Dysfunctional Systems

Dysfunctional Systems

Dysfunctional Systems is an episodic visual novel chronicling the life of Winter Harrison. Having long become comfortable with her utopian society, Winter is surprised to learn that there are other worlds in other planes of existence. These worlds are quite different from hers, ranging from troubled, to dystopian, to futuristic or fantastical. However, they are all riddled with problems that, if not resolved, may adversely affect her home world. She is chosen to become a “mediator”, charged with the maintenance of order in these chaotic planes, and so enters a vocational school for training. Episode 1 details her second shadowing of a seasoned mediator, only a few weeks into her first year. She and her mentor enter a world seemingly much like their own, except for this issue of “poverty” with which Winter has difficulty understanding…

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48 comments on “Dysfunctional Systems

  1. If you guys liked this VN, you should definitely support it by buying it because as of right now, development of episode 2 has been put off due to low sales of episode 1. I mean come on, it’s an indie game, so they need all the support they can get! and you get the (amazing) soundtrack as well!

  2. The tags are not that specific, so is this more like a drama stuff that build up an interesting world, or does it focus more on romance or something ?

    Because from the description the setting seems quite interesting, and I like the style of the cover, but a focus on romance would probably bore me … Like if all you do is try to hook up with your mentor…

    1. You don’t hook up with the mentor. It’s much more focused on world building, there isn’t even romance at all in the first chapter at least. The series isn’t finished yet though so can’t promise that in the future.

  3. I felt like it revealed the character of your current mentor more than anything else. Rest assured I went through each choice though before continuing. At most I see a system similar to hadouki;fleeting blossom (otome for psp) with the the romantic status being similar except a general value of chaos points giving various endings based on amount of points obtained

    getting steam version when comes out

  4. This is an absolutely fantastic game. I’ll be supporting the authors from now on. Thanks for introducing me to this game, Admin.

  5. theres a new version of the game seems to have some bugs fixed, i just bought so if someone want the new version i will soon upload it.

  6. hi IM NEW HERE, i want to know if are all thise games you have are eroge, or some onl have history and no eroge?

  7. Sukogaiden vol.1 translation is done. Will you be putting that…? It’s not a hentai and it’s on psx but well… still a good Visual Novel… ^^

    1. I second this. I’d really love to play suikogaiden prepatched with english patch. Its a damn fine game.

  8. The only Choices I remember picking are the last 2 unfortunately…and no matter how many times i try i just cant win against him in an argument anymore 🙁
    btw, the last 2 choices I made was:”Deconstruct his plan” and “For a just cause”

    1. From what I remember, the choices I used to win the argument were:

      Caution him about the country’s people and their potentially ill reactions
      Remind him of the militaristic border country: Fehrdia
      Show him your determination
      Deconstruct his plan
      For a just cause

    2. As far as I know the only choice that matters is the last one after the argument, between “stop him” or “don’t”. She’ll always lose, but she can use that “wish” she made him promise before.

  9. Is it possible to win the argument with Cyrus? I’ve been fiddling with it for a while and I haven’t been able to figure it out.

    1. Win, probably not. There’s another way to get him to do something though. It has to do with a certain trade from before or agreement.

      1. Actually I won against him in the argument once, but after that one time I couldn’t do it again even when I used the same choices….

  10. I don’t suppose anyone has a mac client of this for download? I’d like to find out if it actually works on my machine before purchase

      1. That’d be nice, been looking for a Mac version on the internet elsewhere, couldn’t find any. Many thanks!

  11. Will the admin be adding Anaheim Girl’s Love Story?
    The full patch has been released just thought I would ask the question

    1. The admi’s goal is to have all the english translate Visual novels and eroges. So as long he know about their existence he probably would do it.

    2. Except that it’s not a patch. It’s an HTML file with the translation. There MIGHT be a patch for it in the future. But I would imagine a lot of people wouldn’t like the fact that it’s not a patch and a separate HTML file.

  12. As someone who always tries before he buys, I must say that I will most certainly be purchasing a copy. I gotta say thanks for posting a copy for those of us.

    Wish Dischan would hurry up and release more for Cradle Song. It’s been over two and a half years now since I saw the first post on /a/ debuting the preview.

  13. Adm, I’m just passing by to say thank you for your work and effort, hopefully will continue for many years!

    Fan from Brazil, sorry my english ^ ^

  14. can someone please post a walkthrough?
    and is it impossible to prevent the missile from being launched?

    1. is not needed, there are only two routes, one when you let Cyrus kill and one where you don’t let him, pretty easy.

      There isn’t a way to prevent the missile from being launched. I thought i was missing a CG and thought it should be that, but they have confirmed me that the missing CG is because a bug that prevent it of be unlocked so there should not be any more rutes, or at least tou don’t get a new CG for it and i haven’t find it when i tried every possibility to get the last CG.

      1. I see, thanks for reply ^^ it was really bugging me since I thought stopping the missile was possible

  15. Well.It seems like it could be a otome, but it seems interesting. Also is cheap for now so i may buy it. Thanks for bring this visual novel, i may not be a fan without this page

    1. If the game sell well they are going to release a lot more episodes, max 5 they say. Is a pain not having a completed VN but it make you spend little money everytime and decide if you like the VN before you spend a big amount of it. Is really cheap this first episode and you get the full sountrack which it seems to be quite well done for a single episode.

          1. “An otome game (乙女ゲーム otome Aka “maiden game”) is a video game that is targeted towards a female market, where one of the main goals, besides the plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the female player character and one of several male.”

            Thank you wiki!

          2. Sorry man but youre wrong an otome game is a game the mainchar is a girl and you basically “hunt” (you know what im saying) for boys.If you ever watched the world god only knows you would know one or two things more about dating sims and
            yeah h-games (they are both Vn so dont you say they are different.If i wrote anything wrong sorry im german so yeah.

          3. @Hanglord: Man, get a life! Your reaction shows you don’t really have (had) one yet. I guess it is about time…

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