Fist of love

Fist of love

As a guess fighter, your goal is to become the king of guessing game.

To achieve this goal, you need to overcome the many opponents who are holding you back and let them know how powerful your punch is.

tl;dr: strip rock-paper-scissors.

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2 comments on “Fist of love

  1. Hahahaha, okay, wow. I downloaded this purely because it was one part, and because the statement “tl;dr strip rock-paper-scissors” sounds funny. It is, somehow, even less than I expected. On the opening screen, “PLAY” is misspelled as “PALY”. After that, I expected hilariously horrific engrish, but no dice; there is no dialog, and barely any explanatory text. You’re literally just faced with a picture of some chick, with no context to who she is, and given a choice of selecting paper, scissors, or rock, and if you select whatever beats her (not very) random choice, she takes clothing damage. Once all her clothing is off (and she’s covered in random magically-appearing cum, because apparently that’s one step more naked than wearing no clothes), you’re faced with the next picture of some random girl. You have so much HP that you can’t really lose, so it’s just a hilariously stupid way to unlock a gallery of images. I’ll admit, the images are surprisingly decent, which makes me wonder whether they were all stolen. I mean, if ANY money went into the development of this, I’d think they would’ve checked the spelling of the first word in the game. And the art is good enough that a few people must’ve been paid money for it.

    But yeah, just look up the cgs on exhentai or something, unless you’re only here for a quick laugh.

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