Yuina woke up in an unfamiliar forest… She wondered aimlessly inside to meet a succubus who has lost her body and memories.

They join forces to reach their goals: Yuina, to go back home, and the succubus, to get her body back.

Their journey begins now.

12 comments on “Succubus★Connect!

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  3. I noticed a bug. Near the end, during the [SPOILER] gangbang scene. the screen becomes dark, but the music is still playing. I can’t go on after this.

  4. Hello, admin can you also upload Ninnindays please?
    I found kukkoro/troubledays here, but Ninnindays wasn’t here.

    1. The three parts are the three parts of the same file.

      To extract them put all three parts in the same folder. Then use winrar or 7zip to extract part one, the software should pick up the other parts and merge them

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