A boy-meets-girl story in a world under attack by dragons.

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127 Responses to “Dra+Koi”

  1. bleh says:

    patch dead bro

  2. Crown says:

    Link for the TL is dead again

  3. Fayte says:

    Nevermind I figured it out, you have to be running in Japan local. And if you don’t know how to do that there’s YouTube videos. P.S. I’d rather like the good ending, in fact I would be accurate to say that it’s actually the true ending.

  4. Fayte says:

    The link for the fix for the forced bad end that’s already posted here is dead. So if someone can help me fix this. The game only gives me 2 choices then instantly gives me the bad end no matter what combination of choices I pick.

  5. Fayte says:

    can someone please upload the fix for the forced bad end?

  6. dmaple says:

    I know that this is a stupid question but what do i do when i am prompted for the CD key i am going to try doing it blank but i doubt that will work

  7. gggusto says:

    the english patch link is broken can you please make a new one after i press the download button there is no actual file downloading or any link at that it just goes and says that website was moved or closed permanently. I waited like 15 minutes and tried to download 4 times it’s kinda annoying so please put a new link in.

  8. mid says:


  9. Josh says:

    If you guys are having freezing problems like I did, I’m on windows 10. You can work around it by running the game in compatibility mode windows XP (service pack 2) and Japanese locale.When you play the game use right click to save the game and when loading start a new game use right click to load. Using keyboard shortcuts seems to make it freeze.

  10. Bob says:

    does not work for windows 8; crashes after the file location screen

  11. Dotu says:

    This touched me in the feels like nothing has before. “Faithful” was fucking heart breaking and “Unfaithful” was BEAUTIFUL. I’m not crying, it’s just raining… in my room.

  12. Tracy Jae says:

    This is censored. Genitals are pixel blurred.

  13. kevenka says:

    ignore my comment

  14. kevenka says:

    How do you guys even install the game? It seems to request for cd key?

  15. Drake Dragon says:

    The full download was removed.

  16. dwi says:

    why me can’t install it

  17. Alkenstine says:

    great but too short. oh well still fun while it lasted and i loved the music the entire story with ridiculous as hell over the top and beyond sense but it was all amazing at the same time.

  18. ryosuky says:

    hurmmmm can we make the game to full screen??? how???

  19. yang zwu says:

    i installed it and i get 2 different game “kaigen seito” and “nitro wars”. but the game not have english patch. anyone have english patch for them? :/

  20. Shiro says:


    I wasn’t expecting a good plot from this game, just average or less. To tell you the truth I just downloaded this game for the heroine(okay, you can call me pervert, but I like cute especially non-human female characters). But now, after I get all endings I got to admit, I’m FUCKING surprised. I would never have guessed that a ‘boy-meets-girl’ eroge can have such a plot, Okay the game is quite short, but it knows how to explore it’s limited time(off course it would be better if it was dubbed and longer but it has a quite philosophic ending, good characters and an original plot not to mention the OST and the deep feeling that the plot combined with it’s OST transmit).

    I got to admit, I cried at the last choice, sad for ‘Faithful’ and happy for ‘Unfaithful’ (I’m not a fag,a male can cry for sadness and happiness)…

  21. B_Okta says:

    I finished the game and got the good ending and the bad endings without resorting to the bad ending fix. The last choice was ‘Faithful’ and ‘Unfaithful’. One will get you the bad ending while the other the good ending. I just downloaded it this month so maybe the my version of the download has been patched.

  22. Kurogane says:

    I’ve installed Dra+Koi and the game works, but the H-scenes are skipped.

  23. Ramifrix says:

    An exceedingly well written VN that I fell in love with after only the second line from the protagonist. Both heartbreaking and heartwarming and with a relatability I can’t attribute many other VNs. The music was beautifully done , although the fact that the soundtrack was about 5 songs long and the one that played during the sex scenes was a dissonant piece more fit to a tragic moment than a loving, intimate one got a bit irksome after awhile. It’s a shame it was so short, but that was part of it’s charm to. Over all a great VN that I would happily replay. Thanks for the upload Admin.

  24. dekusuta says:

    I just finished this and got all 3 endings…w/out the need of the patch to fix the ‘supposed’ forced bad ending…guess I was just lucky to install this with no probs then…hmm…

    • DrunkMonk says:

      No… no problems here either. Tried all different choices and WHAMMO happy end.

      I think the forced bad end talk is fallacy.

  25. ryma says:

    i can’t dowland any game in here they tell me that there is a failure and if it works they tell me that I should wait a week 13 can you help me please i want to play so many games in here and i can’t dowlan any!! it’s torture

  26. ako says:

    no voice ?

  27. Taiketsu says:

    Did finish now the VN after the bug fix. Now im wondering why the Recolliction and CG Gallery didnt open o.o”

    ty @ Th3Only1 for the bugfix.

    MFG Taiketsu

  28. zaq6394 says:

    I just want to say how amazing the OST is. This VN has some pretty beautiful language in it (translated of course) and motifs/themes, but what really got me was the music. True, there are no voice-overs, but To Aru Ryuu no Koi no Uta and No Answer are amazing pieces even outside of this VN. Thanks for providing the link to downloading the OST in addition to the VN itself!

  29. Th3Only1 says:

    Here the link to fix the forced bad ending

  30. Taiketsu says:

    Im having a problem somehow. After i tried many things i dont get somehow a 3. choice.

    I tried Save her – Date Her = get killed
    Save her – dont go date = killed
    dont save her etc. always get killed without even getting the 3. choice i see every1 tells here.
    Did i do something wrong or whats wrong here?

  31. Jonatan says:

    Thanks for the upload, new here, will keep visiting, cheers!! =)

  32. Labyrinth says:

    Anyone know how to see the cg gallery and recollection? I can’t click on them at all.

    • Labyrinth says:

      Figured it out. You have to finish the normal ending to gain access to the cg gallery and the recollection menu. Bad endings do not count. If you wish to gain access to it fast, you could change your settings to skip all unread dialogue to the choices. The choices needed to unlock the normal ending are Save her => Go on date => Finish him => Faithful.

  33. TallOne says:

    I’m answering my own question here.

    If you choose not to save her, and not to go on the date, then that leads to a bad ending.

    If you choose to save her, go on the date, and Finish him off, and stay faithful, then that is the Normal Ending (the one I got)

    If you choose to save her, go on the date, but choose not to finish him off, thats the other bad ending.

    If you save her, go on the date, finish him off, and stay unfaithful, that leads to the happy ending.

  34. TallOne says:

    I have a few questions.

    How many endings are there?

    The only ending I got was when I fulfilled my duty as a Dragon Slayer and put an end to the Story between the dragon and I. After the credits, it gave descriptions how she was suffering by not being by his side or something. Which ending is this?

    And how do I get the other endings?

    • ReaverXIII says:

      wat u got was the normal ending, wen the mc fulfills the “romance” to get the good ending go in this order —….i assume u picked faithful because of the reason i did, because i though it was the good choice however the truth of it is that u are being faithful to the legend and not the girl, while vise versa happens if u pick unfaithful…….also the last cg scene cant be accomplished until u choose not to go on a date with her so after getting the good end go back and choose that for a change in the doggy style scene

  35. MariOtaku says:

    i download the 3 click but i dont see the installation about the game.. what shall i do can you tell me please?

  36. gurum0 says:

    when i open the patch it says that there is a virus if not mistaken in fix.ddl its really a virus or a false report the match says its a TR/ATRAPS.Gen2.

  37. bob says:

    im at the part to poot in thr serial number but when I click the done button I get an error

  38. Crusthide says:

    Holy shit,anyone knows where I can get the soundtrack from this?
    Certainly made up for lack of voiceovers for me.

  39. AnimeDude300 says:

    I am so confused. I mounted the image and got to the game, but none of it was translated. And when I exited out of the game, I couldn’t get back in. Please help

  40. Maoh says:

    Thanks for your hard and awesome work admin

  41. Tiac says:

    Thanks for uploading! It may been short but it was full of feeling~~ And that, I like.

  42. HAC says:

    Since so many of us are having trouble with this how about somebody that is NOT having trouble upload a 100% save file?

    And maybe if they are nice they could make a save at each choice so we can skip the errors without mucking up the script files?

  43. Xepher says:

    I’m still new in playing VNs , can someone tell good VNs ? thanks for your cooperation 🙂

  44. Philtering says:

    Alright thanks, now how about shuffle tick tack?

  45. Konojelo says:

    I can’t seem to advance the story past the first two choices (3 if you count the option to skip the intro). Every combination of choices (all 4 or 8 of them) leads to the same bad end. 🙁

  46. TYron says:

    this game need walkthrough?or not?

  47. pepper says:

    looks like my AV detects \fix.dll\ from the localization patch as a virus

    • Shinji says:

      AVIRA detects the trojan ATRAPS.Gen2 in fix.dll.
      This dll is not necessary to run the patch.
      You can run the patched game without it.

  48. Laguz says:

    Here is a fix for the forced bad end, but keep in mind that it will force you into the good ending, so if you want to see the bad end, do it, and the apply the fix.


  49. Julius says:

    It was some great VN. It will be really good if there was anime of it.

  50. Ste says:

    Latest line: change “Dk0600” to “Dk0601b”

  51. The Game Master says:

    Why does most of my posts get deleted?

  52. HAC says:

    There is something wrong with the scripts, but the translation authors seem to be passing it off as a windows 8 thing…. considering I’m running windows 7 (the OS that nearly everybody is running at this point) that isn’t the issue.

  53. Taxel-chan says:

    Translation: but what to do when you only get the first two options, then what?

  54. D_Z says:

    Surprisingly good for a 2 hour VN, pretty deep if you scratch the surface to. Some of the writing is awfully poetic.

  55. Zworden says:

    thanks for the upload man….
    a great game, so much laugh, sasuga nitroplus
    and thanks for the guide ultimecia
    saw your post on vndb xD

  56. Duo says:

    sory,didnt learn English,self learner,in mind did sound better.
    Will trai better.

  57. Q says:

    learn to spell, then ask again.

  58. Frank says:

    Very short, but I liked the Good Ending.

    To get the Good Ending: Save her, date her, finish him, and the last option: “unfaithfull”.

  59. Ra124 says:

    I’ve extracted it and did what the patch says but I’m getting a blue screen and error. I’ve tried changing my timezone to Tokyo, and that didn’t help. Not sure what I’m doing something wrong. Please help..

  60. Someone says:

    Seriously, how do you get to the good ending? I can’t even access the cg gallery nor the thing that says “recollection” can someone explain what happens? did someone got the good ending?

    • CQEF says:

      I have the very same issue. Does anyone has a solution, please?

      • anon says:

        Save her>go on date>finish him>unfaithful.

        I did do “faithful” first, which leads to bad end, so you might have to do that before you do unfaithful. I don’t know.

        • dkjfh says:

          What they’re saying is that we don’t get the option to choose unfaithful and finish him. I’m having the same problem. I can’t access the galleries, and I only get the save and date options. All of the combinations lead me to a bad end.

          • Anymous says:

            I was having the same problem then I tried running the game normally without running Japanese locale as administrator and the good ending worked fine.

  61. Anon says:

    I’m sorry, but can somebody explain how to not get a bad ending? So far I’ve seen two choices, and every possible combination it giving a bad ending.

    • Ray says:

      It’s possible to get a good ending. Basically you have to be nice to the girl. I think the options to pick are to “save her”, “finish him” and “unfaithfull”. That should lead to the good end. I’ll not sat anything more so as not to ruin the ending. Hope this helps!

      • Anon says:

        It’s strange, my first choice was as you said, but the second was whether or not to go on a date, trying all four possibilities caused a bad ending. In the end I fixed it by going into the script file and just manually making it progress, but I’m still curious what was going on.

        • specie8470 says:

          How do you get it to progress manually I tried all the combinations of the two choices I have been given and bad ending each time. What do I have to do to get this fixed? Thanks.

        • anon says:

          This is the correct way:

          Save her>go on date>finish him>unfaithful

          Happy end

          • ReaverXIII says:

            agree however u cnt get the last sex scene unless u choose to not go on a date with her….so after u get the happy end go back and not go on a date, and u should see a difference to the doggy style sex scene

  62. Justin iZ Here says:

    Oh man, this was amazing. I really enjoyed this not to mention it’s able to be knocked out in like 2 hours…Shame it’s not a little longer but oh well it was damn good man.

  63. bludvein says:

    For such a short game I loved it. The dialogue is kind of witty. The lack of voices kind of sucks but otherwise its a solid 7/10

  64. Ray says:

    Thanks guys, 1) you insulted my intellegence, because I have already read the guide which Ulltimecea is referring too, 2) it seems to me as the reason either of you replied at all is to have a go at me. I have extracted the files from the patch into the Nitroplus folder for drakoi in the start up menu but that doesn’t make any difference. It’s also not like I’m a noob either but this is the first time I’m having this problem.

    • Ray says:

      Sorry, I finally figured it out. The mistake I made was that I didn’t copy the patch into the DraKoi folder in the Nitroplus files in My Computer under the Program Files (x86). It’s the first time that was required for a VN I’ve played. Thanks.

  65. The Game Master says:

    Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but do you have any easier ways to download games? Takes me more time to get all the pieves than it does to finish the game…

  66. Ray says:

    I have downloaded all the files, including the patch, but yet when I play the game it is in japanese. How to apply the patch tho get it translated into english?

    • Judicator says:

      I don’t know. Maybe apply the English patch right there under the game download?! Maybe use the guide right under the downloads?! People these days can’t do anything themselves.

    • Ultimecea says:

      dude……ivan was right all these while >.>
      he even said that if i didnt create that simple how to setup the bloody game..
      there’ll be tons of questions popping up and around..
      and here..we have a masterpiece which dont even bothers to read the guide >.>

      i guess i did the extra work for nothing~~

  67. trademark2 says:


  68. Jess says:

    I just saw this was translated at VNDB and started looking around the internet for a Dra+Koi download… and after a few minutes I thought “I wonder if erogedownload has it already…?” and lo and behold – you are a God among men. 😛

  69. Cens says:

    loading save files wont work

  70. Rei says:

    Needs reverse rape tag

  71. croPath says:

    great short VN from nitroplus
    10/10 for OST
    8/10 story
    8/10 characters
    9/10 humor
    8.5/10 overall
    really would love to have the characters voiced though some lines would just work so much better if they had a good VA do them especially the “mothers”

    • Sorreah182 says:

      that’s a really generous review you gave there…I didn’t quite find it nearly as…great as all that :/

  72. Livez Einzweil says:

    Short game though no CV’s they made up for it with effects and nice BGMs. The story is great but really short took me only an hour to finish it with galleries unlocked and possible endings~
    yes folks this game has a Bad End, Normal End, and Happy Endings
    its definitely a worth while game^^
    thanks for the quick upload dear admins~

  73. shiyutheman says:

    No CV = no good. The graphic comp of the game is great and all. Though to note, there will be no mourning or any CV sound in the game. A short game as well.

  74. troy says:

    can’t mount the game on deamon tools it shows the error message “error in command line” and yes I did unpack it in case someone asks.

  75. ciccio566 says:

    someone have already played this? how is it, good?

  76. BloodRedSnow says:

    W00T! AWESOME! Thanks admin!

  77. Maou says:

    Thanks again Ivan.

  78. rim says:

    Fast as ever, thanks admin

  79. WAzap says:

    The first serial code lacks a number i think, when i fill that in i get a error.

  80. einixmax says:

    Thanks >.< still looking for download link lol

  81. pstevo123 says:

    Thanks for the quick download link

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