Desire takes place in the research institute of the same name, located on a remote island. Aparently the researchs being conducted have some sort of unnoficial link with the military and so journalist Albert Macdgul is sent to investigate and see what he can find. At the same time Tina, a young girl, is washed ashore in the island with no recolection of what has happened to her or who she is, and meanwhile the technical manager at Desire Makoto Izumi seems to think something weird is going on with the researchs being conducted. You’ll play through 4 chapters which make up the same storyline, but viewed by different characters. In each chapter you’ll see the events and situations from different angles and uncover layers and layers of the main plotline which twists and bends in standard C’s Ware fashion (and in the way you’ll hook up with all of Desire’s female population!).

19 comments on “Desire

  1. At first, I was happy that the main character was one of those strong smart types, but as the game progress, he started turning into one of those common sissyboy moronic types… very disappointing… couldnt stand to play as him anymore so I quit…

    I give the game a 3/10

      1. ah… you’re totally right…. who did i not see this… thanks for your quick help and the great uploads. I really enjoy this site 🙂

  2. Thanks for the game!
    The game is saved in the registry windowns.
    Anyway, one understands the end of this game? The final scene does not explain much …

      1. Yes, I saw that. But it is not explained if there is indeed a happy ending, just a movie where you suppose they get together … disappointing. I expected a final well explained, where it became clear that there is a happy ending. But thanks for the reply.

    1. The game does not need a walkthrough, the choices are circular (rather, the choices don’t matter at all) and whatever you choose, it will lead to a single ned…

  3. When I downloaded it it just went into my downloads folder and was in two files but I don’t know what to do now, do I make a cd1 folder or should it already be there?

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