Mamono Musume – Paradise with Slime and Scylla

Mamono Musume - Paradise with Slime and Scylla

Sailin’ the high seas, pirate captain Aves and ‘is crew are in constant search o’ treasure an’ adventure. Yet ‘is voyage is cut short when a storm separates ‘im from ‘is mates.

When he wakes up on a desert island, he is stunned to find two pretty lasses nearby, stranded like him. Lasses anythin’ but ordinary: a Slime, an’ a Scylla. Monsters that were once sworn enemies o’ the humankind. Yet undeniably charmin’, and for the moment, with their fangs safely concealed.

What’s more, legends speak of a treasure that can grant whatever wish yer heart desires most, hidden on this very island. Will our hapless captain be able to find it? An’ how will things fare with the two eccentric wenches he’s stuck with till he can repair their ship an’ sail off?

19 comments on “Mamono Musume – Paradise with Slime and Scylla

  1. It would be really nice if someone could make a full guide for this story since it would be greatly appreciated after all. ^^

  2. Holy fucking shit…! I’ve literally waited YEARS for this to be translated, and now it’s FINALLY here, you have absolutely NO idea how much this means to me admin, honestly, I thought this would never be translated, but you’ve not only made my day today, but my No. 1 VN i’ve been waiting to be translated for so long, i’m being VERY dead serious here btw. Thanks again SO damn much admin, really…! <3

      1. Hmm… I say it’s “niche”. Did you like Monster Musume anime/manga? if yes, you will like this one too. VN’s with REAL* monster girls are rare, even more if they are vanilla-ish, aka no reverse rape to shota MC.

        *cat girls aren’t monster girls

        1. Nah, it’s not that it’s “legendarily-good” or anything like that, it’s just a VN that i’ve been wanting to get into for years, but as it was untranslated before now I didn’t want to delve into it without understanding anything, especially with the Slime Girl waifu. ^-^

  3. I don’t like small games from this studio. They too focused on sex. When their bigger games (like Monmusu Gakuen) have actually decent amount of story.

    1. Omg… really? Who would have guessed by reading the title about “scylla”?!? I am shocked!

      but really… will you be also irritated when a Lamia is half snake or a centaur is half horse? Jesus help us all.

    2. I liked Mia from Monster Musume so I got into lamias, but then I saw some hentai with a dullahan girl preeeeetty goood and it became my favorite monster girl. Whatev, now I kinda want horse pussy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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