HuniePop is a gameplay first approach that’s part dating sim, part puzzle game, with light RPG elements, a visual novel style of presentation, an abrasive western writing style and plenty of “plot”.

After a pathetic attempt to try and pick up Kyu, a magic love fairy in disguise, she decides to take you under her wing and help you out with your crippling inability to meet new women. After a few dating lessons and some sound advice, Kyu sends you out into the world ready to take on the dating world and a wide cast of beautiful babes.

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  1. Need help! The game is working fine but the screen just pisses me off! how can i fix the screen cause i cant see what the girl’s saying because the window mode is just too big for a window mode. I like this game and i want to play it but that screen is making me skip this beautiful game. I hope anyone would help solve my problem.

    1. Don’t know which Luka you are, but am happy to help you nonetheless (too many characters named Luka anymore.) This can get complicated, so I hope you’re taking notes…
      …You ready?
      …You sure?
      …Here’s what you do.

      Step 1: Hold down the Alt key on your keyboard.
      Step 2: While holding down that Alt key, press Enter.
      Step 3: PROFIT.

      …Did you really think it was complicated?
      If so, in the words of Dave Chappelle: GOTCHA BITCH!
      If not, you’re learning.

      Easy as that…try to clarify which of the many Luka you are next time too…hard to keep track anymore.
      Hope this helped.

  2. I downloaded the 2 parts file, what’s the difference between Part 1 (200Mb) and Part 2(105Mb)? I finished downloading it, and tried the game, seems like both are the same.

    1. Try downloading again then just double-clicking the file in Winrar instead of clicking the extract button.

  3. I downloaded it already, with the data separate from the .exe file itself. After I extract it, do I need to combine it or just let it and I can already play the game? Thx

    1. You have to get the bag of goldfish, go to the park, and throw it away (go to inventory and drag the bag to the trashcan panel on the very right.) When you go to leave, Momo should pop up.

  4. Works fine for me, but after I finished the game and got with Venus, I moved to another place and Kyu didn’t appear to tell me about Alpha Mode.

    1. Use winrar should be first page on google, and right click the first rar file and just extract. You may need to run exe file as administrator and set your system locale to Japanese, but I use Locale Emulator, again first search on google, should be under the github site. With locale emulator you can just right click the .exe file and it should be under Local Emulator then Run in Japanese (admin) or something like that

  5. hi,i+downloaded+the+game+but+always+get+a+windowed+size+black+screen,anyone+can+tell+me+the+solution+to+it?

  6. Anyone noticed that DA free download is extremely slow?

    Im like downloading at 15-20 kb/sec and always get network error within the last %.

    Everyother download aside DA works fine tho..

    1. It might be a ploy into getting people to pay for the faster downloads. I noticed it too, I have really good service too.

    2. If your downloading at those speeds, no wonder. Try getting faster internet instead. You might be surprised. Mine downloaded in about 5 minutes at 30Mb/s

  7. I need help! Every time I open the .exe it shows a black screen. Is there something I did wrong, or is this 100% natural and I’m just a big fucking idiot who doesn’t know what buttons to push?

  8. I just recently downloaded parts 1 and 2 of the game and I can’t make heads or tails of these files. What file do I have to click on to open and start playing the game? Or will I have to buy the game?

  9. this is my first time downloading from this site. is there anything specific that i have to do to get the game to work? or do i just click download and that’s it?

    1. i purchased hunnie pop a while ago but for some reason it has stopped working i just get a blank screen it will not load i have tried all the suggestions i can find on the net , run as admin, troubble shoiot compatibilty i have un installed and reinstalled but nothing works ?

  10. I downloaded it and when I run it,I get a black screen with a blue bar on the left side with no sound or any way to get the screen to change

  11. I Downloaded the game on windows 10 and i get a black screen with what seems to be part of a menu on the left side of it. perhaps it’s trying to start in full screen but windows 10 is being annoying. Does anybody have a solution for this?

  12. I’ve downloaded the second file a few times now, and every time I extract, it says it’s broken. Not sure what to do from here.

  13. hey admin please reply i downloaded the game and extracted it and am trying to open it but it just freezes and after that it play music and its stil black and laggy screen if i clicked random on the black screen i will open something idk it makes a sound but there is audio only no video windows 7 32 bit

  14. Hey Admin,

    I would really want your reply. We all know STEAM removes the pornographic content as always, but the question I would want to ask is quite different regarding of that.

    It’s about the game you have here. Does the game link you provided contain the unlockable characters?

    I would really want to know this.

  15. Hey, just wanted to know if anyone could help me with this. I’m running ubuntu with the wine windows program loader installed. I’ve extracted both parts to the same folder and let the computer replace the necessary files and it isnt working. It displays a black screen on startup when i launch the program. Could anyone help?

  16. Hey i changed my locale to japan for some of these japanese games so will they work if i change my locale back to english?

  17. Hi admin. I downloaded both parts of HuniePop with no problems, but when I try to launch the game, it gives me the message \The game crashed. The crash report folder named 2015-11-05_163742 next to the game executable. It would be great if you’d send it to the developer of the game. How do I fix this? If I remember correctly, I think this same kind of message appeared when I tried to launch Really? Really!

    1. Both games use the same engine, so it’s likely some compatibility issue with your PC, operating system or configuration. It’s hard to answer without seeing actual log file contents.

  18. Hi, sorry to bother, I downloaded this game yesterday and I got trough the night date all the way to the bedroom, but then, when the \succes\ shows up my game kinda freezes, I mean, it doesn’t exactly freeze, but the game stops there and stays like that, apparently loading I think, and it happens with every girl, I wonder, is it a bug? Or maybe a download/data problem? And, in any case, how do I fix it to keep playing? The rest of the game is perfectly fine, that’s the only problem I get. Thanks.

  19. I think the 2nd link is broken. Every time I try to extract the 2nd file it comes up as broken. It it only supposed to be 106 MB?

  20. how do you fix this ? C:\Users\User-PC\Desktop\HuniePop\HuniePop1.2.part2 (1).rar: You need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack HuniePop1.2\HuniePop_Data\sharedassets0.assets

    when i try to start it it shows a black screen someone help pls

  21. where can I find the save file of this game since my rig broke and needed to transfer the 97% completed files on my working loptop

  22. Admin,

    I would like you to walk me through the steps after I download this game. I finished the 1st and 2nd part already but would like assistance on “extracting” and stuff.

    Thanks in advance.

  23. I downloaded both parts to the game, but when I try to open the application it gives me a notice that the application has requested Runtime that it be terminated in an unusual way. I have no idea what that means, please help.

    Thank you

  24. I’m having a bit of trouble downloading from the twopart file.
    Of course the download is slow, I expected that, but any .rar extractors I use won’t open it? My Winzip trial expired so I’m using RAR File Open Knife. Is there any other program I could use? Thank you for the free link!

    1. WinRAR has 30 days trial, but you can keep using it even after it runs out – It only shows reminder requesting to register, but works completely fine anyway. 7zip is a freeware alternative, but I don’t know how good it works.

      1. WinRAR is technically “free”. I say “free” like that because you’re SUPPOSED to purchase it after 30 days…but they have no way of enforcing the purchase of it, so you can basically give a big ol’ FUCK YOU to the makers of it and just keep using it after the 30 days. Just open it up, and when the “reminder” window pops up, click the close button on it (NOT ON THE ACTUAL WINRAR WINDOW). and then go about your business…7zip is also very good, and also “free” in the same sense (made by the same people) but it’s best saved for 7zip files…which the latest WinRAR can now extract, so 7zip is now obsolete, as it’s only limitation was it’s inability to extract password-protected files.

  25. I have an issue. When I extract both sets of files, after extracting the second it tells me that the \sharedassets0.assets\ is broken. I’ve tried re-downloading both files, and it still says that.

  26. I don’t believe there were any errors, though I think I may have let part 2 download overnight, as my internet wasn’t doing the greatest.

  27. I have a problem where some of the backgrounds don’t show, like the university and gym, just a black screen. Should I just try redownloading it? If so, is there a way to transfer my save file? I’d hate to have to go through all those match 3 games again.

  28. Hey at work getting ready to start when I found this game is this download have all of the add on blc and version included or do I need to find something else where to add to this game if this is a stupid question I’m sorry for bugging you guys just don’t have much time left before starting at work if someone can tell me if it has everything or if it is missing something and what it is then cool and thanks and is it uncensored?

    1. Well, you don’t have to trust me, but I’ve been providing those games over here for six years and haven’t posted a single virus.

      1. Allow me to ease his uncertainty, Admin-sama. All the files on this site are indeed 100% safe (as I’ve downloaded all of them just to test whether they were safe or not…yes even the otome and yaoi games…which are not my thing, being a straight white (mixed background) male in his 20s with a girlfriend who happens to be okay with my H-game collection…she actually plays some of it too, but that’s not the point.) The little “rumor” about this site’s files being unsafe was due to a common problem with popular antivirus software (such as Norton, McAfee, Webroot) and the problem is they have a very “touchy” filename-based filter in their detection methods…any .exe file with non-alphanumeric characters (i.e. Japanese symbols) will automatically be flagged as a virus…as will .RAR archive files and other .exe-like files (such as .ISO, .SWF) which do not come from an overly common publisher, such as Microsoft, Java, Sony, etc. So, as I’ve checked everything on this site myself (and played some of it…thank you admin for posting the Melty Blood games. One of my favorite fighting games ever…and it’s a TYPE-MOON game to boot.) I can assure you as a certified “FFPBIA” …
        that you have nothing to worry about downloading from this site…besides unwanted persons finding it on your computer…(unwanted persons being parents, siblings, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.) Therefore…GO FORTH AND BE CRAZY!

  29. Whenever I try to open the game it says “There should be ‘HuniePop_Data’
    folder next to the executable” Any Ideas?

    1. I’m getting the same. There is a ‘HuniePop_Data’ folder in next to it, but I can’t run the game >.<"

    2. I joined both part 1 and part 2 into the same folder. There are similar files in both archives, but when you extract them into the same folder, just click ‘yes to all’ when they ask you.

  30. That depends on whether your looking for more story or hentai. As far as story goes, I would highly suggest Katawa Shoujo. It’s a fairly good starting VN, moderately short but with excellent writing and characters. Fate/Stay Night and Clannad are also known as very high quality story focused VN’s. As for hentai, the only one that I’ve played so far that I would suggest, excluding this, would be Monster Girl Quest. It has plenty of hentai, RPG elements, and what turns into a pretty engaging story, but it does have monster girls.

  31. Hello , where i can find this game with ALL DLC’S Included ? Uncensored + Valentine Days + ALPHA MODE AND ETC + DIGITAL ART COLLECTION + OST?

    1. Can I get that on this site? I’m hoping that at the most I just have to redownload it. Or is there someplace where I can get the update?

          1. Do I just have to re-download it then? I think I got this game from here before there was a Valentine’s Day version.

            I’ll just re-download it, it’s only 300ishMB and I don’t mind starting over.

          2. Yes, I re-visit download pages from time to time, updating them to newer versions etc.

          3. Ah ok.

            One last question. I noticed that when I started up the new file, it used my saves from the previous version. Do I have to keep the original version to play the one I just downloaded? Or can I delete the original? I only ask cause it’s more than twice as big as the patched version. Or am I supposed to move the newer files into the older folder? It worked, but I’m just not wanting to have two huniepop folders. 😛

            I don’t know how often VNs or games like this are updated but it would be neat if you put something that showed when a game gets updated. I dunno, like put the version number in the title or something. I never expected any of these games to get updated so I don’t even look for updates…

  32. Alright, so I had a quick question. I watched a short Let’s Play of Huniepop on youtube and during the sex puzzle I noticed that around halfway through it the girl took off her top. I’ve made it to the sex time with all the girls and never had this happen. I was just wondering if there was a setting or something for this?

    Also, I’m going to double check the sex time later just to make sure it never happened. I’m fairly certain it didn’t though.

    Thanks for any answers!

    1. No dice. Tried it with Audrey and Kyu. I didn’t realize I was playing on easy so I tried Kyu on Normal and there was still no boobs during sex time in my room. Does it have to be on hard maybe?

  33. hey, im a pure hentai fan, then this game will save my time when i have to go on a place whithout internet… thanks for the game guys, ah and for Tail Eatr, this game isnt for android guy( i think so) then stop dreaming…

    1. You don’t. “.exe” files don’t work on android, and there’s no emulator for windows as of yet.
      The game developer(s) said that they will not be making an official android application because of the google market limitations with pornographic content.

  34. someone just brought up an interesting point in the troubleshooting thread, so I added this to it:

    Corrupt save file?
    Use this as a last resort, especially if you have already made progress before your game stopped working. It’s possible that somehow, your save file was corrupt. Deleting your save file would resolve this issue. On Windows, the save file is usually located in (“C:/Users/*username*/AppData/LocalLow/HuniePot/HuniePop/”). On Mac it’s usually located in (“/Users/*username*/Library/Caches/HuniePot/HuniePop/”).

  35. I’m trying to extract part 2, but it keeps giving me a “failed CRC check for sharedassets0.assets” :/

    the game ran fine yesterday in spite of this, but today it opens with a black screen. I’ve tried deleting my save file in case it was corrupt, but I believe the above mention is the real culprit.

  36. Hello,i want to say that i really like the game,meaning only that I saw in a movie with him and therefore will install it and having fun,but with scenes and horror ,I hope not ,because I don’t like movies horrors.Thanck.Bye is about fear you.

  37. Hey, the game opens, but will not display anything in it. It also doesn’t respond to anything. Please help

      1. someone just brought up an interesting point in the troubleshooting thread, so I added this to it:

        Corrupt save file?
        Use this as a last resort, especially if you have already made progress before your game stopped working. It’s possible that somehow, your save file was corrupt. Deleting your save file would resolve this issue. On Windows, the save file is usually located in (“C:/Users/*username*/AppData/LocalLow/HuniePot/HuniePop/”). On Mac it’s usually located in (“/Users/*username*/Library/Caches/HuniePot/HuniePop/”).

        1. I didn’t even get the opportunity to the game, on startup, only a black screen is displayed with what appears to be a message box within the game.

    1. Right-click on first one and select “extract here”. WinRAR will automatically pull data from all parts.

  38. When I launch my game, I comes up with a small window. then is says (Not Responding) and stops working.

  39. the game works, but i have a problem. i accidentally put the game on full screen mode and now it wont work due to unsupported resolution. and i was wondering if someone here knew how to put the game back into windowed mode outside the game.

    1. have you tried alt enter? its the usual default for making things either windowed or fullscreen

  40. Same issue as some other people.Game won’t respond.
    Checked the web for an answer.Apparently it’s a issue for many.

    1. Just tested on both FireFox and Chrome and it’s displaying captchas properly. Maybe some script/plugin like AdBlock or Ghostery is messing up with your page?

  41. I have a problem my game is a little uncalibrated what i have to do to repair this problem plis help

  42. Ehhh….. Trying to download it now But whats with the fact you need to do something?, Im not gonna download this if its a have to pay for thing. Really not going to.

    1. You don’t have to pay for anything – every download posted on this site can be downloaded for free. Open up “Da-free: Game download” tab, click on part1, click on green “Free” button, wait a minute, enter captcha and the download will start. Repeat for part2.

      1. So with the two parts…I got the same 3 exact things

        A folder, A link and an .exe file.

        Do I copy over part 2 to the part 1 file?

        Or do I just load the part 2 .exe?

        1. Right click on first part and choose “extract here”, WinRAR will automatically pull data from 2nd part once it’s finished with 1st.

  43. i love these games because it feels like im in the games and it makes me feel like someone is there and pase a tenten to me and so yea thats why i love these games.

  44. so sad because of the black screen problem. if any1 know how to fix it, pls raise ur voices!!!!

    1. someone just brought up an interesting point in the troubleshooting thread, so I added this to it:

      Corrupt save file?
      Use this as a last resort, especially if you have already made progress before your game stopped working. It’s possible that somehow, your save file was corrupt. Deleting your save file would resolve this issue. On Windows, the save file is usually located in (“C:/Users/*username*/AppData/LocalLow/HuniePot/HuniePop/”). On Mac it’s usually located in (“/Users/*username*/Library/Caches/HuniePot/HuniePop/”).

  45. I can never get enough of this game for the puzzle part since i love puzzle games, but what’s the difference between this version and the steam version? I’m contemplating on wither or not to get the steam version.

    1. Steam version doesn’t have “adult” scenes, compared to this one. That’s pretty much only difference.

    2. There is also an “uncensored patch” for the Steam version of HuniePop. The patch is straight from the developer, so it is an official and legitimate patch. I don’t have the link right now; just do a quick search on Steam to find it.

  46. the game was working fine when i opened it the first time and played a little bit, but then i made it full screen and it just went black and nothing happened for like half an hour, so i deleted and redownloaded and tried to open the game again hoping it would default to windowed again but it was full screen and just black again. has anyone else had this problem? is there any way i can fix this?

  47. anyone can save the game? or this game use auto-save?
    I play it but there is no save point in setting or menu. T_T

    1. You can’t. You can’t open an application in WinRar. You have to extract it to your computer.

  48. I downloaded the game, but it seems i can’t visualize the pictures the girls sent me.
    Every time i click a photo it sends me to this kind of photo album, i try to click on the available photos but it does not do anything.
    How can i fix this?

  49. is this the censored version? if it is i tried to patch it using the steam way. but i see no difference. they say the uncensored version has ‘genitals’ in them.

      1. Hi, what is this valentine event? I completed the game ( 100% ) and I’m in alpha mode now, but i didnt see anything related to that.
        Could u help me pls?

    1. duh? Just extract the game ( .rar archives can be opened with WinRAR or 7zip ) and double-click on game .exe

        1. i’ve also had this problem, when you extract th second part are you sure that it actually extracts anything

          1. someone just brought up an interesting point in the troubleshooting thread, so I added this to it:

            Corrupt save file?
            Use this as a last resort, especially if you have already made progress before your game stopped working. It’s possible that somehow, your save file was corrupt. Deleting your save file would resolve this issue. On Windows, the save file is usually located in (“C:/Users/*username*/AppData/LocalLow/HuniePot/HuniePop/”). On Mac it’s usually located in (“/Users/*username*/Library/Caches/HuniePot/HuniePop/”).

  50. So I have a problem, in the original (steam) version, you can hear the girls moaning at the bed’s puzzle level everytime you match a token, and I don’t know why, but mine didn’t have any sounds at that level, It’s occured since ver.1.0, I though when I install the ver.1.2 it’ll be fixed, but it didn’t, so…. does anybody had the solution, I wanna hear Audrey moaning so badly, pretty please?

  51. I’m done with Venus. Are there any more? There still seems to be empty picture slots next to Kyu. How can I unlock those?

    1. Hello

      You must miss 2 girls.
      For Miyu >> Drop a fish when you are outside and she will appear when you try to leave.
      For Celeste >> Give the dirty book to Kyu. You obtain a weird item in exchange. Now go to the beach at night and try to give it to the girl (anyone is fine). She decline it and Celeste appears.

      Sorry for my english ^^

    2. That’s right, You are missing a few, I should review what to unlock though.
      1. Momo. Buy the goldfish, then toss at Dawnwood park, or Turtle Bay Beach, and give them to her. (I reccommend early in the game when the successful date requirement is low)
      2. Kyu: Just bed with any one of the girls (including Momo) for the night, and she’ll be unlocked.
      3. Celeste: Give your dirty magazine to Kyu, and she’ll give you a strange device. Then go to one of the girls at Turtle Bay Beach at night, to give it to them. They’ll say they have no use for it. However…if you try to leave (same with Momo) you’re golden.
      4. Venus. You just have to bed with all of the women.. I hope that helps you out.

        1. Well,jacksepticeye was playing the game,and he gave the goldfish to someone else.

          At the later episodes,I see him having the goldfish again,so,yeah,I think you can buy one back.

  52. I really liked the english voices in this game. But the sex mini game is tough, the meter degrades too fast and is out of balance with the rest of the games voices.

  53. admin, can you upload only the valentine patch? cause if we have to download it again. the save data will be deleted in the previous without the patch. thanks for your hard work

  54. Ok so I downloaded both files but everytime I try and open the exe. it says that it needs the “Huniepop_Data” file next to it even though it IS next to it. Can someone tell me how to get this stuff working I suck at this.

    1. Download/install Winrar > right click part 1 select extract to > go to extracted folder run game > Enjoy a shitty game!

  55. This an awful game aside from the fact we get English voice overs, it has horrible game play and lacks immersion everything is just two dimensional. From characters, to places to even the characters own map movement which is basically just jumping between people. Yes there is nudity so what? The cheesy game play will less likely give you a woody and more likely a rash.

  56. If I stop playing how do I start from the spot I last saved at cause I play a lot of games (this being the first eroge I downloaded and enjoyed) I don’t enjoy restarting from the very beginning so do explain to me on how I continue from the last save point?

  57. My problem is I can not see the pictures they send me the characters to the cell phone (device name I can not remember) and I can not see some backgrounds of some scenes of the game.
    Could tell me how to fix this problem?

  58. I know this is probably a stupid question but how do you play the game with two parts? Do you just play it normally? Because there’s two .exe files so…

    1. To get the 1st secret girl, you need to buy the gift “goldfish” and then throw it away, but it has to be in an outside area like the park or school. Once you leave, she will then appear.

      To get the 2nd secret girl, first off, Kyu need to be available as a dating option. Once she is, give her the dirty magazine. When you do, she will give you an “unknown device”. Now this is where things get possibly annoying or easy. Equip the unknown device and then head to the beach during Night. Once there, leave. You can talk to the girl and give her gifts but don’t take her on a date. Once you do all that, the 2nd secret girl will appear.

    1. …Hmmmm…same snarky attitude…same shitty drug habit…same bitchy look…nope, I think it’s just you. (Note I’m not bashing Audrey in any way…just not too keen on the smoking and drug thing…I only make the bitch comments because she IS the Mega-Bitch, according to Kyu.)

  59. I really like Aiko since she’s the only girl whose question i can’t answer.They should make more game like this,i’m fine with the puzzle just add more h-scene then it’s perfect 😛

    1. Sorry for the delayed reply, I was downloading, and was afraid I might get disconnected if I do something else

      Yeah The update is here, check the DA-Free 18+ Drop Box, it’s contents have been changed to HuniePop1.2 😀

  60. …If possible…
    I think each girl deserves an ending…
    Actually, maybe they could add another mode… like Story Mode for each Character…

    …or would that be too much..?

  61. I was a bit sceptic at the beginning , but i really , really enjoyed this game!
    it was really fun to play and the difficulty is really thoughtful.
    the girls have all they own real character so you can’t go without like more two or three of them.
    + the secrets girl that u can unlock are cool too :3
    i really recommend it ,and not only for simdate players!

  62. How do I resize the window? It’s overfilling my screen right now, so I can’t get to the stuff on the very bottom.

  63. Thank You Admin. Your site is the Best Eroge provider (Thumbs up)

    @Brandon: Just press “Alt + Enter” on your keyboard and don’t try the settings of full screen in options section, cause it will mesh up with the mouse pointer.

    (If you do, try to delete save game file. Search for [HuniePot] dir. and delete savegame file.)

  64. I was incredibly disappointed with this game. I absolutely loved Aiko, but the fact that it’s a dating sim without the reward of full sexual content (h-scenes) completely ruins it for me. It’s like a mix between good, normal eroge, and those shitty hentai image quiz games you can find on just about any hentai flash game site.

    Nonetheless, thank you for the game, Admin. Really appreciate what you do for us 🙂

  65. hmmmm…. sorry for the rage back there… so like, why can’t I play this game? can somebody help me? I’ve got the proper drives but it just crashes as i play it 🙁

  66. I wanna play it so bad… WHY WONT YOU LET ME PLAY IT DAMNED COMPUTERR!!!!! its not responding… ITS NOT RESPONDING!!? You can play a heavy game like school days and REWRITE but not a 300+ MB GAME!!!? What The fuck!?

  67. Honestly this is quite enjoyable, however the porn is kind of lackluster. It’ll probably keep you occupied for a night or two, especially if you’re into puzzle games.

  68. You know i’ve finished all the “routes” with the girls even the hidden ones, but it says that i only completed 88% of the game someone know what am i skiping?

  69. Does this one differ from the steam on like the nekopara difference, or is it the exact same as the one on steam?

    1. Yes, it’s just like with nekopara – the steam version of HuniePop has adult content (h-scenes) censored out, while the one posted here doesn’t.

  70. Hi i just started the game and Aiko Yumi’s character just appears as black squares? does anybody know a fix

  71. sooo where’s the savefile for this cracked ver.? i tried the normal one: C:\Users\yourname\AppData\LocalLow\HuniePot\HuniePop\ and the Huniepot folder doesn’t exist

  72. There’s a latest update for HuniePop that fixes difficulty in bedroom scenes. Patch 1.0.2. Would be appreciated if this one is updated to latest.

  73. Wow… I watched my housemate play a lot of this game because I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t bother to do anything else. I didn’t get the impression it was intentionally goofy, I just kept thinking… “Wow… This is a guy who’s never spoken to a female, and the voice actresses are probably 13 year old lesbians with no clue about men or the world or they wouldn’t be working on this shit”. It just left a very bad impression on me ~”Tee hee sex is bad and dirty!!!!!!!11″

    Well, it just wasn’t my thing, this isn’t meant to offend anyone, my housemate and I are both really surprised by the amount of positive reviews so I figured I’d write something. It looked interesting – BEFORE I started hearing/reading it. The facial expressions of every girl having sex would have been enough to turn me off from it… They scream “Unsatisfying sex that I have to pretend is dirtier and better than it is”.

    1. The one thing I did like, was dress up.

      Also – bra sizes do not work that way! Go into a bra store and pick up a 32D (or lower band size that is D+ if you’re fortunate enough to find them). You’ll probably be surprised by how small it is. Each letter is not the same depth on different bands, it changes, it’s a size comparison. My proper size is 28F but an average person who saw me, including females, would peg me for B cup, some might even try A or C. It’s just “too expensive” for companies to design so many bra sizes, so they don’t, therefore they teach incorrect math, and women end up thinking their breasts are too far apart, or they are too wide around etc. Okay I already wrote another novel nobody is going to read this shit.. 😛

      1. Do not worry, you have big boobies. This is something I understood and I’m happy to hear. In rest, the game is shit. I hate all kinds of dubs in anime, and especially dislike most of the American viewers who are alright with doing this shit because “it sounds better”. Screw those idiots and morons who think that any kind of otaku entertainment should be created anywhere beside Japan.

        1. Hahaha! I can’t understand those who like dubs and whatnot either.

          [Oops, I wrote my name forwards instead of backwards in the second post ;)]

        2. thank you, oh thank you. glad there are more people like you that exist. but yah, im about 5 minutes into the game. just got past the first minigame, although i never would’ve gotten that far if i didnt turn the voices off. I didn’t read any of the comments before i downloaded this game, so you should’ve seen my face when i saw it was in english. I still can’t stand the way the characters talk, tho. guess i’ll just see far i can get through the game without losing every brain cell.

  74. Well after trying to get this game working, trying everything to get past this black screen it came down to updating my drivers; I’m such and idiot oh well. Thanks for the upload I appreciate it man.

  75. Thanks for the upload admin should be a fun little diversion. Sounds odd to me with it being in English and all I’m so use to vn’s being in jap

  76. I’ve honestly come to like this more than the typical romance VNs. They’re too generic and unrealistic. The main character either is childhood friends with some girl or he comes to meet some girl by complete chance and then they realize they are truly madly in love or some shit. Dating around makes more sense. The girls in this aren’t as in depth as the girls in VNs but they feel more varied compared to a lot of the cliched girls in VNs. Also, I actually like having voices in a language I can understand. Only one of the voice actors wasn’t that great. I think the rest were all pretty good.

    1. I also beg to differ. If you think VNs only have “typical romance” thing then either you’re not around this site (or similar sites) long enough or doesn’t know VN enough.

      Also ironically, Dating Sims games IMO is most similar with “typical romance” VN games so I think you could be just explaining your preference of Ren’ai/Relationships games which you doesn’t differentiate properly.

  77. I have been trying to have sex with one girl for two fucking hours without stopping. This sex puzzle thing is completely ridiculous and I’m playing on fucking easy.

    1. Have you leveled up your traits? And by that i don’t mean just the one that corresponds to that one girls favorite, you need to level up all of them regardless.

  78. So I won the bedroom minigame but I can’t seem to exit the CG gallery. I tried to press the ‘X’ button, but it won’t work for me! Anyone know how to fix this?

  79. must buy the game to play this game? i don’t know about this.. thx for info me.. i thinx this game nicely… thx erogame 🙂

  80. .. sadly, this is why I would never ever watch or play a western version of the Japanese game and anime industry. I know that I should not complain about this considering the fact that its free to take, but I worry about the future if ever dubbing goes over raw and some people may try to create something similar to what Japan is doing. I don’t really care about the quality they can provide, shit is still shit. All the voices are annoying.

    1. Silly weaboo, the voices are fine. The gameplay is what’s kinda fucked up. No manual saving, no backlog rewinding and being forced to play a candy crush clone to see the sex scenes is somehow not surprising coming from a western made game.

    1. It’s not really “dubbed” as the game was made in the west originally, but yes, the spoken voices are in English as well.

  81. I followed the tips of trying to prioritize the bottom tokens first and got past the bedroom mini-games. Thanks, friendos. But now I got to take all the girls to bed (including Venus, Momo and Celeste, the secret ones) and nothing new… Does the game have no clear? I thought that’d be nice since what I enjoyed the most was some girls’ personalities (like Nikki and Audrey and Kyu) and others’ funny way of speaking (Jessie: “Baabyyy, I’m 5 feet and 7 inches of looove”).

    Haha, a quick and fun-ish game, wish they had used more the stereotypes of each girl to make more dialog though.

  82. Damn that bedroom minigame. I’m not really good at this type of games so it was torturous until i got the hang of it.

    Anyways, I find Audrey to have the sexiest voice in the bed scene. she is then closely followed by Nikki and Beli.

  83. Fuck the bedroom minigame. You don’t calculate things with speed during sex, you just go on it like animal. Should like the tapping some buttons be more appropriate? I can freaking beat Ninja Gaiden 2 on hard but can’t beat this shit? I’m done…

    1. Dat minigame, hahaha.

      At first I thought it was moves limited, just like during the dates. And then I was like, “what the fuck?” when the value went back to zero right away. It turns out we have to do it quickly. I mean, VERY quickly. This implies that during sex, all you have to do is pummel her like a mad dog, and she will be surely satisfied. Ha ha ha. “Good morning, darling. How come the sun came out so quickly, let’s go for another round?” LOL.

      What were the maker of this game thinking?

      BTW, you can’t beat it simply because you are not a good enough gamer.
      It’s actually not that hard, I was only surprised during the first minute. And then, smooth sail. The key to do it is, our eyes have to be active searching for the next target while the explosion animation occurs. Just go for it like a mad dog, we don’t care for the tile types during bedroom game, unlike during date game.

      1. Yes, until the bar gets higher and dem tokens get more and more scattered. You have to be a rubick’s cube champion to do this shit, this shit is giving me carpal tunnel syndrome!

    2. You can beat Ninja Gaiden 2 on hard, then you should have ABSOLUTELY no trouble with the bedroom scene, considering how goddamn fast you’re reflexes have to be considering you survived that motherfucker Genshin’s bullshit…(he’s one of the most BULLSHIT bosses in NG history.)

  84. ummm Hearing their voice in english is really disturbing.. any way on getting this in Japanese with english subs?

  85. Played a few minutes and didn’t really like it. The gameplay was fun but the constant potty language and immature humor got old fast. Just not the type of text I look for in a romance simulator. It works decently as a parody if you’re into raunchy humor, but if you’re in for actual heart-melting romance this is not the game for you. As far as western VN’s go, Katawa Shoujo, although overrated, is significantly better in terms of writing and capturing the spirit of Japanese culture.

    1. I am pretty sure that this game doesn’t take place in Japan, in the first place.
      It seems to be in some modern western town, where sleeping around is something normal, lol.

  86. so whats with it i downloaded it but it sits at a black screen nothing happens is there something im doing wrong?

  87. I got an issue, I got to take a girl to my bedroom and now I’m stuck there, I get the combinations done and the points drop too fast, is it the end of the game? I can’t get to 500, it drops way too fast o.o

    1. You basically have to match as quickly as possible in this case (and it gets worse, later girls need 750-900 points). I’ve found that you need to play as quickly as possible until the game lets you win. It can help, if you have a good memory, to bring up the HunieBee to let you take a quick breather and plan a couple moves ahead(the game is effectively paused when you have the HunieBee open). I’d also recommend moving tiles in the bottom two-three rows rather than at the top, to maximize additional matches.

      Definitely not something to try to play with a touchpad.

      The rest of the game gets a bit easier when you pick up the Leopard Print Pumps date gift and the corresponding fragrance for the girl. The sunflower is also useful to keep on your bar, as is the first bear you get and the penguin.

      The pumps give you +1 moves every time you get a match of 4 or more. With careful planning you can usually do this w/o too much issue. The sunflower is perfect if you have a lot of bell tokens on the field–it’s more efficient to use the sunflower rather than matching them.

      The only other piece of advice I have for regular gameplay is to hold off on using items that consume or transform specific types of tiles–the transform will (usually, the game can bug out occasionally) trigger matches, freeing up your field a bit.

    2. try to match up the tokens around the bottom. this ways you will always get combos when game drop new tokens. the gauge will deplete slower when you get big combo.

      this bedroom section require some luck.

      1. I liked it so far as a pretty Timekiller. Nice Artworks. And then i came to the First Bedroom Session. The Bar dropped most of the Time in 1-3 Seconds down to 0 again. Absolutley no Chance, not even with some Lucky Combos. I tryed 30 mins, then deleted the Game. Extremly frustrating.

        1. Apparently the developer implemented a fix for the bedroom scenes.

          100% seekers still have to worship at the shrine of RNGesus, as there’s still random crap needed to collect and no form of quick-skip for a day.

  88. If you can get passed the painfully bad writing and the very, very painfully bad voice acting.. it’s really not a bad game

  89. 100%’d the game. all 12 girls. I give it a 6/10. Gameplay gets old, CGs are meh at best. story and writing is poor

    1. Hmm, you do see the Partially translated downloads section on the left side of the site, right? Sorry if I’m being an ass, but there’s some good stuff in that section.

    1. Kyu:
      Automatically unlocked after conquering 1 girl.

      When you get Kyu, give her the XXX magazine. Then go to the beach at night. Event will trigger when you try to leave (I don’t know if taking a girl home with you will skip the trigger, it might).

      Buy the goldfish bag gift (200 Munies) and then throw it away when in the park. Event will trigger when you try to leave.

      Automatically unlocked after conquering Kyu and the original 8.

  90. Does anyone know how to use the “Tissue Box” item? I unlocked Celeste and there’s still one more to go but I have to no idea how to unlock her.

  91. Quick question how do you save and exit to the main menu on this game?

    I have been hitting escape and exiting out by hitting the X in the corner.

    1. Also how in the world do you customize the girls cloths and hair?

      I keep getting messages saying i have unlocked hair and cloths but have no idea how to get to the menu that lets you change them.

      1. I think its auto-saved everytime you change places. Also to customize the girl simply go to the girls profile then click next page of that profile until you see those girl customize appearence I think, you will see it. But you can’t change them when on a date or when you sleep with her.

  92. But then again i will still play it =PPP im really thankful for the group who’s been translating this for years now if only love cation etc series will be translated my life will be completed =P

  93. Admin why don’t you post the Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na seems like the partial patch has many routes translated already just suggesting cause of many routes has been translated =P (“always wanted to play this one but seems like it’s only for all ages vers.”)

  94. Why does my screen blinks black every time? Do you need a better graphics card for this game? Please help.

  95. Hey admin, when are you going to crack and upload Secret Sorrow of the Siblings? I’ve been waiting for a couple of months now.

      1. Wrong, That game is totaly shit.
        I brough it cause i curious back there
        CENSOR cg and the story not great at all also damn short
        if i know, i rather brough hentai manga instead.
        no wonder Admin never upload it
        suck my ass MG

  96. Ive had this ordered since its Kickstarter began. Its a great game, and only $10. Definitely buy it so we can see more games like this.

  97. Thanks for the upload!

    Question though, is it correct to assume that the actual game does not have the sex scene CGs, thus the need for the HCG link?

  98. ERROR

    The requested URL could not be retrieved

    This is what i get after i type in the captcha code and hit download. I’ve downloaded tons of other eroge from this website and they’ve all worked. Anyone else getting the same thing or is it just me?

  99. Tried the game, finished 3 girls so far, pretty enjoyable, but very limited footage, only 4 CG per girl, no sex scenes or anything, you just play the same game you do on a date, and after the “sex scene” you can’t really do much with the same girl, just repeat same scene pretty much.
    Took 3 hours to complete 3 girls, so i don’t see how the gameplay can be over 10 hours.
    Still a pretty nice concept, just wish for a bit more H stuff 🙂

      1. What do you have to do to unlock the last girl? I was able to unlock Celeste but now I’m stuck with that “Tissue Box” item, do I have to use it to unlock the last girl?

        1. For anyone having trouble unlocking the hidden girls.

          Kyu-Have sex once

          Venus-Have sex with all main girls + Kyu

          Celestia- Use the porn mag on Kyu to get a Weird Thing and then with the Weird thing in your inventory go to the Beach and then leave. You will be interrupted and she will show up.

          Momo- Throw away the Bag of goldfish gift when you’re at the park.

          1. For anyone having trouble with getting Celestia to show up, you have to go to the beach at night (for me it was with Nikki).

  100. Is there some trick to getting this game started? I have played other games here and not had any problems, but this one all I get is the screen goes white and the window says not responding at the top. Please any help would be appreciated.

    1. I have the same problem, but u just need to wait until it responds… thats how i fixed the not responding program

  101. I can’t get past the tutorial loll. Matching the red ones at the bottom wouldn’t let me… Is anyone having the same problem??

    1. match it up from upper to the bottom so then you have 4 red icons to match.
      Btw, Admin, thank you very much for this upload, 😀

      1. First time I played the cursor wouldn’t match up with where it was pointing. The move the red balls I had to go off the board another ball length to the right. Or reopen the game, I didn’t notice the cursor mismatch after starting the game after that.

  102. Hmm… Ah !… I would like to add request for an erogegame.. the name is Otomimi Infinity. Does anyone know how to do it ? I’ve registered in the Forum though. But have no idea how to do it.

  103. As a heads up, until the 26th the steam version is two bucks cheaper and the devs have a sticky on that forum for uncensoring the game.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, I’ll go buy it there 😀

      Ooh, and it’s got Steamplay stuff, so proper Linux support. Even better.

    2. Even better, it has steam cards, and it’s also getting patched quickly. Steam version has a patch that makes the bedroom minigame less impossible in harder difficulties, and fixes some messed up quizzes, spelling, that sort of thing.

      I’m very happy to support this developer.

      Incidentally, if you’re reading this and you’re the developer looking around to see who is pirating, I did initially and purchased it on Steam because it was so much fun and I wanted to support your work. Thanks!

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