fault -milestone one-

fault -milestone one-

Launched as a throwback to the Science Fiction genre in the 80’s, fault – milestone one is a Science Fantasy Kinetic Novel which depicts the story of a princess named Selphine and her Royal Guard Ritona. While attempting to make an escape from a brutal assault that’s devastated their homeland of Rughzenahide, the two mysteriously teleport to an unknown forest surrounded by vegetation not native to the surroundings of Rughzenahdie. The atmosphere is thick and heavy and no sign of life can be found, which is particularly unusual for such a lush forest. Sign of life isn’t the only thing missing though. Something is odd about this land – something is amiss – but Selphine and Ritona are too startled to notice the obvious.

Who were the assaulters and what was their goal?
Where did Selphine and Ritona end up traversing to?
Will the two make it home safely?
And more importantly, what will they come home to once they do?

Follow Selphine, a bubbly, happy-go-lucky Princess and her sharp-witted but slightly misanthropic Royal Guard Ritona, in their journey of a lifetime as they head back to their homeland of Rughzenhaide.

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  1. @ Bacapo
    Actually, Otome games CAN have sexual content. However, only if they are released for the PC, since Nintendo and Sony do not allow sexual content on their platforms.

    That is why you will often have Otome games released both for the PC as well as the PSP.

    (eg. “Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori” is definitely an otome game, but it is seriously rated R and is only available for the PC.)

  2. I was wondering if the website you use is free or do you pay a monthly fee to have these links on the website? If so, how come you don’t use Mediafire? I just think mediafire downloads are a lot faster. It’s easy when games have six parts, but some have 16 parts and that is pretty long download time.

  3. Thanks for uploading this game.

    Is there a way to adjust the window size? It doesn’t fully fit on my screen.

  4. A really good Visual Novel in my opinion. One of the best I played lately even. I find myself eargerly waiting for the second part now.

    1. I think that is also good. But in the search in google tons of sites are bashing it. Saying it’s crap. Evidently VN hatters.

  5. PPL Stop complaining about where the files are hosted. I bet you ppl haven’t seen the restrictions of the really annoying ones. This one is good enough. Just have patience.

    The game is kinda annoying when alt+tab. It seems to take some time to load back to the game. Sometimes it doesn’t load properly.

      1. ah, and you should know by now that Ivan only uploads english translated vns in this site…you don’t have a single one in japanese, so if you don’t see “english patch” link is probably because the game is already in english

  6. Not really sure if this is the right place to make requests but since other people are already making requests for other games, might as well add my own. Is there any plan of adding “Shan Gui” in this site? btw, I apologize for any grammatical error. English is not my native language so I’m not really sure if what I’m writing is wrong or not.

      1. First of all thanks to you Admin for taking the time to upload all this nice stuff 😛

        Second i just wanted to ask if all the games you upload are featured on the main page ?
        Im checking for new stuff guite often but sometimes when I check the coments you link games you uploaded which I cant remember seeing there… (Planetarian for example)

        1. (Planetarian was posted in 2010, and the site wasn’t as popular back then, so you might’ve not be a visitor yet)

          You can always check http://erogedownload.com/downloads/ page – it lists all titles in alphabetical order.

          As for general question, yes, I try to feature all new games on frontpage, unless it’s some very minor game that gets out at the same time another popular release gets posted – then the lesser one gets pushed away from spotlight.

  7. Can’t get fired up!probably a yuri themed vn!is the eroge business going down?!why can’t we get a muv-luv level eroge once in two months

  8. Well, I can get a couple files before I get a “problem loading page” error for a while, then I can get a few more. Anyone know a workaround or cause of this problem?

      1. Admin I got no beef with your choice of host, actually I find that particular host pretty good in terms of speed and reliability but why no more torrents like in your earlier uploads?

        1. Seeding torrents is illegal in my country, while linking to publicly available content isn’t. I’d rather not have to experience TPB-like raid.

          1. Yeah, I cried when TPB got down, damn!
            Btw, Admin, is this fault milestone one is the director’s cut version or a normal version?

  9. What’s up with using the most uncommon filehost ever? It’s not supported by any common multidownloader.. it makes this site pretty much useless…

        1. Isn’t possible. Thepiratebay don’t host files. It only host magnetlinks for torrents (torrents are in the PCs of users with a torrent software installed). You does the download, then you share the files, this is all. Piratebay, nowadays, is a bad place for search of eastern media, use Tokyotosho, KickAss, Nya.

    1. well, u can DL 2 files at the same time,
      no hourlong waiting time between DL, except the ~5 minutes bevor u can start the enxt DL.
      all in one, u can DL the files relatively fast without spending money

      1. Pretty much. I don’t know why people would even complain, that’s one of the best third party file hosts I’ve ever experienced using.

          1. Yes I can, After waiting 5 minutes after doing the first download you start the second one the same way you did the first.
            When the first is done, you can start the 3rd and you continue like that until you are done.
            Sounds really hard doesn’t it? Even someone with downs could do this in his sleep.

          2. The word that you need to use here is “parallel download”. Many host like bitshare, rapidgator, freakshare, etc don;t allow parallel download if you’re a free user meaning once you start a download, you cannot start another download until your first download is finished. The download host here is similar to depositfiles because it allows you to download another file before your first download is finished. It’s even better than depositfiles because of shorter waiting time between downloads.

    1. Wrong decision dude, i had the same thought but i gave it a try, and it was amazing. It looked typical at first, then it got really interesting and blew me away, even at the very end it gave an “oh shit” moment.

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