Succubus Sessions: Mami Mamiya’s Sweet Slice of Hell

Succubus Sessions: Mami Mamiya's Sweet Slice of Hell

Life has been nothing but Ls for protagonist Koichi Hirose.

Back in college, his first-ever girlfriend dumped him outright, and he ended up dropping out altogether not long after.
Now he’s just trying to hold down a job to make ends meet, but for some reason, every company he joins goes under…

So when his latest hard-won job vanishes overnight (again), he heads to Akihabara for some aimless daytime distraction…

No savings, no career, no girlfriend. Where did it all go wrong?

He sighs into the crowd, then to no one in particular—

“…I sure could use a little love right about now.”

In that moment, only feet away, Mami Mamiya is searching too.
This pink-haired succubus is on the hunt for a human connection.

Not just any connection, but a male with certain innate powers.
Despite the odds, she finds him at once—in our protagonist, Koichi!

And so the story takes a demonic turn.

Tempted by fate and a mysterious invite from Mami, Koichi hitches a ride with her to her remote mountain home.
Little does he know that he might never return…

Or will he…?

Koichi is shocked to find that he’s in no ordinary human village.
He is now in a succubus sanctuary of sorts, hidden from human eyes.

Why Koichi?

After years of self-imposed isolation, a human male is just
what Mami’s village needs to reacquaint with the outside world!
Even touching succubi, however, can be lethal to the average joe…

Not our Koichi, though. This boy’s built different.
With the village’s blessing, let the succubus sessions begin…

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