HuniePop 2

HuniePop 2

Take a trip to an exotic island paradise for a steamy new adventure in this long awaited sequel to the popular dating sim / puzzle game hybrid, HuniePop!

An era of darkness and destruction draws near as an ancient evil of limitless lechery, the Nymphojinn, will soon be awoken by a cosmic super-period of unspeakable PMS. Reunite with Kyu, your old love fairy sidekick, and travel to the island of Inna De Poona to develop your double dating prowess and overcome the insatiable lust of the demonic pair.

22 Responses to “HuniePop 2”

  1. anon says:

    so many babies crying about the game featuring a trans person and a Muslim person lmao i hope you guys stay in your stanky basement then. wouldnt want you to have a heart attack when you see one irl.

  2. Dongaloni says:

    Didn’t finish it, really didn’t like this one.

    The double dates are even more terribly set up than the ones in the first (at least in the first it’d have to be night and you’d take the girl to your room, in this one, the situation happens out of nowhere and on the spot where you were dating, including public places lmao, also the ero cgs are worse).

    The plot is ridiculous and silly, I don’t have much of a problem with it, but even the ridiculous and silly is not used for anything, the Nymphojin don’t do jackshit, they just appear for one match-3 game and give you one cg.

    Finally, the girls feel a lot worse than in the first one. But this one is subjective. I don’t care about the skin color or diversity like some hysterical “SJW” talk here lol (though a “girl with a peepee” would have weirded me out to the point I’d close the game, glad I saw that on the web, never went to any double date with polly); but in this one, it feels like they only put in edgy girls, with the exception of Lailani (who is herself not much of a character as well).

    Really blargh game.

  3. Jerk Italian Savage says:

    Hijab heroine. Allahu akbar!

  4. Cinder says:

    I don’t know why but the 1st one still is my personal favourite, there’s just something about HuniePop2 and HunieCam Studios that feels weird to me

  5. Airi says:

    You know it’s an EVN when each of the heroines are a different race, hahaha.

    • Airi says:

      Edit: LOL, they actually have a hijab wearing heroine? Nothing wrong with this, but wow the game devs are trying wayyyyy too hard. Do English developers actually get hate messages saying “I’m offended that all the heroines are Japanese!” Guess I didn’t realize VNs without heroines of color are all racist.

      • anon says:

        Sooo… lemme get this straight — you’ve got a stick up your ass, because… a hentai game made by someone in the west, happens to naturally contain a character roster that is a reflection of western culture? (I.e., having a variety of multiple ethnoracial identities/demographics)

        Just… think on that for a few minutes, and maybe you’ll begin to realize how your own comment makes you look like a clown right about now. 🤡

        And btw, the developer of this game is kinda known for actively taking potshots at the “SJW” crowd, maybe you’d know that if you bothered paying attention to anything beyond face value. 🤣

        • Dopamine Dealer says:

          I mean, you’re not wrong, its pretty damn silly that people are getting salty about the high representation instead of the REAL problem with this shit game. Regardless of how often the developer might mock the SJW crowd, this game is indefinitely more focused on not causing a stir. The female characters are all bland and are just shadows of the former cast (most likely to avoid the whole “wow appeals to the male fantasy” BS), the immense lack of…sexual CGs in a game about…dating and…having sex with these characters is….apparent–to say the absolute least, and it just feels like its desperate to avoid controversy. Its a bad game compared to its predecessor and stinks of SJW influence. Just because the game has more representation doesn’t make it good, especially when its at a major cost to those that actually intended on playing the game.

          • anon says:

            Oh yeah, I’ve definitely noticed that Huniedev copped out & played it safe in *numerous* regards when devving this game — with Polly Bendleson *probably* being the biggest example so far.

            The main sexual content itself does feel significantly more watered-down compared to HP1, and overall? The entire cast along with the game’s writing, feels less *genuinely* raunchy than in HP1.
            …and, uhmm, let’s be totally honest here for a moment: while HP2’s cast are largely just hollow & empty shells of the HP1 cast? That’s still REALLY not setting a very high bar for HP1, because the first game was also shitty — and for nearly ALL the same reasons why HP2 is shitty.

            The one upside to HP2 that I can see, is that the puzzle system is noticeably improved; the match-3 gameplay actually feels *challenging* this time around, albeit still rather grindy in the mid-to-late game (and I’m playing on max difficulty to fully gauge this).

    • Donkey says:

      It’s really boring as fuck how anything English related must feature every race and every gender these days. Even visual novels aren’t immune to it what a joke lol. But then again I don’t play the cancer that are English hentai games so I can peacefully skip over these SJW friend games.

      Really though SJW hate anime and hentai. Why the fuck would you still give in to diversity bullshit to please the type of people who wont buy it and will still hate it anyway. Oh well western culture is pure trash lol

      • anon says:

        let me guess, pornhub is also run by sjws because they have an ebony category on their site?? lmfao. we’re all here looking to jack off to dumb porn games are you just looking for excuses to get offended by everything or what

        • Donkey says:

          Typical snowflake fgt who can’t handle facts. Anyone born in the 90s or earlier knows this kind of pathetic shit is purely for selling out and faking being progressive nothing else. Here is the simple secret to see what kind of companies are spineless SJW’s. They have 1 straight female. They have 1 lesbian/transgender female. They have 1 black person. The advanced sellouts will add 1 asian into that mix too. Watch league of legends by any chance? Note how every region has a cast based on talent then north america got rid of all their cast and hosting talent and replaced it with diversity hires who know nothing about the game. You can’t say diversity hires and games meeting diversity quota is not a thing because it just factually is.

          And this is where retards like you come along who spout your bullshit thinking you are a good person when you are just a gullible retard. If someone is hired for diversity there is no respect there. If you feel forced to create a game and have to add in difference races/sexual preferences for fear of backlash you have no respect. Huniepop didn’t add different races for any pure reason of improving the game, they added them purely to meet diversity quota. Diversity quota should not exist because it promotes fake racism. A game is not racist if it does not have a black female to choose. A company is not racist if they hire a white person who is more qualified for the job over a black person. Same with gender if a male is more suited to the job a less qualified female getting hired simply because she is female is pathetic. Luckily it’s mostly only online companies who give in to this SJW retarded diversity quota but it still needs to be gotten rid of and cunts like you who defend it are better off dead for real. You just make the world a worse place trying to justify retards trying to call anything in the world sexist or racist.

          It’s actually cancer that even the weeb community has SJW’s in it in 2021. Most people are into anime because Japanese culture is not retarded like the west. They don’t have the hard requirement to have an exact gender and race count in anything they make or else they are horrible. Then again huniepop is as normie shit as it gets lol. No wonder retards like you appear on these one off english releases.

          • Bloodys says:

            Dude, I get that you are trolling, but watch your tongue.
            Some of the shit you just said can get you straight to jail, hoss.

  6. Drake Phoenix says:

    Love it, but I”m terrible at it.

    • Mahay says:

      if you don’t like the match 3 game just download cheat engine table to basically bypass it, it get very grindy later on so I did eventually.

  7. zyn says:

    is this version 1.0.2?

    • Anon says:

      Unfortunately no, but it looks like the devs are continuing to release patches, so it makes sense to not release the patches immediately.

      The game is still playable by all means, but the inability to turn off Alpha Mode is pretty fucking dumb.

  8. arch says:

    yesssss finally! thank you admin

  9. Revvo says:

    there is a second one? neat!
    hard to say why but the first one really hooked me.

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