Aokana – EXTRA1

Aokana - EXTRA1

A senpai who she admires.

The senpai who she loves.

Friends with whom she could confide her worries and do her best.

Just by showing a little bit of courage, she was able to obtain so many precious relationships.

Mashiro thought that she has finally reached the happy end. However, she was barely passing her classes. She lost completely in a sweets battle to Rika and Arika. On top of that, Misaki and Asuka declared that they are Masaya’s lovers!? At this rate, her dear senpai would be taken from her, she’ll have to repeat a year, and Mashiro Udon would go out of business!? Mashiro’s mother, Botan, suddenly suggested that she and Masaya go on an overnight date. She declared that she’ll make a tasty bento for him and dress up nicely. With the help of the others, she trained really hard to up her feminine qualities before the date. Will they reach the true happy end!?

EXTRA1 is the after story for Mashiro, one of the two highest voted in the Aokana character popularity poll.

12 comments on “Aokana – EXTRA1

  1. Hey, so the payment system changed within the last few months and now it redirecting me to like 5 different pages to pay for a premium account. And then rejecting my payment…. who do I talk to about this….?

  2. surprised she recieved one instead of misaki/asuka who have much more depth as characters but I guess japanese people go crazy a moe loli heroine like her

        1. It was by popularity poll vote. Misaki was the one in 1st place and Mashiro in 2nd place. The company will only do the ones in the top 2 aka those 2.

        1. It’s still in development. The Extra 2 will have lot of new CG designed for the story. Then NekoNyan will start to translate it. Those fandisk are short so translation will be fast.

  3. Is this an add-on to the Aokana game or does it work by itself? I was looking at it on the store page the other day and I wasn’t quite sure. I’m still reading Aokana personally but I am interested in this, I just wasn’t sure if it was a stand alone product or a DLC type thing.

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