Princess X

Princess X - My Fiancee is a Monster Girl?!

Shinichi Mikuriya’s average life takes a turn for the weird when his dad drops a megaton bomb – he’s engaged! To multiple women! And they aren’t even human!

Each new fiancee is stranger than the last, and they’re all madly in love with him. Worst of all, whoever he doesn’t marry might destroy the world! Which monster girl will you choose in the end?

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  1. Uhhh…am I doing something wrong? I’m up to the parts where you initially date your choices. I do all the dates and then when it’s time too decide it trails off after saying I choose…and loops me back to moping about his destroyed house. I skip through that and when I click on any of the date choices again it goes right to a date with Naja….when thats over and the text for him choosing comes up instead of looping back to the destroyed house it just boots me to the title screen. I have no idea what I did wrong. I tried changing choices and such but to no avail. Can anyone shed some light?

  2. A little desconstruction of the genre with strange gameplay and technical choice . Not the best of the world but make me laugh a lot . ( Also the mc is a dick )

  3. Ok is anyone else cpu freeze when doing the robo girls route I swear every time I try to computer is there a fox.for this? This by far the only vn that does that????

  4. Fuck Vanilla and Fuck your Monmusume nichijou expectations i am attracted to this game due to inhuman sex which you can only enjoy on monster girls and i will judge this game whether it’s good or bad only after playing it not from reading your stupid complaints and dissapointments for expecting a damn Vanilla

    1. well go ahead… it’s not like we forbade you, just advice. I think it’s not only about vanilla but also the weird fetish (like spooning your washing machine), for me the level of the weirdness is like VN with “scat” tag

      1. Ok now i understand their complaints , this english localization is pure shit!! Did they honestly think they can fool my eyes who checked the HCG’s?

        Loli Robot Deep Throat Scene and Sex scene is cut-off just at the moment they are about to do it.
        a Cursed Black Screen would appear! FUCK THIS SHITTY GAME!! i would rather play the raw one

  5. Anyone else having a scrolling bug? When going into the config or trying to play the game, it continually tries to scroll up making it unplayable.

    Trying to play it on Windows 10, have tried compatibility mode with no change. Any ideas on how to fix this?

      1. Do you have gamepad or similar controller plugged in? I remember someone having similar problem with some other game and unplugging one fixed it for him.

        1. FIXED

          I had a controller plugged in, but removing it didn’t help. I was finally able to run it without it scrolling up by running it in compatibility mode for windows 95. None of the other ones would work.

          Hopefully this helps anyone else having this problem.

          tl;dr: scroll bug – run in win 95 compatibility mode

  6. Lets talk about technical points of the game. I really cannot stand 800×600 resolution for a visual novel nowaday, it looks ugly as sin.

    Also yeah the story is quite bad to be honest I wish someone would localize Vanadis eroges.

    1. First, this game is almost 8 years old, its just now getting translated. This is like the only game this studio has produced so its not going to have the same quality as say Union Shift or Alice Soft. And I would much rather play an authentic lower quality Eroge than a fake-eroge like the Sakura *gag* series that are floating around here.

  7. Hey admin, know its not the right place to ask. but i just want to know: will you upload the hadaka mangagamer’s version? thank you

  8. I know a lot of people give this VN a bad rap, but… If you’re willing to stick through the suck, and get lucky, the game has endings sweet enough to give you diabetes (though it never stops being weird. Including the H-scenes).

    My favorite ending, and the ending that made me post this response, was the Machine Princess’s ending. It is a little weird to get to, so below I will post a small guide of my findings so far.

    In order to get the machine princess route, you actually have to choose Yuuki (blue) for all of the fiances’ dates. Yes, that means you’re saying you don’t like Komadori, but just hang with me. What this actually does is swerve you from the Naja route, which queues in if you choose the Saki (pink) option for any date. Also, if you get the choice right before Naja’s date MAKE SURE TO CHOOSE SAKI (pink). Otherwise, you get the hilarious ending (I do suggest going down it for a short laugh sometime. pfft.)

    After all that, there will be only two more choices to make. Choose Saki (pink) for both of them, and strap in for a wild ride! Also, it may seem like Tsugume’s route at first, but hang in there and trust me, it is most definitely the Machine Princess’s route.

    Also, if you really study my wording, you may get a hint at one of the twists in the route, spoiler warning 😉

    I have not gotten the other two routes, and I would only want to do Proxie’s. You’d know why I stray away from Tsugume’s route if you do the Machine Princess route.

    Have fun!

      1. first the spider is not netorared i think because the MC or the spider never love each other, metal cylinder is the main heroine (so weird that make you think onahole is normal), MC egoistical d*uchebag, for the story itself i think failed as they show the MC having promised and interacting with monster normally but turn into non tolerant to monster. Personally i hate this as this destroy my image of imouto (unrelated, just saying it), father and son is giant d*ckhead, and again really offputting fetish to giant metal cylinder thingy that can’t only say four words.

        Btw there is good ending (dont consider metal cylinder good end)

        1. Uh… If you are calling the ending with the humanoid the good end, I’ll have to disagree… That’s an ending where 42, a being with feelings is basically enslaved and MC abandons his human heart because he can’t get over visual appearances. I mean, the H-scene is much less disturbing compared to the metal cylinder, but plotwise it’s a bad end.

          1. i agree. what i consider good ending is with the imoutos, well if you can forget the progress to get there but at least the ending is less disturbing than all and less disturbing progress also because its in the middle

      2. Warning, SPOILERS
        I tried to show the endings without spoiling the main plot as much as possible.
        To be honest, I don’t know how I got most of these endings, I didn’t save the process.
        Mayuko End: Yandere ending. Mayuko kidnaps MC and rapes him, and kills Tsunayoshi when he tries to talk her out of it.
        Naja Good End: Naja and MC get married and have an egg.
        Naja/Proxima Bad End: MC becomes evil, imprisons Proxima and rapes her. He also mindbreaks Naja by having threesomes with her and her mother.
        Naja Evil Ending: Eating cold and sweet things is extremely obscene in Naja’s world. MC corrupts Naja and her mom to eat ice cream in front of the public.
        Proxima/Naja Good End: MC’s marriage to Naja is postponed, and MC becomes a knight of Catalogue. MC and Proxima go around the world to help make peace. But MC still hasn’t chose who to marry.
        Proxima/Naja Normal End: MC died. Proxima and Naja lament MC’s death, and their countries try to make peace.
        Evil End: MC (probably) becomes the emperor punishes both Naja and Proxima for fighting, and accepts his transformation into a demon.
        42 Good End: MC chooses to marry 42. After a series of events summarized in a few lines, everyone accepted MC’s relationship with 42 and decided to support them. MC wants Tsunayoshi as his best man, so they travel to find him and the Lady.
        R-Komadori End: MC chooses to marry R-Komadori because she looks most human. 42, the true princess, loses all methods of communication as a condition for being by MC’s side. MC gets a baby by kidnapping and Mayuko and forcing her to be a surrogate mother, since R-Komadori can’t be pregnant.
        Saki End: Saki returns to normal, and everyone takes a photo together.
        Yuuki End: Similar to Saki End, only the main heroine is Yuuki instead of Saki.

  9. I’m only missing one h-scene now. It’s the second one (from left to right) on page 3. Does anyone know how to get it?

    1. The uploader has had plenty of times where he had to reupload everything because the website was being terrible whether it was mediafire or mega. Downloadani, for one reason or another, hasn’t given him any trouble.

      1. This question was made several times already and the answer is pretty obvious. Ivan doesn’t use other host sites like mega or google drive because they delete files really fast, and if files generate too much traffic (like big releases do all the time) they get disabled.
        Downloadami might be slow but is reliable, the premium account is also cheap as fuck…for 9$ you can get a premium account for a week. That is enough time to download all the games in this site several times.

        1. Honestly, is a MUCH better alternative compared to those dumb 50 mb/s sites like or

  10. I wanted a proper route with the white haired loli wth. she was the main reason I was willing to play this game fully knowing how awful it is… in the end all u got is a half-assed bad ending wit her which leaves a bad aftertaste, it was awful…sigh. and the spider girl was so sweet, I liked her too but mc was a fucking scumbag with her. I just couldn’t stand it… Do not play this game unless you’re looking only for the h-scenes even so is not really worth it.

  11. male protag + yuri? did someone fuck up the tags?

    please remember that

    – mff threesomes != yuri.
    – 2 girls having sex while knowingly having a guy watch, while technically yuri, is not proper yuri because that might as well be mff threesome with the guy jerking off as he watches

  12. maybe it has evil route but the others route pretty much like the evil route to me. Almost like a messed up Dark Parody VN with Moe Slice of Life art. Well, like i said if your preferences is vanilla game like slice of life light drama, then this game not to your liking

  13. How do i get any route thats not neja’s i keep getting it over and over even though i keep trying different choices. Also does picking one of the twin when they ask how the date win decide my route. Which means good and bad. Ive only gone through the choices numerous times to see if i could get something different but its the same route over and over….i just want the androids route already 🙁

  14. If (when) you upload new Little Busters – can you please replace horrible font there? It’s a shame they always so fond of lousy fonts.

  15. Im glad some one made this thread so i can trash this VN and try to convince people not to get this game

    look if you just want a game to see some h scenes with monster girls then i guess this game will interest you, but if you were hoping for a cute moege with something like daily life with monster girls you will be extremely disappointed

    The protagonist is the most beta looking MC ever while being a rapist jerk to all the heroins for no real reason especially to the spider girl

    the only girl you can really “end up with” in the game is the human childhood friend

    one of the girls routes has an NTR ending only

    look you can read about it a little more here from others whom have played the game:

    with how infrequent monster girl based VN’s are made, after all this time waiting and then getting something like this is extremely disappointing

    1. Thanks for the warning. After checking out some of the cgs I have decided to stay away from this vn. Not my cup of tea.

    2. I would call the NTR ending for the spider a good thing. MC is such a colossal dick he really doesn’t deserve anyone. At least she ends up with a guy who actually likes her.

      But yeah this title is bizarre, but then again scenarist also wrote Mugen Kairou 2 so *shrug*

    3. Ughh, thanks for the warning. Back to waiting for The Dorm of Defective Monster Girls (Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma).

    4. Did you… even play the game? The only ending with the Human childhood friend is one where she goes yandere, kidnaps the MC and rapes him. There’s multiple good endings with the monster girls (Marry Naja, go be a Knight with Proxie, marry 42, harem end). Yeah, I wouldn’t call the writing the height of literature, but it is a nukige at the end of the day.

  16. Review from Vndb:
    by horseband:
    The game was really a huge disappointment. I went in expecting something similar to Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki da! which was a pure love ish nukige with monster girls. Instead I get a NTR only spider end, Yandere only end for another girl, no real end for horse beyond her getting raped, tortured, and humiliated because she tried interrupted the wedding between protag and snake heroine, and instead of getting an ending with the totally cute white haired loli robot princess you end up with a giant f****** metal cylinder

    The protagonist was a huge dick, especially to the spider heroine. The sex scenes were lacking and the snake heroine had a disproportionate amount compared to the others. About 3/4th’s through the game I just downloaded a save file and checked out the remaining scenes. I wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone beyond maybe checking out the sex scenes from the scene menu.

    1. well shit i preordered it off of jlist to get the sound track. i didnt know it was gonna be so all over the place. i was relly expecting more of a monmusume thing going on

      1. Was as well, but i guess we have to wait for something better to be translated. Don’t know why they pushed through with this. Seeing so many refunds for this game it’s not even funny.

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