english patch and followed all the instructions…
    But im getting an error message that says ‘The file name, directory name or volume syntax is incorrect.’ whenever i try to launch the game.

    Help please?? thanks

  35. I’ve downloaded this game and did every step but it doesn’t work at all, maybe it’s just me but … I don’t know. I have a windows 7 computer and I’ve already but it on japanese in the control panel but …..still nothing. Could you please help me? I really want to play this game..

  36. Hi!
    I tried to install this on 2 different PCs, one has XP home and the other XP profesional. In both cases the Setup poped up and nothing more happened. Is this the XP version of the game, or is it the Vista or the Vista/7 version?
    I use daemon and my PCs are on non-unicode japanese settings.
    Is there a fail-save way to install this on a XP system?

  37. Even though it’s yaoi, to the many who may be disturbed by such a thing, if homosexual activities don’t bother you /too/ much this game has an amazing plot to it. It’s story telling is wonderful and the voice acting is superb.
    If you like gore, then this is for you.
    If you like attractive boys along with attractive voices, this is definitely for you.
    If you like boy’s love, this is for you.
    If you like dystopian society, this is for you.
    But if you are troubled by homosexual activities, rape, bad endings, long games, or H scenes, this game is definitely not for you.

    I must say that this will forever be one of my highest recommendations, especially to BL lovers.

    I highly discourage people complaining about the fact that it’s yaoi, since I really thank the admins for catering to everyone. Otome games, yaoi games, yuri games, non-ecchi games, and pure hentai! I absolutely love and thank this site, and I appreciate that this game will now receive more attention!

    Thank you so much, admins! (And I hope my comments aren’t out of line.)

  38. This is one of the best VN’s I’ve ever had the pleasure to play. Yes there is yaoi but it’s pretty damn good, and dear god, I have this amazing crush on Shiki. Like >///> Nitro+CHIRAL made my world.. I hope you guys get more of their Vn’s like Jingai Makyou. >w<

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