Senren * Banka

Senren * Banka

The village of Hoori lies deep in the middle of the mountains, inaccessible by rail. Since there isn’t much interaction with its surroundings, the town seems like it is stuck in the past. However, it is because of this exact olden feel and subsequent development that it has turned into a nice hot-springs town for tourists.

One of the popular sightseeing spots is the legendary katana Murasamemaru, embedded in stone. No one has been able to pull it out… until Masaomi somehow broke it in half. He has to take responsibility for his actions: “Marriage” with ‘shrine maiden princess’ Yoshino!? He was perplexed at the unexpected turn of events, but this is only just the beginning. What lies ahead for him is a much more peculiar and mysterious life, including his new fiancée, a mysterious girl who only he could touch, and the secret behind the curse that remains on the town.

What will become of Masaomi’s love amidst his rapidly changing life? The answer lies within the Murasamemaru in his hands.

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  1. Couldn’t figure out why people where calling this mediocre, this is a great VN. I bought it in 2016 when it came out, I didn’t realize it took so long for them to translate it. Just got done with 100% playthrough with translation, here are my thoughts;

    Amazing game, original Japanese 9/10 storyline playthrough content if you skip Miko-Sama and Loka/Kohalu.
    Ecchi/lewd content, generous at 5/10

    British English translation 2/10 and very offensive at times with the translation.
    Ecchi/lewd content 0/10 with offensive translations, especially with Lena.

    If you want a good playthrough, I’m sorry, you have to understand and read and speak Japanese, play through 1st Murasame-chan, 2nd Lena, 3rd Mako-san. Honestly, I would still say skip Kohalu/Loka and definitely don’t date Yoshino/Miko-Sama.

    1. Oh yeah, and the loli haters, if it’s tagged, don’t play it. Simple. Second, Murasame-chan is like 500 years old, your thoughts and feelings are invalid.

  2. I downloaded the files from 1 to 39 but I still can’t play it. What am I doing wrong?

    I have unzipped everything in the same folder

  3. I have to ask, does this have the +18 pack? that the steam version does? if not please let me know quick so i just buy the version instead of downloading 39 files….

  4. Hey, does anybody know where the save data location is?
    I just my change laptop and couldn’t find it

  5. @Irrelevant
    The site’s tags aren’t really “funny” if you understand what they mean. Also, Single blowjob just means that only 1 person is giving the blowjob, not that there’s only a single blowjob scene

  6. yea its not a bad VN the protag is decent and he works hard and is not either a total pushover or a complete tool

    i give this 7 woofs out of 10

  7. “Single Blowjob”? so does the MC lose a rib or is there really only one scene?

    PS this site’s tags are hilarious

  8. @Maba
    Yeah I also hope nekonyan picks up amairo islenaut, but if I remember correctly someone already translated this game, but only the common route sadly.

    On a side note, anyone here has a best heroine for senren banka?

  9. @Drago
    Sounds like your AV’s work.

    That or your family has secretly installed an AI on your PC that looks for and deletes all porn.

    Seriously though, it’s your AV.

  10. I don’t know why but the .exe keeps disappearring after i open it a few times, has anyone else had this problem?

  11. I haven’t gotten started on downloading this, but do you need to install this after unzipping all the files?
    I mean, does it contain the installer.exe or this is just extract and play?

    1. well… obviously you can’t call this good. These kind of romance simulations are always based around some “characters” who you have seen in slightly different versions a hundred times over (the loli, the tzundere, the nice airhead…). The attraction of these characters usually (true for this game as well) is them being into the main character for little to no reason. The game tries to portrait a world in which love is undeservedly given to you without you needing to spend any effort to acquire or maintain it.
      This can be nice but is always based on weak character design as the lack of any conflict and hurdle in the pursuit of romance means your partner basically has no personality whatsoever that you might take offence against. You never feel irritated if the other person has no thoughts or traits that might irritate you.
      So all these “characters” here are centered around the idea that they are girls who are nice. They act nice and have different hair-colors and that’s about it.
      The story is only there to make you feel like the big man. You act cool, you show ambition and the nice girls like you more. That’s the only purpose the story was written for.
      Now to be fair all these things hold true for this game but they are not painfully obvious and there is enough atmosphere to cover some of this up. I enjoyed it, but yeah.. just know what you are getting in for.

      1. Most VN’s are exactly like what you described, so I don’t think you can attribute these “flaws” to just this game.

        1. which is why i wrote it in a general way. Whoever good VNS are not like this. Take steins gate, Yume Miru Kusuri, or katawa shoujo for example.

      2. Very generic sadly. The base premise isn’t anything special and the girls aren’t very interesting either. It says a lot when in comparison to Funbag Fantasy 2, FF2 wins by a landslide.

      3. Yeah, I see where you’re coming from. The MC here does spend a few months earning the affection of the girls, but none of them are hugely memorable, and the MC himself is cowardly to a fault when it comes to secondary occurrences. He has no problem facing down spirits and whatnot as part of the main story, but I just passed a part in one of the character routes in which he trembles in fear at having to talk to two nice, friendly men about their impressions of the town. There’s nothing to indicate any ill will from them, and the way the MC speaks of how petrified he is of them (this is especially bad because this is AFTER the common route where he has already proven his worth) makes him completely unrelatable as a character, and as a result hard to put oneself in his shoes and enjoy the romance. This undermines all the months of character development he undergoes during the common route.

        A game doesn’t have to jump sharks to be amazing, but this one can barely pull off the base formula for this type of VN.

        On the plus side the art is great and while the MC is timid to a fault, none of the characters are wholly unlikable. It’s not a work of art, but it was enjoyable enough.

      4. Maybe you’ll read this Rev…

        I don’t know why companies keep making generic games. I DO like them depending but if the story is bland and the characters don’t have a strong personality then it’s not worth the time. For example, including an oddball heroine makes things more interesting already. Think Rin (KS) and Nekoko (YMK). I want more of Rin. She was so fucking cool, goddammit. If you love Katawa Shoujo, its spiritual successor Missing Stars is out now. There’s only the first act but it’s 25+ hours long. No H though. I want to take a look at it. Instead of physical disabilities, the heroines have mental disabilities.

        I want to relate to the characters and situations. And I think there needs to be some conflict even it’s minor.

        Of course there are hundreds and thousands of unique VNs but not everything is translated. I need to learn Japanese ASAP.
        I’m waiting for the big companies to release some games in English but what is popular isn’t necessarily what is innovative. Comic Party for example never even got a fan translation. It seems nice though. The MC is a doujinshi creator.

        You should read If My Heart Had Wings, Family Project, Collage and Kira Kira (along with Deardrops from the same company) if you haven’t already. Overdrive has closed but they are going to release their last game Musicus very soon which is in the same vein.

        Love, Money and Rock and Roll by Soviet Games (creators of Everlasting Summer) is also coming out this year.

        I feel like Western games are more varied in theme. Not that the Japanese aren’t original but a good percentage of releases are your run-of-the-mill moege because that’s what makes money. I saw a post about an OELVN where you date seniors so that’s something new. I’ve never seen that before. Digital: A Love Story was intriguing with its interface mimicking an Amiga computer; Analogue: A Hate Story from the same developer has you reading letters/messages; VA11 HALL-A has you as a bartender in a cyberpunk world, Emily is Away brings you right back to 2003-2007 when people used instant messaging clients and when the Internet was simpler and more primitive. That one was quite nostalgic for me even though I didn’t use AOL in that time.

        I wish we had more stories with heavy hitting themes like drugs, prostitution, homelessness and financial troubles, mental illness, etc. I want actually decent otome games, and yaoi that isn’t full of rape; Yuri that has butch/tomboy heroines. I want romance stories that are realistic and believable, with ups and downs, but it doesn’t have to be 100% true to life because relationships don’t always work out the way you want them to – let us have our wish fulfillment but make it less cheap, like you keep saying. Have us fight for love.

        I want different settings and choices that actually matter (looking at you, Key/Visual Art’s). I want VNs with gameplay other than Ace Attorney, Zero Escape, Danganronpa and Kamidori Alchemy Meister…. damn.

        1. Hey T,

          funny.. after seeing how the most recent release got so much discussion going on, i thought maybe somebody picked up the discussion over here again as well, and there you are.

          You are dropping a lot of names here, so i can’t quite tell yet if we share comparable interests, but i can relate to your thought process. There is sooo much soulless mass production going on in the entire entertainment sector. I feel like this is getting worse every year. There are certain genres that establish themselves as THE stories that draw a crowd and a lot of entertainment is just making their product seem to be such a story. Don’t remember who wrote it but somebody on here said that a lot of these releases just seem to be companies checking boxes on a list of things that might interest a certain crowd (heroine with different colored eyes – check, little sister – check, clueless protagonist – check…). This is really disturbing to me.

          There were some games/translations in recent times that stood out though. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai, Nanairo Reincarnation, and Bokuten all had something very special to them for example. Even if it wasn’t always pleasant (With Bokuten laying it on heavy with the drama, like almost any asian drama, and Nanairo having a certain route that had something to it, which i’d almost traumatic.. really felt a wave of dread seeing said ending and had to close the game right away).

          I guess my views concerning those games, as well as yours concerning the things you want to see, might have something to do with the reason why we might be rather unique consumers. Feels to me that this goes beyond simple wish fulfillment. Because i can even dig stories that stray long and hard from that, or even end badly (am a huge fan of horror in general as well). The experience needs to feel real and authentic. Seems many people can even live without that as long a fulfilling fantasy is presented. But i don’t feel immersion easily. I need an authentic world/character to manage. Mass production and checklists just don’t deliver on that.

    2. Don’t pay too much heed to the overly critical comment before me. It’s true that Yuzusoft games all follow the same formula, but that’s what they do best. The art style is great, it has interactive sex scenes (which are always a plus), and the story and girls in it are all fun and interesting to watch and interact with. While Senren Banka may not be overly unique, it doesn’t need to be. If you want a VN with a decent story and cute characters to get into a relationship with, then this game is for you.

        1. Hey IDK about Senren*Banka but if you’re looking for interactive sex scenes there’s Life with a Slave -Teaching Feeling-. It’s a raising simulator where you get to take care of a slave girl. If you don’t treat her well, she dies, but if you give her affection she will develop feelings for you. I was playing it a few days ago. It’s extremely repetitive as with all raising sims but well made nonetheless. The art style is quite distinctive – the creator is the same guy who made Love at First Sight – where you date a cyclops.

  12. Thanks admin!!!! I have one question, if anybody can answer me 🙁

    Do you have the visual novel/eroge of Prism Ark – Prism Heart II & Prism Ark Awake? I can’t find anywhere 🙁 If anybody can answer this, thanks!!

  13. You quit barely anyway into the game, the protag very quickly starts to act for his own reasons. It’s not like he’s some masochist or anything of the like.

  14. I know this has already been told but, THANK YOU ADMIN!
    You are the real savior in these times of the Quarantine.

  15. i cannot get past chapter 1-3 the MC is such a simp. he even admits that if Yoshino was a trash character he could easily just turn back on everything. but what happens? he just simped anyway. for the muh lady.


      1. Yes lolita; no touch.

        Maybe avoid Moege’s where the characters tend to almost always look 4+ years younger than their supposed real age. Even with all the other girls only one of them looks like she could arguably 18 or older.

        1. Just play all the other routes then…. You’re gonna have to get used to loli characters if you actually want to fully enjoy most VN’s.

  16. >Grandfather Support Character
    I am really interest why in so many VNs you have some grandpa character acting like a “father figure”, while father himself either don’t exist in the story (oversea trip, dead or something else) or doesn’t have any impact on the MC development.

    1. Lack of parents tends to make a character more independent, and as a result a little easier to relate to. It’s easier for more people to relate to a character who’s relationship to their immediate family isn’t a part of what defines their character. And in a romance/VN game, the whole point is for you to put yourself into the shoes of the MC.

    1. It’s YuzuSoft, so you can expect slightly above average quality, at least in my opinion. They’re not GREAT, but I enjoy each and every one I come across.

  17. THANK YOU SO MUCH ADMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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