Kyonyuu Onna Senshi Dogeza Saimin

Kyonyuu Onna Senshi Dogeza Saimin

In an isolated island in the middle of the ocean. There is an arena where warriors from all over the world gather to compete. In the arena, fighters were ranked and determined by their abilities. Rumors of their skills spread far and wide, and now hundreds of warriors from many countries have came to rate their warriors among the best. At the top, the name of a young female warrior is held up at the pinnacle. With her skills in swordsmanship and good looks, she will be promised riches and fortune for years to come.

And at the very bottom: There stood a man glaring at her with a dark gaze.

6 comments on “Kyonyuu Onna Senshi Dogeza Saimin

  1. For those of you, like me, that absokutely HATE ntr, ignore this one completely.

    Long story short: Guy gets hypnosis power and uses it to cuck/enslave several women he’d never have a chance with if not for his bullshit hypnosis power.

    1. then i guess you won’t even like most of the Kyonyuu series by Lune. Since it involves hypnosis all over. By now its considered as a nukige that meant for readers to fap due to the high amount of sex scenes

      1. The Kyonyuu Fantasy (localized as “Funbag Fantasy”) series is actually perfectly fine to me, since the MC, Ryuto (that’s the name that the girls call him in the hentai adaptation, just to clarify), actually has the girls that fall for him eventually consent to his caring love, and he’s definitely not a total asshat fortunately, of which i’m very relieved about obviously.

        1. Great series different company. The kyonyuu line of games from Lune have you playing as a right bastard who fucks women through hypnosis.

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